tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCindy's Surprise

Cindy's Surprise


This is a work of fiction that is based solely upon my fantasies.

I was disappointed to see our neighbors move. They were a nice, young couple who had proven to be good neighbors. Besides that, Denise, they young wife, was one nice looking woman. She was in her early twenties, and very nicely built. I had had the good luck to look out my window a couple times, and see her standing at her kitchen sink in her bra. Once, I even managed to catch her walking through her kitchen nude. I had hoped for more chances.

That all changed when they moved. They had a house built for them in another part of the state, and when it was finished, they moved to their “dream house.” The problem was, they still had not sold the house next door. So, it remained on the market for several months, with no one seemingly interested in the house. I began to be concerned about how long the house would stay empty, and what type of people we would end up with as neighbors.

It was on a Tuesday, in early September of this year, that I arrived home from work to an event that would have a huge impact upon my wife and I. I parked my car next to our side door, and got out. We live on a corner lot, with plenty of curb space. Our house faces one street, but our garage sits perpendicular, facing the side street which is on the north side. My wife usually parks in the driveway, which is barely long enough for one car.

I entered the house through the side door, “Hello? I’m home!” “Daddy! Hi!” My kids met me at the door.

“Where’s your mother?” I asked, smiling. I was glad to see my kids, but was looking forward to spending some personal time with my wife.

“She’s outside. We have new neighbors!” my oldest daughter told me. She loves to share any kind of new information she receives. She has never been able to keep a secret in her life.

“Oh? Cool. I will have to go check them out.” I smiled, as I headed for the front door. As I walked through our front doorway, I could see my wife standing on the lawn. Her back was to me, and so I was able to admire her rear end. Cindy is in her mid thirties, yet still passes for someone in her twenties. After having three kids, her body has changed, but not necessarily for the worst. She now possesses the curves of a woman, instead of the straight lines of a little girl. Bearing children did wonders for her breasts, increasing them from a b cup to a d cup. Yet, overall, her body didn’t get larger. She her bra size is still a 32, just with a larger cup. After 12 years of marriage, I lusted after her more now, than when we were dating.

I couldn’t see to whom she was speaking, so I walked off the porch, and into the yard to join her. As I approached, I had the opportunity to look over our new neighbor. She appeared to be in her late 40’s, but it was hard to tell. She was dressed in tight fitting jeans, and a nice cotton top, that made her appear sexy, but not slutty. I could tell that she was rather large breasted. She was slightly taller than my wife, who stands about 5’7”. Her blonde hair was probably about shoulder length, but pulled back into a pony-tail. She and my wife were smiling as they spoke, and I could tell my wife genuinely liked this woman. I was thinking that I wouldn’t mind it either if she were to stand in her kitchen naked. In fact, I wouldn’t mind it if she stood in my kitchen naked!

“Hi, hon!,” I stepped up and gave my wife a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, Hi! Did you just get home?”

“Yeah, I came in, and Deena couldn’t wait to tell me about our new neighbors! So, I thought I would come out and introduce myself.”

My wife is notoriously bad with names, so I figured I would save her the embarrassment of not remembering our new neighbors name by introducing myself. However, my wife spoke up

“This is Jan. Jan, this is my husband, Jay.” I was surprised and impressed. My wife obviously liked this lady well enough to remember her name. That said something about this woman’s ability to make a good first impression.

“Hello, Nice to meet you,” I responded.

“Oh, same here. Cindy has been telling us all about you! I understand that you are quite handy around the house!”

“I can fix things when I have to,” I answered, modestly. The fact is that fatherhood and homeownership had drastically improved my mechanical inclinations.

“Good! Cindy has promised to lend you to us whenever we need you! I told her that if you were really good, we might just keep you with us!” I couldn’t tell if she were flirting with me, or not, but my wife laughed at that comment. Yes, I could see that Cindy was glad about our new neighbor.

“So, is your husband inside the house? He’s not making you do all the unpacking, is he?” I attempted to joke around, but was trying to find out as much information as I could.

“Oh, no. My husband passed away three years ago. No, I bought this house with a friend of mine. Let me go get her so I can make the proper introductions.” She turned, and walked to the front door, and called out

“Elle, come meet our new neighbors!”

