Charmed to Death


"Oh darling, Oh baby, that was so wonderful," she'd say. "I love the way you look at me, touch me, desire me and I love to pleasure you with my naked body, delighting you with my pussy. Oh sweetheart, your cock in my cunt makes me feel so fucking good; I can't get enough of your fucking."

As before when I came, depositing my semen into her vessel, she exploded with her own powerful orgasm. It was like the chemicals in my cum mixing with her juices and "Charm's" secret formula, made for a powerful bomb.

The night was still young when we finished, so I order a pizza. Princess wanted to stay the night so I fetched a couple of bathrobes and we sat, talked, and had a bit to drink. I told her I thought it was probably good that a guy is only good for one shot before needing time to reload because we would probably be connected all night long. Still in her state of total abandonment, Princess said being connect all night sounded good to her. I ran my hand over her thighs. She spread her legs letting me collect the goo that was seeping from her vagina and rubbed it into her pubic hair.

The doorbell rang. Answering the door, expecting the pizza guy, I found instead one of my drinking buddies from work wanting to know if I like to go out for a beer. Princess hadn't pulled her robe closed and my hand was gooey and the Tom seeing what was up began apologizing for dropping in unannounced. As I tried to assure him it was OK, Princess came over and insisted he come in and have a drink with us. Princess would pause now and then to pull her robe closed but within a minute or two it would gradually open again, putting her naked body on display again, but none of this seemed to bother her. Tom knew Princess was a married woman and as the beer flowed the talk became looser until he wanted to know how long the affair had been going on. Before I could say anything Princess took over. She explained how she loved her husband but that I was her first lover to make her feel sexually alive. She described her powerful orgasms, how her thoughts about me made her want me more, how just being around me made her feel free, and confidant that whatever we did was what we should be doing.

"I've never been around such a sexually liberated woman before," Tom exclaimed. "Never would my wife run around the house in bathrobe with nothing on underneath. After twelve years of marriage my wife has never had an orgasm like you talked about. Shoot, she practically hides under the covers when we do it, and she never lets me take her from the rear.

"You poor man," Princess mused, "someone needs to give you wife some lessons."


Ruskin decided that, for the sake of his friend Tom, he would be the one to give her the lessons. When Ruskin heard that Tom was going on a fishing trip for a week, he decided to make his move. Tom's wife, Kristi, was pretty but reserved. It was a crisp afternoon when Rustin dropped by on the pretense to see Tom. Kristi invited Ruskin in and offered him a cup of coffee. She brought out the coffee and when she left to get some cream that he had asked for, he added the "Charm" to her cup. They chatted for a bit as they drank their coffee, then seeing the little beads of perspiration show up on Kristi forehead, Ruskin knew the drug was working. Standing, Ruskin said it was probably time for him to go. Kristi gaze was fixed on him; her eyes were blinking like she was trying to regain her focus.

"Oh I hate to see you leave so soon, would you like more coffee or how about I show you around the house." Then without waiting for a response, Kristi took Ruskin's hand and began the tour.

When they got to the master bedroom, Rustin stopped Kristi in front of a long narrow dressing mirror which hung on the wall. He pulled her in front of him and put his arms around her. She leaned back against him as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When they were finally naked he turned Krista around and began kissing her body. Her breathing was shallow, her nipple erect, her eyes closed as she enjoyed his touches. Pushing her down gently, Kristi found her face touching Rustin's penis.

"I've never done this before," Kristi said, as she fondled his penis then ran her tongue up and down his shaft. "It's something I've thought about but was too shy to try."

"You're a natural," Rustin assured her, as he directed her to stand up again. Pulling her tight against him they kiss long and deep. "You are so beautiful," Rustin told Kristi, "I can't help myself when I'm near you."

"I don't know what's come over me," Kristi responded, "but I feel the same way."

