tagNonHumanCentaur's Captive

Centaur's Captive


Sahra frolicked through the high grass, playing with her younger brothers. Sameal leaped from his hiding spot and shouted to Seth and Jarl. The farm was remote and the three younger boys were the beautiful eighteen year-old's only companions.

Suddenly the other reason she was there became important. Hoof beats echoed through the deep valley and she got the boys attention. "Run! Tell father that bandits are near." To cover the small boy's escapes she took up her bow and quiver and prepared to face the horsemen.

Drawing a bead on the lead rider she was momentarily stunned to realize that they weren't horsemen at all.


The leader easily ducked her arrow and then they were around her. The leader peered at her through light blue eyes that seemed very human. Long black hair hung past his shoulders and over his broad, brown chest. Below his waist was the body of a huge black stallion.

"Brave lovely." His hooves pranced as he snatched the bow out of her hands and laughed as his three companions surrounded her. "So, Golden Hair? How would you like to come home with us?"

"Kill me now, monsters."

"You wish to die a virgin?" He laughed again as she gasped. "I claim Golden Hair for my own!" Strong arms swept her off her feet and carried her away from her valley and her home.


After a while he tired of carrying her and swung her onto his smooth, broad back. She was forced by the rugged terrain and the pace to hug the hard flesh of his middle. As the coarse silk of his hide rubbed between her legs, she leaned forward and rested her cheek on the tanned satin muscles of his back.

For days they traveled up steep trails and through hidden mazes of canyons. During breaks she would steal looks at the terrifying man-beast who had claimed her. Virgin she might be, she was also a farm girl who knew the way of things. Daemon, as the others called him, meant to claim her innocence. The huge tool he intended to use was there for her to see each time she slid from his back. It would surely be the end of her.

He stopped to let her rest as the others ranged ahead. Daemon caught her eyeing the swaying rod under his belly and lifted his front hooves in an impatient rear. The head slid out of it's sheath and grew as his eyes roamed over her abundant charms. "Ahh, Golden Hair. You fear my horse cock, do you? If you try to run, I will turn you over to my men and I assure you... you will not survive the experience."

Sahra stepped back and fell to her knees. "Please. Don't."

"Look what you have done to me." Daemon pranced slightly as the alarmingly huge, but not at all horse-like cock grew and swayed. He reached down, pushed the thin fabric of her gown off her shoulders and ran his rough hands over her breasts. He weighed the firm mounds and teased the pink tips until they tautened. "If you don't wish my cock pounding between your legs this instant I suggest you do something about it."

"What?" Came her shocked question.

"Pet it! Take it between your pretty hands and milk it." His voice was low and rough."Kiss it and suck it if you have too - satisfy me this way or I'll take you hard right now... and I can guarantee that you won't like it."

Heedless of her nudity, Sahra crawled forward and gingerly raised her hands to the dripping cock. The flesh felt soft and it moved under her touch. Above her the huge body quivered with the effort to remain still. The hard hooves moved restlessly and she was uncomfortably aware that a single kick could kill her.

"Kiss it!"

The barked ordered made her jump. Leaning forward she tasted the creamy drop at the tip. It was strangely exciting even as the taste made her shiver. Exciting that she held the power here - for this instant - she could make this powerful being quiver and jerk. Stretching her lips she took the tip into her mouth and licked it as she worked the shaft with both hands.

This was bad. She was kneeling under an animal and she was enjoying it on some level. The days spent not eating, unless the food was eaten from his hand and the hours spent straddling his back with only a thin layer of fabric between the silky pickle of his hide and her female core, all these things had left her feeling as if her skin was to tight.

She tightened her grip and suckled slightly. With one hand she petted the drawn-up sacks behind the cock and squeezed. The body above her shifted and almost dislodged her. Insanely, she only held that much tighter and sucked harder.

The first burst of cream shot into her mouth so hard that it slithered down her throat and threatened to choke her. A flood of cream sprayed her face and chest as she fell back onto the ground between the restive front hooves. Looking up she saw the handsome face contorted into an almost pained expression. His hands fisted and then opened as if seeking something to touch. After a moment he calmed and lifted her easily, his face inches from hers.

She blushed.

"Don't blush, Sweeting." He looked down into her wide green eyes and smiled.

