tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: The Little Angel

Charlie's Angels: The Little Angel


Kelly stood outside the front door of Jill's beach house digging through her purse for the key. Jill had called to say she'd be late, and Kelly knew she wouldn't mind if she let herself in. Once inside, she set her purse and keys and a paper bag of burgers down on the table. She smoothed her hair and grasped the handle on the refrigerator, about to yank it open and get a soda, when she heard a noise from somewhere in the house.

Kelly paused and listened hard. She pulled her gun out of her purse and snuck across the wall, trying not to make any noise. Spinning silently around the corner, she found Jill's bedroom free of any intruders. Another noise sounded from the next room. Having no idea what it was, Kelly gripped the trigger and inched forward nervously, pausing just beside the doorway to the guest bedroom. Somebody was definitely in there and it wasn't Jill, she wasn't home yet, and Sabrina was out of town for three more days. Her heart beat like crazy.

"Freeze!" Kelly whipped around the corner with her gun out in front of her, preparing to take the guy down. Instead, she froze.

Instead of a scary man with a knife, there was a pretty young woman laying on the bed, propped up on pillows. She had a towel wrapped around her head, and strands of wet blonde hair poked out the bottom, trickling drips of water down her shoulders. She must have just been in the shower. A second towel had been wrapped around her body but was partially falling off. She was naked underneath, and her skin was covered in little water droplets. Her hand was nestled between her parted legs and her face was flushed. She stared wide-eyed at Kelly, and Kelly stared back, gun still frozen out in front of her. For a minute nobody moved, blinked or said anything. The only sound in the room was that of the ocean coming from the open window.

Finally the girl seemed to snap out of it and fumbled to cover herself back up with the towel. Her face quickly turned beet red. Coming to her senses, Kelly lowered her gun and relaxed her stance, trying to think of something to say.

"I'm sorry," she said, pausing, not sure what to do. "Hw- who... I'll be, I'll go out here," she stammered, backing towards the doorway. "Sorry."

That was sure awkward Kelly thought, frowning. Who was she?

Kelly paused a few steps down the hall, hearing the girl start to cry. She turned back around.

"Are you alright?" she asked, taking a step towards the doorway.

"Yeah" a muffled answer came back.

"Is it alright if I come in? Again?" Kelly asked.

The answer repeated itself and Kelly peeked around the doorframe.

The girl was sitting up on the bed now, her back to Kelly. She was holding the pink towel closed around herself and sniffing quietly.

"Listen, I'm sorry to startle you like that. I didn't think anyone was home." Kelly paused, then added "Who.. are you?"

The girl looked up, still pink in the face and eyes glassy. "I'm Kris," she said, "I'm -

"Kris?" Kelly repeated. "Jill's little sister?"

She nodded.

"Oh wow, I've been dying to meet you!" Kelly grinned, plopping down at the foot of the bed.

"I don't think I've ever been this embarassed," Kris mumbled.

"Come on, you don't have to be embarassed. Everybody does that," she said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Kris smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, well. That's not the first impression I'd planned on. Kelly, right?"

"Oh I'm sorry! I'm Kelly, yes. It's so nice to finally meet you." She stuck out her hand.

Kris began to extend her right hand, reconsidered, and offered her left instead. Kelly shook it, grinning. Kris blushed over again.

"Jill always told me so much about you, and I hoped we could be friends, and now I must look pretty strange." she said quietly, staring down at the carpet.

"Of course we can be friends," Kelly laughed. "You don't look strange at all, in fact very much the opposite." She opened her arms to Kris and they hugged briefly.

"You're sweet. Ah I'm so relieved, I thought you would think I was some kind of weirdo."

Kelly laughed again. "Don't worry about it. I do that all the time too. It's perfectly natural."

"Oh listen, you won't tell Jill about.. that, will you?" Kris asked, biting her bottom lip.

"I won't say anything if you don't want me to," Kelly frowned,"but I don't see how Jill would have a problem with it. You guys don't talk about things like that?"

"No it's not that, I'll just never hear the end of it if she hears this is how you met me," Kris laughed. She had dazzling teeth and a contagious smile like her sister's."We do talk about it though. In fact I hear you're quite talented in that field," she added, smirking.

"I aim to please."

"Hey when she gets home act like I'm not here ok? I came in a taxi and she doesn't know I'm here yet. I wanted to surprise her."

"Sure. Hey you know, if you still need to uh, finish up, I can get out of here," Kelly smirked. "You looked like you had a good thing going here."

