Coed Lovers on a Picnic


It got even better for Taylor when she reached back and turned on the vibrator inside the egg shaped part that was buried in her pussy. It started to hum and move inside her, sending waves of delight crashing through her body. After spending so long eating Belle's pussy, her level of pleasure was at such a high plane that she knew she was about to start cumming, after little more than a minute of sharing the Feeldoe.

"Hold onto me, Babe. I'm gonna cum!" she gasped out, just before her climax began erupting.

She knew what to do about that, and Belle wrapped her arms around Taylor's shoulders and her legs around her thighs and held on. The woman on top began thrashing from side to side and crying out uninhibitedly as she completely gave herself over to the joy of the moment. The dildo was buried to the hilt inside Belle's pussy, and the molded lines raked across the blonde's clit with every movement of her partner. She was still clinging tightly when Taylor cried out in ecstasy, arched her back and climaxed.

The two women lay in a happy pile, the only sounds their own ragged breathing and the muffled hum of the vibrating egg. She could have turned it off, but Taylor was well aware that hers and her lover's fucking was far from being through for the day. After catching her breath, she began slowly moving again, drawing back the toy, pausing, and plunging it deep into her partner. Belle felt Taylor moving, and she felt the Feeldoe surging into her again, so she held onto her partner's upper arms and thrust her pussy back to meet it. Once again, the two sublimely happy bodies came together with a soft, wet noise.

There were many more plunges and responses, and many more wet noises, as the two women fucked slowly and joyfully on the soft floor of the woods. With every stroke, their clits, already swollen with their lust, brushed against each other, and both of those cute love buttons were also raked by the cleverly shaped lines of the Feeldoe. Belle felt her level of pleasure start to climb toward its apex, as seven inches of lifelike silicone drove in and out of her pussy, massaging all her hottest places. Taylor was getting the same effect from the vibrator that was jerking around the bulb wedged inside her, stretching the walls of her love channel and tickling her G-spot and everywhere else it could reach. As the woman-on-woman love making went on, it had a stronger and stronger effect on both women's bodies.

They moved erratically while their levels of pleasure continued to mount. Taylor swayed from side to side above her lover, who was thrashing about on the sheet. With every thrust of the toy into Belle's pussy, the young beauty met the shaft halfway, kicking her legs wildly, while her hands caressed the sides and back and ass of the woman who was wielding it.

"Give it to me, Tay. Give it to me good!" she exhorted.

There was no need to tell her partner what to do, because Taylor wanted to both give it to Belle and get it back as well as she could. Her movements were slow, because she wanted to take as long as possible, and she wanted their orgasms to be as close to simultaneous as she could make them. Both hands were active too, caressing the breasts of her lover and holding them upright so the two pairs of nipples rubbed against each other at every stroke.

"Are you ready to cum?" Taylor gasped.

"Yes! Yes! Make me cum!"

In response, the woman on top increased the speed of her strokes. She held gently to the luscious breasts of Belle and, as if using them has handles, pulled back on them with every thrust of the Feeldoe. The juices of both women ran from their pussies and trickled around the breasts in Taylor's hands. They would be wasted, but there would be plenty more to give either of the women a delicious treat to cap off her picnic lunch.

"Fuck me, Tay! Fuck me!" Belle crooned. "Yes!" she blurted as her climax began. Her arms and legs wrapped themselves even more tightly around the woman who had just brought her to that happy state.

Taylor raised her head as much as she could and looked down at her lover below her, seeing Belle's body churning up the forest floor and her head rocking from side to side on the verge of reaching ecstasy. The incredibly erotic sight was enough to start her own climax but, just before it started, she drove the silicone cock of the Feeldoe all the way into Belle's pussy. Both women were in the throes of cumming, rubbing and pressing their naked bodies together and rolling around, all the way off the sheet and back on it again, as the two happy coeds let themselves be taken over by the incredible carnal pleasure they were sharing with one another.

