tagGay MaleCollege Daze Pt. 03

College Daze Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

College Daze: The Conclusion

Chapter 1: The Morning After

The morning after was definitely the icing on the cake. Dee woke up from a deep sleep to find his white room mate Jeri rolling a joint whilst Jeri's girlfriend, the pretty Stacy snored in his powerful black arms. Without a word, the two guys shared the joint. As the hot, horny events of the previous night came back to his min. He could just see it like a motion picture, the way he had fucked Stacy into several deliriums, whilst her boyfriend sucked his dick and licked his balls and chocolate starfish. Now, that was some horny shit and whatnot.

Dee's black cock stirred back to life. Without a word, Dee simply grabbed Jeri's head and pushed his white roomies face to his hardening cock. Jeri tried to whisper something, but the moment his lips touched the hot, thick black cock, he simply started licking it and sucking. He groaned with contention as his thick tongue swabbed and slithered all over the dark meat.

When Stacy woke up out of her deep, refreshing slumber, she wasted no time in joining her boyfriend at the black stud's genitals. The rest of the morning was a repeat performance of the previous night's activities. Dee fucked Stacy and let Jeri taste her cunt off his cock. Then he came in the busty, bubble southern belle's pussy and rewarded her tall, handsome, rich, blonde boyfriend with early morning, creamy, salty, nutritious cream pie.

After Stacy's departure, both guys left for their different classes, without a word.

However, their minds were both preoccupied with the previous night.

Jeri was quite embarrassed with himself. He could not believe that he had not only allowed the black guy to fuck his girlfriend right before his eyes, but he had enjoyed it immensely, so much so that he had helped him, holding Stacy's thighs open and even taking Dee's hard black cock in his hand and sliding it into Stacy. To top it all off, he had sucked Dee's big, black cock so many times, relishing tasting his girlfriend's pussy juices off it. And even after he had licked it clean, he had not been able to take his hands and lips off it. He had also sucked Dee's big, black balls and licked his chocolate star fish, and he had loved every second of it.

As he sat in class, Jeri frowned deeply. He started wondering if he was gay. The exhilaration he had felt from wanking and sucking the big black cock matched and even topped that which he felt when fucking his girlfriend.

Jeri was made uneasy by the thought that he might be gay. To be gay was so unmanly, so "Ugh!!!" He just could not be gay. His friends and his family would definitely find that queer. And what about Stacy? They were supposed to get married after college, and raise a family. Jeri was confused and lost.

Chapter 2: BBD vs BBC

Dee on the other hand, had different thoughts altogether. He had enjoyed fucking Stacy. Holding the fine, busty, bubble butt southern belle in his arms, riding her tight, hot pussy was simply wonderful. He could still feel his cock see sawing in and out of her lubricated gash, whilst she writhed under him, fucking him back lustily, and crying for more black cock. Her vocabulary had been reduced to those three magic words, "Harder, faster, deeper!!!" Now that, had been like a dream cumm true.

Dee did feel a bit weird about having had his roommate sucking his dick and licking his balls and ass. That was so damn gay! But he couldn't deny that he had loved it. It was just so kinky to have all that funky shit happen, right in front of Stacy. And Stacy had enjoyed it thoroughly. He could still visualise her, frigging her clit whilst watching her handsome boyfriend gag his big, black cock.

Dee decided there and then that he wanted Stacy to be his woman. He wanted to pump the healthy, bubbly, southern belle full of his creamy cumm and knock her up. He was going for the whole nine yards. He wanted her to be his bitch, his slut, his lady, the mother of his kids. Hell he wanted her to be his wife. He was prepared to marry the bitch and give her half. He dint have much yet, being a student, with a promising career. Half of nothing was nothing, but he was prepared to share all of that with her.

The only problem was Jeri. Jeri was his mate and Stacy's boyfriend. Dee thought about it for a while, then he decided that they would have to settle it with the law of the jungle. Survival of the fittest, and may the better man win. Jeri was richer and came from good, old money. But Dee was confident that he was more of man than him. He would have to put him in his place, and that was at his knees, sucking on his big, black cock. Jeri had the BBD, as in Bigger, Better Deal. But Dee had the BBC, as in Bigger, Blacker Cock. Now, the clash of the Titans was underway.

He called Stacy up. The hot mama sounded oh so happy to hear from him. He told her to come over to his and Jeri's hostel room at ten, and she said she'd be there.

That evening, the two boys returned from class around 6. They were both uneasy, especially, Jeri. They smoked a couple joint without much conversation, then Dee stood up and stretched himself languidly. The athletic, handsome, dark black man reminded Jeri of a jungle cat, a panther.

