tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChanging Channels Ch. 04

Changing Channels Ch. 04

byMaguppy Puppy©

Previously on Changing Channels...

Peter noticed a small black and white t.v. on the dresser and ran over to it. He turned it on and was about to touch the screen when he remembered that he was still completely naked. He went to Bob's closet, grabbed a suit off of a hanger. He started to take it off the hanger when Bob threw himself against the bedroom door. The door cracked loudly and Peter knew that it probably wouldn't hold for much longer. He went back to the t.v. and spotted Bob's wallet sitting on the dresser. He stuck it in the suit pocket and said to himself, "That ought to make us even for you running me over, Bob." The door cracked loudly again, and Peter knew the next time would break through. "I sure hope that this works," he said as he reached out to the t.v. screen. As his fingers made contact, a bright light flashed in the room.

A moment later, the bedroom door came crashing down. A red-faced Bob ran into the room followed by naked Donna.

"ALL RIGHT, YOU SON OF A BITCH--" Bob glanced wildly around the room and saw that there was no one there. "Where'd he go?"

* * * * *

Peter opened his eyes to see that he was standing in a well lit and neatly kept kitchen that was familiar looking to him. He looked down to see that he was still naked but he also was still holding the suit he had "borrowed" from Bob's closet. He grabbed the pair of pants and was about to put them on when he got the feeling that someone was watching him.

Slowly, he turned around and saw four senior ladies sitting around the small kitchen table, all with their mouths hanging open and staring at him with wide eyes. As soon as he had turned to face them, all four pairs of eyes dropped to the banana sized cock dangling between his legs.

'Damn,' Peter thought to himself. 'I've jumped right into the middle of a Golden Girls episode! And naked!'

"Oh my," Rose said. "I think that I'm getting a hot flash!"

Dorothy stood up from the table and shouted. "What the hell are you doing in our kitchen? And how did you get in here?!"

Peter didn't wait another second before he dashed past the women without another word, his suit gripped in his hand. He flew out of the kitchen and into the living room towards the television. He quickly pressed the on button and saw the screen light up.

Just before he touched the screen, he saw a determined looking Blanche running after him. "No! Wait," she protested, "We won't call the police! We can work out some kind of a deal, I'm sure!"

Peter saw her lusty eyes dart back down to his cock and a shudder ran down his spine. He placed his palm against the screen and let the bright light take him away.


It took a few seconds for Peter's eyes to adjust to the darkness of where ever he had jumped to. He began to make out some of the details around him as his vision cleared and soon he realized that he had appeared in a dark alleyway. There was a little light coming into the alley from the street, but thankfully no one had seen him arrive in the alleyway.

"Thank God," Peter said as he made sure the coast was clear and began to pull on the pants from the suit. "It's about time that I had a decent landing." He made a mental note never to jump channels naked again. At least, never jump naked unless an angry father is chasing you down after you fucked his horny redheaded daughter on his couch... He pulled on the suit jacket and looked at himself in the darkness. The suit was beige polyester with wide lapels and bell bottoms on the pants. 'Ugh!' he thought to himself. 'I definitely need to find some new clothes...' He remembered that he had Bob's wallet in the suit pocket and pulled it out to see what was in it. He found three hundred dollars and a couple credit cards, each of which had expired about a decade before he was born. Deciding that the cards probably wouldn't work even if he was in the right year for them, he tossed the cards in a dumpster and stuck the wallet full of cash back into his pocket. He walked towards the entrance of the alleyway and wondered where he had ended up this time. 'Hopefully not an episode of 'Murder, She Wrote',' he thought. 'I've had my fill of elderly women for the day." He stepped into the light from the streetlight and peered around the corner of the alley just in time to see a fist come rushing towards his face. He saw stars burst in front of his eyes as it collided with his face.

"Surprise, Fang Face. It's time for you to take a nap," his attacker said as he reeled backwards.

He recognized the voice and opened his eyes to see a dark haired teenage girl in a black jean jacket, white tanktop and skin-tight jeans coming at him with a stake. It was Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it looked like she was determined to slay him. The last thought in his mind was 'Welcome to Sunnydale,' before he blacked out and fell to the sidewalk.

