tagNovels and NovellasColonization Ch. 05

Colonization Ch. 05


Edited by slutkimmi and c-whyte

Author's note: This story falls in the categories of incest, mind-control and nonhuman

Part 5 of 6

Senator Healey was sitting at his desk in his home office. He was reading an email but he was not paying attention to what it said. His mind was wandering, thinking about the recent events that had changed his life completely. He felt betrayed and he was angry. Betrayed by his own wife. He wondered what they would ask him to do, about what he could lose if he refused. He also thought about what he had gained - his daughter's body. But he knew it was only that, her body, because her mind wasn't hers anymore. She was a whole different person now, completely devoted to the colony. She followed him around the house, ready for anything he wished. But even with that, he hated being blackmailed. And it was even worse to be manipulated by a bunch of lunatics that he didn't know anything about.

The Senator's body tensed for a moment and then he discharged a gush of semen into Melissa's mouth. He felt her tighten her lips around his shaft and pull his cock deeper into her gullet. Melissa moaned. Her hands gripped harder on his thighs. The Senator knew she was cumming too. She always climaxed at the same time he did.

A few minutes later, and after his mind came down from heaven, he made his decision. At the very least he was going to find out who these people were. He called John Finney, a FBI friend, and asked for a personal and unofficial favor. Finney was going to track down the Senator's wife using the satellite location system and break into the alleged 'cult'. The plan was to kidnap the man in charge of the colony and bring him to the Senator.

* * *

Across town, Marsha was talking to Samuel Briscoe. She explained to him everything she saw inside the mansion but conveniently left out the sex session with the redhead.

"So all the missing women are there?" Sam asked.

"I think so but I don't think they are there against their will. They all seem very comfortable about everything that's going on," Marsha responded.

"Ok, but then, why were all those women reported missing. Something is not right."

"Yes, and something else is happening on the second floor. I think I'll have to go back in and investigate more. You saw how easy it was to get in and out of the house."

"Ok. Let's do it. This time try to get some proof about what's going on in there. I need something to show to the Chief," Sam replied.

"I'll see what I can do."

For Marsha, the idea of going back into the house was more than a police investigation. She was still thinking about that delicious milk she had tasted from the redhead's breasts. And from her pussy. She believed that part must have been a trick of some sort. Anyway, she was planning to include another sex session in her next visit. It was not like she was intending to join the cult.

In Sam's head, the idea of finally beating his partner Laura was more than exciting. Maybe she had even joined the cult. That would represent the end of Laura's career and his final victory in the Chief's eyes.

* * *

The following day, Marsha was driving into the creature's nest for the second time. Her heart was beating fast but more from excitement than from nervousness. She stepped out of the car and walked unhurriedly to the house. There were many cars parked in the ample garden but there was nobody in sight. This situation changed completely as soon as she opened the front door. A group of women were having sex right there on the living room floor. Marsha felt her pussy moistening immediately. She proceeded to take off her clothes, keeping an eye out for trouble but no one was paying any attention to her.

Marsha moved toward the stairs and cautiously went up. There was a wide area at the top, elegantly decorated, and several doors that led to different rooms. Marsha saw a young woman walking from one the rooms. The woman smiled shyly as she passed right beside her. Marsha smiled back and decided to check that room first.

As she peeked inside, she saw only two women standing inside, facing the door. One was behind the other, caressing her partner's breasts. More women having sex, was the first thought in Marsha's head but then she realized that something was wrong. The woman standing at the front wasn't moving. She wasn't making any noise. She wasn't doing anything at all. She only was standing rigidly, staring ahead. This is weird, Marsha thought. She was not able to see the tentacle coming from one woman's pussy and penetrating the other woman's ass.

Marsha moved to the next room and her heart almost stopped from what she saw. The creature! A scream was contained in her throat with enormous effort. There were women scattered all around the room but Marsha didn't pay attention to them. All she could see was the alien's body and tentacles. She felt the urge to run away but as she turned around, she saw a couple of woman walking in her direction and noticed that one of them was looking at her in a suspicious way. Marsha's heart was pounding hard but she dissimulated it well. The couple approached her,

"Are you a recruiter?" Sondra asked.

