tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClass Rules Ch. 04

Class Rules Ch. 04


When Shirley West and Julian went home that day they were both in such a state of shock they didn't even discuss the events in the Headmaster's office. It was so bizarre; they almost felt it must have been a dream. Neither of them wanted to talk about it or even think about it.

The only thing that seemed wonderful was the letter they had in their possession congratulating them on satisfactorily passing their assessment with flying colours and awarding them a very nice salary increase. Mr Gallagher had ended the letter by saying that all that was still required from them was to continue to rise to the new and exacting requirements of a modern school to ensure their continued promotion.

Julian was over the moon. "Isn't it wonderful, Shirley? We will be able to buy a new house now and look forward to earning some real money."

Shirley was equally thrilled but did have some reservations as the Head had added a small postscript saying, "Of course, all young teachers like yourselves are still on a probationary period and your future in the school is dependant on you keeping up the current high standard."

Julian gushed, "But all the teachers have that warning, Shirley; we are no different from them." Shirley nodded. It seemed so sensible for the Head to build in that proviso.

Over the next few months everything went very satisfactorily. They did have to attend a lot of Staff Meetings chaired by Mr Gallagher while Miss O'Hare always took notes. These passed without any problems.

During this period Amy Turner had been appointed Head Girl. Amy was 19 now and had really grown up in such a short time and seemed very confident. She seemed to get on very well with Mr Gallagher and Miss O'Hare and they obviously respected her opinions and listened very carefully to what she had to say.

As Head Girl, Amy was also required to attend the Staff Meetings. Mrs West was surprised that Amy almost seemed equal to the Head when the meetings were conducted. Then on one occasion Shirley required some additional advice from the Head and stayed behind to discuss things privately with him.

She was surprised that Amy also stayed and busied herself around the office as Shirley explained some very personal aspects of her class. After a short while Amy said to the Head, "It's too hot in here, Mr Gallagher. May I take my tie off?" The Head simply nodded.

Shirley was shocked at the young girl's manner and really didn't think that a pupil should be allowed to listen to personal class details, but didn't feel that it was her place to object. As she was talking to the Head, Amy Turner was clearing some papers off his desk. Mrs West could hardly believe it when she saw his hand move up the back of Amy's skirt and fondle her bottom through her underwear.

She held her breath waiting for the Head Girl to let out a scream. She didn't. She simply stood there carrying on with the papers hardly moving. Shirley did detect some movement, however; Amy opened her legs slightly.

The Head was still listening to Mrs West's problems, apparently neither aware nor bothering that the young teacher could see what he was doing with the Head Girl. He did whisper in Amy's ear and she giggled. Without moving her stance she said to Miss O'Hare, "Mr Gallagher wants to see my knickers again, Doris. Do you mind?"

Doris O'Hare smiled. "You know he is always horny for you after Staff Meetings, Amy. Play a little hard to get. Just give him a little flash."

Amy giggled and leaned forward and flicked the back of her skirt up showing her blue school panties. Turning to the Head she smiled, "As instructed, Mr Gallagher. Regulation school knickers. Have a little look but, please, no touching while Mrs West is here. Please get rid of her first and then I'll help you to cum"

Shirley West was mesmerised by the proceedings. She could see that Amy was not bothered at all that she could hear the discussion. It was even worse when the Head turned his attention back to her and asked, "Will that be all Mrs West? I am a very busy man and have to attend to some urgent school business."

Shirley nodded; she knew when she wasn't wanted. She hadn't received the advice she needed but couldn't risk upsetting anyone and nodded, "Yes thank you Head Master" and left.

Over the next few months, Shirley witnessed more and more the great influence that Amy seemed to be exerting together with Miss O'Hare. None of the other teachers seemed aware of what was happening, yet when she was in the Head's Office they seemed to enjoy doing things in front of her to see if she would object. They would always ask her to stay now to discuss some trivial school issue and it got to the stage where Amy would undo Mr Gallagher's trousers and play with his penis directly in front of her.

Amy would sometimes tease her and ask, "I bet your husband doesn't have as big a cock as our Headmaster, Mrs West, does he?" When she would blush and stutter "Oh Amy you shouldn't sat things like that," the Head Girl and the School Secretary would both laugh uproariously.

After one Staff Meeting Shirley could see Amy and Miss O'Hare chatting and smiling. As the meeting broke up she heard Miss O'Hare say to the Head, "Tell Mrs West to stay behind."

