Changing Room Prank


"I knew you liked it," said Mark, "You didn't have to give that guy your real number, but you did. Your phone has been going off for a while, you know."

There was no way of hiding it from Mark or from myself, I loved it. I put my head down in embarrassment.

Mark walked over to me until our bodies were inches apart.

"Is that makeup, Alice?"

He used my feminine name. He wouldn't even acknowledge that I was actually his best friend. I preferred that he did though, it would ruin the moment if he didn't.

"Yeah, I wanted to look a little prettier, is that a problem?" I said in the most innocent, flirtatious way I could.

"No, I quite like it. It really brings out the girl in you."

"Thanks for noticing actually," I said, smiling up at him.

"I've been noticing you a lot since this afternoon. Ever since you put on those clothes I've thought of you as someone else, like you're a real girl, and a beautiful one at that."

"That's the point, I thought I'd try being a little girly for an afternoon, and it turns out I love it."

"But that was just the tip of the iceberg today, honey." Did he just call me honey? "There's so much more to being a woman, like pleasing your man for example." With that, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in close. Then our lips met, and it was amazing. I had never kissed a man before, but I'd realized now how much I have been missing out. I'd never felt this way kissing a girl before; Mark had something that none of them had had.

I put my arms around his neck and he grabbed my back as we pulled our bodies into each other. We held each other close together while embracing in a passionate kiss, and stayed like that for a minute or two. Mark started to move his hands down to my butt and caressed my cheeks. He was such a passionate lover. He moved his hands all around my backside, and I let him. I just started playing with his tongue every time it went into my mouth.

As this continued, we pushed harder and harder into each other. I felt his erection press up against my waist. I swear it felt a foot long through his pants. I rubbed up against him a few time then moved one of my hands down from his neck and started massaging his tool. I felt it through his boxer shorts, and then pulled them down with my other hand. I broke the kiss to admire it, as I tilted my head down. For the first time in my life, I was looking at an erect, veiny cock. It may have not been as big as I estimated before, but I would still probably need both hands to reach around it. I put one of my hands on it and slowly started jerking him off as we resumed kissing. His hands began to explore my chest, as he started unbuttoning my blouse. With each button, a little more of my chest and the white lace bra were revealed. After the front was completely open, he moved his hands onto my breasts. I was worried that he would be disappointed, but to my surprise, he said they were just perfect as he moved his mouth around my nipples. Mark started sucking gently on them, giving me an occasional gentle bite. I knew this shouldn't turn me on, but for some reason my body was very responsive.

"Before we take off all our clothes, let's move this to the bedroom," Mark whispered to me.

"Sure, but which one?" I asked. We could have gone to the master bedroom, as Greg's parents were out for the night, but we weren't sure if they would come back. Then, there was Greg's room, but we both knew that if we did it in there, he would catch us. Instead, we went to his sister's room.

We walked hand in hand to her room, and as soon as Mark had the door closed, we embraced again. His sister had a reputation for being a little promiscuous, and even we knew at least a few guys that had been in this room before. Fortunately, though, this worked out well for us. I was looking for condoms around the room as I knew she would have some, when I stumbled along her lingerie drawer. In it was every naughty girl's dream. Bra, panties, stockings, garter belts, handcuffs, and even a whip! I looked around some more and found matching bras, panties, stockings, and a garter belt. I pushed aside the whip and thought, "Maybe some other time." Mark went to the bathroom during this, so I wanted to surprise him when he got back. I quickly pulled off everything I was wearing and put on the lingerie, complete with pair of black heels I found under the bed. I adjusted the bra and stockings a little then got on the bed and lay down in the sexiest pose I could pull off.

When he opened the door, his jaw fell. There, on his friends sister's bed was a hot teen slut, waiting to get fucked. Also, he would be the one who got to take her virginity.

"Alice, wow, you look amazing," said Mark, while stepping closer to me. "You are absolutely beautiful," he said as he put something down on the bedside table.

"Thanks," I smiled nervously, not knowing what to do next, but Mark did.

