tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCheryl In Chains Ch. 01

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 01


The blinged out stretch limo wound it's way through London serenely. Though the vehicle had a huge passenger compartment there were only two people in it. And only one of them was sitting.

Alexandra Burke, winner of The X Factor and breakthrough MOBO artist was sat in one of the plush leather armchairs behind the tinted windows. She had a black leather jacket on and the only thing showing under it were her knee high boots which she had crossed and pointing directly at the figure on her knees before her.

That figure was Cheryl Cole, recent divorcee and recently voted Sexiest Woman in the world by a Men's magazine. The singer, model and TV star had thought she was a Domme herself but five minutes with Rihanna in the American D Club had shorn her of that idea and she was already embracing her new role as a submissive slut to her new Mistress.

"My boots whore! They do not look clean and shiny enough for me yet. Lick them some more let's see if we can improve them further."

Gorgeous brunette Cheryl nodded eagerly and swept her trademark long hair back from her face as she crawled forward to tongue her Mistress's boots again. She was stark naked bar the thick, heavy silver collar around her neck. Alexandra nodded her approval as Cheryl began licking again.

"Make sure you get the soles this time whore! Lord knows how you ever thought you were a Domme, you could run Beyonce close as a subby slut given time"


The Hummer pulled up in the deserted street outside the Club. Alexandra was putting the finishing touches to Cheryl's outfit.

"After all can't have you going out there in the public, bare ass naked, can we? Skinny white girl like you would frighten the public! Ha, ha!"

She placed the last piece of black duct tape over Cheryl's right nipple meaning she had two, one each tit, in a cross over her breasts. She also had one longer one covering her pussy. That was to be her outfit. Affixing a silver leash to the collar Alexandra waited until her driver opened the door and she proudly stepped out into the chill evening air and led her famous slave out behind her. She didn't make her crawl, letting her trot along behind her as she strode towards the doors. She pushed them open, nodded at the bouncers then continued inwards through more doors into the main room. It was busy already with a bevy of Britain's best babes already deep in action.

Alexandra strode past Jordan pulling the rack on Kelly Brook's rack. She had simpering Kelly's tits tied up and on a pulley and was turning that wheel for everything she had. Kelly was stood on tip toes trying to ease the pressure and waiting for Jordan to show mercy ( though anyone who had ever encountered the hard bitch that is Jordan would know she would have a hell of a long time to wait for that).

They passed a sectioned off chamber, designed like a dungeon where Denise Van Outen was holding court. She was in full on dominatrix mode, dressed in shiny black leather from head to toe, her blonde hair pulled severely back and an obscenely large dildo jutting from her crotch. She had some poor bloke bent over a bench and was whipping him with a riding crop, clearly in preparation to fucking him in the ass. Alexandra stopped to view the scene for a moment before marching on, dragging Cheryl behind her.

In the next section of the hall Louise Redknapp and Rachel Stevens were dressed in revealing pony girl bondage outfits, their tits on full display, a dildo with a tail jammed in their arses and a bridle around their heads as Kirsty Gallacher,( in stern jodhpurs) used a horse crop to put them through their paces. An erotic sight to be sure but Alexandra did not linger long before moving on the door at the back of the room her destination. She and her 'pet' walked past Christine Bleakley leading bimbo's Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby on dog leashes going in the opposite direction towards a double bukkake with some of their biggest fans. Brunette Christine pulled the blondes along at a ferocious pace.

And finally they reached the door. Alexandra stopped and looked down at Cheryl. Then she harshly ripped the duct tape from Cheryl's beautiful body, smiling at the grimaces that brought.

"Listen to me slave, I do not have time for this. As much as I would like to spend every waking moment tormenting you and dominating you I have a career to succeed in and I cant' trail a dumb Geordie cunt like you behind me all over the world, can I? So I've arranged for four other Mistresses to try you out for fifteen minutes a piece and after each of them have sampled you I will decide which of them I will sell you to. So I would suggest you be nice to each of them because after today one of them will be your Mistress. Understand?"

Cheryl nodded sadly wondering if it was already too late to back out from this, from the point that Rihanna had taken her in hand over in the American Club she had given up all dreams of dominance and enjoyed being submissive to Alexandra. Enjoyed that she was the elder of the two singers but was totally obedient to the younger rival. Cheryl whimpered slightly as a large door faced her, she knew she might not like what lay beyond them. The statuesque Alexandra Burke strode confidently up to it and knocked then entered. Waiting to greet her was Dannii Minogue, Cheryl's fellow judge on talent show "The X Factor".

