Cindy's Joy


This story follows on from Mother's Milk and Au Natural Mothers it may make more sense if you read those stories first.



Mood Ecstatic

Today I have found a woman I love in all senses of the word. How can I describe her, she is the most wonderful woman in the world when she touches me my skin tingles and I grow so excited. I want to give her my body, want to give her my soul. She has told me to make a weblog for everyone to see and I am to fill it with every detail of our love and what I fantasise about.

That is so easy since all my fantasies are about her, Candy the girl I always wanted to be with. To have her as my friend and now my lover. I want to give her my milk and have her lips wrap about my large, brown nipples and suck the liquid out of them as she plays with my vagina, no I will use the naughty word, I want her to play with my pussy. Sticking her long clever fingers deep into my hot wet pussy and massage the skin and then play with my clit and hear me scream as she sucks my tits dry. I want to feed from her milk and worship her pussy with my hands and if she lets me with my mouth. I want to to feel her cum as I suck on her and know that I made her feel raw pleasure. I want to worship her beautiful body.

I feel so wet writing these words, I am playing with my pussy right now as I think of her and how she has made me so happy. My pussy seems so sensitive now I have met her again. I am so giddy with joy.

The first time I ever felt anything about her was in college. I was twenty and everything was so new and wonderful. I remember when I saw her at college that day. It was at the pool and she was swimming laps.

When I saw her rise from the water her body held tightly in her black one-piece racing bathers I wanted to go to her and beg for her to notice me and take me with her. I froze of course and my boy-friend wondered what was wrong but I couldn't tell him that I wanted the woman over there. Somehow I made my excuses and escaped into the change room only to watch her struggle out of the tight lycra cloth exposing her naked body to me.

She looked so beautiful with her long athletic legs, tight stomach and long body, yet it is her breasts, her now milk-laden tits that excite me so. Once they had been firm and proud now they are tanned, large and tipped with large light-brown nipples they are so exciting to look at and when I touch them they feel so heavy to my tongue and mouth. When I first saw her she had firm breasts that were tipped by hard nipples that I wanted to suck on.

Just to feel her milk swirl into my mouth is so erotic and satisfying. She seems to know how much I want from her and how much I want to please her. The thought of her next to me so I can touch her and she can touch me and I can see her breasts and touch them again.

Oh just to think of them makes me cum, I am glad I have placed a towel on the chair I am sitting on, I am gushing so much.

I could never be like her, my body is small and petite and I have been called me Mouse since school since that is my nature. My breasts are good now, they are full of milk and the nipples stand out so much and are so sensitive that just having my bra rub against them makes me hot and horny. Yet I don't dare tell my husband or before that my boyfriends of all the things I wanted them to do to me because then they would realise that I am really a very naughty girl. I still feel like that naughty schoolgirl still.

Candy knows I am a naughty girl and she says that she will punish me for my naughtiness and make me be nice for her. Oh why do I have to wait for her correction to my naughtiness. I have always wanted to submit to someone stronger to myself.

I remember wanting to touch her body then, this was the first time I had seen her naked and it was so exciting. I remember my pussy becoming wet with excitement. Other women were in the change room but I could only see her as she slung her towel over the shoulder and walked into the showers. Stripping my bathers off my body I joined her. I was naked with Candy and I watched as she allowed the body foam to suds up on her sponge and she washed herself.

Then she turned to me and washed between her legs, I couldn't help myself and my eyes were riveted to the sparse V of hair there as she rubbed the sponge back and forth over it and then between it showing me her fleshy lips and I wanted to clean it for her and lick her there. It was like a blow to me that she turned away and I was shocked at my feelings for her.

I made my way back to my boyfriend after she left and I made him take me back to his flat and fuck me hard that time. I think he was proud of himself that night thinking he was the reason for my multiple orgasms but it was Candy's body I saw as we made love.

Oh he was good and I loved how he licked and sucked my pussy before he took my virginity with his cock. It hurt at first but I enjoyed it and the orgasm was fantastic but even as he made love to me I remembered Candy's naked body and how she has looked the water cascading and washing away the suds and exposing her pussy to me. My own pussy is covered in a thick hairy growth but Candy says that is naughty and she will shave it off tomorrow.

How I tried to not think of Candy. It was wrong I know it is wrong to love another woman but I can't help it. I married my boyfriend and he is so kind and loving but he is not my lover whenever we make love I think of Candy, when I take his cock between my lips I think of Candy and imagine her with a cock that I am pleasuring with my body and I want to please her in all ways.

I made love to my husband tonight because Candy told me that I must and it seemed so good when we did it, I think that is because Candy has told me that I am to love my husband. She has also made me a better mother since she has shown me how I can feed my baby. He has been such a trial but she was wonderful and I know I will cope since she wants to be my friend and I will be her lover!!



