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College Sapphic Release


My name is Marissa Cassell and I am a Freshmen at Midwestern University. I am 5' 3", 110lbs, with straight shoulder length blond hair, grayish blue eyes, and a very light complexion. I am a 34B, barely and wear a size 6. I am also sexually experienced, not a slut mind you, but I had my fair share of partners in High School and I enjoyed most of them, but always found something a little lacking. But going to college, there was one experience I had yet to try.

I was very bi-curious. In High School whenever I danced with my girlfriends I could feel myself getting warm and wet. I loved holding their hands or hugging them. I also treasured the occasional peck on the cheek or quick kiss from them or with them. But I had never had the opportunity to explore. I wanted to feel another woman, to taste her and her me. I was determined that in College, I would indulge that desire.

Midwestern had a ten-day Freshmen Orientation and started in mid-September unlike so many other schools. The ten-day Orientation was great because it was essentially one giant party without any adult supervision. It was on the first day of this Orientation that I met Sarah.

We both were moving into the same dorm and were attempting to use the same elevator. In the end a compromise was struck and we took our stuff up together breaking up the loads. She lived on the second floor and I the third. Saying that Sarah caught my eye would be an understatement. She was stunning. She was about 5' 6" with curly brown hair down to her shoulders and dark brown eyes. She was slim with perfect round breasts that begged for attention. The tight tube top she was wearing didn't hurt. Her skin was a beautiful tan, almost an olive complexion. I wanted her the moment I saw her.

After I had successfully dragged all my stuff up to my room I began the long slow process of unpacking. As I was arranging some of my clothes in the closet I heard a knock at the door and Sarah asked if she could come in. I welcomed her in and she sat down on the bed watching me unpack. We began to talk about High School, our likes and dislikes. We discovered that we were both avid runners and we both also enjoyed to swim in the winter to cross-train. We also found we enjoyed many of the same novels: Jane Austen and Charles Dickins and music: Martina McBride and Faith Hill. We were fast friends. Before I knew it, three hours had passed, my room was completely organized and we were just sitting on the bed talking.

I offered to help her unpack seeing how she had helped me. She took me up on the offer and we went downstairs to her room. Due to distance, she had brought far less than me and it only took an hour and a half to unpack. Of course, the time passed so quickly as we were both engrossed in conversation. We ended up again, on the bed looking at each other and talking animatedly. Course, we couldn't sit on the bed and talk forever, that, and I was certainly hungry. I asked her if she wanted to go out to find some food, since we had been moving in and un-packing for nearly five hours now. She agreed and we set off down University Place to the small downtown area just off Campus.

As we walked down the street I couldn't help but glance at her and take her in. She was gorgeous. I thought of Mr. Darcy's comment to Elizabeth and Miss Bingley in Pride and Prejudice about a woman being most attractive when walking. Looking at Sarah, I could hardly disagree. We decided upon Panera and moved inside. We both ordered Panini Sandwiches and sat down in the nearest booth.

We continued our conversation where we left off, discussing life in general. I think we were both determined to be the best of friends. Having only known each other for six or seven hours now, that necessitated long conversations to fill us in on everything. We talked about our favorite subjects, movies and actors, our favorite TV Shows, our Clothes and a host of other issues. I don't remember eating my sandwich, but two hours later we left Panera and returned to Campus. We were fast friends. Walking behind her as we crossed the last street into campus, I couldn't help but admire the sway of her body and her tight butt.

When we reached the dorm we went up to our rooms. It was getting late and we were both rather exhausted from the move. When I got into my room, I quickly closed the door. Leaning up against it I took a deep breath. I was so turned on. I could feel that I was turned on, not dripping, but enough. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid my hand in. My hand moved under my panties and I began to touch myself. I gently grazed my outer lips with my finger before sliding in and feeling how wet I was. I couldn't help but think of Sarah. I wanted her so badly. I began to stroke my clit, moving my finger in gentle circles until I brought myself to a powerful, but unsatisfying orgasm.

