Claire's Career Ch. 09: The Prostitute


So it really shouldn't have been a surprise when Ali released a huge spurt of spunk all over Claire's mouth, nose and forehead. Even so she let out a squeal of alarm as the huge load of cum liberally coated her pretty young face. Luckily Bianca quickly took over, plunging her mouth over his cock to collect the remainder of his ejaculate as he shuddered and twitched in bliss beneath her.

Once Ali had completed his orgasm and fully relaxed, Bianca climbed off him, pointed at her full mouth before making an incoherent 'just-going-to-the-bathroom-but-my-mouth's-full' noise and gesturing to the restroom door. She grabbed Claire's hand and pulled her into the en-suite.

Once inside, Bianca closed the door and spat Ali's sperm into the sink. "Pwah. Ugh, disgusting," she sputtered. "Go on then, darling. Clean off your face," she said to Claire as she sorted through the complimentary toiletries for some mouthwash.

Claire cleaned off her face with hand soap and water, not too worried about the spunk she'd already tasted when it had leaked into her mouth. In fact she was a little surprised that Bianca hadn't swallowed as its flavour seemed innocuous enough to her but she didn't pretend to understand the arcane ways of the professional slut.

Bianca sighed loudly and Claire turned to find her friend urinating unselfconsciously on the stylish porcelain lavatory, her flawless coffee skin contrasting fascinatingly with the white-ware. "Oh, that's better, honey. It's all that wine!" Bianca giggled. Claire smiled at her stunning friend as she continued. "And thanks so much for blowing him so eagerly. I really do appreciate having a friend like you, Claire. Don't worry you won't have to do anything else."

Once they'd both completed their ablutions, they walked back in to find Ali sitting up on the bed stroking his semi-erect penis.

"Ah! Girls, you're back! Have some more champagne and then get out of your undies and come and join me. I have a few erotic variations in mind that I think you'll find very interesting," he requested.

Bianca helped Claire out of her bra and thong, cooing in delight at her mammoth pale freckled boobs, the cute thatch of trimmed auburn hair above her slit, her long legs and her glorious peachy butt so that she was left only in her black stockings and red heels.

Bianca quickly lost her tiny white g-string and delicate bra exposing her gloriously curved torso, large tan-tipped tits and smooth twat.

Within a few minutes Claire found herself back to sucking Ali's fat dick while he sucked in turn on Bianca's fat boobs. As she tenderly slid her beautifully moist lips up and down his shaft in a slow methodical rhythm, Bianca left them briefly to impishly produce an enormous semi-transparent violet vibrator from her handbag.

Claire's eyes widened around her mouthful of swarthy cock, as Bianca turned on the toy and came back to the bed.

"Fuck yes, girls," Ali moaned as Bianca joined Claire once more to suck his cock.

Noticing Claire's alarm, she whispered, "Trust me! Just pretend you're enjoying it!" surreptitiously in her ear before pulling Claire's face away from Ali's dong to kiss her passionately.

Once more, as Claire snogged her best friend, she felt herself getting more and more aroused to the point that, when Bianca paused to ardently lick her ripe red nipples and tease them with her pulsating purple plaything, Claire had to suppress an involuntary squeal of lust as she was pushed onto her back on the bed.

So it was with a peculiar combination of apprehension and expectation that Claire stroked her friend's lush dark hair as Bianca kissed her way down Claire's flat stomach, pausing to tongue her belly button, before she continued towards her pussy, her obscene lilac vibrator in hand.

Claire had heard that having a woman lick one's cunt was a different experience to when a man did it and judging by her sample of exactly one, it was more than different: it was significantly better. Bianca knew exactly how to tongue her pussy lips, exactly how to finger her hole and exactly how to suck her clitoris. When Bianca slowly circled the vibrator around her clit, Claire couldn't help herself: with an indignant squawk, she orgasmed vehemently.

"Oh, that's so hot," Ali murmured, reaching forward to stroke fondle Claire's large fair breasts and roll her nipples roughly between thumb and forefinger. Despite herself, Claire moaned lasciviously at this less than gentle treatment, still stunned by her climax.

Bianca lifted her face from between Claire's head to kiss Ali and allow him to lick Claire's juices off her face.

"Hmm, so delicious," he groaned. "I want to be inside you."