Dannii had originally been the glamour on that show but she had been put firmly into the shade when Cheryl joined. Cheryl was younger, prettier and sexier and the ratings had reflected this. Cheryl's large eyes gazed up as brunette Dannii stood over her.

"Well there you are Alexandra! Lovely to see you. And look at this! Cheryl good to see you've found your true position in life - a pathetic, submissive little bitch ready to serve her betters!"

There was real bitterness in Dannii's words, not only because she hated Cheryl Cole with a passion but because she hadn't been able to get herself on the shortlist of people to take her on as a slave. Dannii would have loved to have her as her slave and could only dream of all the cruel and malicious torments she would have subjected her to. Alexandra though, had little time for Miss Minogue, viewing her as a fake and a fraud that had not supported her when she was breaking into the business.

"Where are we first?" the dominant black girl demanded.

Dannii flashed a look of annoyance at Alexandra but quickly stopped and pointed to the door to her right.

"The first candidate is in there."

Alexandra pushed past Dannii and led Cheryl into a squared room with Alesha Dixon sitting on an ornate throne waiting on them. Alicia was a singer (like Cheryl) had been in a girl band (like Cheryl) and was now the token totty on a Saturday night talent show (again like Cheryl). But in all those things the sexy, chocolate skinned Alesha had not been as successful as the pale brunette.

Alesha stood from her throne, her long, toned legs bare, wearing just a black and red striped corset. She walked past Cheryl and kissed Alexandra on the lips.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable on my throne babe, I won't be needing it for the next fifteen minutes, I think I'll sit on something else."

She took Cheryl's leash from Alexandra's hand and jerked it so that Cheryl had to look up at her.

"On your back slave and present your face to me, I want to try it out to see if it is comfortable enough for my ass."

Cheryl paused for a moment to look at Alexandra for permission. She had all the hallmarks of a total submissive, Christ knows what she was thinking trying to be a Domme. Alexandra nodded her ascent and the stick thin brunette got down on her back and lay there waiting obediently. Alesha strutted forward and gave Alexandra a long, lingering kiss on the lips. Whispering to her as their lips came apart.

"I want her you know. A bitch like that should be under black control, don't you think?"

Alexandra smirked before answering.

"Well show me babe, show me how you would treat her."

Keeping her eyes locked on Alexandra Alesha lowered her strong legs and squatted over then dropped so that her ass cheeks engulfed Cheryl Cole's entire face. Alicia had sexy long legs and her pussy was completely shaven and that was certainly on full display as she knelt there on her more famous rival's features.

Cheryl didn't quite know what to make of having an ass planted on her face. On one hand it was not very pleasant, as sexy as Alesha was her ass still sweated and stank like anyone else would and having her nose stuffed in there made it oppressive and claustrophobic and she could already tell that breathing would be a constant battle to snatch whatever air she could. On the otherhand it was deeply humiliating and as Cheryl was discovering nothing turned her on more than being humiliated.

"That's it bitch, smell me. Smell good, don't I? Well now I want you to taste me. Get that tongue out and eat my asshole bitch!"

Alesha was loud and mouthy and was slowly bouncing her ass up and down on Cheryl Cole's face and getting off on it. Alexandra Burke just stood over them watching interestedly. Slowly Cheryl opened her mouth and extended her tongue, this was just so degrading for her but ironically she felt so aroused by it. Her tongue almost immediately ended up at Alesha's starfish shaped asshole and she began to prod at it timidly.

"Oh yes! That's what I'm talking about bitch! That's it, get your tongue in there baby! Get it deeper I want you to properly taste me you ITV slut!"

Alesha start to play with herself, her boobs and her pussy as Cheryl forced the tip of her tongue into the shithole above her. Feeling it enter Alesha imperceptibly lifted herself up and pulled her cheeks apart before pushing herself down fast, jamming Cheryl's tongue way further up her asshole that Cheryl had intended going. Alesha and Alexandra shared a dirty laugh at what she had done and Alesha demanded Cheryl continue to tongue fuck her.