I awoke the next morning to a knock at my door. Looking at my clock I saw that it was 11:00. I had slept in, but I didn't have anything until a college welcome at 4:00. Throwing on my bathrobe I walked to the door and there was Sarah. She was wearing a black sports bra and tight black running shorts with a red stripe. She asked me if I wanted to run. Of course I did, I quickly changed into some running clothes. I wore a white sports bra with a loose wick away t-shirt along with a pair of blue running shorts.

I was out the door in only ten minutes and off we went. We ran toward the lake (on the East side of Campus) and turned South. We ran for twenty minutes south before turning around and returning to campus. It was great to have a running partner, especially one who turned me on so much. Neither of us said much, content to push the other and determine the others relative strengths and weaknesses. It allowed me more of an opportunity to look at her and I think I saw her looking at me. We broke a good sweat on our run and after a post-run congratulatory hug, we both went up to our respective floors to shower, planning on going to lunch at 2.

In the shower I couldn't get the mental image of her running out of my head. I spent as much time stroking myself to an orgasm as I did washing. When I finally did cum, it was deep and I could feel my whole body tighten. It was wonderful. After showering I returned to my room. I changed into a pair of black thong panties, a matching black bra, a khaki skort and a black button up blouse. I was determined to knock her socks off. I felt like she was looking at me during my room and I hoped she was interested. The least I could do was dress to impress and hopefully determine through observation if she was thinking what I was thinking, or at least something PG-13.

I decided that I was going to find out what she thought this evening. I figured we would spend the evening in one or the other's room, and that would be my opportunity to approach her. Course, my decision didn't deal with how I was going to find out. That I think, was going to be left up to the moment and whatever impulse moved me to do.

The rest of the afternoon past in a blur. She was beautiful. She wore khaki capris and a tight white blouse, she looked delicious. I just remembered we talked for hours at lunch, talked to the President's Welcome Address, ate a quick dinner in the dining hall and returned to the dorm. She asked me if I wanted to come down to her room and I quickly accepted. We both sat down on her Futon and began talking about guys. That conversation inevitably led to sex. It was odd, but before this, despite our hours of conversation, guys and sex had never come up. But now the Elephant was in the room. We were facing each other, our knees bent up on the Futon sideways. Our hands were touching often as we talked and laughed.

Somehow I built up the courage to take hold of her hand. Holding her hand was incredible. Her skin was so soft and so smooth and seemed to melt into my own hand. I loved the feel of her hand as I ran my fingers across along her fingers and my thumb danced across her palm. I was lost, gazing at her. The conversation stopped then, no more sex, just a peaceful silence as we looked into each other's eyes. It seemed as though no time had past at all, time stood still. I was lost in her dark brown eyes, and I hoped she was lost in my blue eyes.

We stayed that way for an hour, we had no idea that much time had passed. Looking her in the eyes, I told her how I felt.

It was with all honestly that I told her that "I really like you and perhaps, even falling in love."

That revelation brought a smile to her face as she said, "I'm glad to hear that, I think I've fallen too." Standing up from the Futon, I assisted her to her feet, looked her in the eyes, and brought her into a tight loving hug.

"I love you Sarah," I whispered into her ear, "I've never felt this way for someone so quickly or so hard, but I love you."

I felt her grip tighten around me, deepening the hug. I was definitely getting warmer and I cold feel my wetness build. "I love you Marissa," Sarah said, "but can we please take this slow, I don't know what to do or how to act."

"We will," I promised with every intention of keeping it.

Weeks passed and our friendship, our love deepened. We had become inseparable. Once classes began we studied in each others rooms and went running together in the early morning. Every Saturday we would take a long run along the lake at a leisurely pace, no longer trying to impress the other. On weekends we would visit the bars (thank goodness for older siblings) or go to restaurants and spend hours in conversation. Our actions with one another became more sexual and more overt. At times we would hold hands in public, hold each other arm in arm. In conversation we often referred to ourselves as a we and took to eyeing other women together.

On the one month anniversary of our friendship (we still called it that), I took her to a local Italian Restaurant. I wore a knee length khaki skirt that tightly clung to my legs and a blue button up blouse with just enough buttons left undone to offer a preview of what lay beneath. She wore these tight black pants that fit her long legs perfectly, a tight red tank that accentuated her curves, and a red un-buttoned blouse. She also wore 2" heels which made her even taller than me, something I did not mind at all. She had never looked so good.

