tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 05

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 05


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

Chapter Five : Black on Blonde - Welcome exchanges

During the telling of the host's story, Emma had sat comfortably with her legs tucked beneath her on the settee. Jake was sitting with her in the semi-darkness, his six -foot frame, seemingly all legs and arms, lounging all over the cushions of the settee. His dark brown skin was taught over his noble face and his dark serious eyes reflecting the warm glow of the fire-light as he listened to the story.

The sexy tale had made Emma, to her pleasant surprise, feel rather sensual. She was aware of the lower part of her body already flooded with warmth, dampness in her knickers. Glancing down into Jake's lap Emma could see the bulge signalling his own arousal at the story. She watched it for a few seconds, mentally lowering the trousers to expose it. Ah well Jake went to the bar.

Julie called out. 'Right, Mary and Anne will replenish your drinks folks whilst I see to the kitchen for five minutes.'

The men ogled Mary's swelling bosom which threatened to burst out of the bunny bodice at any moment - particularly when she bent forward to pour a brandy for Bill - and Anne's dark nipples pressed against the tight cotton blouse as she poured glasses of wine. Jake returned to the settee with a glass of wine each for Emma and himself, sitting himself beside her.

At the bar, Bill was looking at her. Their eyes met. His held a twinkle; she was sure he had noticed her interest in Jake's bulge. She suddenly laughed silently at him. He returned the smile. She thought how pleasant it would be to have him roaming his hands over the more arousable secret curves of her body.

He was alone at the moment. Diverting her eyes to the back of the room, she could just make out a couple snuggled up together, chatting quietly. It was Martin, with his hand inside the top of Susan's dress, slowly fondling one of her breasts, whilst her hand was hidden inside the open flies of his evening trousers. The other members of the party were strewn around the room lounging in the settees or in the deep arm chairs, feeling each other's intimate parts.

Jake looked across at Julie. He fancied her. Thinking of her creamy breasts had already brought about a part erection which was difficult to hide. Julie turned her head and their eyes met. Both knew what the other was thinking

He had already ejaculated once that evening. After returning from the car with the luggage, Jake had filled a bath of hot water, generously dosed with Imperial Leather bath foam. He climbed into it up to his neck to relax, thinking that this was a great deal better than his usual dingy theatrical digs.

As he closed his eyes, he thought of the promise in Julie's sensual fuck-me eyes when she greeted him. He imagined the sight and feel of those exciting heaving tits which she had deliberately, though discretely, flaunted in front of his eyes. Experience had taught Jake to read the signs of women giving him that look. Something about coloured men filled white women with curiosity. A good number of them had had their curiosity satisfied, to say nothing of their pussies.

His penis began to stiffen in response to the carnal thoughts and enveloping heat. When it reached it's full magnitude, Jake half-opened his eyes to contemplate its bulbous head jutting out of the foam. Like most men, Jake was very proud of, and devoted to, his genitals. His hand encircled the shaft and drew back the foreskin to expose the polished head, like a ripe plum, with its pinky-brown inner foreskin covering his shaft like a second skin.

Casually soaping the bulbous head with the foam, he felt the familiar flexing in his groin. He raised his buttocks a couple of inches so that he could admire the full might of his weapon. Like other vigorous young men, Jake had a strong sexual drive which was beginning to overtake his will. His hand started to lengthen its stroke. It wasn't long before the tightening of frustration gathered in his loins, encouraging him to quicken his stroke.

There was the familiar pulling at his groin which intensified until, with impulsive jerks of his bottom, several thick globules of the familiar greyish liquid spurted from the single eye. He watched them splash over his throat and chest, making craters in the foam. The sight of his semen gushing from his penis had always mesmerised Jake. He loved to see it fountain. It gave him a sense of importance. Millions of little Jakes

Now, sipping his drink, his attention was drawn to Anne's breasts with a deep lust burning in his eyes. Such promise in them.

Curled up at the other end of the settee, Emma was still watching Bill at the far end of the bar. He looked across at her. She found herself feeling very attracted to him. What the hell she thought. I'll go and talk to him. In uncurling herself out of the corner of the settee her elbow caught Jake's arm as he raised his glass to his lips, spilling the contents of red wine over his lap. Thankfully it didn't soil the chair or cushions.