Jan walked back to us, explaining, “We have been hard at it all day, so Elle is cleaning up. We are going out for a bite to eat. Anyway, like I said, my husband passed away. I sold the house, and most of the other things we had together, and got an apartment. It was really all I needed. Then a year after that, Elle went through a terrible divorce. It left her with next to nothing. We have been friends for years, so I invited her to stay with me in my apartment. We were very compatible, and it worked out great. So, instead of staying in that cramped up apartment, we finished the lease, and found this house. It is perfect for us! We are so excited, and got a great price!

The door opened then, and out came Elle. “Sorry I was taking so long,” she said to Jan, “I just wanted to make sure I got rid of all the grime from moving.”

“I forgive you,” Jan said in a joking manner;. “I want you to meet our new neighbors…This is Jay and Cindy. “

“Nice to meet you,” I offered my hand, which she took with a soft touch.

“Hello, I’m Ellen.” Then, looking quickly at Jan, she added, “But, my friends call me Elle.”

“I like Elle better,” Jan chimed in, “I think Ellen sounds so frumpy, but Elle is very sultry sounding. Elle doesn’t look like the frumpy type, does she?” Jan was smiling, obviously enjoying the teasing she was giving. I understood how she felt, because I am a teaser myself, and have been known to tease my wife in the same manner.

“Oh, no, definitely not frumpy,” I responded. It was the truth. Elle definitely was not frumpy. In fact, she was extremely pretty. She was slightly shorter than my wife, with long brown hair. The hair hung past her shoulders. She was not a large woman, but was very well shaped, with breasts not much smaller than Jan’s. All in all, I thought that changing from neighbors with one good looking woman to neighbors with two good looking women was a good trade!

“Nice to meet you, Elle,” Cindy added. “I hope we can have you guys over for dinner sometime.”

“That would be nice,” Jan said, “And, speaking of dinner, I am ready to eat. Are there any good restaurants around here?”

I gave them some directions, and they soon left. We went inside, and had dinner. Eventually, bedtime arrived, and we all went to bed. Cindy came to bed, nude as usual, but made it clear that she was going directly to sleep. “I have to work a long shift at the hospital tomorrow,” she explained. As if that explanation were enough to meet my needs. It never ceased to amaze me how she could just not concern herself with my needs at times. So, I rolled over and tried to sleep.

I got home well before the school bus was to arrive the next afternoon. At least I would have some peace and quiet. I was out in the back yard, just deciding on where I wanted to start our new patio, when Jan came out of her side door.

“Hi, neighbor,” I jumped a little when I heard her. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come out of that house. It had been empty so long, I had gotten used to it. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump! At least not by scaring you!” She smiled, and I knew I had pegged her right the day before. She was a flirt.

“That’s ok, I am just not used to someone being next door!” I told her, as I moved toward the fence. I noticed that she was wearing tight jeans again, and a white shirt, that was unbuttoned fairly low. I thought maybe I could get a quick peek at some skin.

“I saw you in the yard, and I hope you don’t mind, but would you be able to come help us move a chest?” I laughed to myself….exactly what I would love to do is move her chest.

“Sure, no problem,” I said, “After all, Cindy has practically given my services to you!”

“Yes, you are going to be our indentured servant! My very own houseboy, how erotic!” she laughed suddenly, and acted embarrassed, “I mean EXOTIC! Boy, I really put my foot in my mouth. Talk about a Freudian Slip!” She laughed, until tears streamed down her face.

“Well, I suppose, if you were so inclined, it could be “erotic”, but I think that incurs more cost when the paycheck comes around,” I tried joking to ease her embarrassment.

“I think our houseboy would be happy to do it for free!” She smiled, and led me into the house. As I followed her, I thought to myself, “Nice ass!”

We went into the back room, which had an extension built onto it. The original bedroom had been turned into a sitting room, that led into the bedroom. The Chest was in the sitting room, and Jan wanted it in the bedroom. I tipped the chest back toward me, and Elle grabbed the bottom. Jan was behind me, directing the moving with a dust cloth, shaking it here, and there, and swiping it across pieces of furniture every now and then. She knew exactly where she wanted it. When we managed to get it through the door, and against the wall, I was pinned in, along with Jan, who would not move. We were facing each other, in an otherwise awkward position. I was hemmed in by the wall, the chest of drawers, and Jan. She had the bed to her back, and it was a tight squeeze. Then, she did something that made me really hot and bothered. She dropped the dust cloth she was carrying. Instead of leaving it there, she squatted down, keeping her back straight. Her breasts rubbing against me all the way down. When she retrieved the cloth, she came up the same way, causing her shirt to open wider. I stared, in awe.

