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Club Inzest 08


Club Inzest 8: Finding a Solution

by Micaela Reynolds as told to BrettJ © 2009

You remember my telling you about the Lingerie Boutique in the previous chapter? Sure you do ... well, a few weeks back, we all went there and the young lady who owns it asked to speak with me privately.

We were in the back room and she gave me a very warm kiss, to which I responded in kind – I'm never crazy enough to turn down a kiss from a sexy, leggy blonde – and she said I had just confirmed the rumor she'd heard through the Grapevine and from some of my customers about my sexuality. Susanna wanted to know if the other rumors were true. I always play it a bit coy, so I let her come right out and ask me about Club Inzest. Once she did, we had a lovely – talk – and then she asked about joining the Club. I asked Susanna to tell me about her situation, which she did after another naughty bit of fun. She's coming to the Club this weekend to meet Debra and the girls, but I thought you'd all enjoy Susanna's story – it's full of love and naughty fun too, of course.


Susanna's family had thrown her out of the house at 19 when they caught her in bed with her then-girlfriend, Cindy. Although they had since made their peace, Susanna had no intention of moving home, when she and Cindy split, she had no idea what she was going to do.

Brother Darren to the rescue, the well-to-do stockbroker had plenty of room since his divorce. He and Susanna weren't that close, being nearly 10 years apart in age, but they were amicable and of like temperaments. Susanna was a neat freak; like their mother and Darren told her she could come and go as she pleased.

On her own for the first time at last, Susanna decided to apply that kind of freedom to her entire life. Cindy had liked Susanna to be a bit on the down-low in her manner of dress, now she enjoyed the opportunity to switch back to a more feminine manner of dress. She wore heels and skirts again, bought some pretty lingerie and let her blonde hair grow long for the first time in years. Darren noticed and said "Wow, you're going to make some lucky guy a pretty hot girlfriend, baby sister."

Susanna shot back " Wrong team , big brother, remember?" He laughed. Her brother was the first person in whom she'd confided her sexual preference almost from the beginning. He'd even pointed her in the direction of a few sexy girls at his firm and more often then not, until she met Cindy, she'd bedded those women. Susanna considered herself a bit of a wild-child, whereas her older brother was more of a romantic.

She went out one evening to Lapz, a favorite bar of hers that Cindy hated – no chance of running into her ex there. Marianne, the pretty bartender, comped her a drink. She'd been with Marianne several times and were it not that Marianne was now happily married to Bianca, she'd have tried for that again. Marianne was a delight in bed.

"Sorry about you and Cindy," Marianne said kindly.

"No, you're not." Susanna responded.

"You're right, I'm not. She was a bitch!"

Susanna laughed at her friend's gentle ribbing; Cindy had indeed become hell on wheels in the last year.

"I know the type!" A soft sensual voice came from behind her and Susanna looked into one of the most attractive faces she had ever seen.

"Hey there, Lynne."

"Hi yourself, Marianne. Who's your drop-dead gorgeous friend?"

Susanna wanted to respond to the other woman that she was the most incredible thing she'd ever seen, with long chestnut hair and soft, pouty lips and eyes that drew you in, but her mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton and wouldn't work.

"Hi Lynne. This is my friend Susanna and she's newly single. Suze, you watch out for this one – she's a shark." Marianne left the two women alone to talk, Lynne moved to the barstool beside Susanna and that was how it all began.

Susanna wasn't really sure who seduced whom, but she spent that night in Lynne's arms, their long legs wrapped around each other, tongues eating heated pussies and tits rubbing against tits. She had never creamed as much as she did under Lynne's licking tongue and she had never been as eager to please anyone as she was to see Lynne smile. Her spirits were lifted and every minute she spent with Lynne was special. They couldn't be together all the time – Lynne liked her privacy – but her sensual, dark-haired love continued to assure her how special she was.

Darren noticed her buoyant attitude and commented on it. Plopping down on the couch beside him and grabbing the potato chips, she said "I think I've met someone special, Darren. She sure treats me better than Cindy – and I think I'm in love."

Darren gave her a hug, then took the chips back. "Good for you, gorgeous. Hey, here's a co-incidence. I've been seeing someone too – she works in the building, her name's Katie. Most incredible woman I've ever known and man, is she smart and funny."

