the blues
will always be blue
jealousy it seems
always demands green
but to me , yes me
I want to see a red stroke
a line long and everlasting
LOVE is best described
by a color that is bright
a bright tinglyred
just like when the dawn rises
to meet the day
there are those who have doubts
who feel they have no say
for them there will always be grey
and to those who have no hope
whose future always looks dark
there brush touches black
for those whom the sun lacks
they are the ones who see the rain
they seem to always feel the pain
the paper of there life
is always misty green & blue
and if they ever see red
its while there dreams come true
while they sleep in bed
some claim that life is a circle
those who try to break out
are best described by purple
white means nuetral
brown stands for dull
pink is for those who are soft
some feel there life would
would be full
if gold &silver colors
filled there page
to me give me a little of each
and in the center
and with a broad stroke
show me a line of red

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