Cinderella's Balls


"Oh, that's it, lick my slutty little asshole, make me your little ass whore!"

Matt started to finger her pussy as his tongue worked its way all the way in and out of her forbidden entrance. He started to push his tongue as deep up her asshole as he could, leaving out any reluctance of what she thought of it. Once his fingers were nice and wet from the combination of her pussy juice and the load he just put in her, he worked them into her puckered opening.

"Oh...that's tight...fuck!"

"Have you done this before, you dirty little princess?"

"No..." she said

"So you're going to let me take your anal cherry? You are such a little anal whore, just giving up your ass to a stranger on Halloween! I am going to enjoy this!".

As he said it, Matt worked a second finger into her asshole, stretching out the puckered opening to make room for his cock. He could not believe this little slut was going to let him take her ass for the first time. Her virginal heart shaped ass was just too much for him and he could not resist biting one of her cheeks as he fingered her asshole resulting in a little yelp. After he worked her anal opening, she was nice and loose. He got up and lined his rock hard cock into her tight pussy, getting it nice and wet, taking a good couple extra strokes to enjoy the tightness of this slut's little cunt. Cindy moaned in confusion before he pulled out and started to work his hard cock into her tight hole. He started slowly at first, working himself in and letting her get used to the feeling of his cock in her. It wasn't long though before she was pushing into him trying to fuck him harder. He took his cue and started to drill her harder and harder as he fucked this dirty little princess.

Once again a large smacking sound could be heard throughout the room as they started to lose themselves in the dirty anal fucking.

"Oh yes... fuck I am so full... I can't believe it!"

"You like that... you like my cock in your ass?"

"Oh yes, I love it! I'm so full, I'm such a little ass whore! Oh fuck!"

Cindy's reaction just turned him on more and more pulling his cock almost all the way out and pulling her hips toward him as he fucked her tight little asshole. This was his absolute favorite thing he could ever do with a woman. He loved the feeling of this tight little asshole around his cock.

"That's it, oh yes, fuck my ass! Cum for me! Fill me up! Cum in my ass!"

"Oh, you want that? You want me to cum in you tight little ass?"

"Yes! Fuck... me... make me... your ass...whore!" she said between breaths.

"Yeah... that's right, you are my little ass whore! I am going to cum in that sexy little ass of yours!" he said while slapping her sexy ass.

They fucked harder and harder and soon, the feeling of such a big cock inside of her became too much for Cindy. She threw her head back and screamed. A giant orgasm was released through her pussy sending a wave of pleasure up her spine. Almost on cue, Matt pulled her ass against him as he filled up her tight asshole with his cum. They both screamed in ecstasy before collapsing totally worn out.

The pilot's cock started to go limp as he pulled it out of her asshole. Matt watched as he saw the anal cumpie he gave her seeped out of her asshole. This dirty little princess was so totally filled with his cum and had begged for every moment of it. They were both covered in sweat and cum and their scent seemed to envelope each other. Just as it all seemed so absolutely perfect, the strangest thing happened.

She leaned over and kissed him. "That was fucking amazing." She climbed over top of him. "And now my little fuck pilot, its time for this princess to go!"

He was in shock. He had taken this good girl who was trying to let go of some of her inhibitions and made her act like a complete whore. He expected her to click on to him like an obsessed stalker or something, but now she was bailing on him.

"What, you're leaving?" he managed to put together, gathering his thoughts.

He still couldn't believe it. He watched her put the sexy little costume back on.

"You know the deal, home by the stroke of midnight! It's just so hard to get anywhere in a carriage once it turns all pumpkiny!" she joked, now fully dressed. Cindy kissed him one last time, making sure to give him plenty of tongue.

"Goodbye, my sexy prince!" she said, before turning around and leaving with his cum still leaking out of both her asshole and pussy and down her leg.

Matt quickly found his underwear and put his costume back on before trying to run after her. By the time he left his room, she was no where in sight. Matt ran all through his fraternity house trying to find her and finally out into the cool night trying to catch any glimpse of her or where she could have gone. He asked everyone about his slutty princess but no one seemed to know where she went or who she was.

Finally, in frustration, he went back to his room and sat on his bed, putting his face in his hands. He could not believe he had let her get away. Yeah, she was just some prissy girl who had decided to let go on Halloween, but she had fucked him like no one had ever before. That girl had an inner slut in her that he loved to let out. He just couldn't see not experiencing it again. The idea that she was probably a good girl to everyone else made it that much better for him. He had to find her; she was his slutty little princess.

He lifted his hands up and looked up. Unable to believe he hadn't noticed it before. It was no glass slipper but hey, it could work. Hanging off the bookshelf on the other side of the room was her light blue thong. The one he had thrown off in such a haste to find her. If he could just find who owned that thong? He could find the girl who had just rocked his world! Most importantly, he could give Cinderella her balls.

The End.

Please tell me what you think of this story and if you would like to see more Slutty Princess Halloween Stories. This story has been entered into the Monthly Halloween Contest so please don't forget to vote!

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