Marsha responded the first thing that came into her head, "Yes."

"Follow me."

It sounded more like a command than a suggestion. Marsha thought about running for the door but then she saw more women walking up the stairs. She realized that it would be dangerous to her cover identity if she didn't do what she was told, so she followed Sondra and the other woman into the alien's room.

"Wait there," Sondra told Marsha, signaling an empty corner at the left side.

As Marsha sat down on the carpeted floor, one of the women that was sitting near the alien stood up and walked closer to her.

"Feed from me," the woman, an attractive brunette in her late thirties, said.

At that moment, the last thing in Marsha's head was to have sex but the menacing Sondra was standing right there, a few feet from her. Marsha had no option but to do what the woman said. Marsha leaned forward and suckled one of the woman's nipples. The familiar taste filled her mouth and again the dizziness clouded her mind. But Marsha was too scared to enjoy it this time. Even in that awkward position, she didn't take her eyes off the creature.

The woman that had walked in with Sondra was taken near the alien and Sondra made her kneel. Marsha watched attentively at everything that was happening as she kept suckling the delicious milk. One of the alien's tentacles snaked between the woman's legs and after a quick search between her rounded ass cheeks, it penetrated the woman's anus. Marsha opened her eyes wide and gasped, releasing the feeding nub. The penetrated woman gasped at the same time and fell backwards onto the soft carpet. Her body started shaking as she started screaming.

Oh my God. It's killing her! Marsha thought in panic.

As the initial shock passed, Marsha listened more carefully and realized that the woman was not screaming from pain. She was climaxing. Marsha couldn't believe her eyes. One minute passed and the woman kept shuddering. Marsha's partner pulled softly on her head, urging her to engulf her breast again. Then, the woman went silent and stopped moving except for the occasional mild spasm. Her eyes were opened and she stared at the white ceiling. Her mind was gone. Marsha suckled again as she saw Sondra get closer to the alien.

Sondra turned around to face the door and knelt, leaning backwards. Marsha could see Sondra's deep breathing and she could only assume that it was from sexual excitement. Then, another tentacle much thicker than the previous one, slid between Sondra's thighs and curved up. The tentacle attached firmly to Sondra's pussy as she gasped. Once again, Marsha released her partner's nipple to watch at the scene developing in front of her.

The thick tentacle seemed to breathe as it contracted and expanded, and every time Sondra moaned quietly. But then, the tentacle made a big contraction and Sondra squealed, throwing her head back. Marsha's eyes were fixed on Sondra's crotch and the tentacle attached to it. It was then when Marsha realized that her nipples were swelling. Another contraction of the tentacle brought Sondra's first orgasm. Her eyes rolled back and her legs shuddered around the thick phallus. Marsha's pussy jolted for the first time. Sondra's climax refused to fade down as more alien segments were pushed into her womb.

Marsha felt somebody's hand touching her clitoris and she almost climaxed right there. She looked down and saw her feeding partner touching her as she insisted,

"Feed from me please."

Marsha did.

Long moments passed and just as Marsha was about to reach her most wanted orgasm, Sondra touched her arm, "it's your turn honey."

Marsha looked at her and then at the alien. It took her a few seconds to focus her eyes, as the dizziness was stronger now. The fear was still there but it was overshadowed by anticipation and excitement. Her pussy was on fire. At one moment she couldn't believe she was considering having sex with a monster and the next instant, she wanted it more than anything. She wanted to go there and feel like Sondra. Her pussy was aching for it.

Marsha stood up and approached the alien. She knelt and waited. Her heart was beating hard. Her head was spinning around. Maybe all of this was an elaborate dream. Then, she felt it. The tentacle attached itself to her pussy and it was like receiving a hundred delicate kisses at the same time. Marsha climaxed at that instant. She almost passed out but she didn't, knowing that there was more to come.

