tagLesbian SexChoices Ch. 03

Choices Ch. 03


"Cara..." she whimpered on the verge of again refusing as her soft palms cupped my battered face.

For a brief moment, that felt far more like an eternity, she studied me. I wasn't sure if she was taking account of the damage my husband had wreaked on me or merely trying to figure out if I really wanted her or not. Either way, my breath hung heavily in my chest until she pressed her lips feather lightly over mine. I found her soft sweet concession equally as intoxicating as I'd found her brazen heat the night before.

As my hands sought to free her of her satin wrapper, she moved to assist, aiding me in pushing the barrier of fabric away from her beautiful body. My hands seemed to find themselves over whelmed, I wanted to touch all of her at once. I didn't want to seem clumsy or inept, but my hands moved over her soft delicate skin with the impatience of a child with a new pet. To my surprise, she didn't seem to mind at all. Each brush of my fingertips over her body quickened her already ragged breathing.

"I have no idea what I'm doing." I admitted innocently against her full soothing lips. My heart was pounding so fiercely as much from the fear of disappointing her as from the excitement of feeling her against me.

"Don't think about it." she smiled warmly, pressing gently against my hips with her, wordlessly encouraging me to roll onto my back. I watched breathlessly as she pushed the heavy comforter completely aside to move her body over mine.

"But I want to please you." I argued honestly as she spread my thighs and knelt between them. I couldn't help the awed expression that covered my face. Studying her full round perfect breasts as they bounced and jiggled with her every movement just seemed to fascinate me beyond belief. I wanted her tiny hard nipples between my lips so bad but my insecurity took the driver's seat as always.

"You know what my little kitten?" Hailey said, looking down at me thoughtfully just as her manicured nails began to lightly rake their way from my bare knees up my overly sensitive thighs to grasp the hem of my borrowed t-shirt. "I'm beginning to think that perhaps you're over dressed for this occasion." she said so seriously one would have thought she were giving a scientific explanation of cold fusion.

"You think so huh?" I frowned cautiously. "Maybe you're right." I sighed as I arched to allow her to pull the soft fabric away from my still damp chilled skin.

I don't know why I was so self conscious of my body. She had after all seen me bare already. Too many years of being told how unsuitable I was I suppose. As she knelt there staring down at me as though I were the most magnificent thing she'd ever seen, I couldn't stop the tears that filled my tired eyes. It was so painful to watch some one else look at me the way I'd spent years praying that my husband would.

"You're breaking my heart Cara." she breathed, her hand moving slowly to catch the first tear as it streamed down my temple.

With out thinking, I turned to kiss her small delicate hand affectionately. "It breaks your heart that I love the way you look at me?" I asked softly, letting her know that my tears weren't a bad thing. Well not entirely bad anyway.

"Your tears." she frowned, lighting running her index finger over the cut on my lip. The stern set of her mouth let me know that she was silently cursing my husband.

Shyly, I took her slim finger between my lips. I rubbed the tip of my tongue suggestively back and forth over the pad of her finger. I was rewarded by a weak moan escaping her parted lips. My hand slid up her arm to lightly press against her elbow, forcing her to bend to me. My other hand caught the back of her neck and drew her to me. My lips released her finger only to go in search of her velvet tongue.

As our lips met, I felt myself once again being overtaken by an unquenchable desire. The light caress of her tongue against mine was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Each kiss from her ruby lips seemed new and unique and indescribable. Oh I was absolutely right where I wanted to be for the first time in my life.

Her hands caressed their way from my face to my breasts so slowly that it felt as though they were making an epic journey. Finding my nipples already hard and throbbing, they went to work quickly at teasing the high aching little nubs of flesh, as she continued working her tongue in and out of my mouth mimicking the thrusts of the most passionate love making. She captured each of my breathy lust filled moans dutifully between her lips. A cry of pleasure and pain tore from my lips as she gave my nipples a good hard twist.

"I'm sorry." she breathed apologetically.

I know that she hadn't meant to be so rough, but I couldn't deny that a part of me liked it. My pussy began to ache painfully wanting to feel her touch. All from one little pinch. Not that I wasn't enjoying the softness, but at that moment it was the pain that really threw gasoline on the fire.