Claire was momentarily alarmed before she realised that Ali was talking to Bianca, who had already discarded the vibrator and was unrolling a condom. She slid it onto Ali's sizeable member before sucking him briefly and then climbing into a 69 position on top of Claire.

"Oh, shit," Claire mumbled to herself as Bianca's perfect shaved cunt was positioned right in front of her eyes. She'd never really thought about another woman's genitals as being attractive but Bianca's pussy was magnificent, plump lipped and dusky, moist and fragrant, rudely gaping open in unspoken enticement.

She gasped as Ali's brought his big cock and balls to Bianca's entrance and, without thinking, reached up to help him find the right positioning to slowly split her lips open before thrusting himself powerfully into her tiny tight twat.

Claire, entranced by the obscene spectacle only inches from her eyes, allowed her legs to fall open without thinking as Bianca, moaning at Ali's sudden intrusion, buried her face between her long thighs.

Within a few minutes, Bianca had induced in her yet another mind-shattering orgasm despite the enormous distraction of being thoroughly fucked by her heavily endowed client and Claire found herself getting more and more drawn into the whole experience as she reached out her tongue to slurp on Ali's hairy testicles and along his rubber-clad shaft, getting a hint of her friend's fruity flavour.

Unable to assuage her curiosity, Claire even licked up his cock until she was directly tasting her friend's cunt-lips and the strawberry flavoured lubricant she must have clandestinely applied. Soon she was tonguing her clit in much the same way as Bianca was doing to her, Ali's balls sliding across her forehead as he continued to forcefully fuck her friend.

Afterwards, when Claire looked back at what had happened that evening, she pinpointed this exact moment as the time after which she lost any vague semblance of control.

Up to that instant, Claire could justifiably say that she'd only been helping out Bianca with a tricky

However after that point, she couldn't really pretend any more.

When she licked her friend's pussy, she wanted to make her come because she was really turned on by her first lesbian experience. And when, after Ali had eventually pulled out of Bianca and Claire had achieved another few lingually stimulated orgasms, she hadn't hesitated to push him back, rip off the condom and climb onto him, impaling her soaking twat onto his lengthy thick cock, offering him her tits to maul and tweak.

As Claire rode him, Bianca sat on Ali's face, allowing him tongue her pussy and arse and covering his ears with her thighs, before giving her a thumbs-up and a big kiss. "Thanks so much for helping me Claire. I know you've gone further than you wanted but it honestly doesn't mean anything: it's just business. And I tell you what: your fake orgasms are amazing. I wish I could do mine as well as you do!"

Claire smiled weakly in response, not having realised that Bianca has been simulating her climaxes, whilst continuing to bounce up and down on Ali's fat knob.

"By the way, are you using a condom, babe?" Bianca asked as she ground her arse on Ali's smiling face.

Claire shook her head with a tight moan. "No. I never use them. And I'm not a prostitute, I'm just helping out so I don't need to," she gasped, yet another climax building between her legs.

"Er, ok," Bianca said, a puzzled expression on her face. She was going to say more but at that moment, Ali let out a huge but muffled groan into her pussy as he began to spurt mightily into Claire's tight hot cunt, setting her off in yet another orgasm.

"Nice one, Claire!" Bianca said approvingly as Claire shuddered joyously, her pussy full of spunk.

After Ali had caught his breath, he sat back on the bed and ordered the two girls to entertain him until he was ready to join them.

Claire found herself on top of Bianca, her pussy dripping spunk over friend's face as she avidly snogged her cunt in return. After she'd come again from a combination of Bianca's clever tongue and the crude thrusting of the lilac vibrator, she rolled off Bianca who turned to hold her as Claire licked her face clean of a sticky mixture of pussy juice and spunk.

It didn't take Ali long to join them who, over the next two hours, fucked them both repeatedly in several different positions before he ended up doing Claire from behind. When he pulled out and positioned his knob at her arsehole, Claire's eyes widened in consternation but she didn't protest, not wanting to make a fuss, as he slowly, powerfully, pushed his chunky cock up her butt.

Bianca, whose pussy Claire had been licking, lifted her head up and looked down at her, mouthing, "Is he fucking your arse?" Claire nodded tightly, puffing hard as Ali stretched her poor cute bumhole to its limit as he rammed her mercilessly.

"Wow!" Bianca whispered back before nodding. "I'll charge a bit extra," she said astutely.