"I am lost. Naked...sinful... behaving like a...."

"You are beautiful." He lifted her into his arms and waded into a wild mountain stream. "To see you covered in my spending, looking as wanton and wild as any creature. You are my mate, Golden Hair."

"My name is Sahra!" Coming to her senses she kicked his legs and swam free. "And I will be only what you force me to be!"


Part two

"You Will Do It!"

"No!" Sahra changed her mind at the last minute. The ceremony was grotesque and shameful.

"It is the custom." Daemon said quietly as swished his tail and paced the long house were he and the others were gathered. "The alternative to being my mate is to be the camp's whore."

There were no female Centaurs, and only a handful of human women in the isolated mountain village. The half-dozen women seemed normal and happy enough. They greeted the returning hunting party with hugs and kisses. There were almost forty Centaurs living there, from old gray-beards to children.

To be a Centaur's mate she had to perform the Ceremony. It involved surrendering herself completely to the adults of the village. She would have no dignity or privacy - ever again. Daemon handed her a glass of wine and she looked around at the women and the adult Centaurs that watched from a distance before she tasted the dark, herbal scented wine. "To the lesser of two evils."

"No!" Daemon thumped the stone floor with his hooves. "I will not accept that after all. If you do not wish to be my mate - speak now."

"What do you mean?" Sahra frowned. She studied the dark face as the blues eyes burned into her.

"Say the word. If you wish it you may climb on my back and I will carry you home with your precious virginity intact."

"It's a trick!" She looked up and tried to read his rugged features.

"It is not." He growled as he took her upper arms into his hands. He lifted her off her feet and kissed her, his mouth hard and demanding. She held back for a stunned instant and then melted as he slipped one arm behind her back and pulled her close. Without conscious thought her arms twined around his neck.

Powerful hands - hands that could crush her in an instant shook slightly as he ran them through her silky hair. He nipped her jaw and down the side of her throat. "Stay." The kiss that followed was warm and wet and soul deep. It lasted forever. It ended too soon. She was lost in it.

"I want to stay with you."

"Then do."

"But it's so strange." Sahra bumped her forehead against his chest. "Being shared with others... I don't know if I can."

"It's our way." Daemon held her tight for a moment. "You must wed yourself to the herd. Our women are few - we must capture them - and we must rely on all to protect and love them."



Sahra lifted the thick crystal goblet and looked over the rim. She knew it held more than wine and accepted that. She drank deeply, then licked her lips and smiled nervously. "I choose to stay." She lifted the glass and drained it with a gulp. The she took his arm and let him lead her to the center of the group.

Pots of incense were opened and smoke filled the large building. Rhythmic drumbeats pounded and her skin flushed hot and tight feeling. Daemon stood over her and opened the silken robe she wore, letting it fall to the stone floor. When he touched her breasts it felt as if he were leaving trails of fire. Her rose colored nipples grew so taut that they ached.

"Sahra, mate of Daemon!" His deep voice was hypnotic. "You will become one with our tribe?"

"Yes." Her voice sounded strange to her own ears.

"You will share your life with the tribe?"


"You will share your body with the tribe when asked properly?"

"Yes." She couldn't stop the words. The drums seemed to be inside her head now... inside her chest... and throbbing between her legs.

"You will bear my sons?"


Daemon turned to the group, spinning her around and holding her in his arms. She leaned back against the hard chest. "She is mine. Treat her with respect for her gifts."

"Yes!" The group agreed.

One of the women approached and offered a pot of oil. Daemon began to rub the sweet smelling oil over her high firm breasts. Just as it began to tingle he moved his hands lower over her flat belly and into the golden curls between her legs. Once or twice he stroked a spot that made her whimper, then he moved his hands behind her.

The other Centaurs came forward and - one at a time - kissed and caressed her gleaming body. Long fingers traced the inner lines of her legs and slipped into the pink slash between them. Every inch of her body was tasted and caressed by the handsome creatures. She was distantly embarrassed as she felt something hot and wet flow from her body and over one of the questing hands. Her legs lifted, helped by the strong arms of the rampant males.

"She is ready."