"We are going to have fun tonight," he said, as he leaned in for another kiss. We sat on the edge of the bed together with our hands exploring each other's bodies. Mark was clearly more experienced than I was, and went where he wanted to. I let him feel my breasts again, then my ass. He moving quite fast, and started to rub my thigh, slowly getting closer to my panties. Before he could get close enough to feel the wet spot I had created in panties, he moved his hand down again. I couldn't tell for sure, but I was almost sure that Mark was trying to pretend he was with a real girl the whole time.

Then, Mark stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, revealing his enormous cock. I gasped silently when I saw it; mine would be overshadowed by this thing!

"You know what I want," Mark said with a grin on his face. I moved off the couch and onto my knees in front of him. There I was, face to face with his monster cock, and my lips only inches away from it.

Up until this afternoon, this situation would have sounded ridiculous and weird to me, but now, it felt like my fantasies had come true. Despite posing as a woman the whole day, sucking a dick felt like it would be my true induction into womanhood (or at least sissy hood). I grabbed the head and squeezed a little bit of pre-cum out the tip, then moved my head forward and licked it off. Now I knew there was no going back.

I savored the taste for a little, then wrapped both my lips around the head and started going down the shaft. At first, I only went down a couple of inches then pulled back up. I started jerking him every time I pulled my mouth off his dick, and then I would just squeeze tightly when I covered it with my lips again.

I made use of my tongue as well. Whenever Mark's tool was inside my mouth, I would swirl my tongue around the head, then stick the tip of the tongue in his pisshole and try to get out as much pre-cum as I could. I think I started to develop an addiction.

I kept getting a little bit better at fitting him in my mouth, as I could get around 6 or 7 inches inside. Amazingly, though, this still wasn't all of it. When Mark got fed up with my teasing pace, he grabbed my hair and shoved my face on his cock. He started thrusting his hips back and forth into my mouth, as I became a fuck toy. I acted as a rag doll would in this situation and let him take control. He then grabbed my hair with both his hands and got even more dominant with me. I loved to be used like this, and I loved his dominant attitude.

"C'mon, slut, suck it! You're about to get a mouthful of cum, ready to swallow."

"Uhhh," was all I could get out after that. When he called me a slut, I swear I almost felt the panties rip apart to let my cock free. The name turned me on so much. I didn't know it would, but I quickly realized that I loved it. After that, I chose to assume the role. I did want to pleasure Mark, and he was doing quite a good job of getting that out of me. I was hornier than ever with his dick in my mouth, so this was probably for the best. He was what I suppose most women look for in a lover, and I was getting the first-hand experience. I told myself that I was lucky to able to receive his cum. Ethan was gone now, Alice took over, and she was all woman, a submissive, slutty woman.

Mark started groaning, and then suddenly, I felt a hot stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I almost choked, so I decided it would be better just to swallow, rather than try to savor the taste. He kept cumming, and soon my mouth began to overflow. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but there was just too much. Some started dribbling down my chin, and then Mark pulled out as he resumed shooting, but now on my face. He only had a couple of pumps left, but they were strong ones. Once he finished, I felt like a glazed donut.

I stayed on my knees for a little bit, until I knew Mark had finished. I kept my eyes closed and started to move the cum around in my mouth a little, enjoying my first gift. But the appreciation was short lived.

"Clean it up now," Mark said with a commanding attitude. I moved over on my knees to meet his cock. It was still covered in cum. I moved my mouth back on it, and licked it clean. I sucked the cum back into my mouth and swallowed, licking my lips as I did, which Mark noticed.

"Wow, I've never seen a girl do that. You are a real slut, Alice." Mark said, smiling.

"Thanks" I smiled back at him. To be honest, that was probably the best compliment I'd ever received.

"Give me a second, then I'll be ready for the real thing." The real thing? I was nervous, and got butterflies in my stomach, or maybe that was the semen. I'd played around with a dildo before, but never imagined it as a man penetrating me. On one hand I was inexperienced and about to be fucked by my best friend, on the other, though, I was his girl who he was going to fuck regardless of what I said. I decided not to disappoint him, and let Alice take control again. She would know what to do.