The next thing Peter knew, Faith was shaking him, trying to wake him back.

"C'mon," Faith said as she gently shook him. "Wake up!"

"Ughn... I'm up..." Peter said groggily. He squinted his eyes and could feel his nose send a sharp pain though his face. He raised his hand to his nose and winced as he touched it.

"Sorry about that," Faith said as she helped him to his feet. "I thought that you somebody else there for a second."

"You thought I was a vampire?!"

"Well, yeah," Faith said. "Normally when I see a guy in clothes three decades out of style lurking in a dark alley, its always a vamp," she said with a grin and then a thought hit her. "Wait a sec... How'd you know I was looking for vamps?"

"I... I'm..." Peter hesitated as he tried to think of an answer to the slayer's question then it came to him. "I'm Xander's cousin, Peter. I'm in town visiting his family." Peter stole a peek down the slayer's top and decided to use her jealousy of Buffy to his advantage. "Xander sent me some pictures a few months ago of you and that other slayer, um... what's her name. You are Faith, right?"

"Yeah," Faith says with a grin, "I am. I thought that we were supposed to be keeping the whole slayer thing a big shush, but if Xander's already told you, I guess that makes you part of the inner circle. So, are you supposed to be meeting Xander around here or something?"

"No," he said. "Actually, I just got into town and I think I'm a little lost. Is the Bronze anywhere around here?"

"Just a few blocks that way," Faith said and nodded her head in the direction of the club. "I can take you there if you want. It's been kind of dead tonight. You know, as opposed to being undead. So, you wanna–" Faith broke off her sentence and quickly turned around and took a fighting stance."

"What is it," Peter asked, but Faith ignored him.

"Alright, you can come out. I already heard you so you might as well step up and take your beating like a demon," she called into the alley that they had just stepped out of.

"Ssssssslayer," said a voice from the shadows, "You just signed your death warrant." The owner of the voice, a large muscular vamp in black leather, came out of the shadows, followed by four more vamps in similar outfits. "We're going to tear you limb from limb..."

"Bring it on, Leech," Faith said as the gang of vamps came closer.She pulled a stake out of back of her coat and ran towards them in full attack mode.

Peter backed away from the alley entrance as the fight began, knowing that he was no match for vamp. He watched as Faith took the battle to them and had already dusted one of the vamps before the rest of them knew what was happening. They tried to surround her but the slayer was faster than they were expecting and it proved more than they could handle. Faith dashed away from them and then used the alley wall as a spring board to launch herself back at them, toppling the vamp likes bowling pins. Through the dark and speed of the battle, Peter found that it was hard to catch everything that was happening, but soon he saw that there was only one vamp left standing against Faith.

"C'mon," Faith taunted the lone remaining vamp, "or are you scared of a little girl?"

The vamp glared at Faith and then seemed to have second thoughts about attacking her. He quickly turned on his heels and dashed into the darkness of alley, leaving Peter alone with the slayer again

Faith turned back towards Peter and walked to him as she slid the stake back into the sleeve of her jacket. She was completely unharmed by the vamps but she was now sweaty and covered in dusted vampire. She patted her jacket, watching the dust rise off of it and frowned when she smelled it. "Ugh, I smell like a crypt... I can take you to the Bronze," Faith told him, "But I'm gonna have to change out of these clothes first. That all right with you?"

"Yeah," Peter said. He had no plans to let Faith out of his sight. "That sounds great."

"Okay then," Faith said as she glanced back into the alley, "Let's get out of here before that vamps decides to come back with reinforcements." She led Peter down the street to the cheap motel that the Watcher's guild had put her up in and they both went inside.

As soon as she shut the door, Faith pulled off the jacket and threw it in a heap of dirty laundry in the corner of the room. "There's nothing I love more than sticking it to a bunch of vamps like that, but I hate letting one get away like that..." The slayer stretched her arms above her head, giving her guest a nice view of her body underneath the tight white tank top. "It just doesn't feel right. There's no conclusion to the fight, you know? No climax."

As she said this, Peter got a look from Faith that he knew he had seen before. It was the same look he had seen on the faces of the Halliwell sisters and Donna.