Marsha felt some sort of appendage moving within the thicker tentacle that penetrated her vaginal cavity. At that moment, she understood why all these women were here. They were here for him, for the monster doing this to them. It was the most delightful thing she had ever experienced. The tentacle contracted forcefully and the first alien segment traveled into Marsha's womb. Marsha climaxed again. Her hands clutched the carpet trying desperately to keep herself in place but it was so hard as her whole body shivered from unbearable pleasure. Just before the orgasm weakened, another segment was pushed in. Marsha blacked out. Her limp body fell backwards onto the beast's body. The tentacle remained in place and kept doing its job.

Nobody knew that Marsha was not a slave yet. Not even the alien. She seemed like everybody else and no one bothered to check. Marsha's ass was never penetrated and her mind was still hers. The colony had made its first mistake.

* * *

Hours later, Marsha woke up on a sofa. She looked around trying to remember where she was, then when she did, she immediately touched her abdomen, checking herself for something abnormal but everything seemed fine. Fear invaded her body one more time.

What have I done... Oh God, I had sex with that thing. I have to get out of here.

Marsha found her clothes and left the mansion as fast as she could. She felt a slight tickling in her pussy but she ignored it and drove home. Sam was waiting for her.

She had a hard time trying to explain to him what she had seen. At first, Sam accused her of hallucinating. She didn't blame him. It took a long and intense discussion before he believed her.

Or at least he told her that he did, but Sam's rational mind resisted processing that weird story,

I have to see it for myself. That's what I should have done in the first place, Sam though as he left Marsha's house.

Marsha was happy that Sam had finally left her alone. That itch in her crotch refused to go away and it was driving her crazy.

* * *

Later that night, Marsha was naked in her bathroom holding a hand mirror. She used it to check her vagina but she saw nothing out of the ordinary except for a line of redness on her labia. She touched it and a flare of fire spread throughout her whole body. Marsha gasped startled and confused. Then, she touched it again and the delightful sensation sparked again, this time accompanied with a weird dizziness that reminded her of the recent events in the mansion. She touched herself one more time. She couldn't stop. It was like a wave of passion that mounted her brain and blocked everything except for pure delight. Soon, there was nothing in the world but three fingers moving like a blur in and out of her watering pussy.

A few minutes later she was lying on the bathroom floor recuperating from a huge orgasm that had almost sent her unconscious. Marsha could only remember her first contraction and blankness after that. She sat up and looked between her legs. There, snaking slowly out was an alien segment. Marsha screamed.

* * *

At that same time, a team of five agents dressed in black were deactivating the motion sensors installed on the mansion's fence. They moved through the garden like shadows in the moonless night. Nobody saw them except for one person.

Sam had been circling around the mansion in his car looking for a way in when he had seen a suspicious black van. He hid and after a short while he saw the men jumping over the mansion's wall. He was cursing his luck when he realized that someone else knew about the creature and he was going to lose his chance to be the hero. Sam decided to follow them.

Inside the house, a young woman was sitting in a small room filled with electronic devices. She had been in that room for seven hours doing nothing but staring at the surveillance monitors and she would have been sitting there for five more, waiting for her replacement, if it wasn't for that small blue message that blinked on a black display. 'Signal failure'. She stood up and ran swiftly out of the room. She was going to serve her sentinel function for the first time. She was going to serve her master and only that notion made her pussy twitch all the way to the guards room.

One minute later, ten toned women carrying machineguns ran upstairs and entered the alien's room. They took their positions guarding the windows and the door. More armed women ran in different directions of the main floor, the second floor and a few went to the roof. There was no audible alarm. In fact, there was no sound at all. There was no need to warn anybody except the creature. Everyone was disposable and everyone was ready to give their lives to protect the master.

One of the guards got closer to the creature and a long tentacle was pushed into her body. Then, she moved around looking through the windows and outside the room's door. Her eyes were his eyes now.

The FBI team forced their way in through the kitchen at the back of the mansion. Being so late at night, they expected little activity in the house but on the contrary, as soon as they were inside, they could hear noises coming from everywhere. The first two intruders reached a room where the lights were turned off but they could barely distinguish the silhouettes of two women wrapped around each other on a sofa. The two FBI agents looked at each other and entered the room, signaling the others to stay alert.