"Shit, I am gonna go take a cold shower," Dee said languidly, dropping his clothes.

"Yeah, I might do that too later," Jeri said, sitting back on his bed, unable to take his eyes off Dee's muscular, sculpted body. Though he was a muscular hunk himself, and a head taller, Jeri was impressed by Dee's body, so trim, athletic and perfectly defined. And so dark. The black Adonis looked like he had been sculpted from marble. Jeri's eyes went down his defined abs, to the shaved dark mons, and the thick long black tube that was dangling between his powerful legs.

Jeri's eyes lingered on his cock, following it like a dick hound.

Dee grabbed a towel and walked for the door. Jeri's eyes gazed at the dark expanse of dark, chocolate back and the firm, muscular ass cheeks clenching and unclenching to his swagger. He felt a hot excitement.

Dee smiled smugly to himself. The white boy was his to do with as he pleased. He decided that one of these days, he might even fuck him up the ass.

As Dee disappeared, Jeri rolled a big fat joint and smoked nervously, trying to rid his system of the excitement the sight of the naked black body was causing him. His heart was beating fast and his ears were buzzing.

Chapter 3: Sealing a cock sucker's fate

Dee walked back in after a quarter of an hour later. His dark body was glistening and steaming after his hot shower. He had his wet, white towel wrapped around his narrow hips.

"Damn! What's smelling so nice..." he asked casually, smiling at Jeri, as he removed his towel from around his waist and wiped himself with it. He smiled inwardly as he saw Jeri ogling his body. The white boy's eyes were drawn to his dangling, lolling cock as if by a magnet.

"Its that kick ass weed. Here, take a lick..." Jeri held up the joint.

Dee walked over to him, and stood towering over his seated room mate as he took the joint. Jeri gazed dreamily at Dee's glistening, dangling cock. He was not even bothering to hide it anymore.

"See something you like, Jeri?" Dee teased the cock watcher.

"Damn! Dee. You are like a pagan sex god man. No wonder my girlfriend has got the hots for you. Maybe I should even be scared of losing her to you man"

"Don't worry man. Thanks for sharing all that fine bubble butt man. And thanks for sucking my cock! That really felt good. You enjoyed it didn't you?" Dee said, moving closer to Jeri, so that his cock was now dangling in his face.

Jeri's eyes gazed fixedly at the black dick, like a rabbit watching a python, full of fear yet mesmerised, hypnotised.

"Do you wanna touch it again? Go ahead, wrap your palm around it?" Dee's voice was soft, yet commanding.

"No man. I shouldn't!" Jeri shook his head from side to side, fighting to keep his itchy hands still. "You'll end up thinking I am gay..."

"No man. Did I think that yesterday, when you sucked my cock so good? Go ahead... You can trust me" Dee reached down and took Jeri's hand.

Jeri stared, mesmerised as his unresisting, big, pink hand was led to the thick black cock. Dee put his palm over his cock. Jeri's hand wrapped instinctively around Dee's stem. It was hot, but not yet very hard. Jeri could not remove his hand from it. It was glued to the black cock.

"Why don't you stroke it a bit Jeri, and see my dick get real big and hard. I know you loved it last night. Do it now," he said gently, persuasively. He started pumping Jeri's hand up and down his stem.

Jeri was in a turmoil. Last night had been different. Stacy was around. Now, this, just the two of them, him and this lovely black cock in his palm. This was all so gay man.

He felt shocked at breaking a taboo that had been instilled in him since childhood. He was involved in a homosexual act. He was stroking another man's cock, a black man's cock for that matter, and he was feeling so thrilled to feel it harden and grow. He blushed with shame, but his heart was beating like a drum with excitement, and his cock was hardening in his pants.

His hand moved of its own accord. His fingers squeezed Dee's black manhood, and felt it vibrate with masculinity. He could not take his eyes off the potent, dark cock. It was growing real hard now, and it felt so good in his palm. It started to weigh heavily as it became fully turgid. Dee dropped his hand, and Jeri kept on stroking him, wanking his foreskin back and forth.

The musky smell of Dee's cock wafted into his nostrils, making Jeri's senses reel and his mouth water. Dee placed a foot on the bed, next to Jeri, putting his thigh next to his face. He cupped the back of Jeri's head, and pulled his face to his pubes. Jeri shuddered as his lips touched the dark, silky, tender flesh. He found himself kissing his roommate's mons, then the base of the cock.

"Oh yes Jeri, that's the way. You're a natural talent boy..."