"You get in a fight like that and when you don't get to finish it, you build up all this energy and there's just no release..." Faith said as she walked towards the bathroom. She glanced back at Peter and eyed him like a wolf eyeing a nice fat sheep. "Anyways, I'm going to take a nice hot shower and wash this powdered vamp off of me." She stepped into the small bathroom and turned towards Peter as she turned on the light. Smiling at him, she pulled off her top, revealing her ripe round breasts to him. Her dark nipples were erect, standing like little pencil erasers at the tips of her breasts. She stood there topless in front of him and said, "There's room for two in the shower," she said slyly. Then she added, "If you're feeling dirty, that is." She turned back towards the shower stall and dropped her pants to the floors and then pulled down her black thong underwear, giving Peter a view of her round ass and a glimpse of the mound between her toned legs. Then she stepped into the stall and turned on the shower filling the room with hot steam.

Peter finally snapped out of his daze and began stripping out of his stolen suit and quickly headed for the shower. As he entered the bathroom he dropped his pants and pulled the shower curtain aside far enough for him to slip into the steamy space with the slayer. Through the steam, he could see the dark haired slayer enjoying the feel of the hot water on her sexy body.

As soon as he was inside, Faith opened her eyes. "Glad to see that you–" She stopped in midsentence as soon as her eyes made their way down to his crotch.

His foot long cock was already mostly erect at the prospect of getting inside of the slayer and was now pointing at Faith's shaven pussy.

She was silent for a moment as she took it in. Finally she spoke again. "Damn, Pete. If I would have known that you were packing hardware like that, I wouldn't have taken so much time taking out those vamps." As she said this her hand reached out and she placed the palm of her hand under the head of his cock and lifted it to feel the weight. Then she slid her hand down the underside of the shaft slowly until her hand moved under his balls and hefted them. "Looks like you've got the complete package, too," she said as she moved her other hand gripped his cock while she fondled his balls. She crouched down to get a better look at the monster. "Do you know how to use this thing?"

"No complaints, yet," Peter said with a smile. He loved watching the girl play with his cock, almost like she was in a trance.

"Good," she said, not taking her eyes off of the huge cock as she stroked it. "I wouldn't want to get started with this monster if you couldn't hold up your end of the deal." She continued to play with the shaft, pulling it from side to side, running her hands all over it, until she finally looked up at Peter. "Dusting those vamps got my motor revved pretty good already, so I'm fully juiced. What do you say we just move onto the main event, Stud?" She stood up in the steamy stall, not letting go of his shaft and spread her legs so her wet pussy was directly aligned with his cock.

Peter didn't need anymore of an invitation and stepped forward til the head of his cock pressed up against her pussy lips and began spreading them wide. He felt a tingle go down his spine as he slowly pushed his way into her, feeling her tight walls grip his cock. She was right about being juiced and his cock made its way easily into her for the first seven inches. As he worked it in, Faith's face was constantly moving from a look of pleasure to pain and back again.

"Ugh," she grunted as he tried to work another inch in. "You're starting to hit some virgin territory there..." She grabbed the washcloth bar on the shower wall and the curtain rod to steady herself as he worked more in and Peter stepped in closer and took hold of her hips so he could guide her onto his cock more smoothly.

"So this is the biggest you've ever seen," Peter said. One of his hands slid up her wet body and cupped her pert breast as he pulled his cock back and pushed forwards again.

"Mmmmmm... Biggest I've seen that wasn't attached to a horse." Faith pushed her hips forward to meet him sending the cock a little deeper. "I fucked a biker once with an eight incher but he had a gut so he couldn't even get it all the way in me."

Peter grinned as his cock plunged in again, this time passing the nine inch mark. "No need to worry about that," he said as he pulled back again and looked Faith straight in her eyes. "This cock is going all the way in." With that said he pulled back until just the head of his cock was sitting between her pussy lips and then he quickly charged forwards burying his cock all the way into her pussy.

"FUCK!" Faith screamed as the cock plowed into the untouched depths of her pussy. Her whole body tensed up and then began to loosen as Peter held it steady deep within her. She had never been so full, her pussy stretched to the max. "Aaargh.. God damn, Pete! That thing's a monster!" Their bodies were pressed together, connected by his cock and Faith pushed her head forwards kissing Peter deeply.

