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Coed Naked Backpacking


At fifty years old I consider myself to be in pretty good shape. With my wife, Nancy, being in the military she has to continually work out to stay in shape, and that tends to have a certain amount of carryover. I mean, I can't exactly build a workout room in the house with all that equipment and not feel guilty if I don't it. So, use it I do, keeping my 6' frame down to a hundred eighty-five pounds and in pretty good trim.

A few years ago I suggested a simple overnight backpack trip to my wife. Having done a lot of backpacking with the Scouts for years, finally taking one with my wife was actually a pretty thrilling prospect. It's a great way to get some really good exercise and also enjoy the outdoors; which for me is a really important thing. I love to camp, hike, fish, hunt....you name it. Along the way we have met a few couples doing the same kind of thing, enjoying the great outdoors and time together at the same time, and a few have become very good friends.

It was the third morning of a trip that Mary and John had planned. It was a bit of a surprise to get the invite since it was supposed to be our turn to plan the next outing, a duty usually passed around on a rotating basis. But as expected Mary had done her homework and picked an incredible out of the way location. We went to bed last night on the side of a mountain overlooking a western range, the sun turning the sky burnt orange as it slowly sunk behind the peaks. The night insects and tree frogs provided a gentle chorus and helped to mute the sounds of lovemaking from the other two tents as my wife and I crawled into ours naked.

There is just nothing quite like making love in a two man tent with little room to move. Your positions are limited, as are your motions, which leads to an interesting arrangement of actions and positions you might not consider for your large comfortable bed. As I lay panting, snuggling my wife's sexy and sweaty body, I wondered if we were as noisy to the others as they seemed to us.

Morning dawned as early as it always does on any mountain, with the sound of birds chirping in the pines and the sun filtering through the branches. I yawned and gave my wife's still naked, sexy tits a kiss before crawling out of the tent as naked as she was. I used our tent to shield myself from the others while I pulled on a pair of workout shorts and then stepped into the pair of flip-flops I liked to use around camp. I looked around, and to my surprise, saw Mary squatting by the fire, staring right at me. I had absolutely no doubt that she has seen me standing there naked with my normal morning woody. She had on a long t-shirt, but with her facing me and her knees spread wide it was an easy view up the bottom of her shirt to her pussy, which looked to be freshly shaved.

With Mary and her husband, John, there is no doubt who wears the pants in that relationship; although Mary's soft manner tends to hide her dominating spirit. She will look at you with her smiling green eyes, framed with her always curly brown hair, and you simply know you will be doing whatever she says. In her forties Mary is quiet and subdued, until you cross her. Only then does her sharp intellect and tongue come out to greet you. She is not quite as slender as I'm sure she was in her youth, and her husband is a bit heavier, although from what I have seen it's all muscle.

I did have the chance to see Mary mostly naked once, accidently walking up on her while she was peeing in the bushes. She made sure to give me a good look before walking over to me, her pants still around her thighs, and undoing my belt. She had my cock out and stroked hard in no time before giving me a wet kiss on the lips and then walking away, leaving both of us hanging. Since that time she has teased me mercilessly with periodic, extremely brief, flashes of her tits or pussy. But never have I seen her whole body naked at once. Not that I don't want to... I mean she is pretty damn hot.

She smiled and waved me over, which served to snap me back to the present, making sure to hold her knees apart as I moved closer.

"Morning, enjoying the view?" She asked innocently as I sat down across from her.

"Yeah, it seems particularly enticing this morning for some reason."

She smiled and winked at me before dropping to her knees to cover herself when she heard a tent zipper. It wasn't long before the entire camp was up and moving around. The morning chores included breakfast and a quick camp cleanup before we settled around the lightly smoking fire to decide the day's activities.

"So, anyone know what today is?" Mary asked the group in general.

"July fourteenth, I think." Mark responded quickly. "Why, it isn't your birthday is it?" He joked.

