Code Grey


A tiny scrap of lace strained to confine the swollen nipples. They were rosy pink, with a hint of strawberry red, and just begging to be freed, plucked, and savored. Their owner seemed oblivious to my rock hard cock as it tented my gown. The machine next to me wasn't fooled.

"Grey, did you sneak out of bed this afternoon?"

"You know I haven't been out of this bed in days, Eve."

"Then why's your blood pressure way up again? This morning it was normal. There has to be some reason, Grey."

The innocent look I gave the nurse was more suitable on a teenager, not someone almost thirty.

"I'll come back in an hour to check it again. Let's just hope it goes down before then."

"So if it's not down in an hour there's something wrong with me?"

Poor Eve had no idea of the double meaning behind my question.

"Well maybe not wrong, Grey, but just not healthy for your age."

Eve pushed the machine to the corner and walked out of the dull room I had called home for the last week. My cock was in my hand even before the latch clicked on the door. All I had on my mind was relief from the ache in my balls.

With the irritating gown moved to the side, I had free access to stroke. Drawing back the image of Eve's nipples along with her body underneath me brought moans from deep in my throat. Minutes later long streams of white cum spurted onto my stomach.

I leaned back against the pillows to let my heartbeat slow down and to catch my breath. Eve didn't have to worry anymore about that going down before she came back.

"Oh hell Grey, couldn't you wait and do that at home?"

"The door was closed, Roxie. You should've knocked instead of walking right in. Nothing here you haven't seen anyway."

She might sound aggravated, but I saw her look out of the corner of her eyes to my cock as I cleaned up.

"When you going home, Grey? Or is this your new place now?"

Her slap on my shoulder was a playful reminder of the old days. I tried to think why we stopped going out when we still got along so good.

"No idea yet, Roxie. Looks like this will be it for a while yet."

I left myself uncovered to see if Roxie would say anything. An idea was forming to make the day a bit more interesting.

"Hey Roxie, remember how we used to dare each other to do stuff in public?"

"How could I forget?" Her eyebrow lifted along with the sarcastic remark.

"So are you in? I need something to keep me from going crazy. No one will get hurt, I promise."

Roxie knew I kept my word. She looked around my room; at the tiny window over-looking another building, at the single light that never brightened it and at the equipment that no one quite understood.

"I'm in." That's how Roxie made decisions. A few minutes to think it over then she gave her answer.

"This is 'Grey's Nudist colony' and anyone that comes in here has to get naked. So I have the rest of today without this stupid gown that makes me itch all over."

The offensive gown landed in a heap as I tossed it toward the hamper. Roxie stood next to my bed almost in a trance.

"Come on, Roxie. You never turned down a dare before. Just undress and relax."

"I should have known better. You always did get me to agree before I knew what the dare was."

She stood there with an indignant look that hid the real Roxie. At a few inches shorter than my own six feet, Roxie's body was firm and toned for a thirty-two year old. I knew she was comfortable with her own nudity.

It occurred to me that I would get to watch her strip at about the same time she gave me a smirk.

"Too bad you don't have the right kind of music for this, Grey. I seem to remember some afternoons spent doing this same thing."

Her fingers worked the buttons of her blouse loose as she spoke. Now I wondered if this had been such a good idea. Even though my body was weak from the illness that landed me here a week ago, my cock appeared to be working fine.

"Is this what you had in mind, Grey?"

She tossed the blouse at me along with the scrap of bra that had been under it. Her small breasts had always loved attention.

"Damn, Roxie, I forget sometimes just how beautiful your body is."

Roxie's expression seemed to change as she unzipped her skirt. I began to see the same passion and fire in her eyes that was there each time I was inside her body.

"Grey, it's my turn for a dare. Are you in?"

She stood there half-naked and waited for my answer. My mouth was so dry all I could do was nod yes.

"Fuck me."

That wasn't what I expected it to be. Yet it was just like Roxie to dare me to do something like that.

"What if someone walks in?" I knew the answer but needed to hear it.

"I don't care, Grey. Do you?" She continued to undress as she spoke.

"Does this look like I care?"

She gave me a naughty grin at the sight of my erection. Roxie scrambled out of her remaining clothes and climbed on the bed with me. My hands guided her hips as she lowered herself over my throbbing member.

