tagGroup SexChesterbury Tales Pt. 15

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 15


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star. The Theatre Company Manager's tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director's tale of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician's tale was about the husband's revenge, and the Model's tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs - with the aid of her vicar. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker's Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat's tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home.

Chapter fifteen: The TV Presenter's tale. The African Ambassador

After the enactment of Enid's fantasy of a gang bang in the harem of a Sultan, and the story about the stately home orgy, Julie persuaded Enid to end her special day of sexual excess by showing the guests her party trick. Although she remonstrated at first, Enid eventually agreed.

Julie placed a large cut-glass bowl in the centre of the coffee table, inviting the guests to arrange themselves round it. Enid slipped out of her robe, got onto the table, squatting over the bowl. The guests all peered eagerly at the exposed vulva, for no matter how often she had displayed it to them, everyone was anxious to examine it again. As they were every vulva!

Enid was fairly tall, with sloping shoulders and small rounded breasts, set close together on the front of her chest, with almost girlish pink buds for nipples. Her hips were slender with prominent thigh bones, and between them, the sparse light hair covered her flat mound. The outstanding feature of her vulva was the surprisingly large clitoris, now obvious in all its glory between the squatting thighs.

The small puffed lips, ridges of brown-coloured flesh, did little to hide the pink valley with its main passage clearly visible, though protected by small buds of flesh. The other small slit was clearly visible below the clitoris. The labia started just below the clitoral hood, running down each side of the central valley, meeting below the vaginal buds.

Enid pulled her outer labia apart, looking down into the bowl. After a few light squeezes of her internal muscles, a stream of golden stream trickled into the bowl. She stopped and started again, filling the bowl with short bursts to the amazement of the guests.

'That's some control!' Laurie remarked. 'Though I'm not sure why we are so fascinated by watching a lady pee!'

'Once I've started, I just can't stop,' Susan admitted.

'Me too!' Gertie agreed.

Then, to everyone's surprise, Laurie aimed his cock at Enid's chin, sprinkling her neck with his own golden stream. It trickled down her body, over her belly, through the sparse covering of hair, into the crevice of her vulva, where it dribbled into the goblet, filling the bowl.

There was a spontaneous round of general applause for Enid and Laurie, who took up the bowl, offering it to anyone who fancied a taste. There was much laughter, but no takers. Robert gathered up Enid's gown, wrapped an arm round her shoulders, and steered her towards the stairs. He would spend the night in her arms.

Julie invited George to her bed, with the ever-ready Anne to make a threesome, whilst Delia took Jake in her arms, giving him a tempting kiss. As they moved to the staircase, Susan approached Martin, leaving Gertie and Laurie to share a bed.

During the night, the silence of the darkened hotel was broken gently with sighs and moans of sexual pleasure and effort.

On the fifth morning, Emma awoke with Bill quietly asleep at her side. As she looked at him she recalled the events of the past week. It was unbelievable! Until she had allowed Rick Jones, the famous young star of the international theatre company she managed, to seduce her, her sex life had been quiet. Having got to her top position in the company by sexual favours to the Theatre Director, then the Chairman, Emma resolved to build a reputation for sober coolness. Her body was not for others! She would remain aloof from the members of the acting company.

Then Rick had come along, and she astonished herself by breaking her own resolve. He was persuasive - flattering and so attentive. She cracked! They fucked morning noon and night. His appetite for fornication was without end! A marathon of fucking!

Then, returning to her flat that fateful Friday morning for a forgotten file, she discovered him in her bed, shagging the young actor Jennie Carver. After all he had said to her when he had fucked her on th same bed but a couple of hours earlier! The rat! In her bed! She was seething with anger and indignation during her drive to collect Jake, a black actor joining the company.

Stranded by appalling weather at a lonely inn, Emma and Jake found themselves in illustrious company on an illicit weekend of unrestrained sex. After a night with the stallion, Jake, with his big black cock, Emma had become attracted to Bill. They had hardly left each other's side since. Three nights of love-making with Bill had been delicious. Rick was forgotten - well, pushed aside to make room for better memories of lust - first with Jake, then with Bill.