“Do you like the view?” She asked.

“Um, I have always enjoyed scenery that included Majestic mountains and valleys”, I answered, trying not to look or act totally dumbfounded and turned on!

Jan then turned around, put her ass against my crotch, moved up and down twice, and then hopped over the bed, saying “Thanks for your help! We really appreciate it! Have a good day!” and she left the room. Elle just stood there in the doorway and smiled.

“Is she always like that?” I asked?

“Oh, no,” Elle answered, “Sometimes she is really bad!”

There was nothing to do then but go home. The school bus had just dropped off the kids.

After the evening activities, it was bedtime. I informed Cindy not to plan on going to sleep right away. “Since you were the one who offered my help to the neighbors, I think it is only fair that you pay me for my services rendered!” I joked with her.

“Oh, you do? And, just why am I having to pay? You should get paid by the person you did the work for!” She joked back. She had no idea how much pay I had received, and why I was so horny.

“Go on upstairs, and I will be up in a moment,” I told her. When she was upstairs, I slowly pulled the curtains aside to see if I could get a glimpse of our neighbors. There, standing at the sink in a silk robe was Jan. When our bedroom light came on, I saw Jan look up to our bedroom window. Then she dried her hands, turned out the light, and left the room.

I went upstairs, and found my wife in her bra and panties, standing beside the bed. “Should we close the windows?” she asked?

“Why? It will get stuffy if we do.”

“I just don’t want Jan and Elle to think we are exhibitionists. What if they see us?” She is always overly concerned that someone will see us.

“We are on the second floor, for pete’s sake! They aren’t going to see us. They don’t even sleep upstairs, it is just storage for them. We are going to leave the window open, and not worry about it. If they should see us, I am sure they won’t sit there and stare. If they do, big deal, then we have our fun, and they see how much fun we are having, and envy us!” I laughed, and at this, Cindy lightened up a little.

We had great sex that night. Cindy obviously needed it as much as I did, since she enjoyed it so much. At one point, she even got on top of me, and shoved her breasts into my mouth, wanting me to suck on them as she came to a nice climax. Afterwards, we lay there exhausted, cuddled up, and went to sleep. When I got up the next morning, the room was cool, and a reached over to shut the window. I noticed that the shades were up on the second story window next door. I laughed to imagine that maybe someone did “enjoy the show.”

I was in a hurry to get home from work the next day. With any luck, the neighbors would need help!

I got home, and went inside. I changed into some jeans, and a t-shirt, and got a glass of iced tea. I had just sat down when the phone rang.


“Jay? It’s Jan. I hate to bother you, but our garbage disposal is not working. Can you come over and take a look at it?”

“Sure.” I wasn’t sure, really, but what the heck. I figured that yesterday was just a fluke, and nothing else was going to happen. I was actually disappointed at that thought.

I grabbed my tools, and headed over. As I was approaching the front door, it opened. There stood Jan, wearing pants that were not tight like the others I had seen her wear. Neither was she showing any sign of cleavage. In fact, she acted disinterested.

“You know where the kitchen is. I have to run to the store, but I have given Elle specific instructions to give you what you need.” I thought this sounded odd. I was getting the picture that Jan was a bit bossy, and Elle just took it. Whatever works for them, I figured.

“Hi, Elle.” She was standing at the sink. She had on a pair of shorts with wide openings for the legs, and a Madonna T-shirt. I thought it was funny to see her wearing Madonna.

“You like Madonna?” I aksed.

“Not really, I just like what she wears sometimes. She has always been a trend-setter.”

“Yeah, I guess so. So, what is your disposal doing?”

“Actually, it’s what it’s ‘not’ doing that is the problem.” She flipped the switch. It didn’t make a sound, as she flipped the switch up and down.

“Ok, I am going to have to crawl under the sink.” I got out my flashlight, and got down on my knees. I opened the doors under the sink, and a couple bottles of dish soap fell out. They had filled the area to busting. I had to spend the next few minutes cleaning out the area, thinking to myself this was typical for women.

