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Charitable Giving


The fall semester had finally come to an end. It was mid-December and after weeks of hard work and very little sex with my bride of six months, Sue, I was ready to plow some wet pussy. Sue also was very busy since Thanksgiving and I trusted she had similar urges. She is a beautiful blonde lady who has soft pillow-like tits and an hour glass figure, standing only 5'5" tall. When she has very little clothing on, my control over primal urges is both remarkable and frustrating. But it was her face and the beauty of her person that I had fallen in love with. She is so refined, yet when naked in my arms is a delightful slut. I was completely surprised when she lent me to two of her virgin friends who had a need to get laid. She was dropping blunt hints when we were alone about her ownership of my genitals, as though she was calling all the shots (so to speak) coming from my cock. She seemed to delight in poking fun at my meager size with her friends in front of me, and chiding me at my discomfort.

She pulled to the curb in front of the business college in our ancient VW bus. My stomach had the ache of anticipation of sexual pleasure. I was disappointed when I was informed that she had a favor for me to do for her.

"Joe, there is a semester-end gathering at Mrs. Chapman's and she needs help in serving the guests."

"OK, but what does that mean to me? I can drop you off and come back later." I countered.

"Sorry, fella, I am one of the guest hosts and you are going to be doing the serving," Sue answered. "And, there is an auction for Children's Hospital, with your naked butt being one of the prizes up for bid."

"Oh no," I complained, "Am I to be someone's sexual plaything?"

"Not necessarily," Sue replied, "unless Jane wins the bid, then your sweet little cock will spend a day and half spilling cum down her throat."

That caused a stir deep down inside my horny self.

"You have a persuasive way about you. Let's get to it since I will always do as you want. Do I need to change?" I asked.

"Well, first of all, get out of your clothes as I drive, you have some trimming to do." Sue informed me.

"Jump in the back and shave the appropriate areas. You know that smooth and silky is preferred," She continued, "Jack is going to be there too, and he is a hairy ape as men go. I'm anxious to see if he is as well-endowed as Cynthia claims."

"Great and I suppose my little fella is discussed in the teacher's lounge, too." I declared, not concealing my embarrassment at the thought.

"Jane and Paula spread the word after last September, but both really praised how sexy you are and how you made them feel so good. You have nothing to be uncomfortable about." Sue replied.

As I moved past my shirt and lowered my jeans and undershorts, the little fellow was firming up.

"When we stop, would you do this for me?" I asked.

"Sure." smiled Sue.

As I picked up the bag with the shaving cream and the razor, I noticed a bottle of musk cologne.

"Going all out tonight, huh?" I remarked.

"Yep" Sue laughed.

She turned into a large estate just beyond the city limits and up a tree lined driveway. She pulled into an open area where there were several cars already parked. She stopped the engine and came between the seats to the flat bed constructed in lieu of a bench seat. I laid flat on my back and Sue, dressed in a silky, shiny evening gown, pulled her gown up to her knees and straddled my midsection.

"Raise the arms, pal." Sue commanded.

She shook the shaving cream a few times, as I obeyed her command, and she covered my pitiful underarm growth with cream and dispatched the hair with a few strokes...

"You know that I own you, don't you?" she asked.

"Not really, or in what sense do you mean?" I replied.

"In the hotel room on our wedding night you proclaimed that your genitals belonged to me." She explained.

"But that was meant in a figurative way." I countered.

"Well, I took it as quite sincere, and I am going to control what is mine. Someday, your beautiful, but somewhat small, cock is going to provide us a family. I am just telling you that I call the shots, your shots, so to speak. If I want to parade you naked in front of people and have you engaged in erotic acts, on them, for them, or in them, I will." Sue said with sternness in her voice.

Now, this statement had all five and half inches of me extending itself to full capacity beneath her sexy gown. Why there was such a sexual arousal within me was a mystery. But she knew just how to manipulate and control me. She had known it for quite some time. Sue rapidly completed my preparation for the gathering inside the large, Tudor-style mansion. She grabbed a towel and wiped off the excess shaving cream from my now smooth, hairless self.

"Let's get moving." she commanded, as she playfully slapped at my firm erection.

