Cocksucking College Sister


Over the next twenty minutes, she swallowed a couple more loads and wore a few more. My sister was soaked in cum. Her breasts had cum dripping off them. I was next. I was number 21.

After a tall black guy shot his load on my sister's tits, I walked over to my blindfolded sister. Just as I placed my cock at her sweet, shiny, cock-sucking lips, the girl who had been keeping track of my sister's impressive total announced, "Lilly, one of our new recruits, is about to break the Pi Sigma Pi record with her twenty-first cock."

The growing crowd went wild and began chanting, "Lilly, Lilly, Lilly."

The sorority chick asked me, my cock at my sister's lips, "And what is the name of our record-breaking stud, with a very impressive nine plus inch cock?"

As I answered, I pushed my cock into my sister's expert mouth, loud enough for my sister to hear, "Anthony."

My sister froze on my cock, realizing she was, for the second time in as many days, committing incest.

Wanting to see her face, I pulled off the blindfold. She let my dick fall out of her mouth and she glanced up into my eyes. She looked both embarrassed and mortified.

I smiled at her, winked, and ordered, "Suck my cock now, Lilly. Like a good girl." That last sentence was what my nothing-is-ever-good-enough dad always said to her. I could tell she wanted to cry. She looked around and saw a massive audience watching her about to break the record, unaware that the record-breaking cock was her big brother's. Her nervous gaze returned. After a slight pause, a moment of brief consideration, she opened her mouth, maybe to speak or maybe to suck, I have no idea, because I shoved my cock inside. That was all she seemed to need, someone to make the decision for her. She closed her eyes and began sucking my cock.

Wanting this to last as long as possible, I suggested, "Slow down Lilly. Put on a nice show for the crowd." She obeyed my order and began to treat my cock like she had last night. She focused on just my mushroom head for what seemed like an eternity, again using saliva in a way I can't even begin to justify in words. She followed this by impressively deep-throating my cock. I let out an uncontrollable moan from her amazing mouth. After a brief time of bopping on my cock, she took it out of her mouth and sucked my balls. Watching my sweet sister pleasuring my dick was the most amazingly erotic thing I had ever felt. Making the scene even naughtier for us, while over a hundred oblivious onlookers watched, I queried, "Like sucking my cock, Lilly?"

She opened her eyes and looked directly at me. I expected a negative response, a nervous look, or a weak reply, but instead got a seductive, "I could do this forever."

I was taken aback by her hot response, but being quick with the wit I retorted, "Well I guarantee you, Lilly, next time you will be begging to suck my cock."

She stroked my rock hard rod, her lips just millimetres from more pleasure, "Is that a fact?"

"A promise," I confidently guaranteed.

She gave me a mischievous smile, one that told me she was mine, and returned to worshipping her brother's cock. I needed to shoot my load soon and she clearly thought the same thing as she bopped on my cock quickly and with the same extra saliva thing that drove me wild. After a couple of minutes of this constant rhythm, I was close to spraying my seed down her throat. My sister, somehow recognizing how close I was, shocked me yet again. She put her left hand on my ass and, without warning, slipped a finger up my butt.

I gave a surprised yelp, the growing crowd laughed out loud, and I uncontrollably began shooting my cum in my sister's mouth. My sister was an expert. She kept milking my cock and swallowing every last drop of her brother's semen. The little slut wouldn't stop sucking me. The feeling went from great pleasure to a bizarre tickling feeling. I finally had to pull out of my sister, my dick not even beginning to shrivel. I could have easily gone one more round, but obviously now was not the time or place.

Instead, I planted the seeds for future fun. I bent down and whispered, "You understand baby sis that I plan to use you over and over again."

Before she could respond, I stood back up, pulled up my pants and walked away. I returned to the frat house, grabbed a beer and watched the entertainment around the room. There were sucking, fucking and licking all over the frat house. My cock still hard, I surveyed the frat house looking for one more conquest.

An hour later, while my cock was buried in the hot redhead's tight pussy, I thought about my slutty sister. I pondered my next move. As much as I loved having my sister suck my cock, I wanted more. I wanted to fuck my sister's pussy. I wanted to fuck my sister's, hopefully still virgin, ass. I wanted to make her my personal fuck-toy. I wanted it all.

As I filled the redhead's pussy with my cum, a plan popped into my head. A plan to make my sister completely subservient to me. I kept pumping into the redheaded co-ed, smiling as I envisioned my sister being the one on all fours. Very soon I would have my very own personal toy, my very own...cocksucking sister.


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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476807/21/17

Great story!!!

Great story about a taboo relationship that is developing between a brother and sister. I loved it.

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