In stark contrast to Mary and John are Mark and Christa who are in their thirties, very athletic, and if allowed to, will push our physical limits pretty far. Thin and fit, they have done much more ambitious climbs than I will ever attempt. Mark is your typical athletic type and his wife is really easy on the eyes; about five six and only a hundred forty pounds or so, most of that in her chest, I think. While I haven't ever seen her naked, I have had the pleasure of seeing her in some pretty skimpy bikini's that her easily 38 D chest was trying hard to fall out of. Her blond hair and gentle blue eyes give her a Barbie-doll look, but she has the spirit of a redhead. She loves a stimulating conversation and will debate almost any topic. I have enjoyed many a discussion with her as we hiked up trails, usually calling it a draw by the time we reached our camp site.

"Oh I wouldn't quite say it's my birthday. But it is a special day." Mary said from her spot where she was sitting on a small log we had pulled into camp. "It's National Nude Day, and I think we should all go naked today to celebrate it!" she concluded.

"You're kidding right?" Nancy, my wife, asked with an incredulous look on her face.

"No, I'm serious it is National Nude Day." Mary responded, her face as serious as can be.

"But someone might see us naked!" Christa piped up.

"Well first off, there isn't anyone else around her for miles, and second off, what are you worried about? Those bikini's you wear don't exactly cover a hell of a lot." Mary retorted with a smile. "You don't really think that the guys can't tell what's under them after you get wet do you? I mean that white one is completely see through at times."

"Well, Mark got me that one, and no I didn't know that." She replied, her face red with embarrassment as she looked at her husband, who looked back with a sheepish, almost guilty look. "No wonder he doesn't allow me to wear it in public."

"Like we're not public?" I asked with a laugh, wishing I had paid better attention the last time she wore that tiny white one. My wife reached across and slugged me, but not too hard, on the shoulder, knowing exactly what I was thinking.

"But naked in front of each others husbands?" Christa asked, looking around.

"Sure, but don't forget, they'll be naked too. And I for one and looking forward to seeing what's hiding in a pair of shorts or two!" Mary said with a grin. "So who's up for it, so to speak?" She finished, laughing at her own pun.

"I'm not so sure this is a good idea." My wife mumbled, as though hoping it would all go away.

"Well, I for one am going to!" Mary said, standing up and skimming her t-shirt off, leaving her standing completely naked in front of all of us. Now who's going to join me?"

I sat and stared at Mary, her tits large and firm and definitely not in need of a bra. Her waist was slender and flowed gracefully into her round smooth hips and, from my angle, a very cute round ass. Her pussy was shaved, and it was pretty obvious to me that she was pretty turned on too. I thought about it for a few moments. Hell I'd wanted to see her naked for a long time, now was my chance to see her naked all day. And if I was lucky, to touch and play a bit too. All I had to do was go along with this Nude Day thing. Could I go all day naked around Christa and my wife without dying of embarrassment? Hell for that matter, if my wife decided to go along, how would I feel about her being naked in front of Mark and John?

"What the hell!" I said, standing up. "You only live once!" It only took me a moment to drop my shorts, since that was all I had on, and step out of them. My dick was already hard and poking straight out toward Christa, who seemed to sit staring at it as if mesmerized.

"Oh hell." She finally said, standing up and slowly undressing. If anything my dick got harder as I watched her pull her shirt and shorts off, leaving her in a lacy bra and blue thong panty. "No one better laugh though!" She said sharply, as she undid the clasp and let her ample chest loose. Last to go was her thong, which she turned around and pushed down. She bent over to hold onto the log for balance, giving us a brief, and unexpected, view of her pussy as she stepped out of her thong.

"Well Nancy, you in?" Mary asked, looking expectantly at my very nervous looking wife.

"What about them?" She asked, looking at Mark and John, staring at her expectantly.

"Oh don't worry, they will too. If I have to tie them to a tree and strip them myself." Mary answered with a laugh.

The gauntlet thrown down, Mark and John had no choice; they stood up and began shedding their clothes. Nancy took advantage of their activity and quickly undressed, tossing her clothes into a pile behind her, and sitting back down before the men could ogle her too much.

"Well, that's it then! No more clothes for the rest of the day!" Mary said as she bent over and picked up her t-shirt. I doubted that there was anything arbitrary in the direction her cute ass was pointed as she bent over straight legged, her pussy pushing out between her legs at me invitingly. "So who wants to go for a short walk? How about you Mike? You said before breakfast you wanted me to show you that small creek I found yesterday."