We each ordered a glass of wine and toasted our love to candlelight. Beneath the table, our feet spared. I had slipped our of my flats at the table and began running my toes up and down her legs, knowing that beneath her pants, she could feel me. We held hands and stared at each other. Neither of us payed much attention to our food, we were lost in one another. At the end of the meal, with the bill paid, we didn't move.

I held both of her hands and told her, "I love you Sarah and . . . I want to feel you, to touch you, to taste you."

She just stared back at me, slowly smiling and running along her upper lip with her tongue. "I love you Marissa and . . . I want to feel you, to touch you, to taste you."

"Let's go," I said, with a wicked smile on my face. We both rose together and walked out of the restaurant hand in hand.

I wrapped my arms tight around her waist, pulling my chest tight up against her back as she unlocked her door. Standing as tall as I could, I lightly kissed her ear, "I can't wait to kiss you."

As she opened the door she spun around and pulled me inside letting the door close behind her. We looked into each others eyes, her hands on my waist and mine on hers. She looked down on me and our faces closed the distance as our heads tilted to the side. Our lips gently touched, in a chaste kiss, but full of meaning. It did not stay that way for long, as I slowly opened my mouth and began to kiss her passionately.

We pulled ourselves tight together. Our kisses deepened as I became lost in the warmth of her mouth. The feeling was incredible, more powerful and deeper than a first kiss, more erotic than the best. We became one, our mouths accepting what the other offered. My tongue slowly began to run along her upper lip before sliding into her mouth. To touch her own tongue, her tongue responded in kind, dueling, touching my own. We pulled each other tighter, my arms wrapping around her waist, her arms wrapping around my back. We kissed and kissed. Her hands slid down my back to my waist then up my arms resting on my shoulders. My own hands slid up her waist beneath her blouse, touching the edge of her tank. As we kissed, my hands slid underneath her tank, touching her skin for the first time. The touch was incredible, so warm, so soft.

She broke the kiss, stepping back a step as her arms moved from my shoulders to my chest. She ran her fingers along my exposed skin. I breathed in deeply, enjoying her touch. She reached for my first button and undid it. Exposing more skin her fingers gently traced along my breasts. She smiled as she reached for the next button and undid it. She undid the next button parting the shirt as much as she could exposing my white lace bra and my breasts. I was breathing deeply, my chest rising with anticipation. Her fingers ran along the edge of my bra, dipping slightly beneath the lace before moving on. I could feel my wetness building, not yet at a flood, but growing ever closer. She undid the last two buttons and gently eased my blouse off my shoulders. I stood before her in my bra, with an incredible smile on my face.

Following her lead, my hands moved to her waist and up the sides of her body. My fingers gently tracing her curves, touching the edge of her breasts, eliciting a visible sigh. I slid her blouse off her shoulders. My fingers traced her bare shoulders. My hands slid back down her waist, this time spending a little more time on her breasts before reaching her waist. I took the hem of her tank in my hands and slowly lifted it. Her own hands grabbed the hem of her tank and removed it. My hands were left touching her bare abdomen. I treasured the touch, remembering our runs and recognizing the tummy I had desired for a month.

Her hands began to cup my breasts, pinching my hardening nipples through the thin lace. I ran my fingers beneath the underside of her black bra. My thumbs began to stroke back and forth across her cotton covered nipples. We pulled each other close again and began to kiss again. This time the feel of our nearly naked chests was exhilarating. I felt her move her hands around to my back. Her hands moved up and around my upper back before settling on the clasp to my bra. Her tongue pushed into my mouth with a little more urgency as her fingers manipulated the clasp. Her hands moved up to my shoulders and slid my bra down my arms. The closeness of our bodies was all that kept it from falling to the floor.

My own hands which had been comfortably holding her waist began to knead her lower back before reaching her own clasp. I quickly unhooked it and urged her straps down off her shoulders. We took a break from our kiss just long enough to step away, allowing our bras to fall to the floor.