We stepped out of the old bus, Sue beautiful in a black, shiny silk gown; me completely naked with only a pair of running shoes. The outside air was cold on me, even at a mild 45 degrees. Sue rang the bell and a matronly, older woman opened the door, and broke into a smile as she caught sight of this odd couple. Sue wrapped her left hand around my erection and led me through the door.

"Sue, how are you; And Joe, how nice it is to finally see you. I can tell by your skin tone that it is brisk outside, and by this you are aroused to be here." the woman greeted us and replaced Sue's left hand around my stiff cock with her own.

"Joe, meet Sondra Chapman, my mentor in many ways. She founded our Women's Club and is a terrific help to everyone here." Sue responded.

Sondra slowly stroked my insignificant length sending warm waves of pleasure throughout my chilled body. She then led me past the foyer, my erection still in hand into a very large, open room.

There were four oval, wood tables set in the form of a square. Each table had metal brackets set in place to restrain a person's arms and legs. The room was sunken, surrounded by three steps down on all sides. Mrs. Chapman led me to one corner at the top of the stairs and turned me so as to face the center of the room. I had attracted the attention of the twenty plus women below, all in black evening gowns, and not even one had even a glimmer of a chance to be a model. There were three nude men, one in each corner, facing the center of the room. I knew who was Jack, husband of Cynthia, by the approximate eight inch cock dangling between his legs. The other two had more reasonably sized cocks, but still larger than me. They were not connected with anyone in the room, I learned later, but were hired by Mrs. Chapman. Not coincidentally, most of the females were gathered in Jack's corner. His cock had one hand or another stroking it, and the recipient of kisses and licks. The other two were well developed male escorts and both of their cocks were receiving attention. As I stood and took in the scene, Jane went up to Jack and took about three quarters of his length down her throat. She slowly, ever so slowly, slid back off Jack's phallus and Jack lent his head back as his newly released, glistening cock appeared to swell. I said to myself, he is going to shoot a load across the room.

The names of the other two were Bob and David. Neither had more than two or three women stroking their cocks. It was only the view in front of me that kept little boy in a semi hard state. One modestly proportioned redhead, with a nicely low cut dress and cleavage, came up and took my little fella down to the back of her throat. She gently caressed the underside of the mushroom head with her tongue, as well as tickling the sensitive underside my scrotum, she released me. Now, that had the blood flowing again. It would be nice, I mused, to have little "fella" slide inside of her hot little puss.

"Sisters, let us have our prize guests be fastened to a table so we can have our snacks and proceed to the bidding." The older woman announced.

Sue came over and took hold of my erection, saying, with a giggle "down here, shorty."

First, Sue used a warm soapy cloth to cleanse my skin for what was to come. Then, she led me to a table and motioned me to climb on top, first pointing down at my shoes. I removed them and stepped on a chair, and proceeded to lie, spread-eagled, on the table. Three other women fastened my arms and legs with the metal straps. My arms were fastened at the wrist and my legs were held down at the ankle. The table rotated like a "Lazy Susan" and Sue stood still while rotating the table as she wiped down my naked self.

"You look good enough to eat, and the ladies are ready to enjoy." Sue whispered in my ear.

Someone, I did not see who, poured ranch dressing on my chest. A bowl of salsa was dumped on my genitalia (and it was C-O-L-D). Other dipping sauces were spread down my legs and on my stomach. Maybe five women gathered around the table and used chips or vegetables to collect a sauce. I had become a nude sauce bowl. They started to spin me around and play with my stiff cock.

"I want the clear sauce coming from the head of his cock. It tastes good on strawberries." commented one of the women.

"If he shoots, I want some on a corn chip." said another.

The more they stroked my cock and caressed my body with their snacking, the more aroused I became. I began to feel the surging deep inside and the involuntary movement of my pelvis pushed my butt off of the table and my cock stretching for the ceiling.

"BINGO!!!!" shrieked a woman at one of the other tables as their play toys cum began to spurt.

The more the ladies kept the table in motion and the different hands moving up and down my cock, the closer I approached climax. The constant attention on the head of the little guy caused wave after wave of warm pleasure to roll from my toes to my ears. The chatter in the room became inaudible to me as all focus went to that spot on the underside of my mushroom head. My hips strained to push up as far as possible. When that exquisite moment arrived, the release was accompanied by the rush of spunk up the shaft, exploding out the tiny mouth up into the air. Additional spurts of cum came with the rapid relaxation of all the pent up tensions within the totally stiff erection. The first shot landed just above my navel.