The Head looked startled but Amy interrupted. "If you do this for us, Mr Gallagher, then we'll do things for you." Mr Gallagher thought for a moment then said, "Mrs West, please stay behind as I have something to discuss with you." All the other staff had left and only the four of them were left. Shirley feared the worse.

Amy suddenly lifted one foot up onto the table which meant her legs were wide open showing all of her panty gusset. Shirley thought this would cause an uproar but the only one who spoke was Amy as she laughed, "Come on Doris. I feel as wet as hell. Come and do your duty."

Shirley was amazed. Miss O'Hare smiled and moved towards the 19 year old pupil and flicked her tongue out and licked Amy's face. At the same time she dropped her hand between the young girl's legs and massaged her crotch through her knickers.

Being the only other female in the room Shirley tried to whisper protectively, "Miss O'Hare, the Headmaster can see you."

Miss O'Hare laughed "We know he can, Mrs West. This is a show we put on especially for him."

Shirley could see the Head's eyes glued between Amy's legs and his trousers straining to conceal his growing erection. He was in another world.

Amy was enjoying being rubbed but was also aware of the consternation she was causing to Mrs West and giggled something to Miss O'Hare. The School Secretary smiled and nodded. Although she still had her hand between Amy Turner's legs, Miss O'Hare spoke quite reasonably to Shirley, "We are simply helping the Head to relax, Mrs West."

Shirley wanted to leave but couldn't find the words nor any power in her legs. Miss O'Hare continued, "Amy thinks you should help us Mrs West."

Shirley panicked "Help you?"

"Yes, she wants you to masturbate as well."

"But I am a teacher in the school, Miss O'Hare."

Amy was panting but she snapped, "You are a teacher Mrs West, but you have just been told to masturbate to help our Head. Now get your knees up and stick your hand between your legs now or you and your husband are in really big trouble."

Shirley felt frightened and intimidated. She felt sure that the young girl meant exactly what she said so she leaned back and tentatively opened her legs, displaying her silk knickers to her tormentors. As they looked on, she slowly started to move one finger over her crotch. She had no problems enjoying her body in private but in front of other people it felt very strange.

Amy was panting but she again whispered to Miss O'Hare who continued to rub the young girl's pussy and passed on the instruction, "Pull your knickers to the side, Mrs West so we can watch you push your finger in." Shirley did as she was told. It felt very bizarre but she was incredibly wet and suddenly realised she was enjoying herself.

She heard Amy speak gently to the Head, "Are you OK, Sir?"

"Yes thank you, Amy."

It was getting more bizarre by the minute as Amy told him, "Perhaps you would reward us with the sight of your cock and you could have a wank if you like."

Shirley was in a daze as she masturbated and watched the Headmaster murmur his approval to the young girl, ease his penis out and stroke it as he viewed the proceedings.

Amy whispered again to Miss O'Hare who smiled and said "Mrs West, Amy wants your tits out. Do it."

Almost in a trance, Shirley did as she was told. She slowly unbuttoned her white blouse, unclipped her front-opening, lacy bra and realised that she was now in a terrible state. She had her breasts out, her skirt was around her waist and her panties were at the side while the others were watching her push her finger in and out of her pussy. She couldn't help herself; she was more wet than she had ever been.

By now Mr Gallagher was moaning in excitement and so was Amy Turner. Miss O'Hare had her finger right up the young girl while she, in turn, was saying all sorts of loving endearing words to the School Secretary, endearing but so crude. "Oh Doris, you are gorgeous. I like it so much when you are up my cunt."

Miss O'Hare was equally endearing and just as crude, "It's lovely for me too, Amy. I love opening your slit out and it's really exciting to watch Mrs West wanking for the Headmaster."

Shirley West could feel herself cumming; she couldn't help it. The others were as well. They all came together, Mr Gallagher shooting his spunk all over his desk.

Amy looked at him in dismay bur proceeded to remove her cunt from Miss O'Hare's fingers and licked up the Headmaster's cum so that there were no tell-tale signs. As the Head went off to his private bathroom Amy turned to Miss O'Hare saying, "I had better tell her." Miss O'Hare nodded.

Amy spoke directly to Shirley "You will not be required to perform this service very often Mrs West but just remember when I send for you, you must come to the Headmaster's Office immediately."