"Take her to the horse." Sahra heard the elder's words even as she was swept into Daemons powerful arms. The drums pounded in her brain and an answering pulse throbbed in her belly. "Prove to the village that she is chaste."

The 'horse' was a primitively carved statue, with a golden, almost conical phallus behind it's shoulders. The shaft was as thick as her wrist before it widened and joined the rough stone. Daemon lifted her until she was astride the oiled monstrosity. Sahra screamed as he released her and the first inches penetrated her tender pussy. Sure that she was being split in two she clutched at the stone, her hands too slick to find purchase, her feet dangling inches from the floor.

"RIDE." The voices echoed around her. No one pushed her - they didn't have to. Feather soft touches on her breasts and between her legs made her jump and shake. Every breath - every movement caused her body to impale itself further onto the golden staff. Hot, virgin's blood mixed with the oil and the feeling wrenched another scream from her. "RIDE!"

Although the golden phallus was thick, it was mercifully short and soon her bottom touched the rough hewn stone at it's base.

Sahra was sure that she was torn asunder. That her feminine passage was ripped beyond repair. Yet in the back of her mind she knew that a child could fit - with much stretching and screaming - and so would her Centaur Lover.

"She bleeds... she is opened for her mate. Take her to the mounting block."

Again, strong hands lifted her, this time laying her on a sizable slab of stone padded with soft woolen sheepskins. The block was barely as wide as her body and her arms hung limply on either side. Daemon's huge body approached as his disturbingly, perfect human hands traced every inch of her white, silken flesh. Again she arched into his touch like a wanton creature.

Callused hands stroked and lifted her long slender legs as his body inched over hers. Soon she felt the thick, blunt tip of his cock press against the torn and tender flesh of her pussy. Sahra panted and whimpered as he inched into her - she could feel the very walls of her insides blossom and unfold to take him. The coarse hide of his belly rubbed her clitoris almost past bearing as he continued his painful progress.

"Please...Daemon...please...." Sahra moaned as he hit - then pushed aside an obstacle inside her belly. This time when she screamed it was different. Even though she was in pain, her traitorous body clenched around his horse cock as if to draw him completely inside her. She forgot the pain, the crowd watching her and her inhibitions as she opened to his short, potent thrusts. Her legs cramped and trembled as they opened wider than she'd thought possible. "Rip me to pieces... I don't care..."

"She finds pleasure in the first time?" A woman's voice murmured nearby.

"She is rare." The elder leaned closer and ran his big hands over her breasts. "She finds pleasure, even in pain."

The cock inside her seemed to get even larger as she arched and clawed at the glossy hide. Molten heat filled her with every thrust as she closed down and milked his pounding cock with all her strength. Heat flushed over her body in waves as the room went dark and all sensation ceased.


Heat and scent wafted around her and Sahra realized that she was in a tub filled with hot water. She was sore, but the herbs in the bath soothed the worst of the aches. Two of the women were washing her as Daemon watched from near-by. She was shockingly aware of the sponge as it washed her tender mound and backside. Small, soapy fingers slipped into her tiny anus and she was cleaned there too.

At last, they helped her stand and dried her nude body.

"You are magnificent." Daemon studied her with a hot blue gaze. He held out a box and offered it to her. It was heavy and when he opened it she saw why. A piece of solid silver the size and shape of a gourd lay inside. At one end was a large, artfully carved flower. From the center of the flower flowed a long silky coil of hair. Black human hair. "It is our way. I grew that lock from the time I was a young boy. It was cut off when I reached twenty winters. It was for my bride if I ever found her."

Sahra lifted the gold and cradled it in her hands. "What is it?"

"Your tail, my sweet." Daemon smiled wolfishly. "The last part of our mating ceremony. The silver goes inside you to prepare the way...just as before. The tail marks you as my mare."

"But I'm so sore." She backed away.

"It won't go there." He took it from her hands. "It goes in back."

Sahra backed away. It was too big. Her fingers didn't meet around the thickest part and the thing had bumps and ridges on it."No I won't... it will hurt."

"You already agreed to take the other Centaurs when they ask." Daemon stroked the long silky tail attached to the gold and silver gourd. "Some will use your talented lips but others will wish to use your lovely ass. It must be stretched and made ready by wearing the tail. You will be harmed otherwise."

"But can't they use my... me like you just did?"