"Nice show, tiny dick." cheered one of the women at the table.

"Better than the one I saw last September." laughed Myrna, who was sitting right behind my head.

I was not aware of her presence, and felt a sudden jolt of embarrassment, as I felt on that Sunday. I recalled slowly "pounding my pudding" standing at our circular table, standing right between Sue and Myrna.

Some three years late I was strangely reminded of this event while working as an auditor on a job at a state agency. A short, pleasant woman came up to me and informed me that she had the pleasure of holding my penis as it shot out streams of hot cum. This caught me completely off guard since I did not recognize her and had forgotten about this night. People don't just spring something like that on someone. But, she had her motives, and took me to an empty conference room. All she wanted was a taste of my prostate syrup. When she unzipped my pants and encountered the "turtle", she knew she had the right guy. Her cock sucking skills were superb and she received an adequate amount of me to satisfy her taste buds.

"We must proceed to the auction," intoned the matron host, "but first gift cards go to the guests at Jack's table because his was the largest penis. And gift cards go to Bob's table because he was the first to contribute his ejaculate to the dipping sauces. Freda told me it had a nice, spicy flavor. Myrna, how did Joe's add to the flavor our treats?"

"Not much flavor, but sticky texture." Myrna replied.

Well, Jack was auctioned off for a $1,500 contribution. Jane, Paula and Kathy combined to garner Jack's services over two days. I felt in my heart that Paula would readily take on his 7 and a half inch "snake" (the girls had a measuring tape at the table) with glee. Kathy, a petite 5'1", with tiny breasts and frame to match will be treated to a vaginal invasion of terrific proportion.

Bob and David brought less than Jack, but the donation would certainly be accepted. I came in last after someone announced that my fully erect penis was just a shade over 5 inches.

"That really blows the feet connection." said one.

Myrna paid $750 for me and only had one woman compete for me.

"I like your average little cock." she told me, as she put on her coat to leave. "I've seen it in action and it gets me wet. But, then, Jack's garden hose had me even more aroused. I just didn't want to pay that much for him and it might make Mike feel threatened." she continued.

Mike was Myrna's wealthy husband, and he was an overbearing type. He was always argumentative and full of himself.

Sue came up and gave me a kiss and tweaked my dick, "I'll pick you up on Sunday morning. I'll finish up the Christmas shopping on Saturday and take a long hot bath afterward. I will try to think of you when I hit a climax by tweaking myself."

With that message putting an image in my brain, my much maligned cock stood a full 5+ inches tall.

"Why thank you, Joe," cooed Sue "I take that as a real compliment."

"Are you sure about this? I mean, how far do you think this will go?" I asked her.

"Myrna is my oldest friend and she has assured me that your tool will not pass through her pussy lips, and that you will be quite ready for me on Sunday." Sue answered.

"OK...." I said.

With that, Myrna gently grabbed my hard-on and proceeded towards the door. I was able to put on my shoes before venturing out into the cool night air. Goose bumps were all over as I urged Myrna on toward the car. Once in the passenger seat, I felt conspicuous sitting on the leather seat, strapped in and completely naked. Myrna turned the car – a Datsun 280Z – to the right, out of the drive, and proceeded farther into the country.

"It's not far, and the heat is on full blast," Myrna spoke softly, "and the evening has lost its excitement for our little friend."

"This is strange for me, and I have become accustomed to being naked in a crowd." I said.

Just then, we came upon an accident as the two lane road curved to the left. The few cars in front were stationary as police were guiding them around the scene. As our turn came, we inched past the Patrol Officer standing on the broken glass from the wreck. He must have noticed me because the last trooper, a female, motioned Myrna to stop. Myrna rolled down the window and the officer said, "Pull over to the right shoulder, please, Miss."

Myrna steered over about 100 feet and stopped. The female trooper came to my window and tapped on the glass. I rolled down the window as she said, "step out of the car and let me see your id, please."

