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Claiming Edana


The young woman was sitting near a copse of fragrant honeysuckle that had made an ancient felled tree its home. Moss covered the massive trunk wherever there weren't dewed blossoms and vines covering it. A small stream trickled over smooth stones. The light of the sun reflected like diamonds that shattered the surrounding forest's gloominess.

Cayden watched from the deep shadows, afraid to startle the fairy as she gathered daisies and wove them into a coronet. His eyes darted about, looking intently for anyone who might distract the vision before him. The moment he came upon the fairy, he felt drawn to her. The deep tides that governed the spirits of the earth had brought him here, to this strange forest. The girl was meant for him. She Who Cares for All had certainly chosen his destiny well.

As he continued watching, she laid the crown upon her shining mass of curls and rose up from the root she was resting upon. The gossamer silk of her gown shifted around her lithe body, revealing pleasing curves and valleys. It seemed as though her gown was a part of her. The colors or lack of them really, never settled into a definite pattern. It was as though the fabric gathered the surrounding light and dressed its mistress in the finest beams the bright orb in the Above could provide.

Cayden took this moment to shift in the shadows, giving fair warning that he was there. She looked towards his direction, at first not seeing where the noise had come from. Then, she focused her eyes upon the darker shadows and stared directly at him. With that one look, Cayden was smitten. Her violet eyes widened a bit as she discerned his form among the saplings and thick undergrowth. He was immediately glad that he had maintained his human-like form and wouldn't frighten this beauty that stood before him. Cayden stepped out from the shadows, a grin upon his face. He knew the effect he would have upon her. It was the same wherever he went. All females were drawn inexplicably to him. So when she drew herself up to her full height of 4'2" and asked him imperiously just what he was doing there, it caught him off guard.

He stammered, much to his chagrin, "My Lady, I am Cayden. I have come to you by the will of She Who Cares for All. It would seem that She believes me to be the ideal consort for you. Have you not felt the pull towards me?"

Her smooth brow wrinkled slightly. The faint heart shape that formed on her forehead made Cayden want to kiss her right there. He resisted that urge for the moment, waiting to hear her reply.

"Good creature, indeed I have felt something within me, but I had not been able to put a feeling to it. However, now that you are in my presence, I feel the desire of Her will leading me to you. Yes, I understand it now."

Cayden was relieved. He didn't know how he would react if she had fled from him and denied his claim upon her. He took a step towards her, his hand outstretched to take hers.

"Might I know your name, my Lady? Please, let me know your touch upon my hand, I have traveled from a great distance to find you."

The fairy lowered her eyes for a moment, she raised them back up, Cayden saw the brief fire behind the cool violet of her eyes and felt the forest around him shift as though it was an illusion and not solidly surrounding them. Involuntarily, he took a deep breath, realizing for the first time that he was in the presence of an immense power. She smiled for him, the sunlight suddenly dancing fiercely around him.

"I am named Edana. I am most pleased to meet you, Cayden. I find you most agreeable, and if the Caretaker has brought you to me, then I must heed Her desire and take you as my mate. You must know, though, I am aware of what you really are, and am not afraid of you. But, you must maintain your form in front of my Court. I do not believe they would understand why She Who Cares for All has seen fit to send me dragon-kin for a consort."

Cayden narrowed his eyes briefly, how was it that this slight fairy-woman could know his secret? He had learned to hide his true nature with the use of magic and the fire-opal he wore underneath his jerkin. 'Indeed,' he thought, 'she is a power to be reckoned with, yet I feel no fear about her. Perhaps I have found a mate suited for me.' He looked down upon her, even in human-like form; he was massive next to the delicateness of her body. He replied to her request by drawing her to him and, leaning down, kissed her tender lips. In that kiss he felt the sweetness of honeysuckle, the freshness of the meadow dew and the power of all good things. She was indeed his equal and the balance to his own bitterness and darkness. Finally, breaking the kiss, he replied;

"I will do as you request, for I do not wish to offend you or your court. I only hope that in time, they will find me no threat to you or them."