"Good for you, you're getting too old to be single!" Susanna teased. "Hey, we should arrange a double date – how about Friday, you and Katie, me and Lynne?"

"Hell, why not?"

"Great, let me make the call. Be right back."

Susanna called Lynne, who seemed a bit reluctant at first, but finally agreed. She hoped Darren could convince Katie – who knows, she might make another friend, it didn't hurt to have gorgeous women around. She walked back into the living room, gave Darren the "thumb's up" and let him make his call.

"Katie's in, although she kinda put up a fuss at first."

"That's strange, so did Lynne."

"Women ... can't live with 'em ... "

"Hey! Need I remind you that I happen to be one?"

"Yeah, well ... you're not a woman, you're my sister."

"I give up. You're hopeless – how does Katie put up with you?"

"She says it's because I'm a stud in the sack."

Susanna groaned and went to make some dinner. The week seemed to fly by, although she didn't see or hear from Lynne the entire week, she assumed her girlfriend was busy at work or prepping for the big date. If she knew Lynne, her lover was going to knock her socks off and she figured Darren would be equally impressed.

They took Darren's car that Friday night, it was large and would have room for the four of them. Susanna wondered if Lynne and Katie, both of whom were meeting them at the restaurant, would like each other. She hoped so, from what little Darren had told her, they seemed to have similar personalities.

They got to the restaurant promptly at 8 and Susanna spotted Lynne right away. The spectacular beauty was kind of hard to miss and had gone all out, doing her hair and makeup and wearing a truly unique, red-layered dress with a slit up one side, showing a nice expanse of tanned leg and a pair of very sexy, strappy high heels. Susanna was almost drooling.

Darren thought his girlfriend looked spectacular the moment he spotted her and couldn't wait to introduce her to his baby sister. They walked in together and he greeted his lady.

"Hello, Katie."

"Hi Lynne."

" Katie ?"

" Lynne ?"

Brother and sister looked at each other, then back at the sultry brunette standing in front of them, wearing an odd smile. This couldn't be happening!

They were ...

"Yes, you're dating the same woman. I'm dating both of you!" Lynne / Katie stated plainly.

"Okay, I need a drink!" Darren said, motioning to the bartender.

"I think I need several!" Susanna said as she also placed an order. "Lynne ... Katie ... what do we call you? Shit, this is insane, how long have you known?"

The sensual brunette took a sip of her Martini and smiled. "Call me either. I was named Katelyn at birth, but neither parent was quite happy with my name. Daddy always called me Katie, which is the name he preferred, but mother always preferred Lynne and always called me by that name. As to how long I've known, I figured it out about a month ago ... there were hints when one of you would tell me a story about the other one. I'm almost surprised you two didn't figure it out."

Darren spoke up. "How could we? Other than physical similarities – both our girlfriends are tall, sexy brunettes – it sounded to me like we were dating two different women."

Katie / Lynne took another sip of her drink. "In a way, you were." She turned to Susanna. "You, my love, were dating my wild side, the free spirit who does whatever she wants and is very in touch with her femininity and her inner, naughty little girl." Back to Darren. "You, darling man, were dating my romantic, sensual side, a side that appreciated your strength and confidence." She smiled at them both. "There was a bit of crossover, to be sure, but essentially, you both saw sides of me that the other one didn't. But now, I am sure you're wondering – what next?"

Susanna downed her second Scotch. "Lynne, I think that's an understatement."

Katie / Lynne ordered another Martini and said "Hang on then Suze, because I'm about to drop another bombshell."

Darren gulped more of his beer and said "Lord, can we handle another one?"

The brunette crossed her long legs and smiled. "I hope so, lover. My apartment is being turned into Condos at the end of next month and I have nowhere to live. I can't afford to live in a lot of places around here, so I was wondering if I could move in with you – both of you."

"Whoa!" Susanna said, stopped dead in her tracks.

"Okay, hold it – you haven't told us yet which one you want to keep dating."

Their girlfriend looked at them, gorgeous brown eyes warm and inviting. "Both of you. Why should anything change, my darlings? I have a good time with both of my loves."

Darren's eyes narrowed and he spoke his mind. "Lord Katie, this is nuts."

His sister spoke next. "You know what Darren, maybe it isn't. We aren't hurting anyone and she isn't asking for marriage, just fun and lord knows, we both need some of that. As for the living arrangements, it isn't as if we don't have the room."