Almost simultaneously, all the muscles in their bodies clenched and their backs arched, ramming their pussies together for an ultimate time. After their tremendous mutual orgasm, they lay on their sides facing each other, with the seven inch dong still deep inside Belle's pussy and the other business end of the Feeldoe buzzing inside Taylor, already starting either of the young lovers on her way to another memorable climax.

"That was wonderful, Tay. God, I love fucking with you, and I love you. I hope you feel like doing it again."

"I sure want to, Babe. But, would you rather get on top this time?"

"Oh, can I? I sure would." Before that could happen, though, they had to catch their breaths and rest for a few minutes.

In another two minutes, both women were ready for another long session. They clung to each other even more tightly, and Taylor gave a jerk toward her right, while Belle pushed her body in the same direction. When they were through with the adjustment, the taller woman was lying on her back with the makeshift pillow under her head. Her blonde lover was lying on top in the female superior position, the seven-inch silicone cock still lodged deeply inside her pussy. They both moaned from the intense pleasure they were receiving, as even the least movement made both ends of the Feeldoe jerk around inside the places they were meant to satisfy. They lay like that for another minute, pleasure throbbing through their bodies, until Belle started to move.

This time she was the one who was supporting her weight on her knees and forearms as she moved slowly forward, drawing her pussy away from the dildo that protruded from Taylor's pussy. When she had moved far enough that she could feel the mushroom-shaped head had reached the entrance, she paused, and moved back to envelope the silicone toy. When it was halfway back inside, Taylor's hands spread themselves on Belle's voluptuous ass and pressed down while the brunette thrust the shaft up into the place that was so hospitable. Pussy juices spattered both bodies as their clits and the ridges in the center of the Feeldoe all came together, eliciting happy sighs from a pair of throats.

Once again, Belle remained in the same position for over a minute, loving everything they were doing together in the small clearing. Waves of bliss, almost breakers, rolled through her body from where the long shaft of the toy was cramming her pussy while the other part raked her clit. Her sensitive little love button was rubbing against Tay's too, sending a different kind of sexual thrill all the way to her fingers and toes. She relished the sensuous feel of her lover's hands as they caressed her ass and sides and hips and, most of all, she absolutely adored the idea of the two of them making love out there in the woods on Earth Day.

Taylor loved everything about what they were doing too. The vibrator lodged in her pussy was also sending out massive waves of delight, and her clit was getting the same treatment as that of her lover, with the same result. Her hands, as she gently stroked the soft, smooth skin covering the vibrant flesh of Belle's ass and sides and hips, relished every soft square inch of the lovely and loving woman they were caressing. And, Taylor was just as enamored of the idea of making woman-to-woman love out in the woods as her partner was, especially on that special day.

After the second period of letting the huge waves of pleasure roll back and forth, inundating their bodies with rapture, Belle started moving forward again, Once more, she withdrew her pussy from the long silicone shaft of the Feeldoe, paused with just the head inside, and moved back to once more impale herself. Taylor's hands were just as ready, and she pushed down on Belle's ass again, and thrust upward to plunge the shaft all the way back into her pussy, while their engorged clits were raked by each other and by the raised stripes at the junction of the two givers of pleasure of the Feeldoe.

Although nominally in charge as the woman on top, Belle let herself be directed by Taylor who, although under her, set the pace by guiding her lover with her hands. They reveled in making love this way sometimes, and they described it as "Topping from the bottom." Belle continued moving back and forth, slowly at first, and Taylor rammed the silicone shaft of the Feeldoe up into her pussy with every stroke. Either of the young women moaned blissfully every time their bodies came together, and they constantly encouraged the other to continue the fucking that was so incredibly delightful.

Over and over, under the guidance of Taylor, Belle moved back and forth on the brunette's body, rubbing their nipples together and plunging the Feeldoe's shaft all the way into her pussy with every stroke. Over and over, the woman lying on her back thrust upward, meeting her partner and cramming her pussy full of silicone. In between their expressions of joy, they kissed and whispered of love and devotion and what a wonderful time they were having. After a long, truly fabulous time of fucking, Taylor whispered of her imminent orgasm.

"I'm almost ready to cum, Babe."

"Me too."