For some reason Shirley felt she couldn't object; she nodded her agreement. Miss O'Hare whispered to Amy, "I think now is the time to tell her about the parties."

Amy nodded and again addressed Shirley, "From time to time, Mrs West, I will be taking you to a little party as a sort of entertainment." Shirley felt afraid, "What sort of parties?"

Amy looked at her. "That is a fair question, Mrs West, as it is important that you know that you will be required to dress up for some of them."

"Dress up?"

"Yes, dress up, Mrs West. I think you will be good at dressing up. A secretary or a business woman, a housekeeper or a schoolgirl, perhaps."

Shirley felt so downcast but she said, "A schoolgirl, Amy? But I am a 30 year old teacher."

"Yes Mrs West. That makes it even nicer. We want you to be a good little girl. A number of people will be there. Some you will know. Some of the teachers in this school may attend and maybe some very close relatives of you and your husband."

Shirley felt overwhelmed. "But I am not a little girl, Amy"

"But you would be such a pretty little girl in your new clothes, Mrs West."

"New clothes, what new clothes?"

Amy was enjoying the conversation. "I am not really sure. How do you think our little girl should be dressed to go to a party, Doris?"

Miss O'Hare smiled "Well if she is a little girl she should have a pretty little pink dress."

Amy smiled in return. "There you are Mrs West; you will look lovely in a short pink dress."

Shirley shook her head trying to take it all in. She caught onto the word 'short' and her heart sank "But if you make me wear a pink dress Amy, surely it will cover my knees?"

Miss O'Hare intervened "Mrs West you are supposed to be a little girl. Little girls wear very, very short dresses. Right up to your bottom"

Shirley gasped at the prospect. "Up to my bottom, but people will see my underwear."

Miss O'Hare chuckled "Quite right Mrs West. We will have to be careful as your panties will be showing a lot."

"My panties?"

Amy laughed. "Yes, your panties, Mrs West. We should ask Miss O'Hare what underwear she will put you in."

Doris O'Hare was enjoying the chat as much as Amy. She pretended to be serious as she said "We want you to look pretty Mrs West so I will have you in pretty little pink knickers."

"Oh God! Pink knickers!"

Later that month, as the staff Christmas part approached, Shirley and Julian received letters from Miss O'Hare, instructing them as to what they should wear to the party. Julian immediately thought it was some sort of fancy-dress and rushed off to see what he could find in Shirley's underwear drawer. His wife, however, knew that Amy was behind this and shuddered when she saw what they were both to wear.

On the night of the party Julian insisted that he got ready privately, even though Shirley knew what he was going to wear. They had argued over his choices but he was adamant and so she decided he should face the consequences on his own; she had enough of her own to worry about. Miss O'Hare had delivered her outfit earlier and she knew that she was going to be humiliated even being seen in what had been provided. She took comfort in the fact that, since the rest of the staff were going to be there, at least there would be no "funny business". Wrapping her heaviest, longest coat around herself she called on Julian to hurry up just as he appeared at the top of the stairs. Shirley could not believe her eyes as there stood her husband in her lacy, black bra, her lacy, black knickers, her lacy, black suspender belt, her sheerest, black stockings and a pair of black stiletto's that he must have bought himself

"What do you think?" he beamed with pride.

"Julian, what do you think you are doing? You can't possibly go out like that."

"Oh, don't be such a killjoy. It's fancy dress. Everyone will be dressed up."

No matter how hard she tried, Shirley couldn't convince her husband to wear something else. Reluctantly, knowing they were going to be late, she handed him his coat and they left together.

As soon as they reached the school hall, heard the loud music and opened the door, Shirley knew they had just made the biggest mistake of their lives. The rest of the staff were there but, as every head in the room turned to look at them, she immediately realised that they were the only pair in costume. Turning back to the door to make her escape she found her way barred by the large form of the Headmaster.

"Well, Mr and Mrs West, I'm glad that you've decided to join us. The party wouldn't be the same without some entertainment. Let me take your coats."

As Shirley tried to wrap her self deeper in the coat the Headmaster simply glared at her and they both very slowly and very reluctantly surrendered their protection. The hall immediately erupted as the women jeered at Julian and the men cheered for Shirley. The dress that Miss O'Hare had supplied was like Little Bo Peep's, all flouncy and petticoats but it was also about two sizes too short. The top barely covered her nipples and the bottom barely covered her round arse cheeks. As promised, Miss O'Hare had supplied a frilly pair of pink knickers which were on full display for all to see.