Ten days of non-stop sex had been exhilarating. And what company! A government minister, his millionaire wife, a famous TV presenter, a top model, a best-selling author and her international marketing guru husband. All dropping out of their hectic lives to wallow in a few days of unrelenting sex, to recharge their batteries!

A handsome host and his gorgeous hostess wife, with two voluptuous 'maids'. Wife swapping, group sex, played out fantasies and story telling had filled the last four days. Emma could hardly believe it!

Turning to the sleeping Bill, she gently placed her hand over his groin. Yes! Early morning pride! His cock was stiff. Emma carefully straddled her body over his until she was kneeling over hi, hoping not to wake him. With one hand she managed to guide the stiff cock to the entrance of her pussy. As she sank her loins onto the stiffness, Bill opened his eyes.

'That's some wake-up call, ' he muttered, reaching up to kiss her lighty.

As Emma started to fuck in earnest, Anne came in with their morning cup of tea. She placed it on the bedside table without interrupting them.

Now, on this fifth day, the sun was shining. So, after breakfast a party of four decided to explore the dazzling, snow-covered country-side. Robert had managed to provide galoshes for those in need of them, and the snow-shoes were taken along as a precaution. It was a refreshing, very clear, crisp day, giving the adventurers an appetite.

By the time they returned for coffee, though, the weather had changed. Dark, threatening clouds were gathering from the west. More snow was likely.

Julie called for attention from the guests.

'This evening, Jake has promised a fascinating story of love in the jungle, so as a curtain raiser for that, we have another story of African sex interest, though it takes place I believe in England. It's Delia's turn to tell her story.'

At thirty-one, Delia was a willowy blonde with a face not unlike Marilyn Munroe with a generous sensuous mouth, rounded chin and excessive bust. A very popular TV presenter, Delia had the calm exterior of a duchess, holding her head high with a tendency to look down her nose with a slightly superior air. But this was due to her shyness. Her bust was large which always drew attention of viewers, though they might be a little disappointed to know that it tended to sag without support. She was often seen in the society pages with her slight smile, looking unapproachable.

She was most at home in the company of friends who didn't ogle her tits all the time. Although envied by some women who had less to offer, Delia was rather embarrassed by them, which accounted in part for her apparent air of superiority. Although, when her tits were handled with care, or even fucked, she enjoyed the wonderful arousal it gave her!

All turned to Delia waiting for her tale of eroticism. This was her story.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you probably won't believe this! I had a very unexpected and eventful afternoon at one of the Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations a few years ago. What a day it turned out to be! I was working on the local newspaper at the time, covering the events of the day.

At the official lunch, I was asked by the Committee Secretary if I would sit beside one of the African Ambassadors and keep him company. I'd been chosen to 'entertain' his highness, for he was also a Prince of his country, besides being its ambassador. Prince Mtoto - or something! I had no idea which country he was from - they did tell me, I've just forgotten! - but his stature was large. Gosh! He was almost seven feet tall and built accordingly. His chair was barely adequate for his size. The knife and fork seemed as dolls-house cutlery in his large fists.

He spoke softly and easily about his interest in Shakespeare and how grateful he was to have been invited to the Birthday Celebration lunch. And to be seated beside so charming and beautiful a lady. He was so very charming and easy to get along with. I didn't feel any embarrassment at all.

I noticed very quickly his interest in me, though. Or rather, my body! Whenever he turned to me, his eyes strayed into my cleavage, searching for a glimpse of the nipple. It was warm for April and I had the top button of my blouse unfastened, which allowed a fair expanse of breast to be seen. He certainly noticed! Perhaps he thought I'd done that for his benefit.

He had a deep resonant voice. Melodious and soothing. It had an almost hypnotic quality. Even so, I only half listened to him. You know me! My mind was engaged in speculating on what he would look like naked. An African God! I always wonder about the genitals of any man I meet! No one would think it to look at me, but I'm just fascinated by cocks. And I was wondering if the Prince's cock was as large as the rest of him. If so, it must be a mighty weapon. The mere thought of it filled my knickers with pussy juice, I can tell you!

