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College Girls Shower Time


Every week-end my girl friend from college would come and stay at our place in this quiet country village to get away from the main city. We always had a great time, doing each others hair, nails and make-up, watching girly romantic videos, making cakes and playing around in the kitchen with some new recipe from the latest magazine. A lot of talk about the boys we liked and didn't like. Swapping notes on the boys we had played around with or rather who we let play around with us. It was girl time.

On Saturday nights my single parent dad would play in a band at functions and leave us two girls alone in the house until late. One night we had got fairly messy in the kitchen with making cakes and homemade bread -- we had flour everywhere -- dad was getting dinner provided at the gig so we didn't have to worry about him. After all was done we needed a good shower. It was draught time -- so we were rationing our tank water and Cindy knew this -- so she suggested half jokingly, maybe we should save water and shower together -- I don't think she was expecting my reply -- `sounds like fun'

So we got our bathroom gear ready, turned on the shower to warm up and undressed in from of each other -- I noticed her checking our my boobs -- the way a guy would. She said you have nice breasts and lovely large nipples and this comment made them twinge and go erect -- I said to her would you like to feel them and she reached over and gave them to most beautiful soft caress -- `that's nice -- you like' I said as I reached up to hers and her pert little nipples went erect at my first touch -- we stepped closer and kept caressing each others breast -- we both were breathing heavily now with erotic pleasure.

We stepped under the shower like synchronised swimmers -- neither letting go of the others breasts -- we both reached for the soap with the other hand and stated lathering each other. I slid my soapy hand down to between her legs, which she then parted, and I rubbed up and down to her delight. It felt nice with her little button of a clitoris under the pad of my finger and I gently rubbed it up and down as it was erect. I would slide my fingers up and down her crevice and up in between her legs. I slid my finger in her opening -- it felt like velvet -- as it made her moan with pleasure. Naturally she did the same to me. We constantly kept caressing each others breast with one hand and fingering each others clitoris with the other hand until we had the most wonderful orgasm together -- it was wonderful finger fucking each other - then we just cuddled and rubbed each others back. I reached for the lady razor and went over her saved pussy and then passed it to her -- when in turn she did my shaved pussy -- now both smooth as silk. Unfortunately, I don't think we saved any water with the duration of our pleasure. But it was good clean fun.

After the shower we dried each other and I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. It seemed she wanted more pleasure as she just responded to my direction. I led her to the bed and sat her down on the edge and guided her to layback. Parting her legs I kneeled to take a mouth full if her smooth labia and ran my tongue up her slit to her clitoris -- it was wonderful to flick it with my tongue and she just moaned. As I licked her more her sweet juices began to flow -- I put my tongue in her and sucked up her juices to fill my mouth. After she had an organism I slid up to lay on her -- pressing my pussy hard against hers as she was still over the edge of the bed -- I rubbed up and down like I was fucking her -- and then kissed her on the lips -- forcing my tongue into her mouth -- to fuck her mouth with my tongue -- giving her a taste of her own sweet juices from my mouth. It was so sexy sharing the pleasure of her taste, fucking her mouth with my tongue and rubbing our pussies together hard -- it was like I was raping her -- in this final girl on girl moment of intense passion. She loved it so much that she was now going to be by secret part-time lez sex slave -- putty in my lands.

We both started to look forward to the week-ends and the Saturday night shower.

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