Turning Kristi to face the mirror again, Rustin had her put her hands on either side of the mirror and bend over. "What a gorgeous pussy you have," Rustin exclaimed as his penis touched her engorged organ. He ran the head of his penis up and down between the inner lips of her vulva. Collecting her vagina oozing goo, he carried it through the canyons of her pussy, letting his penis pet her clitoris with it before moving back toward her cunt. With little moves he began to open her chamber of love. A half inch then pull back, an inch in then out, one and a half, in and out, then two. When all six inches were in, he pressed against Kristi as she spontaneously massaged his cock with her cunt, as orgasmic flutters floated across her body. Rustin smiled as he watched her face in the mirror, grimace in the agony of extreme pleasure. Then came the long deep thrust, time after time her vagina expanded then collapsed as his cocked moved in and out. Through the mirror their eyes lock onto each other, closing only when they were savoring their climax together. Just as he had experienced with Princess, when he ejaculated into Kristi she erupted in a violent orgasm that rocked her body and gripped his penis so hard he couldn't move.

After our affair had gone on a while, I asked Tom how his love life was and he responded that it couldn't be better. "I don't know what happened but she changed overnight, it was like her brain got reprogrammed" he said, "and now her favorite place to get fucked is in front of our bedroom mirror!"

Hooked on Women

Along with Princess and Kristi I had many more affairs. I liked married women because they were content to stay with their husbands while having me as their lover. There was also clandestine excitement being with another man's wife, and a sense of power I got when I stole her away from her husband and give her a sexual experience like she never had before.

The slavish devotion these women had for me lasted for about six months before the effects of the "Charm" wore off. They still liked me and were flirty, but their full reasoning had returned and they realized it was risky to be in an affair. I was fine with that because I had other women on the hook and I knew I could have them back anytime I wanted. It would just take a little "Charm." But the good news for them was that their ability to orgasm didn't stop. It was like a wall had been broken down and they now had full and easy access to all their womanly sexual resources.

A good yet troubling aspect to "Charm" was the way it turned off selective reasoning, even when it contradicted their strong moral values like committing adultery. I had seen it in so many women, where they had normal lives, but in one place in their brain, a place I happened to occupy, they became amoral, passionate and slavishly obedient. When I asked if it was OK for their husbands to have an affair they all adamantly said no. At the same time they assured me that what we were doing was OK, because it seem so right. Of course I didn't argue the point with them but neither did I understand it. Instead, I keep on my secret mission of liberating one woman at a time!

Elizabeth's Confession

Elizabeth sat across the table from me. "I don't want you to get mad at me," she began, "but I've gone outside protocol and have experimented with "Charm" on myself." She studied my face, looking for a reaction. So many things flooded my mind I was speechless. She continued, "It is remarkable what it will do to a woman." She paused then continued, "More than just use it myself, I conducted a group study," she paused again, "I know it was totally unethical and unprofessional, I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I did." Pausing again as she wiped away tears from her eyes, "but I don't want it to destroy the career I've worked so long for."

"So why tell me," I asked, "just let your secret be your secret."

"Well I can't because I told the study participants that this program was approved by you, your department and the university."

"What was your study and how did it turn out?"

"Well it turned out great, really really great," Elizabeth said with a tear chocked laugh. "For me personally I've never had such warm tender feelings for a man and I never had such wonderful orgasm! Now just seeing a penis starts my juices flowing. As for the study it confirmed on a large scale what I was personally experiencing - unwavering devotion toward our lovers."

Elizabeth pushed a document across the table to Ruskin which explained the experiment in detail. Using standard scientific screening Liz had selected twelve girls from a community college swim team and twelve guys from a men's swim team located fifty miles away. None of them knew each other, all were eighteen or older, all were still virgins and none had any clue that sex would be involved. They rated each other just from pictures, then in person and finally after watching each other perform in the pool. After each phase they were asked questions like, "Did your opinion about this person change and was it for the better or worse? Would you have sex with this person if the opportunity presented itself in the next week? Would you marry this person? The answers were as expected. Most guys said they would like to have sex with all the girls and most girls declined, for they all wanted to build a relationship first before considering going further.