"No. We should stop this. This aint right. Its Homo man..." Jeri protested, pulling back, and staring wide eyed at the big black hammer looming before his eyes. He had to fight to stop his mouth from just diving at it and just going, "gobble, gobble, gobble."

"We shouldn't" He stuttered, licking his lips.

"Come on Jeri. Look at the way you are licking your lips. You know you want it. You're my sweet, lil cocksucker now..."

Jeri jumped with a start and blushed deeply. He started to stutter in denial.

"But man, I don't wanna be homo-ed out in pink sheets," he repeated the insult that the boy's in their football team used for gays.

"Don't be shy Jeri. Its alright. Go ahead. I wont tell nobody. Lick it..."

He stroked Jeri's head, pushing his face to his cock. He rubbed the fat head against his cheeks, his nose, his forehead and all over his face. Jeri shivered and gasped.

The blonde guy moaned, and opened his mouth. Then he started licking the dark, shiny head, bathing it in his saliva. Dee released his head, but Jeri did not pull away.

Instead, the white boy took the dick in both hands, sank his fingers into the hard, throbbing black meat and started squeezing it and wanking it slowly, as he dragged his tongue all over the thick, hard, velvety rod, baptising it in his saliva. He licked it like an ice cream cone. Dee's hips jerked and twitched. He impressed by the white boy's skillz, dude.

Jeri found the black cock simply tasty and delicious. Boy oh boy, did he just love it. Like a delightful, toothsome treat.

"Get down on your knees and suck that black cock properly."

As if hypnotised by the black cock, Jeri sank to his knees before the black man. He groaned with gratification. He knelt before the dark Adonis and worshipped his cock with his hands and his mouth. And he felt good doing it. When Dee stroked his blonde head and groaned, Jeri beamed with pride and joy.

"From now on, that is your place Jeri, on your knees, worshipping my black cock, do you hear?"

"Uhuh!!" Jeri groaned and nodded, as he sucked on the fat, manly black stem like he was born for it.

"Yeah, that's it Jeri." Dee groaned. "Yeah, peel the foreskin back and give it a nice kiss, like you have always dream of doing."

Jeri did that. As he stared at the shiny helmet close up, a dam of emotion broke inside him. He went wild with exhilaration. He held up the cock and kissed the blunt tip, showering it with loving kisses. A thick dollop of pre-cum was gathering in the slit. He lapped at it, and sucked the tasty cream into his mouth.

Remembering the stuff he liked Stacy to do to his cock, he wrapped his wet, pink tongue around the heart shaped helmet like an eel. He groaned, relishing the musky, male taste. Then he slid his lips over the thick head and took it into his mouth.

"Be gentle boy. And watch them teeth," Dee groaned, holding the white boy's face still. He looked down at Jeri's handsome face, liking seeing his pink mouth all stretched out around his black cock.

"Damn! You look so good with a mouthful of black cock! You're my official dick sucker from now on, you hear?"

Jeri nodded as he felt himself succumb to the hard, hot, virile black cock that was sliding back and forth between his drooling lips. Dee held his chin up and started slowing fucking his face, with deep, gentle strokes.

"Ah yes Jeri. Go ahead now, work them lips, suck me good. Plus lick the underside with that tongue. You gotta stimulate that cock and shit. Yeah... That's it. What a sweet lil tongue you got right there. Damn!"

Dee was so happy, he had Jeri right where he wanted him. And he was enjoying dominating the rich, white boy and making him his pussy boy.

Dee's cock was like a hot, vibrant, delicious rod in his mouth. Jeri groaned, and his cheeks inflated and deflated to his voracious blowing. He slurped away loudly, drooling litres as he bobbed his head back and forth. All he wanted was to just suck on that big black cock forever. You couldn't have paid him to quit. Not even a million bucks, I dare say.

Dee let him enjoy it a while, and then he moved back, suddenly taking away his cock. Jeri almost cried for it.

"Did I do something wrong?" he almost whined.

"Go on lower and suck these nuts. Do a good job and I might reward you with my creamy cumm!"

Jeri desperately tried to call up some resistance, some revulsion at this unnatural act. But all he felt was desire to please the black man. He was overpowered by a carnal lust for black flesh.

Dee pulled his face to his balls and the white boy licked them, snaking his tongue around them, caressing and stroking them. Then he sucked them into his hot mouth, one big, hairy, cumm filled, black ball after the other.

"Ah yes! Yes, yes ya! And you don't stop!" Dee's voice just rumbled with pleasure. Now he had the guy where he wanted him, making his room mate give in to dark meat and just throw himself at it and worship it, a big, tall, muscular, rich white guy, turned into a slut for black cock.