Well, although there were four others at the same table, he seemed interested in conversing only with me. He spoke about the beauty of his country, its varied culture and the proud bearing of its women. He invited me to visit his country, which he said he would arrange personally. Would you believe that!?

Anyway, as the wine flowed during the excellent meal, I began to imagine myself as Desdemona spread naked on the brown sheets of the bed, as my Othello approached, his massive black cock swaying eagerly in from of his ebony torso. Then I realised that he was inviting me back to his hotel suite for a special coffee. Gosh!

'But are you not expected to the matinee performance in the theatre?'

'No, no. I and my party are the guests of the Artistic Director at this evening's performance. The company will be touring Africa next year. Will you be there?'

'I'm afraid not. After lunch my escort duties are over, though I may see you again tomorrow in the Guild Chapel for a short concert.'

After the speeches, the afternoon was half over. Guests stood and chatted idly, as people started to drift away, some towards the theatre for the special matinee performance. The Prince stood and gallantly helped me to my feet. After profusely thanking the Secretary for an excellent luncheon, and for providing such a delightful companion, he turned back to me just as I was about to disappear.

'Please. Come,' he asked in a voice filled with hope and expectation with that hypnotic voice. How could I refuse such an invitation. Besides, he had me by the elbow propelling me forward.

And so it was that I went with the Prince, his spotless white robes flowing around him, to the waiting white limousine at the gate, where his two bodyguards and the chauffeur were already in position. I settled with him into the rear seats of the warm interior before the car glided away from the theatre gardens.

During the journey he asked me all about myself, but his interest in my boobs was now barely disguised. The whites of his large eyes showed their excitement as he stared into the cleavage. The second button of my white fine muslin blouse had become unfastened, displaying an uninterrupted view of the upper swelling encased in a flimsy white bra, showing the promise of my large swollen nipples hidden beneath the fine lace.

His conversation soon turned to my so-called beauty, my perfect body, my graciousness and his sheer delight in sitting beside an English rose! I'm nearly forty for goodness sake! I laughed lightly at these flattering comments, brushing them aside with a wave of the hand which the Prince caught up in his and kissed gently, gazing meaningfully into my eyes.

'You are truly beautiful. Such exciting breasts.'

The car swept into the hotel forecourt, his bodyguards quickly going before us to find a lift waiting. We were whisked up to the top floor where the Prince had the penthouse suite overlooking the sweeping hills of the Cotswold countryside. The lounge was spacious, luxuriously furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas. It was so posh! Gosh!

We settled into the cushions of the sofa facing the picture window overlooking the view. Glasses of brandy appeared on the coffee table in front of us. I was rather bemused as we raised our glasses in a silent salute to each other. As the liquid trickled hotly down my throat, I knew it was brandy, certainly, but it had an unusual flavour.

And it had a curious effect. I felt so wonderfully relaxed and content. I closed my eyes. When I felt the Prince's large hand stray into the top of my blouse to lightly stroke the smooth skin, I felt no revulsion. In fact it was pleasant to have my boobs caressed in such luxury. And when the blouse was unbuttoned and slipped easily from my shoulders, the bra unclasped, I made no attempt to stop it. Though my boobs are firm and full they slumped forward slightly.

The nipples were nuzzled by thick lips whilst large hands explored the soft contours of my shoulders and boobs. Then I realised that the fastenings of my skirt were being released. But do you know what, Jill? I didn't care. I slid a little further down the sofa as the skirt was pulled over my thighs, the flimsy panties with it. Knowing that I was now completely naked, showing my body to this black giant, gave me a strange feeling of pleasure and pride.

I know my waist is not as narrow as it once was, and my thighs are a bit meatier, but I am blonde and pale skinned. Even my pubic hair is blonde, as you know. So the big black prince will be happy enough.