Using "Charm" Liz wanted to know if she could induce "love" where no relationship had previously existed. At a swim party Liz had each of the guys drink a glass of juice laced with "PM" and "Charm." The girls were also given some water with "Charm" in it. After an hour Liz could see that "Charm" had taken effect. Each guy had a "hard on" poking out of his swim trunks and each girl was wonder what had come over her. She had the girls go stand by a fence that surrounded the pool area. She gave each guy a random number from 1 to 12, then had each girl call out a number. As each guy's number was called he would go stand facing that girl. The sexual tension was very high as Liz asked that those who wanted to continue to please remove their swimsuits. Everyone quickly responded. She had each girl touch her partner's penis and each guy touch his partner's breast. She then asked the girls to turn around and grab the fence for support and bend over if they wanted their partner to put his penis in their vagina. Again, without hesitation, every girl responded. Walking down the line of girls, Liz could see that their vulvas were swollen. She pointed this out to the guys, letting them know that this is the sign that it is OK to penetrate a vagina. Knowing they were all sexually inexperienced she made sure that they entered into their woman very slowly. The sexual stimulus was just overwhelming for the guys and most only managed a few slow push and pulls before they had an orgasm, giving their woman his load of sperm. It was the same for the women, with the physical and emotional sensation of being impregnated by her man bringing her to intense, unrestrained excitement of the orgasmic rush. Because the men had recently taken "Charm" their erections did not subside. The physical sexual sensations were reduced but the emotional sexual desires were still very high. The woman on the other hand, their physical and emotional sexual passions continue to rise toward that super orgasmic cliff. Liz watched for ten minutes as the pairs copulated. Hard and fast, slow and easy, the guys didn't need any lessons to tell them what felt good. And what felt good to them was feeling wonderful to her.

Liz was going to quit so had the guys withdraw from their partner. A general murmur of protest arose so Liz asked the girls if it was OK with them to have a new sex partner. There was hesitation but they consented as long as it was what their lover wanted. So she asked the guys if they wanted to have sex with one of the other women. They all gave a resounding yes. Liz made careful note of the girl's response, the guys response she expected. So with that settled, she had each guy moved over to the next girl on his right. Every three minutes Liz would have them rotate to the next girl until all guys had been in every girl. Liz wondered what this would do to her experiment because semen from each man would be in each woman. After letting everyone relax a while Liz had them take her survey again. But even before she could tabulate the results she observed her answer. As the group mingled they automatically paired up with their first sex partner. Toward the end of the evening, one girl, seeing her guy reclining on a lounge chair, with his flag pole raised, came to him and eased his cock into her pussy as she settled on his lap. It wasn't long before everyone was doing the same. Everyone paired up as the first random pairing had selected. It was as if no one else was around, just two naked lovers, genitals connected, he massaging her breast with his hands, while she massaged his cock with her vagina. Their sweet kisses and whispered talk spoke of the instant bonding that had occurred earlier.

After reading the report Rustin agreed, sex scandals can be career ending. Since Liz had finished her doctorate program and had accepted a research job at another school, he advised her to just leave and let him clean up any fallout.

"There should be no pregnancies, Rustin mused. "The girl's orgasmic door has been unlocked. The guys have a terrific lover who will even let him sleep with other women if he wants to. The only real downside is talk that could lead to an investigation."

"And what happens if 'Charm' falls into the wrong hands, Liz pressed. Women can be turned into sex slaves. Happy sex slaves I'll grant you but slaves, never-the-less."

"Only you and I know the formula," Rustin assured her. "We'll keep it safe."

The Stranger

A few months later Rustin had a visit from a stranger, very professional and polite and also very direct.

"My employer has been following your work for some time," he said. "He likes what you're doing, thinks you have some wonderful products and wants to buy them."

Rustin tried to play dumb, telling the stranger that the "PM" drug was the only marketable product and it had already been sold.

"PM" is good, the strangers acknowledge and we can get that on the open market now. We are also able to get your "COOC" from the Chinese on the black market. What we really want is "Charm."

