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Check the Ingredients


She walked into the large master bedroom and smiled. Everything was perfect. The bed had red satin sheets and the candles cast a warm glow throughout the room. The candles were scented and she decided that vanilla would be the most appropriate scent. Jake was always catching the subtle literary hints she gave him and he would immediately mention the irony of the scent. Normally their lovemaking was very vanilla, but tonight it was going to be wild cherry explosion.

She made sure that the bubble bath was ready to go in the bathroom and that there were matches next to the candles in there. She loved her master bathroom and had purchased the home specifically for the bathtub. The floor was a dark marble and the bathtub was set under a large picture window that overlooked the backyard.

Jenny walked past the mirror on her dresser and grinned. She looked stunning. Her red hair was in a loose ponytail and she was wearing a pink vinyl outfit. She had purchased it at one of the big sex shops in town and was amazed that buying something like this was taken so seriously. She had been measured and the sales clerk, a woman her age dressed professionally and discreetly, helped her try on a few outfits before picking this one.

Jenny was wearing a bustier that laced up in the front with pink ribbon. The material was tight against her body and very shiny. Jenny's breasts were quite large and she noticed that if she moved her arms above her head even a tiny bit her breasts would pop out completely. The bottoms were boy shorts with a zipper that went completely from her pubic bone to her tailbone. The zipper was plastic so it wasn't uncomfortable, yet.

Looking at the time, she was about to wonder where Jake was but then she heard the sound of the garage door opening. She looked down the staircase to make sure the note she left on the front table was still there. She had written a note on pink stationary telling him to get undressed and meet her in the bedroom.

Jenny stood in the bedroom, glancing at the night table that had an assortment of lotions, oils, and sex toys. She wanted tonight to be very special. She heard footsteps up the staircase and smiled as her husband entered the room.

"Wow. This is amazing. Where are the kids?" Jake was completed naked and Jenny couldn't help but stare at his hairy chest and his big cock. He was only about an inch taller then she but she didn't care. He was always good at making her feel wonderful.

"Kids are with my parents. We have the house to ourselves tonight."

Jenny grinned and then squealed as Jake grabbed her and threw her on the bed. He climbed on top and kissed her so hard. His hands were all over her, feeling the cold and slipperiness of the material. He tugged on the top and bite\ her nipple the moment it poked out.

"Did you notice what's on the night table?" Jenny was arching my back as Jake lay on top of her, roughly biting and sucking on her left nipple. Jenny's breasts had gotten bigger with each pregnancy and both times, she had finished breastfeeding, Jake was the first to know. He could play with her breasts for hours.

"Massage oil. I'd love to pour that all over you but it will ruin the mattress." Jake was looking at her while both her breasts were out of the corset, being tugged and pulled roughly.

"I have a mattress protector underneath. We can do that. I sort of figured that was what you wanted." Jenny smiled innocently and then watched as Jake grabbed one of the bottles of massage oil.

"It's tropical fruit. It's supposed to remind us of a warm Caribbean night. At least that's what the box said."

"Mmm." Jake opened the bottle and watched as the oil poured gently over her vinyl top. It oozed down her sides and he watched as she rubbed it into her belly. He poured it down her body then stopped. "Take off your bottoms. The top stays on because it is just so fucking sexy."

Jenny nodded and unzipped her bottoms, opened her legs to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy. Jake poured oil between her legs and watched as she rubbed her legs together, spreading the oil. He then poured more on her stomach and watched as Jenny coated her whole body with the oil. It made her shine and look so sexy in the light from the candles.

"I know this is a fetish of yours." Jenny watched as Jake poured oil all over himself then guided his cock inside her. Soon the two of them were sliding around the bed as their bodies glided against each other. It was so sensual and sexy that soon Jenny was having a violent orgasm. The moment she was done Jake slid down and breathed gently against her clit.

"Tell me it's edible. I want to eat you so bad."

"It is."

Jake spread her pussy lips and licked gently. He savored her juices but also tasted the combination of tropical fruits in the oil. He moaned as he licked her inner thighs. Jenny was moaning softly until she realized that Jake had stopped licking.

Jake's tongue had began to tingle and he didn't really think why until he swallowed and felt pain as he did. He breathed in through his mouth and feel that not all the air was getting into his lungs. By the third breath, his heart was beating fast and he sat up and looked at his wife.

"I don't feel good."


"Wat's thin it?" Jake wasn't making any sense and he began clutching at his throat. It took Jenny about thirty seconds to acknowledge what was happening. She grabbed the bottle of oil and scanned the ingredients. She gasped then swore aloud as she saw that the tropical blend of oils contained real pineapple, something Jake was allergic to.

"Hospital. Now."


It was an entertaining story to tell their close friends later on. Jenny had called an ambulance and had tried to dress as fast as possible. Jake was wheezing and so she had to dress him. They had made their way down the stairs just as the paramedics arrived. She couldn't even look them in the eye. The both smelled like massage oil and she held the container in her hand just in case the emergency room doctors needed it.

Jake was fine after being given some medications but it was the last time they played with massage oils. Jenny also found out that vinyl wasn't the most comfortable piece of clothing and she had a mild rash from the zipper of her bottoms. It took a while before they could both laugh at the situation.

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