Coed Sex Slave


The brief pain and even the slight discomfort had disappeared long ago, and had been replaced by the greatest pleasure Melody could remember ever receiving. Suddenly, it got even better. She was aware of her clit, and she always stroked it when she masturbated, which usually resulted in a rather weak orgasm. Her inept weenie of a boy friend had never touched her there, not even with his fingers, and certainly not with his cock. Suddenly, as the big dick surged into her pussy, sending massive waves of joy in its path, there was an explosion of pleasure more intense than any she had ever felt.

"Oh!" Melody cried out in surprise and delight, and that sound and her sudden movement were duly recorded by the video camera.

The odd looking spur at the base of the big, white dildo had done what it was designed to do, to fondle an engorged clit when the toy thrust into the user's pussy. Over and over, it did its job, while the sexy young blonde's movements became wilder and more strenuous. Besides ramming back to meet the toy as it plowed in and out of her, Melody's body thrashed from side to side and her legs, within the limits of the chains, opened and closed and thumped the mattress.

Vocally, through the whimpers and moans she repeatedly uttered Melody's voice made it equally clear that she was receiving incredible pleasure. All her wild and erotic movements and every one of her blissful sounds were recorded in full by the video camera.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" the young woman whimpered, as she felt something mounting within her body. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt, like a giant tidal wave of total ecstasy starting in her fingers and toes and sweeping inward to concentrate on her pussy as it was repeatedly stuffed full by the big dildo and her clit was massaged over and over by the spur at its base. "Oh! OH!" she cried out as she started cumming.

Melody's movements became wilder than ever, as she bounced up and down on her ass and her pussy surged forward to impale itself on the entire length of the dildo and to have her clit raked repeatedly by the cleverly designed spur. Her legs thrashed up and down, yanking on the chains, and her head and body pitched and tossed from side to side. When Melody climaxed, she howled in ecstasy; all her muscles clenched, and her back arched as she jammed her pussy against the dildo for the ultimate time. With perfect timing, Jerry had the video camera zoomed out perfectly, so he recorded her entire torso at the exact second of her climax, included her incoherent cry of joy.

After her tremendous orgasm, the most incredible sensation of her young life, Melody's body relaxed on the bed, breathing deeply from her exertion. The machine was still driving the dildo tirelessly into her pussy, but Jerry focused on the look of absolute joy that her face had become. Nobody could look on Melody's visage and not know she had just been through an exquisitely delightful experience. After zooming in tightly on her closed eyes and the look of unmitigated bliss that suffused her face, Jerry turned off the video camera, letting the presentation end on that note.

He also turned off the fucking machine and carefully pulled the dildo from the pussy it had just satisfied so thoroughly, ignoring the soft protest that Melody made at losing her mechanical lover. With the taping done, he went behind the headboard and put on the clothing he had left there earlier. From the pants pocket, he took a key, and went back to insert it in the cuff on one of Melody's wrists, turning it to unlock the manacle and let that wrist free.

"That same key unlocks the rest of the cuffs," he told her. If she hadn't heard him in her state of rapture, she would figure it out for herself, he reasoned.

Gerald Sorenson went back upstairs and set his favorite easy chair so it would face the television that was connected to the video player. He took the tape from the camera and inserted it, making sure that the view of Melody's great joy in being fucked by the machine would appear on the 54 inch screen as soon as he flicked the remote. With things in readiness, he sat back to wait for the young lady to make her appearance.

It only took her ten minutes to stride through the door from the basement, her body wrapped in the sheet from the bed where she had just played a starring role in a videotape. "Mr. Sorenson, where are my clothes?" Melody demanded. "I'm going to the police to have you arrested, and I can't go there wrapped in a sheet like I am now."

"Now, Melody, you can have your clothes in a few minutes. Just don't you go doing something you'll regret. Here, I want to show you something," he said and pressed the switch that turned on the VCR and the television.

Immediately, an image of the young woman's joyous face filled the screen, and her happy sounds poured out of the speakers. Melody gawked at the picture before realizing that it was her and that it had been taped a few minutes ago when she was displaying such joy at the great fucking she was getting from the machine. Anybody looking at the screen could see she was almost in ecstasy and, when the image slowly changed, they could see just what was giving her so much delight.

Melody stared, aghast, at the larger-than-life image of the dildo plunging in and out of her pussy. Although still outraged, after a few seconds of viewing it, her anger started being replaced by a different emotion. As she watched her facial features twisted into a mask of rutting joy and the big artificial cock that was the cause of it, her mind went back to the tremendous pleasure the machine had given her while she was chained to the bed. She also started thinking of how great it would be to have it happen again.

As the videotape continued, Melody was entranced. The tight close up of the toy driving in and out of her, and of the juices that flowed to lubricate the repeated penetrations came on the TV screen, and she could feel her pussy start to duplicate the flow at the sight and the recollection. As the videotape continued, her body thrashed around, and her moans and whimpers were clearly audible. While watching her unabashed wantonness, Melody's newly aroused body started to squirm, and the soft sounds of joy she was making were heard only by herself.

"What do you think of the tape, Melody?" the videographer asked, grinning at the image he saw, but not looking at her. "Suppose I send copies of it to your parents and other family members so they can see what a wanton slut you are? Suppose I post it on the internet so everybody in the world can see what a wanton slut you are? You'd better think about what you want to do or where you want to go after you get your clothes back."

Melody wasn't thinking of that just then. Instead, her mind was dwelling on the excruciating pleasure she had received from the big white dick that was fastened to the arm of the fucking machine. When the part of the videotape appeared where the spur started making contact with her clit, she especially reveled in that memory. She had never felt anything as divine as those tiny plastic fingers against that most erogenous part of her body.

As she watched herself enjoying a monumental orgasm, Melody started to think about how she could talk the man showing the tape into using the machine on her again, but without chaining her to the bed. It seemed fairly obvious, at least to her, that it would have been an even more pleasurable experience if her movements hadn't been restricted by the chains and manacles. Thinking further, about what he had required her to do before bringing her to ecstasy, she thought she might know how to persuade Mr. Sorenson to do what she wanted.

When the tape ended with a close up of Melody's face as a mask of total bliss, Jerry turned to her to get her reaction, and was shocked at what he saw and what he smelled. She was standing upright, but her body was squirming almost as it had while she was manacled to the bed. The sheet that had been wrapped tightly around her body was gaping open in the front, showing off one of her breasts and most of one naked leg, and he could see and smell juices running from her pussy down her thigh. Melody knew the tape had ended too, and she turned to him to make a request.

"Master, will you please take me down to that bed in the basement so that big dick can fuck my cunt again?"

He grinned at her total and unexpected submission. "I'll do more than that, Melody. The dick on that machine is an exact copy of mine, and we can go down to the basement and I'll fuck your cunt with the real thing."

"Yes Master," she replied. Please fuck my cunt with your own dick." She removed the sheet to expose her naked body to him again, but she carried it with her when they started back to the basement. Melody was sure that lying naked on the sheet while her cunt was being fucked by her master's dick would be much more comfortable than lying on the bare mattress.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Melody had, although she didn't expect to, and as much as she and her master will be having when his dick is used. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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