As I stepped up from the little Datsun, I said, "I don't have my license on me, officer."

The trooper was fairly tall and was very attractive, but obviously not attired in a manner that flattered her physique. "It looks like you have forgotten everything but your shoes, buddy." She said with a smile.

As she took Myrna's driver's license, she never stopped gazing at my naked self, standing on the side of the roadway. "Am I to suspect sex trafficking, Mrs. Cunningham?" The officer asked Myrna, almost breaking into a laugh.

Myrna, trying to think fast, but not lie, said "My organization had a charity function this evening and Mr. Jones here is my "prize" for donating to Children's Hospital, officer."

"It appears that you have been short changed in the attached equipment department." the officer laughed.

Myrna now broke a smile, while I did not. Despite the cold air, the humiliation of this scene had my cock throbbing and unfolding into an erection.

"I see there is now more to it than meets the eye" declared the trooper as she stepped closer to me.

"Turn around and place your hands on the roof of the car, leaning forward." She whispered next to my face.

"Sure." I responded as I obeyed her instructions.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and proceeded to move down my sides slowly. When she arrived at my waist, her right hand slid around and fondled my testicles. Her left hand lightly skimmed my now stiff erection. I could now see the cars slowly driving past staring at this scene. The flares and police car roof mounted lights provided more than enough light on the dark country road. Fortunately, I was only visible from the chest up. However, my humiliation was complete. The officer finished her search by inserting her right index finger into my anal opening.

"He is not concealing any dangerous objects." She stated, now in full laugh mode.

The officer stepped back from me and said, "Back in your vehicle and proceed on your way. Myrna, do drive carefully and keep your "prize" belted in. His equipment might be short, but it has character."

Myrna said, smiling, "Thank you, Sara, er..officer."

I said nothing and got back in the car. "Turn up the heat," I said, "I am freezing."

"We were fortunate that it was Sara that came to the car." Stated Myrna

"You knew her," I exclaimed, "Good grief, I've been on display for the entire female population of this 'burg!!"

"Don't get your dander up, pretty boy, we're almost home and I will give you something to eat." Myrna said, as she tried to calm me.

Maybe a mile down the road, Myrna pulled into a gravel driveway and started up a tree-lined slope. The house was magnificent. Wood framed, like a chalet, with large glass windows and I could see through to the back deck and how it had a view of the valley below. This might not be such a punishment after all, I thought.

Myrna pulled close to the house, near the front door, rather than in the garage. "You ok?" She asked.

"Yep, just a little hungry" I responded.

"Well, what we have planned for you is a training session to improve your pussy eating skills, of which I will be the happy recipient. Allow me to change into something more erotic. Find yourself something in the kitchen to eat." My weekend mistress instructed.

As I found some peanut butter and wheat bread, Myrna returned with only a lacy pajama top on and naked from the waist down. Her pussy was smooth and as bald as a baby's bottom. This is a pussy I want to lick, I thought to myself. I finished my bread and peanut butter and placed it on the large island in the center of the kitchen. It was about waist high on me and there were four chairs around it.

"Help me up, Joe." she asked.

Lifting her petite on hundred pound body in one easy motion caused a warm flood of aroused hormones to move my blood. The sight of her glistening cunt eagerly awaiting my attention sent a clear message to my dangling testicles. My brain transferred over from solving the empty stomach woes, to solving a penis craving to dive into smooth vagina. Myrna propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me between her knees, bent and pointing at the ceiling, parted enough for access to her wet slit.

"Take it slow at first, and tender licking will build my excitement, and that is how I like it," She instructed. "You don't have to enter me so much as concentrate on my clit."

I slid her back a bit so that I could bend over directly on the target. I had eaten out Sue on several occasions, but she never seemed to enjoy it much. I supposed that was why I was now enrolled in Myrna's class on muff diving.


Mike Cunningham stood in the doorway of the kitchen, about ten feet from my bare self. Myrna shot up off of the table screaming, "What are you doing here!!?"

"Settle down, little lady, my pilot is sick and we scrapped the flight until the morning. How much did you fork over to have needle dick here spend the weekend with you?" Mike replied in a calm tone. He was taller than me, about 6'2" tall, burly built with a thick chest and lumberjack arms.

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