Cheating Mom Blackmailed


"Ok mom, I'll put it away if that's what you really want." I challenged.

"It is, now put it away. You shouldn't be doing that in front of me."

"Prove it."

"Prove what?" Mom asked getting flustered. "I said I wanted you to put it away."

"So prove it." I repeated. "Let me touch your pussy. If it's not wet I'll leave right now and never bother you about this again."

"No! You can't touch me there. It's wrong."

I continued to stroke my cock, working it faster now as it approached full size again. Mom eyes bulged as she stared at it. She shook her head and tried desperately to maintain eye contact.

"It's such a simple solution mom. If you don't want this to go any further that's all you have to do."

She stared at me and looked at my cock again. The lust had returned to her eyes.

"So if I'm not will put that dick away and leave?"

"Yes mom." I said, a little worried at the confidence she displayed.

"Ok then, go for it." She said.

Now I was caught on the back foot. I swallowed nervously as she sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. She spread her legs a little and threw her head back, eyes closed. I moved my shaking hand towards her. I reached between her legs and slowly touched her pussy. I immediately felt moisture on my fingertips. Confidently I continued sliding a finger inside her. Mom moaned as it slipped easily inside her well lubricated snatch. I couldn't believe how wet she was.

As I continued fingering her lightly I thought to myself that there was no way she could have believed that she would be able to convince me that she wasn't wet. I slipped a second finger in without even thinking and she moaned quietly again. It suddenly occurred to me that she was making no effort to stop me even though I had more than enough time to judge if she was wet.

"You're fucking soaking mom." I said causing her to bring her head forward and open her eyes.

"I know Jonathan. I'm embarrassed, but your big dick has made me so damn wet." She said almost tearfully.

"You don't need to be mom. You have been neglected; you deserve to be satisfied as much as anyone else. Nobody will ever know."

"I will know. I don't think I can live with the shame." She said, still not removing my fingers.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of," I reassured. "Just enjoy yourself. Let me take care of you."

"Please Jonathan, don't..." Was all she could muster.

Her mouth said one thing but her body said another. I fingered her faster. She spread her legs further for me. I was jamming them in and out of her now as she sat there with her eyes closed biting her lip. I slid off the end of the bed as slowly and quietly as I could. I moved between her legs and drew my mouth towards my penetrating fingers. My tongue darted between them licking at her.

"Ooohh, don't...Oooooh, no Jonathan!" She pleaded helplessly.

Her hand gripped the back of my head pulling me into her as she declared, "You can't do can't lick...mommy."

I knew she was past the point of no return now as I savoured tonguing her delicious pussy. She lay back on the bed lifting her legs in the air. I quickly followed diving right back to my task. Her legs wrapped around me as I found her clit and played with it with my tongue.

"There! Oh right there!" She cried. "Oh God! Mmmm! Someone doesn't mind returning the favour."

I was licking furiously all round her clit and lips, trying desperately to lick all of her at once. I would have been happy to eat her out forever but then she said something that changed my mind.

"Jonathan, I need that big dick inside me! God fuck me before I come to my senses!"

I wanted her to cum but not to her senses so I quickly hopped on the bed. I grabbed her by the ankles and put her stockinged feet on my shoulders. I grabbed my throbbing prick and lined it up with her opening. I pushed the head inside gently and then quickly jammed the rest of my length deep inside her in one quick thrust. It took her by surprise and she cried out in pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" Was all I could manage as I enjoyed the feeling of being buried balls deep in my mother.

"Fuck me Jonathan! Make me cum, please!" She begged.

I slowly withdrew my cock and then slid it all the way back in. I repeated this a few times wanting to feel every inch of my dick inside her.

"Don't tease me after making me do something this bad," she chided maternally. "Fuck your mommy like a good boy!"

I began to pick up the pace of my thrusts. My balls slapped off her ass as I pounded into her. It didn't take her long to cum.

"Oh! Oh yes! I'm gonna cum! Nnngg...Yeeeessss!!" She moaned.

Her breathing was frantic but as I drove into her relentlessly she kept demanding more.

"Gawd I need this so bad! Never stop fucking me Jonathan!"

Sweat was running down my forehead as I gave her all I could. I knew I was close. I wanted to fuck my gorgeous mother for hours but right now I needed to cum.

Mom sensed it and she lowered her legs under my arms and pulled me towards her. I slowed to readjust, which bought me a few seconds. Our mouths met once more, but this time mom returned my kiss hungrily. She sucked my tongue as I explored her mouth. I found her tongue and they thrashed together.

Mom pulled back and ran her tongue up the side of my neck and flicked at my ear as I slowly moved in and out of her.

"You need to cum don't you baby?" She teased.

"I wanna please you mom." I said defiantly.

She could sense the weakness in my voice and laughed a little.

"Don't worry." She said. "You already did...and you will again!"

With that she caught me off guard and rolled quickly to the side pulling one shoulder and pushing the other. Suddenly I was on my back with her on top of me, my cock still inside her. She lifted herself up until just the tip was inside her. I watched her juices dribble on to 7 and a half inches of meat.

"You made mommy a dirty slut Jonathan! You made her suck her own son's dick and then let him put it inside her. You have unleashed a monster I'm afraid." She declared in a sultry voice.

She slid down an inch and then back up.

"Somebody promised they could satisfy that sexual beast. Do you remember? Well Jonathan, are you going to keep your mommy satisfied? Are you going to give her this huge dick whenever she needs it? Hmmm?"

"Yes!" I cried.

"Are you sure? I can't let you cum in me unless you're sure."

"I promise mom...fuck I promise!"

"Good boy!" She cooed before allowing herself to drop on my erect pole.

She paused a second and then started to bounce up and down. I reached out and grabbed the two massive tits jiggling in front of my face. Mom continued to bounce up and down, impaling herself relentlessly on my cock. It wasn't long before I felt my balls start to swell again.

"I'm gonna cum mom!" I managed between shallow breaths and deep thrusts.

"Give it to me baby! Cum with your mother!" She urged. "Fill mommy's pussy with cum!"

I began thrusting up to meet her as the sounds of our fucking and the creaking of the bed filled the room. She grabbed me behind the neck and leaned forward smothering my face between her tits. This allowed me to fuck her hard from underneath as we both got close to cumming.

"!" I managed as I thrust a few final times.

"Mmmm...Mmmm...Ya...Cum in me....cum in me Jonathan!" She panted. "You're gonna make mommy cum again!!"

I pulled her body down on to my cock as I started to spasm deep inside her. She dug her nails into me and screamed as she came again.

She rocked back and forth slowly as my dick began to soften inside her. She slowly lifted herself off and my juice coated cock flopped out on my stomach. Mom kissed me softly on the lips and lay on my chest.

"This is so so wrong." She said rubbing my dick. "And so so good."

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