Kris laughed. "That's ok, I don't think I could. Look at my hands." She held them up, and they still trembled involuntarily from surprise and nervousness.

"Well you don't always have to use YOUR hands," Kelly told her, only half meaning the implication.

"I wouldn't know much about that," Kris chuckled.

"Are you a virgin?"

She nodded.

"Oh..sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I'll leave you alone." She got up and took a few steps towards the door.

"No don't go," Kris stopped her. "I just haven't done that with anyone before and, I don't know. I'm pretty self conscious. I'd be really nervous for my first time," she chuckled anxiously.

"You kidding? You have nothing to be nervous about, look at you, you're perfect."

Kris blushed again. "You weren't nervous?"

"My first couple of times I guess I was. My first girl, not really though. Actually, I think my first girl was your sister."

"Really? Wow.. so is she pretty good too?"

"She got me hooked," Kelly laughed. " Everything is just so different with a girl than with a guy."


"Absolutely. You know how chicken is really good, and steak is really good, but sometimes you just really want one or the other? It's sort of like that. They're different but both are great."

"What's so different?" Kris asked.

"Well.. I mean you need a man once in a while, but a woman really knows how to please another woman. She knows exactly what does what because she knows the territory. She knows how a girl likes to be treated because she is one. Everything is just softer and.. I don't know. Better. Even just kissing is better."

"Oh. Kelly?"


"Can, um," Kris said quietly, looking down at the carpet. "Could you show me?"

"Sure," Kelly smiled, walking back around and sitting down next to her. "I want you to be relaxed though. Loosen up a little. Take that towel off your head."

She had forgotten the towel and pulled it off. Her thick hair underneath had partially dried and was a wonderful golden blonde. She combed her fingers through it and shook it out a little.



Kelly closed her eyes and leaned in. Kris felt her heart pounding nervously as she closed her eyes also.

Kelly's lips met with hers ever so lightly, parting just slightly and giving her a long, soft kiss. She sucked gently on her bottom lip before pulling away.

Kris slowly opened her eyes after a few seconds as if she were just waking from a deep sleep. Her heart fluttered. Kelly was smiling back at her.


"Wow.." Kris breathed. "If it's all like that I want to feel everything."

"I can show you anything you like. Are you sure?"

Kris nodded. "What do I do?"

"You don't have to do anything, leave it all to me. Just relax. We'll stop anytime if you feel uncomfortable ok?"

She leaned back in and their soft lips met again, sliding together. Kris felt Kelly's tongue slip between her lips, and she opened wider to accept it into her mouth. This was a different sort of kiss than she had ever been given; there was no rush, no urgency, no other destination. It existed in its own moment. It was slow, soft, and tender, just how it should be.

Kelly's hand rested on her neck and jaw, and the other started to run through Kris's hair. One ran up to Kelly's waist and rested there, holding her while they kissed. Their warm tongues slipped past one another, licking and sucking and probing eachothers mouths. Kelly's hands dropped lower, finding that Kris's other hand was clenched on her towel, holding it closed. She broke the kiss.

"You don't have to do that," she said, placing a hand over hers.

Drawing in a breath, she released the towel and it fell around her, revealing her naked form. Her skin was lightly tanned and she had a great figure. Her breasts were decent sized and looked almost large on her petite body, with small nipples that were a slightly darker shade of pink. Down below her flat stomach there was a little triangle of dark blonde hair on her unshaven mound. She sat with her legs folded beneath her.

"You are gorgeous," Kelly said, kissing her again. This time their hands explored eachothers bodies, feeling the soft skin. Kris sighed softly as Kelly began to kiss just below her ear and down onto her neck. She repositioned herself, resting back against the pillows as she was before. Kelly followed and continued laying kisses on the other side of her neck, trailing slowly down onto her chest. She rested one hand over Kris's heart and felt it thumping like crazy.

"My gosh, are you having a heart attack or something?" Kelly teased. She grasped Kris's hands and felt them shaking. "Honey, relax. Here, flip over, I'll give you a massage."

"That's ok, you don't have to-"

"No, come on. I want you to be completely relaxed."

Kris rolled and settled onto her stomach. Not sure what to do with her arms, she folded them at her sides. Kelly brushed her hair to the side and began smoothly stroking her soft skin, soothing Kris with her hands. Her fingers seemed to magically know just where to go, kneading her muscles and working out her little knots. This wonderful treatment had Kris calmed down in no time. With closed eyes and a cute contented smile on her face she snuggled into the quilt beneath her.

