tagNovels and NovellasColonization Ch. 06

Colonization Ch. 06


Edited by slutkimmi and c-whyte

Author's note: This story falls in the categories of incest, mind-control and nonhuman

Part 6 of 6

The FBI agent was confused and scared. When her boss had told her about this unofficial mission, she knew that it had risks but she never expected to find what they did. Now she was standing in between four naked women with guns pointing at her while other women were walking around as though the heavy shooting had never happened.

"What is your name?" Sondra asked the prisoner.

The FBI agent remained quiet until one of the guards pushed a gun against her head, "Carrie" she answered angrily.

"Welcome to the colony, Carrie," Sondra said with a sweet smile; and then she ordered, "Strip her!"

While one of the women kept a gun pointing at Carrie's head, the other three nest-guards slung their weapons and obeyed.

"Lets take her to him," Sondra added as soon as the agent was naked.

A million thoughts raced through Carrie's mind. Four of her best friends had just been killed and she believed she was going to be next. She desperately looked around the house as they walked, trying to find a way to escape. They reached the stairs and the front door was just a few feet away. She considered running for it but at that moment, one of the guards grabbed her arm and the idea was discarded. They all walked up the stairs with Sondra leading the group.

As soon as they crossed the door of the alien's bedroom, Carrie's face turned white. A scream choked in her throat. She saw the reddish mass of the creature sitting heavily against the back wall with several tentacles spreading out over the room.

The FBI agent saw a young pregnant woman entwined within a bulk of tentacles at the base of the beast. She was barely visible as several limbs were wrapped around her body. The woman was being penetrated in the ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. Carrie couldn't believe what she was seeing. She was perplexed and frozen, staring at the surreal scene. Suddenly, the woman moaned and shuddered, arching her back for a moment. This triggered the expected reaction from the captive agent.

She turned quickly to her right and pushed one of the guards, who lost her balance and fell to the floor. One of the other guards jumped forward to grab her but Carrie used her combat training to knock her to the ground too. She started to run towards the door, pushing the other two guards to either side. She succeeded in getting one out of the way but the other guard was ready and dove at the agent's legs, tackling her down. The other guards jumped over and subdued her completely.

"No! Let me go!" Carrie screamed in panic.

"Lift her and bring her closer to him," Sondra ordered the guards.

Carrie was forced to get up and move closer to the alien. Every step she took increased the pace of her heart. The first tears began to roll down her cheeks. She looked in terror at the creature, trying to understand what it was. Then she looked at the pregnant woman lying within the tentacles. Being so close, Carrie could hear the woman's soft and constant moans.

"Her name is Casey," Sondra said proudly to the prisoner, "Isn't she beautiful? She is carrying our master's baby and a new colony will be created soon."

"What is this thing? What are you going to do with me?" Carrie asked with trembling voice.

"This is not a thing. You will understand in a moment."

As Sondra finished the sentence, a tentacle was already dragging itself toward Carrie's feet. The prisoner saw it and tried to free herself from the guards' grip but it was useless. The tentacle moved upward, caressing Carrie's calf and sending goose-bumps all over her body.

"No, please," Carrie pleaded.

The limb reached her ass cheeks and snuggled in between, as though it was deliberately prolonging the agony of the FBI agent. Carrie understood the creature's intentions and tried desperately to avoid the penetration. The guards were having a hard time holding her in place.

"Ahhh!" Carrie cried as the tentacle pierced inside of her.

The tendril moved deeper and Carrie stood on her tiptoes. She felt mild stings in her back.

"Ahhh...no," she screamed again throwing her head back.

Then, her face relaxed. The guards let go of her. Carrie was a new slave.

Before becoming an active field agent, Carrie had worked in the intelligence department. Tons of very valuable information was downloaded from Carrie's mind to the alien's.

* * *

Across town, in Marsha's house, Sam was explaining to Marsha what had happened in the mansion and about the young woman that was standing beside them, wearing Sam's jacket and nothing more. The woman was looking at both of them with a confused expression. She paid special attention to Marsha.

"So, you just snatched her and brought her with you?" Marsha asked.

"Well, I had to do something. There were gunshots all over the place. I couldn't just leave her there."