"Okay, you're both clinically insane."

Lynne looked at them both and smiled. "Look, is anyone hungry? We did come here for dinner, right? I'd love to eat, why don't we do that and postpone any discussions until later on."

Agreeing that she made sense, the brother & sister joined Lynne in the restaurant and sat down to a lovely meal. Over dinner, Susanna & Darren both had the same thought ... She's so smart and sexy, how the hell can I give her up ?

Katie / Lynne pushed back a bit from the table and took a mouthful of coffee. Even the fact that she had a good appetite was appealing to the siblings. "Well guys?" the sensual brunette asked.

"I think we should ... "

"I say we just go for it!" Susanna piped up.

Darren whirled around in his chair and looked at his sister. "Okay ... I was about to voice my opinion, but what are your reasons, sis?"

Susanna crossed her long legs and her eyes met Lynne's. "I don't want to make a lot of fuss over this Bar, but the simplest is ... and we both know it ... we'd miss her like crazy. Lynne means a lot to both of us and I think we'd both be miserable without her. It'll take some adjusting, but I think we can do it."

Dropping his voice lower so no one could overhear them, Darren said "And what do we do about the ... you know?"

Katie / Lynne leaned forward, curious to see what solution Suze would come up with.

"Well – perhaps we can alternate nights or let Lynne chose the night she feels she needs to have your ... well, you know ... or be with me and experience ... good grief, this is kind of embarrassing!"

Darren said "Somehow, I think this is the part that might trip us up."

Their brunette girlfriend leaned in and said with a sensual purr "Well, not necessarily darlings, I have a solution of my own, if you'd like to hear it."

Brother and sister looked at her, an inscrutable grin crossing her face.

"We could all just ... share."

It took a minute to register and then the shock crossed both their faces. "Lord, no!" they said in unison.

"Why not?"

"Two reasons Lynne ... first, I'm not into men and second, I can't sleep with Darren ... that'd be incest ."

Lynne took Susanna's chin in her hand and gave her a small kiss on the lips. "Baby, how do you know you don't like men? You've never been with one." Darren stared at his sister for a second, she nodded. "As for the second thing ... who but we three would have to know? It's no one's business."

Darren said "I'd know and I'm not sure I'd ... "

Lynne / Katie smiled "Baby, take a look at your sister, not as your sis, but as a woman. If I brought home a woman like her and suggested we share her, you know you'd go for it in a heartbeat. My Suze is gorgeous and you know it."

Susanna warmed at still being thought of as "Lynne's Suze".

Darren sighed, but it was a sigh of resignation. She had a point – Susanna was kind of hard to ignore, if he were being honest, he'd have to admit he'd checked her out a few times when she walked around their home in a tiny wisp of lingerie. She didn't seem to think anything of it, it was almost as if she didn't know how truly lovely and sensual she was and ... shit, he'd broken a few rules in his life and so had Susanna, what was one more ?

"Katie, if Susanna agrees, I'd be willing to try and work it out."

"What do you say Suze, love? You get the cast the final vote."

Making her decision, Susanna leaned across the table and kissed her brother, in the same way she'd normally kiss Lynne. "Let's all go home."


The trio likely broke a few laws speeding home, but Darren would have gladly paid the fines. He was watching as his sister and their lover made out in the back seat and it was hard to concentrate on driving. Truth be told, he was almost as hot to bed Susanna as he was to bed Katelyn and the two of them were driving him mad. Susanna's miniskirt had been hiked up a bit, his sister's long legs were in black silk stockings, a fetish for him and she was sighing as Lynne's slender hand went up and down her legs.

They reached the house and scrambled in, Lynne kicking it closed behind her, her lips still joined with Susanna's. She let them part and said "I think you need to kiss your brother, baby. He's a lovely kisser and a gentle lover ... I hope my little hunch is right, because if it is, we're going to have a life together that can't be beat."

Darren moved towards his sister and she closed in, the two of them paused for a moment, then Darren took his sister in his arms and kissed her softly. Lynne was right, he could kiss well enough and his hands slipped down and caressed her ass while the kiss grew more passionate. The sexy blonde in his arms was a sweet, sexy little kitten, her breasts felt very sexy against his chest and the fact that Susanna was his sister didn't enter his mind as Darren felt her tongue flicker against his own.

"Upstairs?" Darren panted as they broke their embrace and turned towards Lynne.