"Lube me up," I said as got down on all fours in front of Mark. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and squeezed a generous amount it his hand. He rubbed his cock a little, covering it, then put some more on his finger and pushed up against my asshole. One finger went in and felt the walls inside. Then another went in. All I could I could do was gasp. As soon as the third finger went in me, I took a quick inhale.

Soon after his initial penetration, Mark started to finger-fuck my ass. He kept his fingers inside me for a while, moving them around and exploring, then pulled them nearly all the way out and shoved them back in me. Every time he did this, I would moan, and eventually he got impatient with the foreplay.

"Enough, I need the real thing now," Mark said, but it could have just as easily been me.

"I'm ready when you are, baby." With that, he pushed the tip of his lubricated dick up against the inside of my cheeks. After a little fidgeting, he got the tip inside me. I let out of soft moan from the pain, but that quickly changed to pleasure. Mark was blessed with what he had down there and made it clear to me. He slowly pushed into me, and my moaning got louder. Then he stopped, and I thought I had been able to fit all of him inside me without having to rip my cheeks apart, so I exhaled. That's when he told me he only had half of it in.

"But baby, I feel so full already, I won't be able to take any more," I pleaded with him.

"I'll go slowly and we'll just see how much you can take." Mark pulled his dick out until the head rested at the opening. He pushed back in and spread my sphincter for a second time. "See, nice and easy," he said as he went back and forth slowly, but only ever going a maximum of half way.

I had no problems with this. All the pain stopped and it became pure pleasure. We got into a good rhythm together as I started to push back against him once he was pretty deep in. This was probably the limit for me, since it was only my first time, but unfortunately, pushing my ass towards him must have meant something else to him.

Mark grabbed onto my hips started thrusting much harder. I felt a little pain from this but there was too much pleasure involved for it to matter. Apparently, though, he had had enough with this halfway stuff, and with one unsuspecting thrust, he shoved his cock deep inside me. I screamed out as he hit my prostate. I felt like there was football trying to get inside me. I wanted to tell him this was too much, and that I wasn't ready.

I started to say, "Mark, please..." but as I said this, he thrust into me once again, ending my sentence there with my own gasp. This just made it worse. Now he thought I wanted it harder. It was so big and it split me so wide, but at the same time I loved it. I couldn't tell if my moans were getting louder and louder because of the pain or because I knew an orgasm was building fast. As soon as Mark moved his hand down to my tiny little boy clit, I knew which one it was.

"Alice, you're practically leaking down here." It was true. Once he felt my little thing, he knew that I had been consistently leaking pre-cum since his first finger went in me. He played with my balls a little, then grabbed on tight to my little cock and started jacking me off in rhythm with the fucking. This was the first time that Mark had touched my dick. He wanted to believe he was fucking a girl at first, but I think now it just didn't matter any more to him.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" I screamed out every time he went balls deep. I never even knew something could be this deep inside me. I started moving back onto his dick again during the thrusts, and felt maximum penetration. I could hear and feel his balls slapping me, and his bush grazing my smooth ass. "Oh Mark yes!" I moaned out.

"Say my name, bitch."


"Louder," he commanded.

"MARK!" I screamed, as his dick went all the way in another time. "Oh, yes!"

"Tell me what you need."

"I need you to fuck me hard, Mark."

"Tell me what you want, bitch."

"I need your cock deep inside me."

"What?" he asked, as he stopped with the just the tip inside me.

"I need your big cock all the way in me."


"I need you to shove your cock deep inside my ass and make me your bitch!" I screamed. What was I saying? All the lust was blinding me as we just kept fucking as roughly as we could.

With that, though, he pulled all the way out then rammed himself all the way inside me. I couldn't contain myself. I screamed out another "Yes!" probably the loudest thing I've ever uttered in my life. I was completely oblivious to the fact there was someone else in the house trying to sleep, and with all the noise we were making, the whole neighborhood could probably hear us. But I was soon reminded of this.

"What the fuck?" I looked up and froze. It was Greg. He was standing at the doorway of the room. He was looking down on his two best friends doing it on his sister's bed. I can't even imagine what that must have felt like for him. "Who the hell is she?" he said to Mark. Oh, my God, I thought to myself, he hasn't realized that the girl is actually the same girl he left in the changing room earlier today. He walked over to get a closer look. Mark had stopped fucking me, but he was still inside me.