"Can she talk?" Marsha asked.

"It seems that they erased her memory. But yes, she can talk."

"What's your name, honey?" Marsha asked the woman.

She just looked at Marsha and without saying a word, she walked to her and held her tightly.

"Hey, she likes you!" Sam commented happily.

Marsha put an arm around the woman and couldn't avoid feeling a little aroused by the loving embrace but she concealed it well in front of Sam.

"What are we going to do now?" Marsha asked.

"Well, I guess now it's time to call for backup. Those people are heavily armed and dangerous. All I wanted was to get some credit and that's a given."

"What about your partner Laura?"

"Laura is with them, so I don't think I have to worry about her anymore.

"Is it alright if we stay here with you for a while?" Sam asked.

"Sure, no problem," Marsha said looking at the beautiful young woman and thinking about the alien segment still sitting on her bathroom floor.

"There's no point in taking her to the precinct at this hour. I'll do that tomorrow morning and I'll talk to the captain to organize a full takeover of the mansion," Sam said.

"That sounds good to me," Marsha responded, "I'll try to find some clothes for this cutie."

Marsha grabbed the slave's hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom. The young woman followed her like a puppy.

Sam watched both women as they walked away, one wearing a small bathrobe and the other wearing just his jacket. He felt his cock stir inside his pants.

As soon as they entered Marsha's bedroom, the slave pulled softly on Marsha's arm. Marsha turned around to face the young woman, who swiftly untied Marsha's bathrobe and grabbed one of her breasts. Marsha was a little surprised but didn't stop her.

"Please, feed me," the woman said as she leaned over, trying to place her lips around Marsha's nipple.

Marsha reacted by taking a step back, "What?"

The slave just looked back at her, pleading with her eyes to let her eat. Marsha remembered her recent experiences inside the mansion. The words from the pretty redhead still roamed in her mind Feed from me. Marsha began to understand the ways of the colony.

Feeling sorry for the helpless woman standing in front of her, she just said, "I can't feed you right now. We'll find something for you later, ok?"

The woman nodded.

Marsha turned around and opened a few drawers, looking for panties and other things. It took her a few minutes but she found an appropriate outfit for the young woman. She turned around and the slave was not there anymore.

"Hey! Where are you?"

Marsha heard a gasp coming from the bathroom and hurried in there. The slave was inside, kneeling on the floor. Marsha looked down just in time to see the last inches of the alien recruiter-segment slipping into the woman's vagina.

"Wait! What are you doing?"

Marsha saw the slave's eyes roll back and her arms falling feebly to her sides. The chemicals were numbing the slave's already subjugated mind even further. Marsha looked at her for a moment wondering what was happening inside the woman's pussy.

A few seconds later, the slave was just staring ahead and breathing calmly. Marsha passed a hand in front of the woman's eyes but she did nothing at all.

"Can you hear me?" Marsha asked.

"Yes," The response came slowly and softly.

Marsha wasn't expecting any response and was startled for a second. Then she said, "Get up please". The slave did as told. Now she was standing rigidly in front of Marsha.

Marsha looked at the woman submerged deep in a trance. Somehow, she found it alluring and exciting. A mild tingle unavoidably flared in her pussy. Marsha knew that at this very moment, she could do whatever she wanted with this woman. That feeling of power excited her even further. Her own live doll to play with. Marsha realized that her nipples were swollen as the delicate caress from the silk bathrobe sent a wave of pleasure across her body.

Marsha looked back to check if Sam was still downstairs and then she leaned forward, whispering to the slave's ear, "Lick my pussy."

The slave went down to her knees and did as she was told.

* * *

"What the hell is taking them so long?" Sam wondered as he started to walk up the stairs. He had been in Marsha's room countless times so he decided to check on them.

He reached the door in time to see Marsha's legs shaking as she arched her back in the middle of a big orgasm. The pretty slave's face was buried between his friend's legs, sucking and licking with unrestrained excitement.

What the... Sam was about to interrupt them, then he had second thoughts.

He unzipped his pants and without any warning, he shoved his cock deeply into the slave's pussy. She climaxed almost immediately. Sam felt the delightful contractions around his cock, which encouraged him to pump harder.