"Upstairs!" Susanna smiled, reaching for the brunette and taking her hand. They went upstairs arm-in-arm-in-arm and reached Darren's bedroom, the largest. The girls instinctively knew a little girl-girl show would arouse him, so Lynne let Susanna undress her slowly, she stepped out of the dress and was now only wearing the heels. Lynne did likewise until Susanna wore only her sexy black bra, thong and hosiery with heels. She went to remove that, but Darren moved close and said "Allow me." He nuzzled Susanna's neck, fondled her breasts through the sheer bra and unclasped it, while Lynne slid Susanna's thong down her long, slim legs. "Leave the stockings and shoes on, babe!" Darren told Katelyn. They both smiled and he shrugged. "What can I say, I'm a leg man ... both my ladies have great legs!"

The girls grinned again and Katie / Lynne made a mental note to wear stockings more often from now on. They took Darren towards the bed and undressed him, planting sweet kisses on his body ... Susanna wasn't turned off yet, she watched Lynne's mouth surround his cock and begin sucking him. Susanna was impressed, her brother had a big cock, she thought ... and was a little nervous, she'd had a few dildos in her pussy, but most weren't that big and weren't alive either.

"You try him, babe!" Lynne grinned, sliding her hands up and down her lover's shaft. "He likes a gentle blowjob, use a lot of tongue ... I know you're good at that ... and I want some of his tongue for myself."

"Katie, come on up here ..."

"Darren luv, call me Lynne ... when I'm acting playful like this, I think it's her that's in bed with you. Mmm Darren, you know what I like ... suck my pussy baby while Suze sucks your dick. How's she doing?"

"Pretty damned good!"

Susanna was somewhat surprised – sucking cock wasn't too bad and the incest thing – well, she didn't honestly give it much thought. Matter of fact, it might be because it was her brother, who'd always been loving and supportive, that she'd been able to have sex with a man – well, at least try it – for the first time.

Lynne was sure her plan was working. After she'd figured out the relationship between her two lovers, she'd listened when one spoke about the other and the obvious affection and trust they had towards each other made her think there might be something deeper there. As she rode Darren's tongue, she leaned back a bit and kissed Susanna. "Okay baby, I think you need to stop being so shy ... let me get you ready for your first guy-fuck, Darren, watch me eat your sister's pussy – that's it lovers, shift about a bit."

Darren returned to eating Lynne, now from behind, while she sucked and licked his sister's lightly-furred blonde pussy. He could see the glistening pink lip and his sister's sexy tits bouncing as her chest heaved from Lynne's lickings. She was right – if she'd brought home a blonde as sexy as his sister, a threesome would have been all he could think of. Lynne moved away and then she licked a bit at Darren's cock and nodded. "It's time, babies ... go on and fuck each other!"

Susanna gave the warmest smile to her brother and he eased in, it was hard, she was tight, but then she wrapped her legs around his back, her silver stiletto catching the light from the bedroom lamp, she groaned and said "Fuck me, big brother. Fuck your incestuous slut of a sister!" Susanna felt like a totally depraved human being, she was really enjoying her first man-fuck and as she rode upon Darren's shaft, she knew it wouldn't be the last time she would fuck her handsome older brother.

'Hearing Suze become more vocal really got to Darren, it turned him on so much that he began to move in and out of his sister's cunt a bit faster, he didn't pound her, but he made continual, strong movements and made sure to give his sister a smooth, controlled fucking. He watched with sensual gratification as his beautiful blonde sibling took his shaft deep, her face alive with joy and enjoyed the next sight, Lynne's beautiful body lowering itself on to Suze's licking tongue. They were all sharing sex now, it felt perfectly natural and Lynne leaned forward to kiss him and they were all joined, in lust, love and passion.

"Oh, my two loves, if you could see how sexy you look together!" Lynne moaned as Susanna's familiar tongue speared her pussy. It was all coming together, she was ecstatic, because she could never have given up Susanna's adept little tongue for Darren's cock, or vice-versa. And now, she knew she wouldn't have to.

"Oh God Darren, this feels so right baby, your little sister is going to be your fucktoy , like that baby, are you happy?" Susanna groaned as her body was filled with cock.

"Yeah sis, happy doesn't even begin to describe it!" Darren groaned, then his body tensed and he came, deep inside the recesses of his sister's cunt.

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