As Peter felt Faith's tongue explore his mouth and her breasts mashed against his chest, he began to move his hips again, pulling out a couple inches of cock and then slowly sliding them back in. He heard her moan even with their lips pressed together and he slowly began to pick up his pace. He kept pumping her pussy and her muffled groans grew louder as he increased his speed.

Finally, she released the kiss and threw her head back into the steamy spray of the shower. "Oh yeah..." she said as she kept her grip on the shower bars. "Mmmmm, that's so good." She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around Peter's waist, quickly pulling him all the way inside of her. She let out another little grunt as his balls slapped against her and then she began moving her legs, letting Peter a little ways out and then pushing him back deep into her. "I want you to fuck me like I've never been fucked before," she growled to him as she kept him pumping into her. "I want that cock to make me cum so hard...."

Peter had found her rhythm now and was pounding away at her while her legs pushed and pulled him. Their bodies slapped together loudly, wetly and quickly and all that either one of them was aware of was the intense feelings coming from the action. He kept at fucking her at that pace and soon she came.

She came hard. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" She groaned with each thrust. Her whole body was swept away in the feelings from the orgasm and she began screaming. "Oh fuck yeah. Fuck my fucking pussy!" As she came her legs increased their rhythm pulling Peter's cock even faster and harder. He could no longer keep up and just let her take control. "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah," Faith squealed as he pistoned into her at great speed. The wave of her climax hit its peak and the slayer's body tensed up. Her slayer strength combined with the strength of her orgasm tore the shower curtain rod free of its mountains and without the extra support, Peter lost his footing.

The two of them tumbled to the shower floor, but Faith continued to ride his cock after throwing the curtain aside. She was going wild and now on top, she was bouncing up and down on him while the shower sprayed everywhere. Her crotch repeatedly slammed hard against Peter's crotch as the slayer began power fucking his cock for all it was worth. "You gonna come for me now, Stud? Fill me pussy with all the cum in those big balls of yours!" The sight of Faith naked, wet and in a state of complete lust was too much for Peter and as he watched her tits bounce each time she landed on his body, his cock came deep in her pussy. He let out a roar as he grabbed her hips again and held her to him as he began to pump his hot cum into her.

Faith could feel the powerful jets of semen coating the walls of her pussy and her hands gripped Peter's shoulders as she had another, smaller orgasm from the sensation.

As Peter's orgasm subsided, he body went lax and he laid back on the shower floor.

Faith fell on top of his chest and two lay there for a minute just breathing heavily. After a brief rest, she sat up, with his cock still deep in her, and ran her hands over his chest. "I hope that you can do that again," Faith said, "because I know that I could use a repeat performance." After she said this she rolled her hips, feeling the massive rod inside of her pulling back and forth. "Mmmmm," she said as she licked her lips, "Why don't we move this to the bed before the water goes cold." She slowly stood up and her pussy slid off of the monster cock, releasing the head with a soft popping noise. She stepped out of the tub and walked out of the bathroom, still glistening with wetness from the shower.

Peter watched her ass sway side to side as she walked away and then quickly climbed out of the tub to go after her. He noticed that there were small drops of cum that had fallen from Faith's stretched pussy that marked her trail. When he entered the main room, he found Faith already on the bed. She was on all fours with her tight round ass pointed right at him. He climbed onto the bed behind her. "Ready for round two," he asked as her gripped her ass cheek and lined up his cock with her pussy again.

"Almost," Faith said. She opened the drawer on the night stand, reached in for something and then tossed it to Peter. "You'd better use some of this."

Peter looked at the tube of liquid lubricant. "You seemed plenty lubed already back there in the bathroom..." he said, wondering why she had handed him the tube.

Faith let out a quick laugh as she looked back at him. "Oh, my puss is just dripping with lubrication, Pete, but you're not going in there. I think I'm going to have to rest that hole for a little bit." She grinned at Peter, letting him know what she had in mind.

Peter was stunned. "You mean you want me to...?"

"Fuck me up the ass?" Faith said, completing his thought. "You bet. I wanna see how much of that huge cock I can take." She could see the hesitation on Peter's face. "Don't worry. I'm the slayer. I can take whatever you can dish out and I'll recover extra fast."

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