"My sons will be my own."

"But it won't fit." Sahra blushed as the two women turned and showed their flowing tails - one russett and one golden - almost reaching the floor as they sprouted from golden flowers.

"Lean over the table, my love." Daemon sighed. "The more you resist, the more it will pain you."

The women urged her to lay her torso on a wooden table. They spread her legs wide and again oiled fingers filled and stretched her. Then she felt the cold smooth tip of the gourd press into her tiny hole. One woman spread her cheeks as the other cupped her golden mound. "Relax." The woman breathed into her ear while she rubbed her clitoris.

Even when she relaxed it took several minutes for him to breach her ass. Her eyes watered and she whimpered in pain as he inched it inside of her. With a final twist he pushed it over the widest part and it popped inside, stopped only by the curved petals of the large flower.

Her body tried in vain to expel the intruder without success. "It won't come out until I pull it out." Daemon chuckled. "If it makes you feel better - after the tail is forged - the Centaur is forced to wear it at every festival until he gives it to his mate. So I do know how you feel."

"Full and about to split." Sahra grumbled as he lifted her to lean back against his chest.

"As a matter of fact, yes." His big rough hands pinched her nipples and made her moan. "Now shoulders back, head high. We must join the party and show all that you are mine. Forever."

Sahra straitened and gasped as the thing inside her moved - it's weight a constant painful presence. Several golden bells had been braided into the hair and they tinkled musically as she moved. She took the arm he offered her. In truth she need the support as she took a few ungainly steps.

In the long house, the primal drums again seemed to be so loud that they filled her. Again, the rhythms seemed to echo in the empty spaces under her heart and between her legs. She drew her self up straight and tall as all eyes fell on her.

"She is my wife. For the next fortnight she will be mine alone. Then all Centaurs grown may ask to share all that is not my husbands right."

They were circled by a pawing, restless group of Centaurs who chanted. "She is one of us and we will protect her with our lives. She is one of us and we will treat her as our beloved."

Sahra still missed her family and she was still afraid and in some discomfort but a strange feeling coursed through her. Her body flushed and the heat she felt had nothing to do with the fires and the intoxicating smoke. "I am honored." Did she just say that? Honored?

"Serve us women. Show this child how Centaur women behave." the dappled grey-beard who was the group's chieftain clapped his hands.

The women began to dance. Slowly they slipped off their gowns until their bodies were clothed only in heavily hewn jewelry and flowers. They backed toward the males in a display of wanton sexual hunger. The Centaurs placed a hand on their backs and as they pushed them forward, they twisted the tails protruding from their bottoms. Slipping strong fingers under the flower shaped flanges they pulled and twisted as the women moaned and sighed.

Sahra became even more aware of the oppressive weight inside her body. Other Centaurs came forward and lifted the women and eased them between their forelegs. Soon the women were caressing and licking the swaying erect cocks as the Centaurs behind them used the silver bottom stretchers to tease and open their backsides.

Scattered around the long house were the narrow platforms that Sahra thought were some sort of tables. Soon she saw that she was wrong. The women were lifted and laid face down on the sheepskins that covered the narrow blocks. The blocks supported the women's torsos - their heads, arms and legs were left unsupported.

Soon the women were mounted by the excited Centaurs. Soon they had red dripping cocks pushed into their mouths. The quivering males bent forward and cupped the women's buttocks. Strong hands used the wrought metal stretchers to ream the helpless women pinned beneath them. They would completely remove the ridged metal devices before pushing them back in to the hilt. Soon enough the excitement made their actions frantic and the restive equine bodies lurched back as creamy froth sprayed the women's faces and dribbled onto the stone floor.

The scent of passion was added to the overwhelming fragrance of the long house. The women were lifted enough for the males to fondle their breasts as they mounted them from behind. Sahra was awed by the power of the great creatures and yet touched by the gentleness they showed their human mates. The women didn't seem to be in pain – they seemed to be in ecstacy.

Sahra felt Daemon twist the heavy, bottom stretching tool deep inside her. She touched her flat stomach, curious if she could feel the intruder deep in her belly. One hand strayed lower into silky golden curls moist with desire. Using just the tip of her middle finger she stroked just inside the narrow, swollen cleft.

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