When I finally had it empty, I laid back, and crawled under the sink, and looked for the problem. I found it. They had shoved so much stuff under the sink, they had pulled the wires loose from the disposal. I started to reach up, then remembered Elle flipping the switch. I didn’t know if she had left the switch on or off.


“Yes, sir?” She called brightly. I thought she was just being playful, adding the sir part.

“Check, and make sure the disposal switch is off. I don’t want to get fried or chewed up.”

I waited, and felt her step up beside me. She straddled me, and reached for the switch. “Ok, it’s off. Anything else?”

“Yeah, I need an eighth inch nut driver. Can you grab it for me?”

She giggled a little. It made me smile. “That’s a little small, isn’t it?”

“It isn’t the size of the tool, but how you use it!” I laughed back.

“I can’t find it. What does it look like?”

“A screwdriver, with a hole in the end. Says 1/8 on it.”

“Is this it?” She was holding something toward me, but I couldn’t reach it. I had to scoot out a little, and when I did, I was lined up perfectly to look up her shorts. She was naked underneath. I looked at her face, and she was smiling. She knew I had a great view, and didn’t move to block it.

“Um,” was all I could manage to say.

“Something wrong? Don’t you like what you see?”

How could I not like it? It was shaved, and I could see she had a clit piercing. She then moved her barefoot slightly, and placed it on my crotch, and started massaging my already hardening cock.

“Is it getting warm in here, or am I just getting hot?” She asked. She reached up, and took off her shirt. Her breasts were full, and tanned. No tanlines.

“You look uncomfortable, Jay. Wait a minute.”

She moved back, and squatted down. I was pinned under the sink, with just enough room to raise my head and look down the length of my body. Elle grabbed my belt, and unbuckled it, and in almost no time had my pants unzipped, and my dick out. She pulled and massaged it. Then, bent down and sucked it harder than Cindy had ever sucked it.

I started moaning, and reaching for her. I could barely touch her head, and she kept it up. I was so turned on that I came suddenly. She never lifted her head until I finished. Then she looked up and smiled at me, with a little drip of cum on her chin.

“Surprise!” she said, as she got up.

“I’ll say, I wasn’t expecting that!” I said.

“That’s not the surprise she was talking about,” came a voice from off to the side. I was completely caught off guard. There stood Jan. But, that wasn’t what really scared me… in her hand was a camcorder. I looked at her in surprise.

“If you don’t want Cindy seeing this tape, then we need to talk.”

What could I do? So, I buckled up, followed her to the kitchen table, and sat there, waiting for her to lay everything out for me. I was so nervous, my legs were shaking.

“See, it’s like this, Jay. Elle and I have formed a special relationship over the last two years. Her shithead husband left her, and she was in need of someone to take care of her. She needed guidance. The reason her husband left is because she was too weak to know how to keep him. She moved in with me, and I took over. Now, she does what I tell her to do, don’t you Elle?”

“Yes, Jan.”

“Ok, but how does this involve me?” I asked.

“Simple, I like to have control over people. You were easy. Most guys are.”

“And, what do we do now?”

“I,” she said, emphasizing the word, “Do whatever the hell I please. You are going to be my little houseboy, and it is going to be erotic!” She laughed, knowing I remembered her words from the day before. “I want you to drop your pants, so I can get a closer look at you. I want an exam of what I now own.”

I stood up, and unbuckled my pants. I wasn’t very aroused, and things looked pretty pathetic. She pulled my pants and underwear down. Elle was filming everything, and I was mortified. She pulled my cock from side to side, squeezed my nuts, and probed anywhere she could. I was humiliated. Suddenly, she reached up, and gave my dick a hard slap. I grunted in surprise and pain.

“Turn around, boy.” I did, and she started grabbing my asscheeks. “Spread your ass and bend over, give me a good look.”

As I did what she ordered, she sucked her finger, making it wet. When I was bent over, she shoved the finger in my ass. I felt her nail in my rectum, and flinched from the pain. She reached between my legs, and grabbed my cock.

“Hold still!” she demanded. She kept pulling and probing. Her long nail was scraping against my prostate. Within minutes, she had cum coming out of my penis.

“Get a good close up of this, Elle. This is Jay’s first milking. Gotta keep it for posterity! I can’t wait to see Cindy’s face when we show her this!”

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