"My gratitude to you, Cayden, and now, let me take your hand and we will shift through the light that breaks shadows and return to my court. I must follow our ancient traditions when taking my mate. You cannot claim me until after the ancient ones have given us their blessings. So, let us go now, I find I am most eager to take you to my bower and challenge your desire for me!"

Edana grasped Cayden's hand and with the rising mist swirling around them, took him between the shadows of the forest and into a glade that was surrounded by dazzling flowers and clovers and all varieties of ivy and grasses. All around the glade, fairies were playing and dancing and singing and weaving and enjoying each other's delights. There was no shame apparent in the joy of their mating. No one seemed to care that there were three female fairies obviously enjoying the pleasures of one of the males right in the middle of the glade. Edana laughed as Cayden stopped to stare at the scene before him. His arousal was apparent, and made Edana blush not with concern, but in delight at what was soon going to be hers to enjoy.

She pulled him down to whisper in his ear;

"I do believe you will enjoy it here. Even though you will be my consort, you will be able to enjoy the delights of all my court. I only require that you reserve your fertile seed for me alone, is that agreeable to you?"

Cayden's heart leaped in his chest, unbelieving of what Edana was saying. All these beautiful creatures, his to enjoy, yet, at this moment, he only wanted one; the fairy that had captured his hand, and his heart. Leaning down to reply, he closed his hand around hers tightly;

"While I find many of your ladies and a few of the lads as well, attractive and arousing, I find that I only desire you, my sunshine. I trust this does not make you unhappy."

Edana was delighted with Cayden's answer, and tipped her head up to kiss his cheek, brushing her soft body against his. The heat between them was palpable, and Cayden believed that if the "ancients" did not hurry and bless their mating, then he would take Edana and make her his regardless of traditions.

The day wore on. Edana was busy going to all the ancients of the court, asking them to be present at a Blessing Ceremony to be held that night. The ancients were curious about the new being who wished to claim their daughter as his. She had never looked lovelier as she described him. They felt in their hearts that perhaps it was time for the court to roll over and accept a new queen. They had each taught Edana the secrets of the earth and she had easily made liaisons with Those Below and Those Above. Yes, She Who Cares for All had finally heard their voices and sent Edana the consort she needed to take her place leading the Golden Court.

Cayden had been taken by the male fairies to a still-water pond. It was in a small clearing surrounded by huge oaks and willow trees gracefully trailing their branches at the water's edge, trailing tendrils lovingly into the clear depths. They told him that now that he was come to claim their beloved princess, he must ritually be accepted by the male Domini. They stripped him of all his clothing, and when they saw the fire opal that rested upon his chest, they became hushed and dropped down in reverence. The silence was broken when the wind faintly rustled the leaves of the oaks and the light of the clearing brightened. The most magnificent male fairy stepped into the clearing. Cayden thought he could only be the Domini, and dropped immediately to his knees. The Domini looked around at the members of his court. He spoke then, the sound like rushing waters falling gently over worn stones;

"I have come as asked. It is my understanding that you wish to present Edana's intended consort to me for my Blessing. Am I correct in this?"

One of the older fairies rose and offered his response;

"Great Domini, it is true that this creature has been sent by She Who Cares for All to claim the heart of Edana, the daughter of your heart. Forgive us for not having him properly purified yet. We were startled by the stone he wears upon his chest."

The Domini walked over to where Cayden was kneeling;

"Rise, Son of the HawkSpirit. I would welcome my kindred."

Cayden arose, confused by the Domini's words. As he stood to his full human-form height, the fire opal around his neck flamed out in brilliant colors that danced around the clearing. His breath caught as the Domini just stood there and laughed.

"Wh-what is happening?" Cayden asked

"Why, Cayden, can you not recognize that we are of similar blood? I believe this is why you have been called to our lovely little Edana's side. You are of the same House. Therefore, any offspring that you are blessed with will be mighty formidable against any foe. This is a good thing, and I heartily bless this mating! Now, let us purify you for tonight, and then we will drink upon our good fortunes!"

With that being said, Cayden was led into the pool and the male fairies cleansed him with the clear waters, making jests about how well-suited he was for their princess and that she would, indeed, be well-pleased that night. After he was led from the water, a cup of rosehip wine was pressed into his hand, and as he drank, it never seemed to be empty of the tart, yet pleasing wine.