Rustin countered, "Charm" is a lab drug, used on animals. It officially doesn't exist. It hasn't been tested on humans. It's out of the question, it is not for sale.

The stranger smiled, "It does exist and it has been used on my employer's niece. His niece wrote a wonder description of her changed sex life. Our investigators found some of it in Elizabeth's apartment. Trouble was there was not quite enough for us to reverse engineer it. So we've come to you. We know you get quite a lot of money from the Chinese for the "COOC" but we can make you fabulously wealthy. You'll have your own villa and yacht. The most beautiful women in the world will be at you beckon call. We'll make you the most advanced research facility in the world. Just give us the formula and it will all be yours."

"I don't know," Rustin said, "What are you going to do with it, why do you want it so bad?"

"Don't worry about that," the stranger said. "We're giving you first chance to give us the formula because we think you have the potential to come up with even greater products. But if you won't then we'll have Elizabeth give it to us."

"Leave Elizabeth out of this," Rustin shouted, "she doesn't know anything."

The stranger just smiled. "I know you're upset but we can't be bluffed. We've been through her computer and have copies of all her test data. We have already found her a boyfriend who she really loves. We still have a drop or two of "Charm" that we'll give her if necessary. Then she'll do whatever her lover asks and he is going to ask her for the formula."

"So I give you the formula then you kill me, like some kind of bad TV program," Rustin said.

"If we wanted you dead you'd already be dead," the stranger replied. We want you to join us as we remake the world, and it is going to be a beautiful place."

Concern filled Rustin's voice as he exclaimed, "Are you part of the New World Order?"

"Call it what you want," the stranger responded, "we are going to win and you can help us do it a humane way - or not, it's up to you but I not leaving without an answer."

After ten minutes of silence, as Rustin scoured his brain looking for a way out, he reluctantly agreed, "OK, I'm in, just leave Liz alone." He then wrote out the formula and handed it to the stranger who then left, not by walking out the door, mind you, he was just gone.

Well it turned out that they went ahead and had Liz give them the formula too, just to be on the sure side of things. Beyond that, they were good to their word, anything Rustin wanted he got, no questions asked.

"Charm II"

In his new lab Rustin developed "Charm II" which could be ingested, applied via a hand lotion or perfume or even as a spray. "Charm II" only clouded a woman's reasoning for about an hour but that was enough time to get her to take some of the original "Charm."

He traveled the world. He still had a hankering for married women. He was like a cat playing with a mouse, enjoying the catch and humiliating the husband, when he could. Many a time, after bringing a woman under his spell, he would invite the woman and her husband to his yacht where they would dine. The husband, with his trophy wife, would come and Rustin would build up the husband's ego for being able to attract and marry such a beautiful woman. He would call one of his waiters and ask him to bring a camera. He'd say, "Do you mind if I get some pictures and post them on a web site I have?" Then he would get a picture of the three of them together. Then he asked his two guests if they would allow him to get some pictures of just her. They'd agree and with a small crowd of the hired help looking on, Rustin would have her take different poses, all the while commenting what a beautiful woman she was and the proud husband eating it up. "I think we could get some very sensuous photos if you would show some tit, would you do that for me sweetie," Rustin would coax. The husband would protest, but thanks to the effects of "Charm," the wife would agree. After one breast it was two. Then the dress came off and it would be just her and her panties. Then the panties came off and it would be discrete nude shots, to be followed by explicit photos of her showing off her genitals. The crew kept the now, beside himself husband, from interfering with the photo shoot. Rustin kept praising her and telling her husband what a lucky man he was to have such a sexy wife. Then Rustin would say something like, "Babe, seeing your naked body, watching you show off your pussy, I'm saying to myself, man I'd love to get my cock into that lovely little cunt of yours! How would you like to spend the night with me so we can fuck?" "I would love that," she would reply. Then the befuddled husband would watch in dismay as his wife would take Rustin's hand and head off to his room.

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