Kelly continued her gentle massage, smiling at Kris's angelic and peaceful expression. Leaning over, she began to kiss her smooth, shower-fresh scented skin; her cute little butt dimples, up the small of her back, and along her spine triggering a tiny shiver. She nuzzled her shoulder, kissing the back of her neck and the side of her face. Kris rolled over, pulling her down closer and kissing her. Soon Kelly's lips slipped away from hers and began trailing slowly down her neck again. This time she really was much more relaxed, and Kelly could feel it.

She cupped Kris's breast, feeling her incredibly soft nipple under her thumb. Her trail of kisses went past her collarbone and down her chest until at last she took Kris's nipple into her mouth and began to suck gently.

Kris gasped. The warm, wet mouth on her nipple felt better than anything she could have expected. "That feels so good," she sighed, resting back on the pillows and holding the back of Kelly's head at her breast. Kelly's warm tongue flicked back and forth over her nipple, making her want to gasp again and again. Kelly's fingers massaged her other nipple, rubbing and pinching it gently. Kris's thoughts swam dreamily and she wished she could lay there for hours.

Eventually Kelly's lips strayed underneath her breasts onto her firm stomach, pausing at her belly button. Kris flinched and giggled, being a little ticklish. Kelly's hands roamed over her legs, exploring and massaging and caressing as she continued to kiss her body. She lifted gently underneath her legs, bending her knees a little so that they could part easily. Her hands ran closer and closer to Kris's pussy with each caress.

Kris felt the wetness between her legs growing. She was nervous about how it would be when Kelly touched her, but so far everything had been as gentle and wonderful as she promised. Now she began to ache, wanting to reach down and relieve herself. At last Kelly's fingers began to run through she soft hair on her mound, and between her legs where it was dewy with juices. Kris gasped again as she touched her firm little clit, and lowered down to her slippery pussy lips. Kelly stroked her finger up and down the length of her slit. Her pussy took after Jill's, running like a river just the same. She looked ready.

"Kris, I'm going inside you, ok?" she asked, wanting to make sure. The last thing she wanted was to shock her.

She nodded. After lubricating her finger Kelly placed it at Kris's opening, very slowly easing it into her little pink virgin pussy. It clenched her finger as she softly massaged Kris from the inside.

Kris sighed loudly, melting completely as Kelly began to finger her. It was the same as when she pleasured herself only so much better since she wasn't doing the work and didn't know what would happen next. Kelly's expert fingers soon had her dripping onto the quilt as it slipped in and out of her. She rolled her hips slightly, meeting the plunges of Kelly's finger.

"Kris, I'm going to use two fingers, ok?" Kelly checked.

Kris moaned "yes", and a second finger slipped into her soaking wet pussy and worked in and out of her. They slid easily on her juices, rubbing against the tight opening of her pussy. She paid close attention, reading Kris's reactions and sensing when she should go slower or deeper. Judging by how tightly her pussy was squeezing on two fingers, Kelly decided not to add a third this time, not wanting to do anything to hurt her.

Kelly took Kris's nipple between her lips again, suckling as she fingered her tight pussy. Kris moaned quietly with each exhale, and her breath was becoming sharp and ragged. Her hips ground against Kelly's hand.

Next she felt Kelly's fingers curl slightly inside her. They wriggled gently, crossing and uncrossing. Kris had never tried this technique on herself, and were she thinking more clearly she would have made a note to herself to remember it for later. For now, all she could do about it was moan.

Kris was smiling to herself in both relief and disbelief at the wonderful sensations and how truly caring Kelly was. She had heard her friends' experiences with selfish, careless boys...they didn't know what they were missing. She moaned as Kelly's fingers pumped in and out of her pussy, squishing in her juices. Her legs, which she had been holding open self-consciously before, rested apart completely relaxed. Her fingers stroked Kelly's hair as she continued to suck her tender nipples.

"Kelly," she moaned, squirming on the bed. "I'm going to...oh please don't stop.."

"Let it come, sweetie."

Kris's chest heaved and she moaned Kelly's name over and over, becoming less and less coherent. Finally she fell over the brink and her pussy began to spasm hard, clenching and unclenching around Kelly's fingers. She let herself go. Kris bucked against her hand, moaning and clutching her tightly. She shivered as she came, feeling her nipples harden even further. Her juices flowed out past Kelly's fingers.