There was the usual reaction and profuse apologies from Emma. Come on, we'd better wash that out straight away, otherwise it'll end up with a stain which might be hard to remove. I've got some stain remover with me which should get it all out.

Jake never considered arguing. You didn't argue with Emma She took over as the mother figure. Julie watched them move to the staircase with a look of disappointment. She had her eye on Jake. Ah well There'll be other opportunities, she thought.

Emma took Jake's hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom, conveniently placed at the top of the staircase. Inside the room there was plenty of light reflecting from the snow through the window, but, nevertheless, she switched on the small lamp beside her bed. It threw a pool of soft light. Jake remained darkly silhouetted in the doorway, hesitating to enter the room.

He knew Emma by reputation as an efficient, exacting manager who stood no nonsense. He was slightly nervous of her. Besides, he had his eyes on Julie who, he was sure, had given him the come-on. But there's always tomorrow, he thought, and the next day perhaps. So he went into Emma's room and closed the door.

Emma was rather cross that she had jogged Jake's arm, but there it was. Accidents do happen. If she could get the stain out quickly perhaps she might return to the lounge to see if Bill was still around. He, at least, might make her forget the infamous, cruel Rick.

'Come on in, Jake, and slip your trousers off. I assume you're wearing something decent under them.' She laughed easily. 'I'm not going to bite you, you know. Sit on the bed and pour yourself a drink. There's a bottle of whisky and a glass on the bed-side table. A night-cap is one of my little habits.'

Jake did as he was told and handed the dinner-suit trousers to Emma who whisked them away into the bathroom. She found the tin of stain remover among her toilet things and busied herself dabbing the lotion to the stain, sponging it off carefully. When she returned, trousers over her arm, she stopped in surprise in the doorway. Jake was lying full length on the bed, legs slightly apart, sipping his whisky.

He looked up at her with a disarming smiled. What had attracted Emma's attention was that Jake did not have underwear on and was sporting what she assumed was a semi-erection. At least, the dark brown penis, lolling like a great thick sausage across his left thigh, seemed to be in a state of some arousal, so she suspected it was partly engorged. If not, it was certainly a sizable specimen.

So, what they say about coloured men is true after all, she thought. Wow Below the penis was a large wrinkled sack of testicles hanging from a forest of black curls. Remaining in the doorway of the bathroom, Emma redirected her gaze with a quizzical look into Jake's eyes, her head slightly to one side. His eyes were still smiling mischievously at her, if not his lips. He was watching her reactions carefully.

'You see, Emma,' - he gave just the hint of a shrug - 'contrary to what you just assumed, I just wasn't decent underneath the trousers. I sometimes don't wear them. For comfort. Sorry '

'Ah ' was all that Emma could say. Her gaze returned to the handsome male muscle, now slowly thickening out, lengthening and stiffening in small spasms. In normal circumstances Emma would have dismissed the incident, taken a deep breath, and merely asked Jake to cover himself up in a matter-of-fact voice. She had determined to restore her rule not to meddle with members of the company. Particularly after the Rick affair.

But, since she was already in a state of some arousal herself, and looking forward to some private stimulation in bed later, the timing was perfect. Besides, his enlarging phallus suggested that Jake was just as aroused as she was, hoping for some feminine company for his stiff friend.

Emma's resolve was not as firm as it should be. Perhaps she might - definitely for the last time - defer her self-imposed rule. This was, after all, an unusual encounter with an unusually handsome stranger in very unusual circumstances. It would satisfy her curiosity, she hoped, as well as her body. And her body responded to the vision, telling her that it urgently wanted some stiff male flesh inside her.

So, Emma merely moved into the room. 'Well, you don't have to apologise. It's a very fine specimen from what I can see at this distance. And I'm sure you must be very proud of it. Not without cause. Since it's now all present and correct, so to speak, would it embarrass you if I took a closer look to confirm my first impressions? The light's not too good in here.'