* * *

Meanwhile, Sam had found another door into the house. It led into a small lobby and a studio. He had just taken a few steps when someone turned the light on. Sam was startled for a second, then drew his gun as fast as he could, aiming at the moving figure in front of him. A young naked woman with black hair looked back at him.

"I'm sorry. I'll come back later," the brunette said, turning to leave.

"Stop!" Sam ordered.

The woman stopped and stayed there, immobile.

"Come here and don't make any noise," Sam told her.

The brunette turned around and walked closer to him. It was then that Sam really looked at her. Her eyes, her face, her body, she couldn't be more beautiful.

The woman stopped in front of him and waited. Sam noticed that she wasn't looking at him; she was looking through him, at nowhere.

"What is your name?" Sam asked.

The young brunette searched in her brain for the correct answer but found nothing. There was only one single imprinted command that needed to be followed without exception: 'Clean the nest. Do not interfere with other activities.'

"I... don't know," she answered.

Sam looked at her carefully. She didn't seem hurt in anyway. She looked in perfect health except for the fact that she couldn't recall her own name. That gave Sam an idea of what was going on in that house. At least, he was certain now that she wasn't there willingly.

He passed his hand in front on her face and she barely followed it with her eyes. He touched her face and she closed her eyes for a moment, like she was enjoying the caress, but she did nothing more. Then, experimenting, he touched her left breast. Again, she didn't flinch.

He followed the curves of her body with his eyes from head to toes, Damn! She is gorgeous!

* * *

Nearby, the two women found by the FBI team were already tied up and squirming to free themselves. It didn't matter to them that there were two guns pointing at their heads. All they wanted to do was to run to the nest's guards and give the alarm.

The agents found this brave behavior strange but had no time to speculate. They left the women secured and moved on. One of the agents took the lead and moved directly to the stairs. As soon as he reached the first step, he was shot.

"They're armed! Pull back! Pull back!" One of the agents screamed.

The team ran back into the kitchen planning to re-group but they were intercepted by more gunfire from the back yard. They fired back. Broken glass flew everywhere.

"Mission aborted! Let's get out of here!" the leader screamed.

The agents put on their masks and threw gas grenades to cover their escape. They couldn't see the attackers yet but they knew they were many.

* * *

Moments earlier, Sam heard the first shot and took cover by the door, pulling the woman along with him. He peeked out and saw the dead agent close to the stairs.

Shit! This is too dangerous. I better get out of here, he thought.

He grabbed the brunette and went out the same door he had used to get in. The firefight was taking place at the opposite side of the house, so the way to the parking lot was clear.

He pushed the woman into a car and jumped in behind her. Luckily, the keys were in the ignition. He drove through the main gate, breaking it open and escaped under the cover of the confusion.

* * *

Another agent fell wounded on the kitchen floor and one of his friends dragged him back to cover. The other two managed to get out of the kitchen through the broken windows and hid behind some ornamental bushes.

The shooting continued. One of the agents ran for a nearby tree while his friend tried to cover him the best he could. The bullets were passing inches above his head. The agent reached the tree only to find a naked woman standing behind it. He was so shocked that he failed to notice she was armed until she shot him.

The other agent saw his partner falling backwards, lifeless. He was running out of ammunition and decided to retreat back into the kitchen. He couldn't see the small red spot from a laser beam shining on his helmet. One last shot was made and he was killed.

Inside the kitchen, the agents' guns were on the floor. The wounded agent was lying motionless and the other was kneeling with his hands up and two rifles aimed at his head.

One of the nest's guards touched the wounded agent's neck, "He is dead," she said showing no emotion.

They removed the mask and the helmet from the live agent's head, revealing a woman as her blonde hair fell to her shoulders.

Sondra, who was standing just outside the kitchen, smirked and said quietly, "Perfect"

* * *

Back at Marsha's house, the alien segment was still on the bathroom floor. It twitched for a few seconds, became still, then it twitched again. Marsha was standing by the door looking down at it. Her eyes were still red from the tears but she had stopped crying moments ago.

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