The men draped Cayden with garlands of ivy. He started to pull on his breeches, but was told he must go the Blessing Ceremony the way he was birthed. He began to tell them that he did not believe that was such a good idea, but something in the way they looked at him made him keep his thoughts on the matter to himself.

As Cayden was being prepared for the night's festivities, so was Edana. The women had already purified her in their own still-water pool and she had been rubbed dry and dusted with glittering jewel dust. Her hair had been brushed into ringlets that fell down near to her knees. The golden strands of curls caught the light of the fading sun, refracting the glitter of the jeweled dust. She, too, was to remain unclothed. Garlands of flowers and ivy were draped over her and the daisy coronet placed upon her head once more.

Edana was led to the center of the Golden Court's Glade. Fireflies had gathered around the outskirts of the meadow and were busy lighting the area where the Blessing was to take place. The fairies of the court had all gathered, each dressed in the exquisite gossamer fabrics that were legend among their kind. The ancients had taken their places upon the raised part of the meadow. They stood there waiting for all to arrive. When they saw Edana, they were in awe of her beauty. She had never looked so tantalizing. Edana looked every part the blossoming queen. They turned as they heard Cayden arriving from the other side of the glade. He was equally as handsome, a fitting consort to their queen. The legend-keepers among the fairies knew that stories of the two lovers would be told and re-told for generations to come.

When Cayden saw Edana he froze. Never before had he been in the presence of a woman who stole his composure. The thought 'beautiful' did not come near to describing the creature who had been chosen as his mate. She was life itself. The sun in the Above did not compare. His heart was near bursting with a new emotion he thought he would never know. Love. Love for the fairy that was soon to be his mate. At that moment, he knew he belonged to her and as she looked into his eyes, light burst around them, fracturing the velvet night of the forest.

Cayden saw that she too wore the fire opal. This startled him at first. But he gave himself over to the will of the Caretaker. She knew what She was doing, he hoped. With the knowledge that his future mate must surely have been destined for him, he stepped forward to take her hand and get on with the Blessing Ceremony.

The oldest of the fairies were all present; these were the "ancients". The ones who had not chosen to enter the light yet. They still were active within the court, giving wisdom and justice as needed. And in all matters regarding the mating, they had final say as to who could mate with whom.

Facing the couple before them, they began to converse among themselves. Finally, a wizened old woman came up and began to handle Cayden's genitals. He began to back away, but Edana held him tightly beside her. The old woman inspected him thoroughly, and with a final 'humph' nodded her head to the others and left Cayden with a hint of blush to his face. Another ancient, a male, came up to Cayden. He spoke to Cayden in the language of dragon-kin, inquiring the intent Cayden had with their beloved princess. Cayden was startled to be addressed in his own tongue, but replied that his intent was to mate with Edana, and bestow new life into her Golden Court, remaining by her side in her glen. The male nodded his approval and stepped back, the corner of his mouth lifted in a slight, knowing smile.

Finally, with inspections over, the ancients gathered and began to hum in a song older that the soil under their feet. The glen's inhabitants began to buzz with excitement. Standing there, Cayden and Edana felt the warmth of the court's love surround them. Cayden drew her into his arms and held her as the song reverberated around them; even the earth was joining the music. The gathering began to dance in circles around the pair. The ancients were moving time backwards as the younger ones were moving it forward. The deep shadows of the forest were dropping away, revealing all the creatures that had come to the edge of the glen to witness the joining of Cayden and Edana. Glimmering light filled the air, as though the bright orb in the Above was coming to see what joy was being celebrated this night.

Cayden felt Edana being drawn from him. He looked down and saw the ancient women taking her away. The men came forward and led him away as well. The song was fading in soft echoes around him. The Blessing was over.

Cayden was reclining in a leafy bower, the branches of the vines were separated and Edana slipped past them. He looked at the vision before him and his heart leapt once more at the gift before him. Edana was his mate. His for as long as She desired it.