As much as Alesha enjoyed having Cheryl Cole's tongue jammed up her arse she was also conscious that she was working against a time limit here and needed to take full advantage while she could because no doubt the others would be doing their best to win Cheryl's servitude as well. Alesha reluctantly lifted her ass off Cheryl's face and spun around so that she was sitting on Cheryl's squashed tits, her pussy pointing directly at Cheryl's face. Alesha towered over her and began to slap Cheryl's face with one hand while increasing the pace of her own masturbation with the other.

Her hand was a blur to Cheryl as she lay there submissively. Then with a load cry Alesha came, and boy was she ever a squirter! The clear, hot liquid sprayed out all over Cheryl's face coating her in Alesha Dixon's cum. Squirt after squirt until Cheryl Cole's face was soaking.

"Lick it up bitch!" hissed Alesha as she added her spit to the mixture.

Alexandra allowed Alesha to wiped her juices all over Cheryl and have her lick as much as she could before interjecting.

"That's time up Alesha, come on slave get up we've got another prospective owner to try out!"

Waiting in the second room was a drunk Sarah Harding. Sarah, of course, was a band mate of Cheryl's in Girls Aloud but they had never been friends. In public, of course, they had been perfectly pleasant and friendly but behind closed doorS all of the other band members shared a dislike for Cheryl, due to her explosion in popularity on her own.

Sarah was a good looking blonde who was more than happy to wearing little clothing but of late she had also established quite the reputation as a piss head, always pictured falling out of bars and taxis in varying degrees of inebriation. And here she sat on a chair watching Alexandra as she led Cheryl in by her leash. Cheryl was stunned when she saw Sarah, that had been the very last person she would have expected to involved in this type of thing. Sarah sneered at her, she had a bottle of beer in her hand and she took a swig from it before addressing them.

"You're late!"

Alexandra dropped the leash and stepped back, distancing herself from the meeting.

"She's talking to you slave."

"S-Sorry Sarah, I-I was held up.."

"Shut the fuck up you Geordie cunt!"

Sarah smiled to herself, god that had needed saying for some time now.

"And another thing, I did not say you could speak, did I? And you don't call me Sarah now, you call me Mistress Sarah. Understand bitch?"

Sarah was nominally dressed in what could be best described as a 'slutty schoolgirl uniform'. She had black shoes, white knee high socks, a minuscule tartan mini skirt and a white unbuttoned but tied at the bottom blouse that displayed her whole cleavage with no bra underneath she had her bright blonde hair in pigtails to complete the effect. It was a look she had used in a recent film and she enjoyed the extreme reactions it elicited from people. She stepped forward so that she stood right before the kneeling Cheryl and took another slug of beer as she glanced contemptuously down at her band mate.

"Oh if the others could see you now, how they'd laugh. They all hate you, you know that, don't you? Especially Nadine, that stuck up Irish cunt would kill to swap places with me right now, I reckon she'd want to beat the shit out of you. Hell maybe she's in the next room, you never fucking know, do you?"

The words were spat out with venom and real meaning, Sarah certainly believed them. They hurt Cheryl she was always so sure she was so well liked, she was the 'nation's sweetheart'. Not so apparently.

"Hold this bitch and don't spill a fucking drop!"

Snarled Sarah handing Cheryl her half full beer bottle. As she took it she kept her eyes on her blonde colleague she promptly removed her blouse and skirt to reveal her naked body beneath. Cheryl's eyes were level with the tuft of blonde hair above her cunt and was transfixed by her band mates wet pussy. It was as if Alexandra was no longer in the room she just melted in to the background and the drunken Sarah took control.

"Need a drink bitch? Oh that's right you haven't drunk since you nearly fucked up with that cloakroom attendant, have you? You weren't so fucking popular then were you?"

Cheryl dropped her gaze and spoke in a faltering voice.

"N-No, M-mistress."

"Ha ha. That's right bitch submit to me, your better. You always will be trash Cheryl, it's just that right now it's well covered trash. But underneath all the magazine shoots, the adverts and videos they all know you are cheap Geordie trash, aren't you?"

Cheryl slowly nodded.

"Anyway back to that drink, you can share this with me."

And with that Sarah snatched her beer back and held the bottle up and poured it down between her white breasts and as she arched her back it ran down her toned stomach, through her pussy hair and over her pussy lips.