In the end, for an additional fee of course, Ali was allowed to finish up Bianca's exceptionally tight arse, or so Claire judged, based on how difficult it had been for him to force himself up her despite a liberal application of lubricant.

Exhausted, Claire got dressed in a confused haze as Ali contentedly handed over an enormous wad of cash to Bianca.

It was only when the smirking doorman let them out of the hotel that the cool clear evening air sobered her up somewhat.

As a black cab drove them out towards their homes, Claire buried her head in her hands with a disconsolate groan.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Bianca asked concernedly.

"Oh, B. What have I done? I can't believe I went so far!" Claire whined.

Bianca put an arm around her friend. "Oh no, babe. It's ok. Remember wanking someone is fine. It doesn't count as being unfaithful. All you were doing was using different parts of your body to masturbate him like your mouth and your pussy."

"And my arse."

"Yes; and your arse. It's not as if you enjoyed it really, right?"

Claire shook her head, unwilling to admit that perhaps she had just a little.

"So there you go. And the stuff we did to each other. It was just a bit of good clean fun and I promise you Danny wouldn't mind that one bit! So you don't need to feel guilty at all. You were just helping me out with work, that's all," Bianca added smoothly.

Claire nodded thoughtfully. Maybe Bianca was right. She hadn't really enjoyed it that much. All her orgasms had been accidental, after all.

"Are you sure you don't want any of this cash?" Bianca asked, opening her handbag.

"No," Claire said firmly, "why don't you give my share to charity?"

"Er, yeah. Sure, I'll do that," Bianca nodded.

"Please though, Bianca. I can't do this again so promise me you'll never ask me," Claire begged.

"All right, Claire, I won't" Bianca replied giving her best friend a hug.

Claire was apprehensive as she got home but Danny was still out on a DJ-ing job at a club so she had time to have a hot shower and clean herself completely of any signs of her debauched evening.

In fact she was fast asleep when she he eventually got home and snuggled up behind her. Feeling his slender erection probing her poor tender bottom, she groggily turned around to kiss him drowsily. Eventually giving in to his insistent and horny pressure, she slid down his body to sleepily suck him off, way too sore for a fuck.

The next morning, Danny surprised her with breakfast in bed.

"Oh thanks, darling. What's the occasion?" she joked but felt suddenly guilty when he replied that it was the anniversary of their first date. She'd forgotten! And then when the events of the night before came back to her, her remorse threatened to overwhelm her.

However rather than make a tearful relationship-destroying confession, Claire threw herself at her boyfriend, energetically and ingeniously satisfying him, using all of her abundant assets fully so that, when they finally emerged from their bedroom, he was fully sexually sated. Ironically, Claire did fake several orgasms that morning, not being able to get herself fully aroused because of lingering soreness in her arse in particular and because she had so recently experienced such a large penis against which, if she were brutally honest, Danny didn't quite measure up.

In the end though they had a lovely day together, culminating when Danny insisted they go out for a romantic meal, for which she dressed provocatively in a tiny black low-cut dress, knowing that Danny loved her cleavage.

It wasn't until Danny pulled Claire out of the taxi that she realised that they were back at the restaurant at which she'd been the night before with Ali and Bianca. Hiding her agitation, she allowed her boyfriend to escort her into the classy eatery.

At the bar she pulled him towards a quiet corner table, wary of meeting anyone who might remember her, and her associates, from the night before.

Luckily the waitress wasn't anyone she recognised and even went they were shown to their table by the maître d', Claire was certain that he hadn't been on duty the night before. In fact only when the sommelier came to take their wine order did Claire identify anyone who might have seen her here with Ali and Bianca. A raised eyebrow from him suggested he recalled her. She blushed at his attention.

Despite her subtle protestations, Danny ordered a tasting menu of several courses served with an equal number of wines, giving the sommelier, a sloppily plump middle-aged balding Portuguese man with a slick slender moustache and dolorous air, plenty of opportunity to come to their table throughout the meal.

Every time he filled her glass, Claire was acutely aware that he was studying her beyond the normal leering and lechery she got from men interested in her deep creamy cleavage, long stocking-clad legs and perfectly proportioned bum.

Despite her wariness, Claire eventually became a little drunk from the large quantity of high quality wine she was forced to imbibe. She realised this as she stood to visit the lavatory, once more feeling a little unsteady, just like the previous evening.