"HOLY SHIT! ETHAN?" Shit, I was done, my life was over. I thought I was going to have to move far away from here and never see anyone again, so I went to my last-resort option, as I knew denial or convincing wouldn't help.

"Quiet down and my name's Alice, not Ethan." I said as I got off the couch and let Mark slip out of me.

"What the hell is going on?" Greg said angrily.

"Relax, Greg," said Mark. "Alice is best cocksucker in the country. She'll give you whatever you want, you can just stick it in her mouth and she'll suck you off!"

"No fucking way," he said, but I could tell that he was lying through his teeth. Also, I got a good look at the bulge in his pants when he realized it was me. It was obvious Greg wanted it as bad as I did, but I stayed silent, letting Mark talk for me.

"C'mon, we're having a great time." Mark said as he turned and pointed at Greg's pants. . "Seems like someone's getting excited."

"Well, that's just because I thought it was a girl before."

"Oh really? So now you know and I don't see you getting any softer."

"How about we take a closer look? Alice, take off his clothes." I got down on my knees and pulled down his boxer shorts. His erection sprang out to salute me. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started to rub it up and down. I did this not because Mark told me to, but because I wanted to; it's just that I needed his permission first.

"Well, it's clear you're turned on by all of this, so why don't you just accept the invitation so Alice and I can get back to where we left off, and you can get a blowjob." I knew that would work, especially seeing how Greg hadn't gotten laid in months now. Mark had handled the situation quite well.

I got back on my knees in front of Mark as he pushed back into me. I moaned a little more as he slipped back into me and resumed his brutal assault on my ass. Greg got on the other side of the bed and got on his knees in front of me. I inched forward, with his cock leading the way until it sat just before my lips. I extended my tongue towards the tip and licked the head. Greg nearly came right there! I put the whole head in my mouth and started playing with his balls too. He pushed himself deeper inside me, and I just let him. I even encouraged him with my tongue as he did. Greg grabbed my head and started to face-fuck me. I had nothing to do but play with his balls now: he was in total control. I stayed like that, on my knees, with my mouth open and my ass being fucked. I was almost motionless, because once Mark went in Greg would back up to my lips. I became their fuck puppet.

I moaned into Greg's dick as Mark shoved all the way into me, then swirled my tongue around Greg's as he forced his cock into my mouth. The two of them worked in unison to have always at least one penis deep inside one of my holes. I loved it. There was nothing else I wanted at the time, but Mark gave it to me.

Mark could no longer contain himself and he started grunting, getting progressively louder.

"Oh, uhh! Get ready, I'm cumming, baby!" he said as he started shooting into me again. He held his dick all the way in during his orgasm. I felt the warm, gooey cum cover the walls of my ass. I felt completely full now; I didn't want it to change. There was so much cum it started leaking out of my ass. Mark recovered eventually and pulled out. There was a popping noise and I felt something start trickling down my thigh. I didn't want to lose it, so I quickly let go of Greg's dick in my mouth, and spun around, allowing him to take me from behind.

"We're going to do this right, baby." Greg said as he looked at my waiting ass. He flipped me over onto my back, then grabbed my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders. He now had complete access to my ass and could even use my legs as grip to thrust even harder, which he did. With this new position, my own dick was in view now. Greg noticed it was sticking straight up in the air, still coated with cum, and started to jack me off. I was thankful for that, as I had been silently crying for release.

Greg started thrusting much harder than before, giving it all he had. I started moaning again, as my mouth was free for the first time since Greg had entered the room. I got louder and louder with each thrust, and was getting pretty close to my own climax. Then, out of the blue, Greg came buckets into my ass. Again, I felt full, with man-juice being pumped into me. It was nice and warm like before. As he exploded in orgasm, I knew that this was something I could get hooked on.

All this sent me to my own climax, as I shot my own load. There was now three different men's semen in or on my body, and I loved it. I didn't stop shooting for a while, and during this, Greg kept jacking me and held himself inside me. Once I caught my breath and Greg pulled out, I pulled my panties back up, and could feeling a wet patch start to form.

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