Kelly watched Kris's face as she experienced the first orgasm given to her by anyone else. Her head was tilted back, her eyes were closed tightly and her mouth was open as she moaned. The expression on her face was not something you can re-create. It was an innocent look of blissful pleasure, of unrehearsed, undisguised ecstasy. Not acting, not lascivious, not anything but what she was truly feeling. Kelly could not think of anything more pure or beautiful as she watched Kris come. She wanted even more to bring her all the pleasures that she possibly could.

As her moans quieted down and her pussy stopped rippling, Kelly slowed the thrusts of her fingers.

"You're so beautiful Kris. I want to taste you."

Kelly kissed down her stomach, smelling her wetness as she neared her pussy. Kris groaned quietly as she realized that the kisses were continuing slowly down the front of her legs instead of stopping. Kelly's lips pressed against every inch of her smooth inner thighs, stroking her all the while. She eased Kris's legs apart slightly wider as she kissed higher and higher.

A drop of juice trickled from Kris's pussy as every nerve burned in anticipation. Even though she wasn't sure what to expect, she trusted Kelly and knew that it would be even better yet. She squirmed slightly, dying for Kelly's mouth to reach her throbbing pussy.

Kelly kissed just beside her pussy lips, up and down both sides. Not only was she making Kris wait, but she had been prolonging her own wait for the treat of finally tasting Kris's essence. Her juices were clearer than her sister's almost solid white fluids, but were equally as abundant.

She licked her lips and placed one soft, long, deliberate kiss right between Kris's pussy lips. Kris moaned, rolling her head. Kelly's tongue began to ever so tenderly bathe her pussy, licking just inside her pink folds and around her pussy lips. Kelly collected Kris's warm juices on her tongue, tasting her at last - she was delicious, and slightly sweeter than Jill. She was purposefully avoiding her clit, remembering the first time she had ever had hers sucked and the instant mind-shattering climax it triggered. Kris's hands were grasping at the back of Kelly's head, not wanting her to pull away. Of course, Kelly had no intention of pulling away. Her hands wrapped around Kris's legs as she lapped at her pussy, drinking in her sweet cum. Her tongue darted just inside her little pink opening, making her moan louder.

Kris's feet were no longer flat on the bed, for she had pulled her legs upward and to her sides. Her knees were now at her chest and spread wide apart, presenting her pussy completely to Kelly. Not that she realized it; her body was responding all on its own to the wonderful sensations she was being shown for the first time.

Kelly slipped her tongue in as deep as she could, licking Kris's inner walls. Though it could only have been an inch of penetration Kris had never felt anything so good. She rolled her hips, wishing Kelly's tongue could slip two, three, five inches deeper into her body. Kelly's wet, warm mouth operated with caring, talented precision and patience, making her feel things that she never thought she could feel. She was not trying to rush her towards a climax, but instead making sure she enjoyed every second of pleasure, every lick, suck, flick and kiss, as if she had been preparing for it all her life. Kris had forgotten all her worries and self-consciousness, and moaned loudly.

Now Kelly began to lick up the length of her dripping slit, and just below where her juices were dripping down. She regretted letting the first wetness of anticipation soak into the bed beneath her, and now eagerly licked up every drop as it spilled from her little pink hole. Just as when they kissed, her eyes remained closed as she licked Kris's pussy, savoring her taste and the feel of her skin. She had long ago lost track of time; as some people saw pussy-eating as a chore of foreplay, Kelly loved to give just as much as she loved to receive. She enjoyed bringing her friends pleasure, seeing their faces, hearing their moans, tasting their arousal, making them feel loved. Kelly felt that she could kiss this sweet pussy forever.

At some point during this time Kris's hand had found hers, and she held it tightly. She was moaning and humping against Kelly's mouth, clearly approaching her second climax. Kelly wanted to take her as high as she could go, and show her everything she could feel.

She lowered her open mouth and placed her tongue directly on her clit, starting a slow, firm lick up to the top. Kris froze for a moment. As she felt Kelly's lips warmly seal around her clit and begin to suck on it, she cried out and grabbed fistfuls of her hair, squeezing her hand tightly. Her hips lifted off the bed as she writhed desperately, trying to rub herself against Kelly's face. Kelly lightly rubbed her tongue on the top of her clit as she sucked. With more loud cries, Kris shook as her second orgasm overtook her, traveling like electricity from Kelly's lips into her body, and radiating out to her fingertips and back again. Her breathing was sharp and shallow; every exhale carried an ecstatic moan from her soul, even after the waves had subsided. Kelly continued to lick her slit softly as she drifted down from her dreamy orgasmic high.

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