Marsha recovered from her climax and opened her eyes, looking with surprise at Sam. Sam looked back at her. Then, Marsha smiled mischievously. Sam just kept pumping the slave's tight cavity with all his might.

* * *

The next morning, Sam woke up between the two women. He looked at the peacefully sleeping slave and he couldn't avoid feeling a little guilty about having sex with her the night before. She couldn't even remember her name and still he had fucked her brains out. The guilt diminished a little bit when Sam remembered the slave's moans and multiple orgasms; maybe she enjoyed it more than he did.

Marsha woke and looked up to see Sam had got dressed.

"I'm going to check out the mansion before going to headquarters. Can you take care of her for a while?" Sam asked Marsha, signaling at the sleeping slave.

"Sure, no problem. Just be careful, ok?"

Twenty minute later, Sam was driving in front of Sylvia's mansion. The main gate was wide open and there was no activity in sight. Sam stopped right in front of the gate and noticed that there were no cars parked inside either.

He waited for a few minutes and still he couldn't see any movement anywhere. He suspected that after the incident last night, the house might be have been abandoned. He stopped near the front door of the house and got off the car. He couldn't see anybody through the windows.

Sam opened the front door and with his gun ready and his nerves on edge, he decided to go in. The house was completely quiet. The smell that filled the air was nice, like woman's perfume. Sam remembered what Marsha had told him about the creature being on the second floor, in the main bedroom. He walked up the stairs trying not to make any noise, even though he was sure that the house was empty.

He reached the main room and looked inside. His heart jolted wildly inside his chest. The beast was there! The bulk of the main body, the tentacles; everything just like Marsha described it. Sam aimed his gun and hesitantly stepped in. He looked around but nobody else was there. The creature was alone.

This can't be. This has to be a trap, Sam thought.

He jumped out of the room ready to fire, aiming in various directions but still there was nobody around. It was strange.

He moved into the room again and looked at the immobile creature. It was then that Sam noticed a yellow box near the base of the beast's main body. He carefully took a few steps forward with his finger on the trigger. He realized that he had seen that kind of device before. There was a display showing numbers at the front, '...12 ...11'

"Shit!! It's a bomb!" Sam shouted out loud.

He ran out of the room as fast as he could.


He turned in the hall racing for the stairs but he slipped and fell.


Sam got up and reached the stairs.


He ran downstairs and got to the main floor.


He opened the front door.


The explosion blasted across the mansion. Sam flew ten feet in the air and landed in the bushes. Pieces of debris fell everywhere. All the windows on the second floor exploded, letting a ball of fire escape and expand around the house. Pieces of glass and remains of furniture were scattered across the garden.

A few second later, everything was quiet again.

Sam's ears were buzzing. He had a few scratches on his arms and face but other than that, he was in good shape. He sat there for a few minutes, recovering.

Sam looked behind him and saw the destruction caused by the explosion. The smoke was clearing out even as some curtains and cushions were still on fire. Sam got up, still feeling woozy and walked into the house again. He had to see what had happened to the monster.

The alien's main component was hydrogen, which made him very volatile when exposed to fire. When Sam reached what remained of the creature's room, there was nothing. No main body, no tentacles, not a single trace of the alien was left.

There goes the evidence, he thought.

Sam drove away from the destroyed mansion reconsidering his whole plan of action. He could hear the sirens of approaching fire trucks.

* * *

That same morning, Senator Healey was lying on his bed. He looked up at the blurry image of his daughter, bouncing up and down on top of him. He blinked a few times but the image was the same. Something was not right. He considered for a moment pushing Melissa off but the way she was massaging his cock with her vaginal muscles was too good, too pleasant to let go. Every time he thrust his phallus upward, the pain in his chest increased a little more. The pace increased and his breathing got shorter. Suddenly, everything went black.

Moments later, Melissa was looking down at her father. She wanted to reach her climax but she knew that this wasn't going to happen. Something in the back of her mind bothered her but the thought was too dim to be recognized. Her father was lying beneath her, immobile, pale, dead. He had been poisoned. He had been punished for betraying the colony and the penalty was death.