Her lithe body was solid, yet he felt the delicateness of her skin as he took her hand. The long, supple legs and graceful bend of her arms enchanted him. She tilted her head slightly in greeting. Her long curls shifting in prismatic gilt around her. Her breasts were full, yet high. He let his gaze wander down past her narrow waist and gently rounded belly to the apex of her thighs. A gentle golden down covered her womanhood. His heart was racing as he finally noticed her observing him. He looked up into her violet eyes and without thinking, spoke to her in his dragon-kin tongue, telling her of the way she was stirring his very being at this moment. She looked puzzled, and realizing she was not comprehending his words, spoke in the fairy tongue;

"Hello there, my sweet dear."

"Good eventide, my lord."

Cayden smiled at that, and taking Edana in his arms, ran his lips down her throat, kissing the base of her long neck. A small flicker of flame flew through Edana's finger as she touched his arm. Her body softened next to his. She gently kissed his chest, feeling the power of what he was just below the surface of his flesh.

"Do I frighten you, my sweet?"

"No, I am not afraid of you. I love the feeling of your muscles as they ripple, the feeling of your scales just under the skin, it is quite lovely."

"Would you like me to assume my dragon form?"

Edana was intrigued. She felt a stirring within her she had never felt before, even when she had been kissed as a young girl by one of the more experienced males. She thought for only a moment longer before she replied;

"Mm, yes, but I want to feel you change. I want to kiss you and touch you. I want to lie upon your body and feel its strength, oh goddess, I just want you."

Cayden was astounded by Edana's declaration. Feeling his own need rising, he drew her to him and lay down upon the soft petals of the bowery, laying her upon his body. The garland draping her gave way around them, the scent of crushed flowers rising around them in intoxicating waves.

She was so small upon him, even in his human form he was a great creature. Her tiny hands roamed over him, feeling his body writhe with the changes. Cayden's muscles grew and scaled over; his face and body lengthening. Wings spread out from his back, a tail extended from his spine. His member still sheathed.

Edana closed her eyes and felt Cayden's movement under her. She lowered her mouth to his and kissed him. Her soft pink lips opened slightly to taste him, feeling his body growing majestically hard under her soft form. A golden aura surrounded them almost immediately, warmth replacing the chill of the night. Her fingers played upon the flesh of the dragon beneath her, making her sigh in pleasure.

Not quite fully changed, Cayden's long tongue caressed Edana's lips and tongue as his hands stroked her back. Holding her close to his heart as it beat like thunder. Her body melted upon his. Her long, smooth leg rested between his, feeling the massive power growing there. Her own body was responding with anticipation. Cayden whispered in her ear;

"Mmm..you desire my body, do you not?"

"Yes" she whispered "I am like clay in your artist's fingers, your talons do me no harm, only serving to excite my already quivering body. Your powerful hold over me serves only to heighten my desire to please you."

Cayden pushed her down his body a bit, back against his bent legs. From a sheath in his body, his shaft and testacles emerged, long and hard, but throbbing, begging for her touch. She looked down into his silvered eyes, her own violet ones smoldering like a banked fire. Her mouth parted and her tongue licked her swollen lips, moistening them. She moved down between his legs to lie between them. She took his shaft in her hand, unable to reach around it with her fingers. Small shivers coursed through her; excitement, and hunger, but not fear. As she watched his reaction, she slipped the tip of her tongue out of her mouth and gently licked the tip of his hard member, tasting the maleness of his kind. Finding it not unpleasant, she continued exploring him with the tip of her tongue.

His tail moved up along her back, caressing it as the claws of his hands run through her hair. A small waft of smoke fluttered from his mouth as he smiled, moaning softly as her mouth dropped exquisite kisses upon his most sensitive part. It was the only part of him that was not protected by scales, and was a hundred times more sensitive than the rest of his body. Edana's back arched as she felt the caress of his tail and talons. Her hair flowed around them, tiny dancing flames playing in its curls. The brightness of the fire increased as she took the head of his shaft into her mouth. He pushed a bit and she pulled back a little, wanting to savor the maleness and drive him to madness with the feel of her mouth bathing him in passion.

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