"Yeah, I did." I answered, knowing I had said no such thing.

"You coming, Nancy?" She asked my wife.

"No, I'll just sit here for a while." She answered, trying to keep herself covered as much as possible. "Why don't you take Christa? She likes to take those nature walks, too." My wife suggested, probably thinking that having someone else along would keep any potential hanky-panky to a minimum.

"Sure. Good idea." Mary answered. "Come on Christa. Let's go get our boots on!"

"Ok." Christa answered, as if glad to have something to do besides sit and be stared at by John and Mark.

I followed a few seconds later, deciding that boots would be good to put on. It felt a bit odd walking around camp with a hardon wagging, but getting to watch the girls completely naked was worth it. Christa was crouched down, tying her boot as I walked over. I doubted that she realized that her natural position for doing this was exposing her entire pussy to me, even spreading her lips slightly. If my cock had gone down any while I was getting my hikers on, the sight of her renewed its form.

"All set?" She asked as she looked up, my hard dick pointing straight at her from five feet away. "Shit." She mumbled, working to look away as her face and neck reddened slightly.

"Ok. All set!" Mary announced as she walked over from her tent. "Isn't this liberating?"

"Oh yeah." Christa said with mild sarcasm and a bit of a frown on her face as she stood up.

"Good, let's go! Keep the boys entertained, wont you Nancy?" Mary called as she led the two of us off toward a break in the trees. I had the feeling that my wife was going to be fending off the "boys" the whole time I was gone. I knew from comments Mark had said that he thought my wife was pretty hot for an older woman, and I wouldn't be surprised to find him hitting on her. Of course I had every intention of trying to fuck Mary; I just needed to figure out how to do that with Christa along.

We hiked along a small game trail for almost ten minutes before it opened into a small glade. I was much too busy watching the two cute naked asses in front of me to pay all that much attention to the scenery around me.

Mary stopped in the middle of the glade and turned around to face Christa and me. "Well stud. You've wanted this body for a long time. Think you can handle two of us?" She asked as Christa stepped next to her and turned to face me as well.

"HUH?" I asked in sudden confusion. I had been trying to figure out how to get to Mary with Christa along. It had never occurred to me to try to take them both on at the same time.

"You mean you haven't figured it out?" Mary asked,"Christa and I have been sneaking off on these trips for the last two years. You mean you never guessed, even in your wildest dreams that we were fooling around?"

"Never occurred to me." I answered with a shrug.

"So you think you're up to satisfying two horny women?" Mary asked as Christa stepped behind her and reached around, cupping both of Mary's breasts and lifting them in invitation.

I may be a lot of things, but I am not stupid. I'd lusted after both of them for long enough that I wasn't about to turn down this opportunity. I briefly thought about my wife being back in camp alone with their husbands, and wondered if they were as busy as I was about to be? I figured what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me.

I stepped forward, wrapping my arms around Mary, reaching between the two women to gently fondle Christa's already hard nipples while my lips met Mary's. Mary's hands went around me, pulling my pelvis against hers, trapping my hard dick between us. I felt and heard her moan into my mouth at the same time I felt Christa's hands work down between our bodies, one hand wrapping around my cock and the other sliding lower.

"Oh fuck. I want you in me so bad." Mary nearly growled as she pushed me back. I looked down and saw Christa's fingers deep in Mary's wet pussy, sliding in and out slowly, each stroke teasing her clit. Mary pushed me down to my knees and then back onto the grass, following me down until she was straddling my body with her knees. "I've wanted this cock in me since the day you caught me in the woods. Do you remember that day?"

"Oh yeah." I responded as she rubbed the head of my dick around her wet lips. "You were just finishing taking a pee."

"Uh huh!" she grunted as she settled on my cock, allowing her weight to push herself down over my raging shaft. "I was finger fucking myself thinking about how you looked when you changed into your swim suit that morning. I saw you through the bedroom window at the cabin while I was on the back deck! I wanted to fuck you right there in the woods, hell I almost did! Once I started to stroke your cock it was all I could do to walk away!"

"Oh God." I moaned as she settled down the full length of my shaft. "I would have let you!"