She took a breath to collect herself, smiled charmingly at Danny and strode across the restaurant in her slinky black dress and killer heels, some high black sling-backed Louboutins with which Danny treated her.

As she left the Ladies' lavatory, she heard a whispered 'pssst' from her left. She turned to find the sommelier beckoning to her from a door off the corridor leading back into the restaurant.

At a loss about what to do, Claire followed him reluctantly into what turned out to be a wine cellar.

"What do you want?" she asked him, her eyes wide.

"You were here last night, no?" he said in a continental accent. Claire nodded shamefacedly in response, noticing the name on his badge: Ricardo, Master Sommelier.

"You are a prostitute?" he said, slowly looking her tall slender yet curvaceous body up and down appraisingly.

"No! Certainly not!"

"Don't pretend. I can tell them from a mile off! Look at you in your slutty dress with your fat boobies on show and your arse hanging out! And anyway I've seen your friend, the lovely black girl here before with different men!"

Claire nodded dejectedly.

"Tonight though you are not with a client?"

Claire didn't know how to answer. Should she pretend that Danny was a client or not?

Before she could formulate a response, Ricardo shook his head. "No, this man tonight, he is no customer. He loves you with all his heart. I can tell."

Claire gasped. "How do you know?"

The sommelier tapped his nose meaningfully. "I am a man of the world. I know. That man is besotted by you. I can se it in his eyes. He is no client. But does he know you're a tart?"

Claire shook her head slowly and Ricardo smiled at her menacingly.

"Oh!" she exclaimed as he reached out cup her breasts but she didn't stop him from squeezing and fondling them, before sliding his hands down the front of her clingy dress and into her bra to rub his palms over her nipples, involuntarily stiff from the cool air of the temperature-controlled wine room.

"Please stop, someone might catch us!" she whined as scooped her huge boobs out her low-cut dress and strapless bra.

"Magnifico!" Ricardo murmured as he groped her large perky lightly freckled tits, pinching the red tips callously. "No-one comes in here! This is my domain!" he said proudly. "And anyway, unless you want me to tell your boyfriend that you are a whore, you will do as I say!" he ordered, bending down to lick Claire's small red nipples.

Claire looked around helplessly as Ricardo sucked enthusiastically on her breasts. There was nothing she could do. She had no choice: she knew what he wanted and she had to get this over with quickly so that Danny wouldn't miss her. Rather than wait for the inevitable, Claire decided to take the initiative.

Despite her visceral repugnance for the disgusting Ricardo and his repulsive body, Claire reached down between his legs to squeeze his already turgid crotch, causing him to moan around a mouthful of her left tit.

When he stopped his objectionable slobbering and brought his oily visage up as if to kiss her pretty fresh face, Claire deftly unzipped his flies and avoided his hungry mouth by elegantly kneeling down on the cold tiled floor and pulling out his unsightly stubby erection, knowing she had to finish him swiftly to avoid unnecessary concern from Danny.

Although Ricardo was tidily groomed and smartly dressed in the restaurant's uniform, his personal hygiene turned out to be less than adequate, causing Claire to quietly retch at the miasmic reek emanating from his grubby unwashed genitals. Thinking of her relationship, Claire steeled herself and slid her mouth staunchly over his diminutive organ, causing the sommelier to groan appreciatively at the touch of her moist lips

Roughly sliding her tongue around his foul-tasting knob, Claire paused to spit out a build-up of tainted saliva, before working up the courage to take him back into her beautiful sweet mouth. Ricardo, losing control, grabbed Claire by her long shiny red hair and began to fuck her mouth forcefully.

Within seconds, he barked blissfully and thrust his entire cock into her mouth until her nose was buried in his bristly dark pubes and ejaculated profusely down her throat. Claire was pleased that he'd come so quickly, evidently not used to such enthusiastic oral sex from a beautiful young woman, and swallowed his foetid load gratefully despite its rank taste.

After waiting a few moments to allow his filthy spurts to die away, Claire licked his knob clean, or as clean it could be made via her tongue anyway, forcing herself to gulp down what was left in her mouth.

She stood up, lifting her bra and dress up to contain her colossal breasts once more. She looked up at Ricardo who was breathing hard, leaning against a rack of Argentine Malbecs. "Please, can I go now?"

He nodded unsteadily, gesturing back out of the door.

Claire, checking no-one was around, slipped back into the ladies to wash her mouth out as best she could and to reapply her bright red lipstick.

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