I admired her breasts, my fingers tracing her fullness, touching her light brown nipple. I pinched it between my fingers, rolling it between my fingers as I looked up at her. Her own hands were tweaking my nipples causing me to weaken in the legs. The floodgates had opened now and I couldn't imagine how wet my panties would be. Instead of returning for a kiss I lowered my head and took a nipple into my mouth. I instinctively knew to gently lick my tongue across before circling her nipple. I felt her shake and her knees weaken as I continued to kiss and suck on her nipple. As I kissed her breast, my left hand rested on her waist, enjoying the feel of her warm soft and toned skin.

My other hand moved to her waist and began to undo her pants. I undid her button and slowly unzipped her pants. Taking a break from her breasts. I placed both hands on the waist of her pants and slowly lowered them down her legs. I lowered myself with them, so that when they hit the floor, I was on my knees, staring at her wet black panties. I quickly kissed her mound, before I began to kiss up her abdomen, past her breasts, till we met again in a beautiful opened mouth kiss. It was incredible. Here I was holding this nearly naked beauty and she was mine. I felt her own hands find the back clasp of my skirt, unzip and quickly my skirt pooled around my ankles. There we were, in the middle of the room, wearing only our panties. I slowly began prodding her back to her bed till her legs came in contact with the bed.

She slowly moved onto the bed and I on top of her. I lay on top of her, sliding my thigh between her legs as we kissed. I could feel her wetness on my thigh as I ground it into her. I slowly began to kiss down her body, first her ears, then her jaw, then the shoulders, the neck. Next I began to kiss her breasts, running my tongue along the underside before taking each nipple in turn and flicking my tongue across it. Down her firm belly, till I reached my goal. Hooking my fingers around the waist of her panties, I began to slide them off her body. As I removed her panties I saw her pussy for the first time. It was carefully trimmed and shaved around the outer lips.

"For you," she said. She raised her legs to assist me. Once free, I parted her legs and settled in between her spread legs.

She was gorgeous. I had never really seen another pussy at this angle and in this detail. Her swollen moist lips were parted, revealing a beautiful pink treasure . I could see her clit, peeking out of its hood, her glistening inner lips, it was a sight I had never thought would turn me on as much as it did. If it was possible, I became even wetter as I took in the site. I could smell her musky scent of arousal and it urged me on. I moved closer enjoying the smell until I was less than an inch away.

I slowly extended my tongue out and licked her outer lips. "OHHH" was her only response as I at first hesitantly and then eagerly licked her outer lips. I could feel her hips respond, pushing into me as I began to slide my tongue along her inner lips. Tracing her slit with my tongue and truly tasting her juices for the first time. She tasted like citrus and I loved it. I eagerly began to lick her slit, sliding my tongue between her inner lips, trying to taste all I could. My tongue would push into her and then slide the length of her slit. I could her moans of enjoyment as I worshiped her. My tongue sliding between, along, and inside her lips and slit. As I slowly licked up her slit I continued on, gently touching her clit with my tongue.

Her loud moan in response only encouraged me. I felt her hands go to my head, holding me to herself, smearing my face with her juices. She cried for me to eat her, to make her cum, one thing I knew I was going to do and another I hoped. My tongue began to circle around her clit, moving around and around and then changing directions. I slowly slid a finger up to her dripping pussy and slide in reaching up into her and then adding a second finger. I began to flick my tongue back and forth across her pussy as I felt her tense up around my fingers. I could hear her breathing becoming more rapid and her moans loader and her pleas more arousing.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, nibbling gently and releasing. She screamed my name, "MARISSA, I'm CUMMMMMIIINNNNGGGG." I continued to kiss her clit building her up. Her legs tightened up around me as she continued to moan and shake. I licked her to a second orgasm before I slid up her body and kissed her. "I Love you" she said as we kissed, "And I intend to return the favor."

She flipped us over so that now she was on top. We stayed this way for a while, just kissing and our hands exploring. She was grinding her thigh between my spread legs and she had to be able to feel how wet I was, because I was soaked. She slowly began to slide down my body. She mimicked what I had done, first kissing my ears, then my jaw, neck and shoulders. She spent a great deal of time on my breasts. Kissing and licking each breast completely, sucking on my nipples, circling them with her tongue, and kissing the valley between. She slid down my belly and I began to breath more heavily. I was ready for this, ready with anticipation.

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