"Please don't stop." I found myself moaning, arching beneath her to press my large breasts more firmly into her palms.

She watched me cautiously as she began to knead my breasts. Lightly at first, her hands becoming more firm and enthusiastic with each of my pleading whimpers. Each time I would arch beneath her she'd squeeze harder, making me hotter and more impatient. Alas, she bent at the waist and took one of my nipple between her lips, sucking it mercilessly. As her fingers began to twist and torture my other nipple, my arms entwined instinctively around her waist.

Experimentally, my palms cupped her full round ass. My finger nails dug into her sensitive flesh as her teeth grazed my nipples teasingly. Her moan of pleasure, as my nails began to rake a path roughly from her ass up her smooth back, had me desperate to cum. Curiously, I lifted my hips to press against her flat abdomen.

"Impatient little kitten." she teased breathlessly, flattening her body atop of me.

I cried out in agony as her pubic bone pressed hard against my aching clit. I wasn't certain what she'd done, but it felt as though my pussy had just been branded like a yearling calf. Immediately, I began trying to squirm from beneath her. I knew I shouldn't have but for some reason my mind associated the pain with her body.

"What's wrong?" she asked in concern, easing away from me confusedly.

"I don't know. It just hurts." I said, annoyed to hear my voice sounding like that of a frightened child.

"Let me see." she demanded, backing away from me to bend her face closer to my clean shaved pussy.

It surprised me that I wasn't a bit embarrassed as her fingers gently separated my labia to carefully examine my vagina. I interlaced my fingers beneath my head and waited patiently for a diagnoses. Concern entered my mind as I heard her soft indignant gasp. I stared in wide eyed anticipation as she sat up and I saw the rage that filled her warm eyes.

"What's wrong?" I questioned curiously.

"You have a couple of tears just above your clit Cara." she said matter of factly. "How the fuck did that happen?"

"I don't know." I shrugged honestly. "They can't be that bad, the water didn't bother them." I said seriously.

"They're pretty deep Cara. I wish you would let me take you to the hospital." she started in again. "You may not know what happened to you but I have a pretty damn good idea." she said seriously.

"Okay Beautiful, what's your theory?" I questioned with a placating smile.

"I think you were raped."

"What makes you think that?" I asked curiously.

"The tears look like a zipper pattern." she said honestly.

"A zipper pattern?" I questioned with a dismissive giggle. "How could a zipper leave a pattern on my clit?"

"Some prick doesn't bother undoing his jeans when he's got you on your knees, he just unzips them. He gets too rough, the metal beating against you're pussy can leave impressions and some times tears the sensitive flesh." she said firmly.

"Interesting theory. But I wasn't raped." I said in a tone as certain as I could manage. "I don't know how that happened, but I would have remembered that. And I'm not going to the hospital Hailey. It isn't necessary. It'll heal, I promise." I assured her softly.

"I don't understand you protecting a man that is capable of doing this to you Cara." she said frankly.

I watched with curious interest as she hopped her naked body off the bed and bounce away into the bathroom. I had to admit to myself that I never enjoyed the view of my naked husband any where near as much as I loved watching her toned legs and tight ass leave the room. Watching her return was far more engrossing. My eyes seemed to be magically drawn to the light bounce of her heavy breasts and the sway of her seductive hips.

"I'm weird I suppose." I smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed digging through a first aid kit. "What are you doing?" I asked curiously.

"I'm going to put some antibiotic cream on those tears." she explained. "I don't think it will hurt you, but I know an infection will."

"Yes Ma'am." I frowned, deeply wounded by her agitation. "Please don't be angry with me." I said softly, as she made quick thorough work of doctoring my odd injuries.

"I'm not mad with you Kitten." she sighed, running her fingers through her long soft hair, fighting down the annoyance I knew she felt. "I'm worried about you. There is a difference you know."

"I'm a big girl Hailey. I can take care of myself." I argued, feeling as though I was getting another of my parents million lectures.

"Obviously you can't." she bit thoughtlessly.

I could tell by the look on her face that she immediately regretted her words. Her wide eyed frown just screamed 'Ah fuck'. She knew she'd made a mistake by challenging the handle I had over my own life. Instantly, I regretted calling her and made a mental note not to make the same mistake in the future.