"I'm afraid I'll hurt you if I don't go slow."

"Roxie, you feel so damn good. Don't worry about slow. I don't want it slow."

That was all the convincing she needed to pick up the pace. I felt her wet lips around my cock as we lost ourselves in the up and down motion of fast, hard sex. I was close to exploding when the door came open.

"Looks like I interrupted the party."

"God, Samantha, you have a bad habit of doing that. Since you did, come in and take your clothes off. Welcome to Grey's Nudist Colony."

"Are you nuts?" She raised her voice as she asked the short question.

"No, it was a dare with Roxie."

Sam knew all about our dares. The three of us had hung out together many times.

"Right, Grey."

"Just do it. We have unfinished business here."

Roxie grinned as she felt my hips thrust. It didn't take long to get back in the rhythm. I watched Sam as she tried and failed to look away. My body was thrusting faster, the bed was creaking under the shifting of our weight, and still, Sam hadn't moved.

"Grey, this is crazy, baby!"

My hands covered her puckered nipples as she rode up and down my cock. Roxie was fast losing any control she might have had. The pressure was building as I enjoyed her body once more.

I looked back at Sam as her fingers went to the waistband of her jeans. I'd never seen her naked even though we'd been friends for years. The idea of it now made my cock grow even harder inside Roxie.

She peeled off her jeans and tossed them towards the chair. My eyes popped open wide when I saw her legs for the first time.

"Everything, Sam, take everything off." My eager words came out in a growl in between thrusts.

The sight of her full, curvy body was too much for me. I gripped Roxie's hips and ground her tight to me as my cock exploded deep inside her creamy wetness.

"Oh Grey!" Roxie wailed as she clenched her knees into my sides. There would be bruises tomorrow where my fingers dug into her soft skin. We rode out the waves of pleasure together then collapsed against the pillows.

"I can't believe you guys did that."

Roxie didn't even lift her head; just spoke from where she was.

"How long have you known me now, Sam? Five, maybe six years, right?"

Sam answered her question with a nod.

"You know a few things about me then, Sam. One is I don't back away from a dare, for sure not one with Grey."

"Fine, I know those things. What I don't get is why it's 'Nude Day', and why you're in bed with him when someone could walk in and find you?"

"'Nude Day' was born because I hate these dang gowns that make me itch. Roxie's in bed with me since I can't get out of bed yet."

"That's a real good reason to have sex with an old boyfriend."

The sarcastic tone was typical for Sam. We all knew it was just her way and ignored it. I still wanted to get closer to her body, to see how long before her nipples puckered from my touch.

Roxie slid down to sit cross-legged at the end of the bed. I sat back to let my weakened system get some rest. Sam chose that time to pull up the bedside chair for herself.

We talked about work and life in general for the next several minutes. Roxie tried to figure a way to take my bed down the hall for a 'Nude Day' parade. Sam thought we should call some friends in to wear official 'Nude Day' Pins. Everyone thought that was hysterical since no on would have anything to pin them to!

Eve was already talking about how my blood pressure had better be good or another call would have to go to the doctor when she entered my room. She didn't even look up until she had the machine at my side.

The look on her face when she realized Roxie was naked on my bed was priceless. I grinned as the normal pink in her cheeks turned bright red. Eve took one quick step back at the same time she gasped. Her pen dropped to the floor when she tried to smother the extra loud sound.

"You can't have someone naked in here, Grey.

"Relax, Eve. Haven't you ever wanted to ignore the rules and let go? What's it going to hurt if my friends are in here naked?"

All week I had been giving Eve a hard time. Now I watched her out of the corner of my eyes, with a quizzical look, as I waited for her to realize that Sam had no clothes on, either.

"This is a public building. I just don't think it's allowed. You all could get kicked out."

"Join us, Eve. I named it official 'Nude Day' so I didn't have to wear that scratchy gown for a while."

"What if someone else comes in to see you?"

"If anyone else comes by, I invite them too. My friends are all quite open."

"I'm going to get your blood pressure reading and leave, Grey. No one will hear about this from me."