Taylor placed her hands snugly on her partner's waist just above her hips and started moving them upward, urging the voluptuous blonde to start fucking faster. Belle gladly complied, and started moving faster and taking the shaft of the Feeldoe harder and just as deeply into her pussy. Either of the women whispered of how much better it felt, and how they were about to cum, and implored her partner not to stop. Neither of them had any intention of stopping or of slowing down even slightly.

The seven inch shaft of the Feeldoe, combined with Taylor's lovingly caressing hands and every other thing about the day started Belle cumming first, but her partner was only a few seconds behind.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" she warbled ecstatically, apparently forgetting she was the one on top. Her thighs tightly hugged those of her partner, and she continued rocking forward and back.

Once again, Taylor was silent when she started cumming, but her actions were no less overt. Her arms tightly hugged Belle against her body, mashing both luscious pairs of breasts together, and she continued fucking upward into the blonde's pussy. The tireless joy-givers of the Feeldoe, the shaft and the vibrator and the raised lines, continued doing what they were designed to do, and the tight, two-woman package rolled from side to side on the rumpled cotton sheet. Even as they rolled, they continued ramming their pussies together, and sobbing and whimpering from the excruciating pleasure each was giving to the other and getting in return.

They didn't know which of them climaxed first, nor did they care, because it wasn't some kind of silly contest. Their two cries of ecstasy rang out almost as one, and either of the happy women rammed her pussy against the other, letting the Feeldoe finish its job. Following their second simultaneous orgasms, the third climax for either of them that day, the two young women knew they were through, at least with their picnic sex. The sun was low in the west, and a cool breeze had sprung up, chilling their sweaty bodies. They would need to get back to the dorm, where they would take hot showers together and change clothes and probably make love again, but in bed. However, there was one more fun thing they both wanted to do.

Belle slowly moved her sexy body forward again, but this time, she kept going until the shaft of the Feeldoe was no longer imbedded in her pussy. She got to her feet, still straddling Taylor, and stepped over her once and back again, so she was facing her lover's feet. She quickly got back onto her knees and moved her pussy to the place where Taylor could reach it with her tongue. Belle leaned forward and eased the egg-shaped part of the toy out of Tay, turned off the vibrator, and licked all the delicious fresh juices from it, relishing their flavor almost as much as she loved the sensation of the tongue that was starting to stroke her pussy.

She didn't stop there, but also used her mouth to clean all her juices from the shaft that had been inside her pussy. Belle loved the flavor of Taylor's fresh nectar, but she liked her own almost as much. After licking everything off the toy, she lowered her body farther, so her lover would be able to finish the cleaning of her pussy that she had started.

Following that, either of the two women buried her face in the other's crotch and their tongues started sluicing up all the nectar from where it awaited them and greedily swallowing it. There were a lot of the delicious juices, because they had fucked three times with the Feeldoe, and both of them had produced copious amounts. They licked each other's thighs and bellies and crotches and, especially, the still-swollen pussy lips. There was no concern for future lubrication, do they sucked the ambrosia out of the pink holes that had produced it. Some of it had run down and soaked into the sheet, but they made sure that no more than they could avoid of the delicious juices were wasted.

When her tongue had mopped up everything it could, Belle licked her lips as far around as her tongue would reach and used her fingers to wipe the rest of Taylor's pussy juices off her face, so she could lick them up and swallow them too. The pleasuring tongue was no longer active where it had been needed, and Belle knew her lover's mouth had done the same thing with her pussy. She moved from over Taylor's body, and turned around to smile at her lover, who smiled back, and they moved closer together so their agile tongues could finish the job and clean everything off each other's faces.

The day had been a warm one to start, but it was then late in the afternoon of an early spring day, and the cool breeze was on its way to turning into a cold wind. The two women quickly donned their clothing and stowed the sheet and thermos bottle and all the refuse of their picnic into their backpacks. It had been a fine observance of Earth Day out in the open, where such celebrations belonged, but they were already looking forward to similar activities in one of the beds in their dorm room.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Taylor and Belle had and will resume having when they return to their room. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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