Mood Over the Moon

My whole body feels alive. I am Candy's good girl, she fed off me and she shaved me so I have no hair on my pussy and I am her girl. She allowed me to lick her between the legs after I had taken some of her milk and it tasted so good down there. It seemed that my life was so perfect when I was giving her pleasure.

I must calm down but touching my shaved pussy is so exciting and I am rubbing myself now as I think of what we did, being shaved makes my pussy so sensitive and Candy has told me that I must not wear any panties anymore. I have thrown them out and it feels so strange when the wind blows under my skirt and touches me there. In fact I find it almost impossible not to touch myself there and I feel that my body is on fire all the time.

She tasted so wonderful and she has promised me that she will taste me but I know she will also help me with all these things that I dream of doing. I want to feel her beside me again. It is like an addiction that I can not satisfy.

I have decided that only she and my son can drink from my tits. They are hers and I want them for her alone though I know I must feed my son. So I have begun to express milk for bottles and as soon as I can try I will wean him so that only Candy can take my nipples into her mouth and drink from them. I want her to always want to feed from me just as she lets me feed from her.

I was so nervous when I first touched her nipple with my mouth it seemed so hard and it felt more leathery than I thought it would but that is normal I have been told since the constant sucking toughens the skin. When the first drop touched my tongue it drove me to a frenzy of sucking and drinking. I didn't even notice that Candy had opened my legs and was rubbing along the lips down there and was thrusting a finger into me. I knew I came when she touched my clit but all I cared for were her breasts and the milk I sucked from her.

When my husband came home tonight I fell on top of him and almost ripped his clothes off. He was surprised at first but when he felt me rub his cock in such an aggressive way and then bent across the table begging him to stick his cock into my pussy and fuck me hard. He quickly did what I wanted and he was so satisfying.

Perhaps it was my shaved pussy or just that I am so excited about what Candy did to me and will do for me but I came when he entered me and he was so manly as he fucked me quickly and hard. Thank God the baby was asleep because I was groaning and cuming as he took me and I thought of Candy as he thrust his cock into me as he fucked me.

When he came it seemed that his cock would pump cum into me forever and he seems so happy that I have become so responsive to our lovemaking. It was after this that he asked me about my newly shaved pussy but I passed it off as a fad and he said he liked it. I know he wonders why I have become like I have that is sexually demanding but when I tell him that I realised that I had been a bad wife and wanted to do better he accepted that. I love him but he doesn't excite me like Candy does. I must touch myself again before I go back to bed since the thought of her makes me so hot.



Mood Pensive

Where am I going? I want Candy so much, am I becoming obsessed by her? Am I foolish to do this? It was two days before I could see her, two days of hell as I tried to look after my family. They noticed no difference of course but I did and it worries me that all I can think of is Candy and her milk-filled titties. Today I was finally able to go back to her and I told her how I suffered when I was not with her.

She told me that I was being a silly girl and that I was naughty, that I must love my husband and child. She was so stern and she was like that Miss Thatcher at school who scared me when she taught us.

She made me take off my clothes after we had put the children to bed and instead of sucking my tits she made me bend over her lap and then she took a table tennis bat and began to spank me. It was so humiliating as she punished me, it has been over twenty years since this was done to me when my father found that I had stolen some of the housekeeping money.

Even more humiliating was the fact I came as she paddled my ass, my juices gushed over her leg and she was telling me that I was like a little girl who hadn't learnt how to use the toilet but needed a nappy to stop me peeing everywhere though she knew it was because I was so excited by her disciplining me. At the end of of the spanking I was crying and I wanted to run away.

But Candy wouldn't let me run away but held me to her allowing me to cry into her shoulder as she hugged and stroked me so that I could be comforted and I promised to do better with my family. I am so wet though with the thought of her spanking me and how it was really exciting and I think I can't be good for her since I am such a bad girl and need to be corrected and disciplined by her.

Somehow as I was crying on her shoulders my lips slipped and touched her nipple, I latched onto it and began to suck deeply from it. Quickly her milk flowed into my mouth and I greedily gulped it down I felt her open my legs gently and it was wonderful when she touched my clit beneath its head. I lost myself in my cuming and in drinking her milk. It is so satisfying feeling like a little baby feeding at her tit and being without any cares other than pleasing her.

When I was pushed away from her breast I burped like a baby and a little bit of her milk spilt from my mouth. As though she understood how I felt she patted my shoulder saying that I was her little baby and that she would teach me manners. I expected that she would want to feed from me then but she said no that we were going to do something wonderful.

She led me out to her back yard naked like she was and told me that we were going to start sun-baking nude because we would look better for it. Finding a spot near her pool she lay down and told me to rub oil into her body.