Melissa's mother entered the room and joined her. They looked at the lifeless body of the man that used to be their husband and father but they felt no remorse. They had done it for the colony. They had done it for their master and that was all that mattered.

"You have done a good job, baby. He should have known better."

As she said this, Melissa's mother plugged her tendril into her daughter's anus and whispered, "The nest has a new location. I'll show you."

Melissa gasped loudly and threw her head back as the information flowed into her mind.

* * *

Meanwhile, in Marsha's house, Marsha was worriedly looking at the slave.

"Please, let me feed from you."

Marsha had been hearing those words all morning and she had been trying to feed all kinds of food to the slave but it was useless. She refused to eat anything.

"Fine, I'll take you to get some food. Just don't tell Sam, ok?"

Marsha knew that it wasn't wise to take the slave back into the mansion for a quick meal but she figured that the security was light and she could get away with it.

She also knew that getting food for the slave was not the only reason she wanted to go back to the nest. She needed more information about the colony, about the creature. She wanted to know if there were more tendrils inside of her and how to get rid of them. But also, in the back of her mind, Marsha wanted to go there and find the redhead again, maybe get some 'food' her herself too. It tasted so damned good.

Marsha was really surprised when she arrived at the nest and saw the devastation.

"Sorry honey," she told the slave, "Let's find Sam and figure out what to do."

Marsha went to the police headquarters looking for Sam but just as she was getting out of the car she saw Laura. Marsha didn't know the detective in person but she knew her face. And there she was, walking out of the building toward her car.

"You're in luck honey. I'll get you food very soon."

She followed Laura out into the suburbs. They arrived at another big house with a tall fence. Marsha waited until Laura was inside the house and then she drove in.

Marsha and the slave walked into the lobby and looked around. The activity was the same as in the previous nest. Naked women were coming and going all over the place. They both undressed and Marsha led the slave into some sort of studio. The first thing she saw was a familiar face; the redhead. Marsha felt a mild tingling in her pussy anticipating what was about to come.

Marsha immediately approached the redhead, they looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds and then they kissed. There was no need to say anything. Marsha wasted no time engulfing one nipple between her lips and sucking. The reward was immediate. The familiar dizziness spread across her mind. Marsha looked back at the door without releasing her food source. The slave that came with her was gone. She thought about going to look for her but she discarded the idea. She could do that later.

Actually the slave was upstairs witnessing the birth of the new generation of the alien. Casey was on the bed with her legs spread wide. She was leaning back on Sondra, who tenderly fondled the teen's pussy. Casey's belly was very distended and something was moving inside, stirring, pushing. One reddish tentacle slipped out of Casey's pussy and twisted around, entering her anus. Casey's eyes rolled back for a second and then she looked around the room, as though recognizing her new surroundings. Moments later, Casey's eyes rolled back again as she arched her back and moaned loudly. The creature's main body began the push out from the teen into the world.

Half an hour later, Sondra was comforting an exhausted Casey while the slave that came in with Marsha stepped forward, unable to resist the urge to be probed by the alien. She had been programmed to share any information relevant to the colony and there was plenty of new data in her head.

The tentacle penetrated several inches into the slave's body and made the appropriate connections, establishing the mind-link. The slave's eyes started fluttering.

Marsha was discovered. So was Sam.

* * *

Marsha was still downstairs with her mouth attached to the redhead's pink pussy. She already felt full with fluid but she couldn't stop drinking. It tasted too good and this might be the last time she could taste it.

Sondra walked into the room hand in hand with another beautiful woman; a feeder-reprogrammer. Sondra made the signal and the woman positioned herself behind Marsha. Slowly, a thick tentacle slipped out between the slave's pussy lips and snaked impatiently between her thighs. She grabbed Marsha hips as the tentacle snuggled in her ass cheeks.

Marsha gasped with astonishment and looked back. She saw this gorgeous woman behind her. Her dazed mind tried to analyze the situation. She remembered the tendril that had slipped out of her pussy the day before. She feared that maybe they wanted to put another one in her. But it had been the creature who did it before. Maybe this woman just wanted to join the orgy, to give her more pleasure. Marsha decided to let her.

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