Charmed to Death


After a week or two, Rustin made great fanfare when he returned the man's wife, giving her very expensive gifts along with a hardbound book with all the original pictures of her posing, with many additional ones, these showing her engaging in sex with Rustin and members of the crew. Each person, who had carnal knowledge of her, signed her book by their picture, thanking her for the good time. On the front page, under the picture of the three of them, was a little note to her husband, thanking him for letting his wife share her love. Without shame or remorse the wife would return to her husband, and it wouldn't be for a number of months until it would start to register that what she saw in her book, while still holding a special place in her heart, was probably not the right thing to do and she didn't know why she had done it.

The End

While conquest and travel dominated Rustin's time, other things were happening in the world. The Chinese population had stabilized but they still had a huge need for natural resources. They entered into business deals with many developing countries, and then mysteriously, the birth rates in those places plummeted. The Far East, India, Asia and Africa were the first to see this happen in huge numbers. Scientist discovered something was contaminating the food supplies, causing women to become sterile. At the same time, men and women were becoming openly promiscuous. Sociologist thought it was because men were looking for a woman who could bare them children and the women were looking for a man who could get them pregnant. With rampant fornication going on, AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections reached epidemic proportions. Alarmed scientist warned that unless a cure was found, and nothing looked promising, then huge portions of the planet would be devoid of people.

Conspiracy theories ran rampant. Some blamed Planned Parenthood and other population control groups. Others blamed White Supremacist or genetically modified foods. The elusive New World Order got blamed as did all developed countries, for creating this genocide. In the affected areas emergency measures were taken by social scientist, to find girls and boys with superior pedigrees, who were not yet affected. They were sent to special camps in Australia where they could breed, in an effort to preserve their ethnic heritage.

For a while it looked like China, Europe and North America would be spared but the pandemic was unstoppable. There was not a place on earth not affected and it would only be a matter of time before the last human was gone.

Thirty Halloweens had passed since Dr. Rustin Peace had seduced his first woman. The world had become a far different place. The people with the skills to make a society work were gone, so things like electricity was a thing of the past, as were cars and nice houses. The human race was dying out fast and Rustin Peace knew why. With nothing more than haunted memories, the grim reaper came a calling. The New World Order had taken over, and people were not going to be part of it.

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