He searched the lightly covered mound above my pussy, running his large fingers through the blonde curls, cupping hy whole vulva in the enormous palm. The thick middle finger sought out the entrance between my floppy lips and found the slippery entrance. It was almost like a cock entering, so thick was the finger. But it told him all he wanted to know. As you all know, I lubricate rather copiously. So it was clear that I was fully prepared to be fucked.

Hey! I was then scooped up into his arms and carried into the next room and laid softly on the bed! I just lay there being quietly studied. Half opening my eyes, I saw the Prince facing the bottom of the bed, his two guards helping him to slip off his robes. He was naked underneath. His powerful black body shimmering like ebony! The sunlight was shining through the gauze curtains behind him, silhouetting his gorgeous frame. I know it sounds like a romantic novel, but it's true!!

And his cock? My eyes were drawn straight to the most important bit of him, naturally! Did I say 'bit'? Although it wasn't fully erect, it was a weapon to gawp at! I watched transfixed as he just stood there, arms folded, looking down at me whilst his cock filled with each pulse of his heart! It swayed and jerked, and rose to an imposing size. I've never seen anything like it! On the Prince it didn't look particularly large, but then he is a huge man and so was his cock!

My goodness, I thought. I'm to be sacrificed to his will. Is he going to try to get that monster into my pussy? But I did nothing to dissuade him. In fact I slowly parted my legs and lifted my knees a little to expose my wet pussy for him, begging to be penetrated. His eyes were glued to it.

'Such beauty must be admired before being sacrificed to the warrior god,' he said. 'Such a pale body, with golden hair. You never find such a one in my country.'

I smiled at him. 'You look pretty handsome yourself, your highness!' I murmured rather stupidly!

'We black warriors cherish the pale white blonde. It is a very special prize for any conqueror. In olden days, we raided villages where there were known to be missionaries, just to admire - and probably ravish - the blonde women amongst them.'

'We're all the same where it matters, though.'

'Don't you believe it ma'am! You are just delicious! A golden fleece framing the delightful, beautiful crevice of desire and mystery.'

For several minutes, he just gazed in wonderment at the vision of sacrificial, pale womanhood enclosed in a surround golden curls, before drawing my body to the bottom of the bed so that my legs hung over the bottom edge. He stood between them to present his handsome weapon before my stare. I was transfixed, then gingerly touched it. Hard as steel, and, though heavily veined, smooth as black silk. For a few moments I just stroked and worshiped it whilst he smiled down, taking in my contours. It was awesome as well as handsome!

Eventually, he sank to his knees to study my pussy at closer quarters. Stretching my thighs wide open with his huge hands, he parted the labia to display the dilated entrance to my secret altar of desire - my pink beauty, now coated with thick female syrup - his eyes continued to drink in the sight.

'Your vagina leaks copiously, Delia. It will adequately lubricate my entry into your mystery.'

'But not all of it, please, your highness! I couoldn't take your whole length.'

'Fear not, madam. I shall take care not to hurt you.'

He scooped my juices which, by this time, were trickling down to my bum, onto the tips of his first two fingers, smearing them carefully over the end of his gleaming cock before placing it against the entrance. The sheer feeling of its presence set a light orgasm rippling through my belly.

It was with a long sigh of tense anticipation that I reached that utter magical moment we ladies live for. That of having a stiff cock about to penetrate our secret shrine. But this was an extra special moment. My long-held fantasy, feeling a large black cock slowly nudge its way between the folds, stretching them wide to force its passage. Although I winced as the flesh stretched to its limit, what an ecstatic feeling of utter joy to have your pussy filled as it has never been filled before. It was everything I had ever imagined it would be. Bloody glorious!

When it reached the furthest depths of me, there was still some cock left! I daren't allow it to penetrate to the hilt. I knew I would never get it all in, so I grasped the base of it in one hand to prevent being torn open!

When he start to fuck me - once the tightness had eased - it was just indescribably marvellous! He sang my praises all the time, each thud pushing the air out of my lungs, making me grunt with joy. His two henchmen took hold of an ankle each, keeping my thighs apart, giving his large hands the chance to explore my tits and stroke my belly. Both guards had full erections. Boy! What a lot of cock! My dreams come true!

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