Eve wasn't as opposed to the idea as it seemed. I noticed her nipples were now tight against her uniform top. Her gaze wandered to Roxie and Sam as she fumbled with the parts of the machine. The breath she took when it was at last doing its required reading was shaky. No one spoke until we heard the beep from machine with a final reading.

"I don't want to know what you did to have this be high again."

"The doctor said I couldn't get out of bed and I didn't. It wasn't specified that someone couldn't join me."

"Grey, you're pushing your luck."

"What a surprise. Grey doing something to get in trouble."

Sam's tone mocked her words. She had watched without a word as Eve did her work. This barb was too much for Roxie, who had struggled to keep a straight face for several minutes and burst out laughing.

"I'll be back once more before I go off-duty to check your blood pressure. It had better be lower, Grey."

She walked out of the room without another word.

"Which one of you is ready for the next dare?"

Grey had waited until the door closed before he threw out the question to the girls. They were curious but leery as well.

"How about giving us some clues or a hint?" Roxie tossed right back at him.

"Whoever takes this dare won't have to touch another person to complete it."

The girls looked at each other as he spoke. Grey could be sneaky in his wording and they needed to think. A silent message passed between them before Sam spoke up.

"I'm ready for it, Grey. Lead me down your evil path of misbehavior."

The friends laughed at the sassiness in Sam's acceptance.

"Take my water pitcher and go to the nurse's desk for a refill."

"That's too simple. There has to be a catch, Grey."

"No catch, Sam. Just take the empty pitcher and bring it back filled. The nurse's station is to the left when you go out my door."

Sam was out of the chair and had moved to the corner.

"The door is that way, Sam."

"My clothes are here." She rolled her eyes at what she thought was obvious.

"Did you forget this is 'Nude Day'? That means no clothes Sam."

When she opened her mouth to reply he cut her off.

"Nude, Sam. Now go."

Roxie looked at her and laughed. She stood there with her hand on her hip and glared.

"That was rotten, Grey, but I won't back down. Water you want, water you will get."

She walked through the door and headed down the hall before he could say more.

"You did trick us, Grey."

The two sat lost in thoughts as they waited for Sam to return.

"What the hell is this?"

Grey and Roxie both jerked around at the harsh voice that came from the doorway.

"Shane, it's about time you came to see me."

"Hey buddy, it's good to see you. What's going on that you two are naked? Not that I mind looking at Roxie, but it's not what you'd expect here."

"It's perfect for you, Shane. Today is 'Nude Day', courtesy of me. Those damn gowns made me itch and I was sick of it. This is my solution to the problem."

Roxie grinned as she sat reclined at the foot end of Grey's bed.

"Stick around, Shane. Take your clothes off and pull up a chair."

The two men had known each for years. Shane wasn't worried about Grey, or even Roxie, since she had dated Grey, but getting in trouble with the law bothered him.

"No one has been in to say this isn't allowed?"

"My nurse doesn't approve of it. I think she figures this is why my blood pressure is up when she takes it."

"If I shared my bed with Roxie mine would be too." Shane gave a quick wink to her as he replied to Grey.

"It's all because of Eve. She would lean over to hook up that damn machine and her nipples would almost fall into my face."

"You talked me into it."

Shane started to unbutton his shirt even as he talked. The room had gone quiet except for the sounds he made as everything came off. It didn't take him long to lounge in the chair as naked as the others.

The three talked of Grey's illness as they relaxed. Shane turned the topic to his latest run-in with the cops. He could take a minor traffic ticket and make it out to be a major court case. They laughed at his stories, unaware of the happenings outside the door.


Sam walked up to the nurse's desk with the empty pitcher in hand. Not a true exhibitionist, she was still very comfortable with her body. Her curves were firm and tight; her legs were strong from the days spent on the tennis courts and her dark eyes were full of sass.

"Excuse me. Grey needs a refill."

She stood in front of the desk with her arm extended towards the woman there. The pitcher was plopped onto the desk when her request went unanswered.

"I said excuse me. Grey needs his water refilled."

The nurse looked up as if just then aware of Sam. Files from her hands flew in the air as she tried to cover her gasp of shock.

"You're naked!"

Sam's eyes rolled back in their sockets before she glared at the woman.

"You have clothes on."

The sarcasm was lost on the nurse as she looked around and mumbled.

"We have that figured out now, but Grey still needs a refill."