'Certainly not, be my guest. It's been admired on many occasions, so it's used to such attention.' And he parted his thighs to reveal more of his dark dangling testicles, raising his glass in salutation to Emma before bringing it to his full dark lips . She moved to the left side of the bed, sat on the edge, watching intently as the penis reached its state of full erection, swaying slightly and twitching a little as though nodding in recognition of her flattery. Her belly fluttered with anticipation.

Emma smiled up at Jake. 'Absolutely fascinating ' She had never seen a coloured man's genitals before and had often wondered if what she had heard about their size was true. Well, here was the evidence. Eat your heart out Rick, she thought. This mighty Othello puts your randy little Romeo well and truly into the shade.

She gazed intently at it, now strong and hard, like a polished cudgel of deep mahogany, pressed in a forest of black curls against the muscles of his belly. She reckoned it was well above the average six inches - perhaps seven or maybe seven and a half - and thick and sturdy, with a curve half way down the shaft.

'May I?' and without waiting for a reply, she circled her fingers and thumb round the middle of the shaft to test it's firmness, with its tracery of violet veins. Her hand couldn't fully encircle the shaft. She gave it a trial squeeze, feeling the outer skin slide easily over the solid hardness of the engorged muscle underneath.

'Be my guest,' Jake opened his thighs another few inches, putting his whisky glass on the bedside table. Taking hold of it in both hands, curling the thumb and forefinger round its neck, Emma drew the outer skin slowly down the ebony shaft. She watched with fascination as the foreskin stretched, gradually sliding away from the end of the dark penis, until the dark purple, almost black, bulbous, glistening head was revealed.

A tear slowly oozed from the eye of the engorged penis and, using the foreskin as an eyelid, she drew it up and pulled it down again, to wipe away the tear. It was immediately replaced with a second droplet oozing from the eye. After inspecting the seepage with complete concentration, she touched it lightly with the tip of her index finger, smearing the silky liquid over the polished top.

Then, trailing her long fingers down the swollen channel on the underside of the iron shaft, she reached the large, heavy bag of warm testicles which she cupped in the palm of her hand, gently massaging its wrinkles with kneading fingers. She gripped the sack and carefully pulled the whole assembly towards her, so that the ebony rod was parted from the brown torso. Having studied it for a second or two, Emma bent her head to press her slightly open lips against the lustrous end, running her tongue softly over the velvety flesh.

She smelt the sweet, musty flavour of his sexiness in her nostrils and gave in to a sudden desire. Her lips opened, and her mouth lowered itself slowly over the thick quivering phallus, grasping its base in her right hand to prevent it lunging too far into her throat. Even though Emma had a mouth of generous proportions, she had to open her jaw to its fullest extent before she could accommodate the thick head in it.

Gripping the top of the shaft between her lips, Emma nodded her head up and down on it, pressing her tongue against the underside, where the foreskin joined the shaft. After a few oral thrusts, she paused to nibble the sensitive area around the rim of his bulbous head, lashing her tongue around it, before resuming lunging her mouth on the shaft. Her other hand still cupped his soft, heavy testicles, gently squeezing, kneading and caressing the plums.

Even after his private ejaculation in the bath, Jake felt unable to withhold for long when having his genitals manipulated in such a sensual manner. He was in delirium of delight. Emma felt his muscles begin to flex and tense with involuntary jabs of the shaft. His balls tightened in her grasp. He's going to come already, she thought with some surprise. Well, why not? It's too exciting to stop now

Taking a firmer grip on his column with her whole mouth, Emma pressed harder with her tongue against his sensitive trigger point, quickening her plunging movement. As she did, she glanced up at Jake's tortured face with its screwed-up eyes. Emma felt the increasing tension in Jake's thighs like a tightening coiled spring. A violent shudder ripped through his middle as the muscles of his buttocks suddenly clenched tight, and, with an explosive groan, his loins jerked convulsively as the spring snapped.

Lifting her head away, Emma pounded the shaft rapidly up and down with both hands. It was spurting copiously. A succession of forceful jets of starchy juices erupted from the eye of the purple penis, splattering her cheeks and parted lips. She watched the ejaculation with utter absorption, a spectacle she always found utterly captivating, none more so then tonight, with the white starch spurting from a near-black lunging penis.