"I'm sorry Cara." she sighed tiredly. "I didn't mean that. I just meant that I wish you would let me take you the hospital. Let me call the cops. Let me do something besides sit here and feel helpless."

"You shouldn't feel helpless. I'm letting you doctor me." I said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood. I didn't want to argue with her. I didn't want to feel like a disappointment to her too. My heart just couldn't take it.

"Hard headed but damn so sexy." she smiled, grasping my chin gently and shaking my head side to side playfully. Hesitantly, she sat the first aid kit on the night stand. For a moment, she sat there staring down at me curiously.

"What are you thinking?" I asked softly, laying my hand on her smooth thigh, craving contact with her.

"I'm thinking that I should have met you before he did." she said. Her voice didn't hold an ounce of dishonesty or deception. She seemed so sincere, that for a moment, I shared in her wistful regret.

"Well you didn't." I shrugged, trying to seem indifferent to her words. "But I'm here now." I said matter of factly.

"Yeah you are." she smiled charmingly. Her eyes lit up happily as if there were no where else in the world she'd rather be. Slowly she stretched out next to me on the bed. "And we're both exhausted so let's get some sleep." she suggested, rolling on her side to nestle sweetly up against mine.

I couldn't stop the smile that splayed across my face as she laid her arm gingerly over my abdomen. Despite myself, I turned and kissed her forehead affectionately as she laid her cheek lightly on my shoulder. Lazily, my fingertips began to stroke her smooth soft arm. Even though I was hard pressed to admit it, I was happier and more at ease in that moment than I'd been since I'd gotten married.

"Aren't you forgetting to throw your leg over my thigh?" I teased, thinking of the way I use to nestle up against my husband in the first months of our marriage.

"I want to but they're pretty bruised up." she yawned tiredly.

"Oh." I sighed.

Stiffly I turned on my side to face her, I wanted her closer to me. I wanted to feel every part of her body against mine. Innocently, I parted her thighs with my own and drew her up tighter against me.

I couldn't suppress the whimper of desire that slipped from my lips as she pressed her damp pussy seekingly against my thigh.

"Ah God..." she moaned hotly as my hand grasped her ass and encouraged her to grind her pussy against me. As she buried her face in the cradle of my neck and shoulder and threw her thigh over my hip, I found myself moving with her and pressing harder against her as she rode me.

"Hailey." I panted, finding our straining and pressing against each other wildly exciting. I felt the heat building in my loins just as it would have been if her fingers were buried inside of me. "Ah yes please don't stop." I started pleading as she worked her body harder against mine. Our breast were pressed so tightly together that I couldn't tell my heart own heart beat from hers.

"I need you Cara." she breathed impatiently against my neck. "Oh God Kitten please I need you so bad." she moaned as she started bucking wildly against me, her nails clawing violently against my bare back.

"That's it Baby." I encouraged, not at all certain what I should be doing. All I could think was just to hold her tighter.

I was on the verge of orgasming though there was absolutely nothing touching my injured clit. I couldn't understand it and in that moment didn't care to. All I wanted was to cum and to make her scream my name passionately. "You're going to make me cum Hailey." I stammered into her hair as she once again quickened the thrusts of her hips against me, grinding harder and faster against my thigh. I wanted to scream in pleasure and pain as I felt her finger nails viciously breaking the skin on my back. The blurring of the line between passion and pain seemed to ignite my body.

"Cum for me my little Kitten..." she demanded as I entangled my fingers in her long silky locks. I don't know what possessed me, but I gave it a hard jerk, forcing her head backwards so I could take her lips with mine. As I forced my tongue between her between her lips she tensed and began to tremble against me in the throws of pleasure. She continued to move roughly against me until she captured the cries of my own orgasm between her lips.

As the waves of pleasure began to subside and our hearts began to beat at a lower more normal speed, our kiss gentled to some thing far softer and more affectionate than I could have imagined. Our clawing fingers became softer, caressing instead of digging. Our straining bodies were suddenly cuddling instead of fighting for control. For a moment, I felt almost as though I was in a sweet far away dream and I truly never wanted to wake up.

"Wow." Hailey smiled, hesitantly ending our kiss. For a moment she merely laid there searching my face, though I'm not at all sure what she was looking for. "That umm... that was intense." she breathed thoughtfully, as if needing to fill the awkward silence with something, just not knowing quite what. "Did I hurt you?" she asked, her voice and face filled suddenly with devoted concern.