"Now, since both of you are late in arriving I think you should both be punished. Please go and stand by the chairs on the stage," ordered the Headmaster.

Julian began to whimper but Shirley thought that they could only survive this night by presenting a united front so, taking him by the hand, she led him up to the stage as directed. Two wooden chairs were already in place and Shirley suddenly realised that this had all been planned. They had been deliberately told the wrong time for the party so that they were bound to arrive late and now they were faced with a drunken crowd of their own colleagues, along with several of the senior girls who were there to act as waitresses.

Shirley and Julian stood by each chair and waited in trepidation as Mr Gallagher and Miss O'Hare strode purposefully towards them. They each sat down on one of the chairs and Shirley looked on in horror as Amy Turner appeared behind Julian, gave him a firm push and he landed across the School Secretary's lap. Before he could recover Miss O'Hare had grabbed his right arm and pulled it up his back to hold him in place. Shirley looked down at her whimpering husband and turned to run but she ran straight into the huge body of the School Janitor. Without a word, he effortlessly picked her up and deposited her over the lap of her own Headmaster, face to face with her worthless husband. The staff crowded round the stage as first Miss O'Hare tugged down Julian's lacy knickers then Mr Gallagher lifted Shirley's short dress and exposed her frilly, pink knickers.

Shirley didn't know if she was more ashamed at the thought her colleagues were staring at her in this state or more scared of the impending spanking but, when the Headmaster tugged down her knickers too, she thought that she would die of embarrassment. That notion was soon dispelled however when Mr Gallagher's big hand landed on her exposed bottom just as Miss O'Hare's did the same to Julian. They both screamed in pain but, facing each other, Shirley saw something else in Julian's eyes. As the smacks rained down on their bums, Shirley could see that Julian was almost enjoying himself and his screams turned into moans of pleasure. The harder Miss O'Hare spanked his red bum, the harder Julian rubbed his tiny penis against her skirt and very soon Miss O'Hare threw him to the floor.

"You miserable worm," she yelled at him. "You've cum on my skirt again. Get out of here before I find some other way to punish you."

Julian pulled up his black knickers, tucking his withering prick inside them, and scurried away. No one noticed that, as all the attention now turned to his wife, he put on his coat and then joined the crowd at the back.

Shirley was now in despair. Her worthless husband had abandoned her; she continued to be spanked and her male colleagues were now joining Mr Gallagher on the stage to get a good, close look at her spanked bottom and she knew they would be able to see her pussy lips between her thrashing legs and maybe even her bum hole. Her female colleagues, her so-called friends, stood below the stage cheering on their Headmaster.

Suddenly the spanking stopped and silence descended on the crowd.

"Mrs West, you have taken the first part of your punishment well but, since your husband has deserted you, I'm afraid we need you to continue to entertain us on your own."

Shirley couldn't imagine the night getting any worse but when Mr Gallagher started to stroke her punished bottom and make his way down to her pussy then she realised what was going to happen. She tried to get away but Mr Gallagher held her in a firm grip.

"Now, now, Mrs West. Your pussy is soaking wet so you know you want this and I know the men here all want you. Each member of staff is going to fuck your cunt as you lay over my lap and if you get too stretched them we can always use your arse."

Shirley trembled in fear but had no time to think about what lay in store for her as she suddenly felt a cock stretching open her pussy and sliding in. She turned her head to see who would do this to her and once again saw Mr Hutchison, the janitor, still in his overalls. He simply grabbed a hold of her hips and plunged in. He wasn't wasting any time and he wasn't bothering with Shirley. She was just a cunt to fuck and that's what he was going to do. Harder and harder, faster and faster he fucked her until, without warning, his cock swelled deep within her and he shot his spunk into her womb.

He pulled out to a large cheer from the staff below and the senior girls who had now joined them. Shirley's cunt was immediately filled again, this time by Mr Henderson from the French department. His cock seemed to slide in without resistance as Shirley's spunk-filled pussy got ready for another fucking. Mr Henderson seemed to enjoy the feeling of another man's cum around his cock and hammered Shirley's poor cunt with ever increasing vigour. In no time at all he came deep within her and Shirley looked round in despair to see the queue of men simply waiting to use her and to fuck her.

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