She settled to her knees and began to slowly ride up and down my shaft as Christa stepped around her and across my head. She squatted down facing Mary, her pussy hovering inches from my face as she settled onto her knees. I reached up and pulled her hips down to my face, allowing my searching tongue to separate her already wet pussy lips. I slowly licked between her lips and pushed my tongue deep into her tunnel before reaching my tongue to her exposed clit. I felt her twitch as I flicked it, her moan muffled, presumably by the kiss I suspected Mary and she were sharing. I was pretty much in heaven as Mary rode up and down my shaft and my face was filled with Christa's wet pussy, and I wondered how long I could last under this bombardment of incredible sensations.

I worked on Christa's pussy with a vengeance, my tongue making trip after trip between her lips from her clit to her hot tunnel, her juices leaking all over my face as my tongue teased her closer and closer to climax.

Mary was the first to climax, her pussy spasming and her cry of pleasure muffled as Christa's moans were. Her whole body shook and I felt her grind her pussy hard into my pelvis as she came around my shaft. She had barely started to relax before she lifted herself off my cock and helped Christa crawl down my body. I watched Christa lift herself and reach for my cock, grasping it and rubbing around her sopping pussy before pushing her tight pussy down over it.

"OH FUCK!" I cried loudly as she pressed herself down on my shaft. The tight tunnel pushing me over the edge of the climax I had been trying to hold back. My body bucked hard up into her, ramming my dick deep into her and spurting a huge gush of hot cum into her pussy. I barely heard her cry out as my body bucked again, pumping another shot of cum into her. Time and again my body jerked and filled her, each time slightly less powerful, until I was lying on the grass panting; Christa trembling as her own climax faded with mine.

Christa pulled off of my shaft slowly, helped by Mary, before lying down next to me in the cool grass. Mary lay next to me on the other side and pulled my face to hers, giving me a long wet kiss. "God I wanted that for so long. I hope I can get a lot more of it!" She said with a giggle. "It felt even better than I had dreamed."

"And she had dreamed a LOT about it!" Christa added quietly. "I don't know how many times she pretended that that big dildo she has was you."

"Christa!" Mary said sharply.

"Don't deny it! You're the one that said he was bigger than John." Christa laughed.

"Well, I'm sure you will be able to get to ride it again real soon." I said to them both as Mary's hand closed around my cum slickened cock.

"Oh I know I will! I have no intention of going back to camp until you fuck me from behind!" Mary said earnestly.

"Oh? You like that way?"

"My favorite." She answered as she nuzzled my neck and kissed it softly.

"Well, I suspect we will have him hard real soon." Christa said as she rolled to her knees and turned herself around so her face was hovering over my dick. I looked down and watched as she took me from Mary and lifted my mostly soft member into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my head. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back on the grass swimming in the sensations she was generating in my body.

"I think he likes it!" Mary said with a giggle as she got up and followed Christa down to join. I rarely got my cock sucked, and never had I been attended to by two women, but their attention was quickly having its desired affect. The two ladies were soon swapping my growing shaft between them, taking turns licking and working up and down as I got steadily harder.

I reached out and began to stroke Christa's pussy, which was well within my reach as she played with my cock. I let my fingers stroke up and down between her lips, letting the tips of my fingers bump across her hard clit. It was pretty obvious by the moaning around my shaft that she was enjoying the attention until she suddenly pulled my shaft from her mouth and her pussy away from my busy fingers.

"Ok. I always wanted to try this," Christa said. "I want to be fucked while you're on top of me." She said to Mary.

"Ok, we can try that. You game?" Mary asked me, as if the answer would be no?

I sat up and watched Christa lay on the ground, Mary moving over her body and pressing against her, their legs tangled and spread so that I had easy access to both pussies. I watched them kiss sensuously as I moved behind and lowered my cock head to Christa's already excited pussy. Slowly I eased into her, limited in stroke only by Mary's ass, which I bumped into with each short stroke.

"This would work better on a bed or something!" I grunted as I plunged my shaft as far into her as I could.

"Oh no. It's fine!" Christa panted as Mary moved farther up her body and hung a tit in her face. This also gave me more room and I quickly lengthened my strokes to take advantage, and was soon plunging my full length into Christa as she moaned around Mary's tit.

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