I can't describe the way her skin felt, it was so smooth and sexy. I loved the way her skin shone as I oiled it and I wanted to do this forever. Her ass is so firm and sexy, no it is a sensual object, something to be loved and worshipped. It is toned like and athletes and has a slight tan to it. I didn't tell her but I wanted to lick between her cheeks and kiss her hole. I am such a naughty girl, I can't think of anything except sex when I am with her.

She did let me lick between her toes when I oiled her legs and calves after I begged her. All the time when I was doing that my pussy was dripping with juice and I was spilling milk from my filling breasts.

When Candy saw this she licked up the drops from it and then made me oil her front. I wanted to come right then but knew I must keep control of myself until Candy told me that I could cum. It was almost too much to keep any control of my body but I kept telling myself that I must be a good girl for her and do as she wants me to do.

I know she knew what I was thinking because when I finished she made me lie down on a towel and began to rub my body with oil. She excited me deliberately telling me how beautiful I was and how I turned her on and that she wanted to give me a very special present. Telling me to turn over she massaged my pussy and made me cum as she told me that I was her good girl. She kept saying to me that she wanted her baby to cum. I shuddered with such delight was my pussy came for her but she didn't stop her actions when I came so that I would become excited again for her.

Then she was turning from me and when she turned back she was holding a thin silver pencil and smiling down at me, she promised me that she was going to make me beg her to stop from cuming. Then taking her love pencil as she called it onto my wet lips. Then she turned on the vibrator so that it made a soft hum and began to use it to write over my pussy as though it was a pen.

Drawing it over my bare pubis and then along the wet lips and then she held it steadily on my trembling clit as I groaned and softly screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped through my arching body.

I don't know how long it took but I was soon begging her like she told me I would do, to take away the device that was making my body writhe and convulse. Smiling into my face she halted my begging by thrusting her milk-laden teat into my mouth and waited for me to do what I wanted to do. I hungrily took the offered teat and began to suck it with a passion that I can not describe. I drowned in her sweet milk that filled my mouth. Then I stopped as she took both teat and vibrator away. Dazed I could not even think about what had happened to me.

Then it was her legs either side of my head as she lowered her sparsely covered pussy onto my lips. As they touched my lips my tongue dipped and ravaged that silky flesh, piercing the gaps between them I touched the hot quivering flesh underneath those fleshy curtains.

Gushing nectar filled my mouth as she came. As I licked and sucked my Candy's body I felt a hard object being eased into my pussy and pulling my lips open. Opening my legs further she thrust her love pencil deep into my pussy and began to pump it between my legs. It was like a small cock was fucking me. Then she changed it for something thicker and longer and my body sung with pleasure. It was my complete joy, my sweet Candy was fucking me with her cock, she was taking my body and making it hers.

While she fucked me with what could only be a dildo I felt her fingers rubbing hard at my clit so that I came hard and often with her lovemaking. Between her thrusts and between my licking her lips I screamed my pleasure at her act. I am normally so restrained, so in control but I was screaming and demanding her to fuck me hard, to push that dildo into me harder and deeper than ever before.

I wanted her to fuck me harder than my husband had ever fucked me. I was my true self, a slut, as she fucked me and made me beg for more. My body shook as I came and I felt Candy cum over my mouth, as I licked her pussy. I reached with my fingers and pressed and played with her clit feeling her body pulse with passion and pleasure.

Then the pleasure changed from an intense pleasure to an intense pain as my body could take no more. Screaming for her to stop we broke apart. I was panting with exhaustion and I ached to have her inside me again but my body demanded a rest. I can't tell you how much happiness shot through my body as she embraced me and caressed me softly that sexy smile on her face and whispered that I was so beautiful but we needed to look after our babies and I should go home.

I was intolerably sad as I went home but Candy made me promise to come back on Wednesday so we could sun-bathe together again as well as do other things but I was also to fuck my husband tonight so he wouldn't think I was cheating on him. When the front door closed behind me it was all I could do not to weep at leaving her.


Monday Night

Mood Hopeful

I can only think of Candy tonight and I remember each touch of her body on mine.

When my husband came home I virtually jumped on him, I imagined it was Candy and that she was here. I virtually ripped off his clothes and pushed him onto the bed and held him down as I climbed on top of him. I wouldn't let him touch me, that is for Candy not him but I licked his nipples as I slipped his cock into my pussy all the time imagining it as the dildo Candy fucked me with. I imagined that I was licking Candy's nipples and that she was so excited.

I held him down as his cock slid in and out of my pussy and imagined Candy telling me that I was a slutty little girl and that I was to be punished soon.

When he came he grunted and thrust his cock into me and I felt his cum jet into me but I was thinking of her when he did it and wanted it to be her when I came. When we had finished I needed a shower to wash his smell off me. Then it was writing about my day on this Blog knowing that my beloved Candy will be reading this.

I can't wait until Wednesday.

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