As Jake's convulsions subsided, she squeezed the shaft to expel any remaining liquid, swiftly sucking the end clean of any remaining sperm. It had a bitter-sweet taste. A taste she savoured. It was very erotic Strong and musty. She reached for a handful of tissues from the side of the bed to wipe the dripping juices from her face. Jake's face was relaxed and peaceful, his eyes still closed as Emma stood, unhooked her gown, shrugged it carelessly from her shoulders, unfastening her bra. Hooking her thumbs into her knickers, she dragged them to the floor and stepped out of them.

Naked apart from stockings and stole, she hoisted her body over the reclining brown torso, with one knee on either side of Jake's hips. She was determined to fuck away Rick's memory from her mind. Emma reached between her thighs, parted her honeyed lips with the first two fingers of her left hand, guiding the still erect ebony rod between them with her right hand to position it against her gaping aperture. Emma closed her eyes in pleasurable anticipation with a long murmuring sigh, as she lowered herself slowly onto the thick, stiff rod.

Her clutching lips gripped the head of his shaft, pushed back the foreskin, the bulbous helmet slid out of its sheath, nudged its way between her swollen lips, stretching them to their widest limit. The mighty guest was admitted into her hot passage. She felt the tightness as it pressed into her fleshy muff. It was a wonderful sensation Eat your heart out Rick my boy, she thought. This is more like prick This is a mighty Othello

She wallowed in the sensation of being gradually filled up as every millimetre of thick phallus embedded itself inside her, pushing up to its very base. My God It's a monster she purred, her fingers cradling his balls, drawing them into her groin, straining to have every last fraction of penis into her warm spongy centre. Her other fingers found the swollen bud at the top her fanny lips, and toyed with it, sending vibrations shivering through her whole body. She whimpered softly with sheer delight.

Jake took a breasts in each hand, caressing them and teasing the long swollen nipples. Emma remained still for a few moments, fully impaled to the base, luxuriating in the sensuous feeling of being possessed by a virile male body whilst still in control of it. Then, slowly lifting her torso, Emma began sliding the engorged dark intruder against her sensitive, wet lips, lifting her body until only its tip remained in her, before sliding herself back onto his groin. She repeated the movement with increasing vigour, pressing her clitoris against the sliding shaft to increase the intensity of the stimulation.

Emma sang to herself in rhythm with her thrusts. 'I'm goin' to fuck that man right out of my heart, I'm goin' to fuck that man right out of my heart, I'm goin' to fuck that man right out of my heart, to show him I don't care '

A wonderful feeling of warmth sprawled outwards from her very core, flooding throughout her body as the muscles of her fanny gripped the invader with increasing possessiveness until every nerve in her body was trembling with a thrilling exhilaration. The action got faster and faster until, with a tearing, throaty cry, the physical explosion convulsed her body in a long rippling orgasm.

Fuck you Rick she screamed out to herself. This was utterly agonizing ecstasy Sheer heaven

She slowly subsided onto the bare, sweat-moistened mahogany chest of her lover. Emma felt exhausted with a deep physical contentment. With Jake still filling her with his virile, rigid shaft, Emma was determined to repeat the experience, but this time with rather less impatience. She intended to arouse him slowly to the point of ejaculation again, concentrating on his every sensation, enjoying his body to the full. She would swear him to complete secrecy during his time with the company, otherwise she would not be pleased with him. She was already losing her memory of the unfaithful Rick to her present visitor.

Throughout Emma's erotic reverie, Jake was laid back, enjoying the surprising incident. That was a mighty good blow job he thought. Emma's not at all the cool unemotional woman I've been warned about, although he knew that her immediate interest was confined to his thick prick. And why not? He was very proud of it, only too willing to share its magnificence with one so appreciative as Emma.

There were times when he had to use all his powers of persuasion on a girl friend to sample its delights. Some were wary at allowing such a monster to stretch them, thinking their vaginas might never fully recover, whilst others were sure they would never be able to accommodate such a huge brute without a lot of pain. But once they had overcome their worries they mostly found the experience wildly exhilarating, many of them coming back for a second helping.

Jake was able to regenerate his sperm supply fairly quickly, keeping his erection for two or three hours at a time without difficulty. The ladies loved that

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