Dee slid his dick back into Jeri's mouth and cupped his head in both hands. He started fucking his handsome, white face at mid tempo, pushing his cock to the back of his throat.

"Relax your neck and take it down. Deep throat that black cock. If Stacy can do it you can do it too."

Dee started pushing it deeper. Jeri felt the fat head press at the opening of his throat. He thought he was gonna choke on it, but to his surprise, he felt the fleshy cock slid in. Then Dee was fucking his slippery, constricting throat, plugging it.

"Ugh!!! Ugh!!! Ugh!! Ugh!!!" Jeri gurgled as Dee pushed more and more black dick deep down his throat. Jeri beamed with pride as his black room mate used his mouth for his selfish pleasure.

Finally, Dee pulled back and allowed him to breathe through the nose.

"Well done boy. Now roll my balls whilst you deep throat the motherfucker..."

Jeri did it too, feeling proud. He was a natural talent. He was soon taking it all down his throat and whatnot. The pleasure for Dee's cock was exquisite. After a while he decided that Jeri deserved a reward, for being such a good cock sucking white boy.

He pulled back and told him to suck the head like a vacuum cleaner, whilst he wanked his dick and rolled his balls like a pro. And Jeri did it too. He groaned and stepped up on his sucking. He gorged himself on the cock, sucking and slurping away succulently his hand pumped up and down the stiff shaft. It was simply voracious, the appetite he displayed. Dee swelled ever harder and bigger and longer. Jeri was rolling and juggling Dee's big, hairy balls that were now soaked in his saliva, feeling them start to grow hard.

"Oh fuck yeah! Suck my fucking black cock right there, bieeetch!!!" Dee growled and started pumping his hips back and forth. Jeri met him stroke for stroke, throwing his head at him.

Jeri was in seventh heaven. He was so horny and so excited at finally getting what he had been hungry for ever since he had met Dee. He was even glad that Stacy wasn't there to disturb. He wanted this black dick only for himself.

Jeri realised right there and then that there was nothing he would rather do than suck Dee's black cock. You could have offered him a Holiday abroad, or even a free ride to the moon, he would have just said, "Na-a-a-a-a! I think I will pass. Please just lemme keep on sucking this delicious dark meat!"

He wished it could go on forever. But Dee decided to reward his new found cock slave.

"Ah fuck. Shit! I'm cumming!" Dee growled and shoved his cock deep into Jeri's mouth. He held his face trapped against his pubes, his entire length embedded in the handsome pink mouth. Then his cock leapt as his erupted and he shot a jet of creamy cumm straight into Jeri's throat.

Jeri gagged. He coughed and sputtered. But Dee didn't give a fuck. He shot his next wad straight on the white boy's forehead, and another in his face. He kept holding Jeri by the hair as he wanked his cock, pouring his creamy cumm into his gaping mouth. Jeri drank it down greedily.

Then Dee made him chase after every lil drop of jizz and lap it up. The white boy licked the spent dark cock spanking clean.

Chapter 4: The Aftermath

Dee finally sank down on the bed, smiling from ear to ear. In the aftermath of his lust, Jeri knelt there blushing, face streaked with cumm. Dee told him to wear his cumm.

"Damn Jeri, you're such a good cock sucker?" Dee said, patting Jeri's blonde head.

"I have never done this before, I swear." Jeri stuttered. "I don't know what came over me. I hope you don't think I am gay or something."

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Now, Stacy is coming over at nine, which is in 30 minutes. Get me a beer from the fridge and roll me another joint.

Jeri did it immediately, never questioning why Dee was now ordering him around. The rich white boy knew his place. If Dee had ordered him to salute, the big white guy would have done it.

"Atta boy Jeri. Atta good boy, Jeri," Dee drawled deeply, making him kneel between his parted legs. Cupping the back of his head, he pushed Jeri's face down to his crotch. "Now lick the motherfucker. You just love it don't you?"

Jeri laid his head in Dee's lap and started licking his dark cock again. He could not wait to feel it in his mouth again. Jeri vacuumed the black snake in and had it raising its head in no time.

"Listen Jeri, Stacy is now my bitch, alright? If you behave yourself, I will let you suck my cock and eat the cream pie out of her pussy, whilst I knock her up. You hear?"

Jeri's eyes gaped wide. He wanted to say, "What the hell..." but as Dee's cock leapt in his mouth from the black man's excitement, he wrapped his lips tighter around it. He nodded. He didn't care. All he wanted to suck that black dick. That cock and the virile, dark body attached to it was his new master.

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