"What are you waiting for trash? Get fucking drinking, can't let good beer go to waste!"

Sarah reached to her side to a table and popped open another bottle of beer and supped from it as she watched Cheryl shuffle forward on her knees and begin to lap at her beer soaked pussy hair. It made for quite the sight. Cheryl's lovely brunette hair buried between Sarah Harding's thighs, lapping away. But Sarah wanted her tits seen to first so she said.

"Up here first slut, the beer on my tits is drying you want to get that drunk quickly!"

Cheryl rose to her feet, a couple of inches shorted than Sarah and buried her face between Sarah's tits and lapped eagerly at her skin, licking the beer up and more besides. She traced her tongue all over Sarah's torso, paying particular attention to her hard as bullets nipples. Then she moved down and licked her belly button out before dropping again to her knees and delving her tongue lower this time to Sarah's beer tasting pussy lips. Cheryl gave her blonde band mate head while Sarah got through another bottle and then with a wink to Alexandra she leaned back and urinated. Cheryl was taken totally by surprise, her tongue half way inside Sarah's pussy when her mouth was flooded by piss but to the submissive sluts credit she did not over react she just knelt there and allowed her pretty face to be used as a toilet. When Sarah was done she pushed an empty beer bottle into her soaking pussy lips and started to fuck herself with it drunkenly while the other two looked on. In fact Sarah's time was up but she didn't seem to care as Alexandra led a stinking, soaking Cheryl away by her leash.

"Life as her slave would certainly never be dull" remarked Alexandra as she entered the third room.

In here a totally different proposition awaited them - Charlotte Church in a tight red rubber suit with a cane in one hand and a vicious look on her face!

"Get over there against the fucking cross!"

The weighty Welsh witch's voice held complete and utter disdain for Cheryl and no surprise the two had held a quite nasty media slanging match with each other just a couple of years previously. Cheryl's heart had sunk when she set eyes on her mortal enemy, how could she submit to her? But despite herself Cheryl timidly crossed the room and leaned against the large St. Andrews cross that dominated the room. At each corner of the wooden structure were gleaming cuffs that Charlotte wasted no time at all clamping onto Cheryl's wrists and ankles to hold her tightly in place against the cold wood.

Charlotte turned and pointed at Alexandra with her riding crop.

"Right you, you're one of those fucking 'reality TV' singers from this cunts show aren't you? Yes you fucking are. Well stand there and watch this love, I'll show you exactly how talentless little cunts like this should be treated!"

The riding crop whistled back and flashed forward to slash across Cheryl Cole's back. The submissive Geordie gave a yelp of surprise as the sensation but her first thought was not how it hurt but how arousing it was to be so helpless and at the mercy of her hated enemy. She screwed her eyes shut and savoured the sensations pulsing across her narrow back as Charlotte, frustrated that her first strike had brought no reaction, lashed the crop again over Cheryl's pale skin.

Charlotte was exactly how she came across in the media: abrasive, mean and nasty. As she stood there lashing Cheryl with vigour Alexandra found her mind wandering and imagining it was her on the cross being whipped by Charlotte. It was quite the thought and she had to fight the urge to touch herself. She had to force herself to concentrate, she was not that person anymore, she was a Domme and passing Cheryl Cole off was the latest part in her quest for higher power - she had her eyes set on some American bitches now and she could no longer even contemplate submission.

Cheryl gave a moan or a whimper as each stroke connected. Partly to make Charlotte hear what she wanted to hear and partly because she needed to. But the thing was her body was reacting to this beating, she was enjoying it, relishing it even. A sure sign of a true submissive.

All too soon Alexandra called a halt to things and for a moment it looked like Charlotte would start whipped her too but she just kept a grip on her temper and allowed Cheryl to escape her clutches – for now!

Alexandra pushed the final door open and strode in, trailing Cheryl behind her on her collar and leash. Alexandra smiled as she saw the fourth and final possibility while when Cheryl saw who it was her heart sunk to the very depths - it was Lily Allen!

Then a further shock as from behind Lily stepped Cheryl's ex husband Ashley. Cheryl knelt there mouth open and shocked at this development. Lily was a major rival that she had had a big disagreement with in the press a couple of years previously that had turned nasty fast with plenty of name calling going on as they slagged off each others music and private lives and then looks. They readily admitted in the press to hating each other.

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