Sam slid the pitcher towards the rattled nurse. Other sounds behind her didn't register as she stared at the woman.

"It isn't a huge thing, you know. Just some water and ice from that machine right there behind you. If you turn a little to your right, you can see it. That big grey box with the letters "I" "C" "E" spelled on the front."

Visitors and patients in the area heard the raised voice and wandered out to see what happened. Their astonished faces when they saw Sam at the desk naked would have been funny to her if she noticed.

"Fine, I'll get it. Take a load off your feet. They must be tired. That's a pretty big load you got there, you know."

Sam had walked behind the desk as she spoke. The noise of the machine drowned out any voices in the hall. She flipped the water lever to finish her task after the pitcher was full of ice. With a salute to the stunned nurse, she was gone.


The door slammed against the wall. All three people jumped at the intrusion into the room.

"She's a jerk! How'd she get to be a nurse anyway? What an idiot!"

"What's the problem, Sam?" Grey had a worried look now.

"I asked nice. Said excuse me. I waited. She ignored me. Then she thought it was her job to inform me I was naked."

Sam stood with her arms crossed as she tapped her foot. Laughter came from Roxie first.

"Come here, Sam. Sit down and forget her."

She had missed the newcomer when she burst into the room. Her cheeks turned pink when she saw it was Shane.

"Hello, Shane."

The irritation changed to shyness that fast. Roxie heard the difference in her friend right away.

"Sam, you look gorgeous. You must be wearing a new outfit. I've never seen it before."

"You're crazy as ever, Shane."

A step closer made it easy to slap his arm. Shane had been ready for her as she approached. One strong hand closed over hers and tugged her into the chair with him.

"Isn't this better?"

The question was soft-spoken as he looked into her eyes. Sam lay across his lap with one arm curved around her back as the other found a spot to rest alongside her stomach. She felt the heat pour off his body.

"Oh, it's very good."

Sam wiggled and cuddled closer to Shane as she replied. The groan he gave made her feel powerful and sexy. His body throbbed and twitched against her bottom. If she moved just a little more, to the side, her legs would open enough...

"Eve, you're back. My friends can swear I behaved since you left."

"Grey, I don't doubt your friends would swear you were an angel. It's the machine you can't fool."

The couple in the chair remained quiet as they took in the way the nurse talked to Grey. Eve had the machine hooked up to get a reading in only minutes. She reached down to check Grey's pulse as she waited.

Shane nudged Sam as he motioned to Roxie. With eye contact and a few words mouthed back and forth, they made a quick pact.

"You married, Eve?" The question came from Roxie as she moved to sit next to Grey. It appeared to be just innocent chat as they waited.

"No, I'm not married. Why do you ask that?"

Roxie gave a shrug as she looked up at the pretty nurse. She could see what Grey liked about this one.

"No reason. It seemed too quiet in here, so I was just making conversation. I'm not married either."

The nurse gave Roxie a small smile as she waited for the reading on the machine.

"Do you ever have your nipples get almost sore after they've been sucked and nibbled on a lot?"

Roxie looked at Eve with a straight face as she waited for a reply. The nurse had almost choked when she heard the casual words.

"I don't think we should have this discussion."

Her hands had tried and failed to remove the machine from the side of the bed. The cuff from the monitor stuck to the bedside rail. When she reached over to remove the stubborn cuff, she somehow turned the television on.

The comedy played in the background as Eve finished. She looked around the room before she hurried to the door.

"Eve, don't go. She didn't mean anything by it. At least come back after your shift ends and relax with me. I'll send them away."

When she smiled at Grey from the door, it was genuine.

"There's too much risk here, Grey. Please understand."

"See you tomorrow, Eve?"

"I'll see you tomorrow, Grey. Have a good evening,"

Shane held Sam and Roxie sprawled next to Grey as they stared at the screen. The group drifted off to sleep one by one, unaware of the new voice that came from the television.

"This late-breaking bulletin just in...Several eyewitnesses have reported a visitor at Litzer Community Hospital today in the nude. There are few details but we have a crew on the way to the scene at this time. I repeat, eyewitnesses report a nude visitor at the Litzer Community Hospital this afternoon. Stay tuned for continued updates. This is ML reporting from WAH."


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