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College Roommates


I never imagined you'd be skipping a class
Clean-cut college boy like you, Dean's list, my ass
I pegged you as the studious one answering my ad,
Well, well, my new roomie, I guess I've been had.

I heard you late last night walls paper thin
From your room the sounds, the video you popped in
The sound of bad '70's music and moans did the trick
Closing my eyes and imagining your hand 'round your dick
Unsuspecting little me, I waited impatiently 'til morn
When you headed for class I crept in to check out the new porn.

Lying across your bed, my well-used vibrator nearby
Leisurely recovering from my third cum in three tries
I playfully trace the beads of sweat on my skin
Too lost in their fucking to hear you come in
Intent as I was on that gorgeous tanned rear
Front door, o God, your footsteps...not here
My mind panics but my body doesn't obey
The remote I decide is just too far away
When your door opens I instinctively freeze
Naked, in your bed... covers down at my knees
I'm facing the TV and away from the door
"I'll play asleep" I think, as I cunningly snore

But I now know the trick and you've caught me I see
I imagine your twinkling eyes now gazing at me
"Here it comes now" I can't help but grin
Expecting your sweet voice happily announcing my sin

And I wait...
holding my breath...
Angry, horrified, excited to death

I can stand it no more, my eyes can't stay closed
My ass facing you must be six shades of rose
What now, what could possibly be worse?
Yell at me or laugh but release me my curse!

Then the bed gives you away, finally beside me
A gentle hand caresses the soft line of my knee
Slow fingers seductively follow my thigh
And rounding my hip as I let escape a small sigh
Down the curve of my back they ultimately find
The places more hidden, wet and deep from behind

I gasp as I'm entered, manage to pull up my knees
One finger at first but only the tip just to tease
Then parting me deftly as I whisper "Oh please..."
Another joins in and around them I squeeze
Slowly the pair dance in me as though we were one
Not a rhythm or angle or fold left undone

When suddenly turning inside to the Spot
Along my front wall now volcanically hot
They stroke and they press inside my tight slit
With the thumb nestling down atop my hard clit

And I found myself crying out "O God, Yes, Yes!!!"
As my transgression now I would heartily confess
And as I build to my climax with tightly clenched teeth
Thumb stroking above and the thrusting beneath
I let out a long wail and rock my pelvis to grind
Against your sweet handiwork taking me from behind

And as I struggle to catch my breath again
I'm aware of my own fingers stroking deeply within
When your voice from the hall behind my closed door
"You ok in there, Guin? I thought I heard... several roars?!?"
I awake from my trance to say, "Thanks, I'm ok"
But I don't invite you in, wasted on my covers I lay
Thinking, "Tomorrow... is finally, definitely our day."

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