"No Ma'am." I smiled lazily. "I'm fine Honey." I assured her as shifted to untangle our limbs from each other. A moment of distress entered my mind as I noticed streaks of blood covering her delicate looking arm. "You're bleeding Hailey." I said in shock as I carefully examined her arm, unable to find the source.

"Roll over." she demanded as she realized the blood wasn't her own.

"What is it?" I questioned as she let out a guilty gasp.

"Your back looks like a cat got a hold of you." she breathed, covering her mouth as though punishing herself for her words.

"Is that all?" I laughed, rolling back onto my side to stare into her mysterious dark eyes. "God the way you were acting, I thought some body had stabbed me." I teased, caressing her flush cheek tenderly.

"How could you not have felt that Cara?" Hailey questioned as she nestled her cheek into the palm of my hand needfully.

"I was busy feeling other things." I shrugged indifferently, as I shot her an innocent smile.

"God... I am so sorry." she frowned.

"Don't be. Does it look like I'm writhing in agony?" I asked with playful sarcasm. "You didn't hurt me Hailey. I promise." I assured her gently.

"Such a tough little thing... Aren't you?" she said rhetorically. "I wonder how tough you're going to be when hot water hits those scratches."

"I'm going to cry like a five year old." I said thoughtfully, watching her face light up with amusement. Again I felt the rhythm of my heart beat slipping into over drive. The butterflies in the pit of my stomach seemed to be having a gang war in there. Nothing had ever moved me quite as much as her smile.

"Hmmm..." she grumbled as though doubting my honesty as she rose and twisted up into a sitting position to stare down at me. "I really don't see you as the crying like a five year old type." she said pensively.

"Really? And why is that?" I asked, laying my hand on her bare tanned thigh to idly caress the smooth silky lines.

"I have my reasons." she smiled so cheerfully that even her eyes wrinkled at the corners with contentment. "Tell me about your life Cara." she demanded curiously, bending to prop her bent elbow on her knee. Tiredly, she pressed her cheek into the fist her long fingers made of her hand.

"What do you want to know about it?" I asked anxiously, not at all wanting to discuss my marriage or the damage it was doing to me.

"Tell me about your family. What are they like? Do you have brothers and sisters? I want to know everything there is to know about you." She said, her voice so full of genuine interest that I couldn't help but feel flattered.

"Okay." I sighed, wiggling my aching body around to sit up, reclining lazily on the solid wooden head board. "I'm the youngest of three girls. My parents kept trying for a boy, but they gave up after me." I smiled fondly thinking of the family that I didn't see anywhere near enough to please me. My parents married young because they were pregnant with my sister but still managed to stay together all these years later. Let's see... What are they like?" I said with a sigh, slipping my fingers through my damp tangled hair in search of the proper words. "They're nuts." I said with a dismissive laugh.

"They can't be that bad." she said trying hard to suppress the urge to laugh at my statement.

"Sure they can." I nodded seriously, trying to remember any time during our marriage that John and I just sat in bed and talked. I know we certainly never did it naked. He was far too critical of my body for me to be undressed in front of him, especially in broad day light. "What about your family? What do they think of your profession?" I asked, deciding not to skirt the prevalent question my mind held.

"I'd be lying to say they'd be less approving of me being a Doctor. But they're supportive." she said with a warm loving smile. I figured that her mind was probably drifting to some fond memory of them. "I'm their only kid so it's not exactly like they can disown me. Then who would take care of them when they got old?" she said jokingly. "They're actually pretty awesome. They'd love you Cara."

"You think so?" I questioned, finding myself oddly contemplating the possibility of meeting them some day.

"I know they would." she nodded, staring at me seriously for a moment. "What do you want out of life Cara?"

""What?" I laughed half stammering the single word. It seemed like such a serious question for such a light moment.

"In the future? What do you want out of life? Where do you want to be ten years from this moment?" she explained, shifting nervously.

"Hmm... That's a pretty serious question for this time of morning and for my brain to be suffering from a serious lack of sleep." I said evasively. I had no clue how to answer her question. I'd honestly, until that point never given it any serious thought. "What about you?"

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