Come my troubled soul
This fallen Angel beckons you
To a place far from heaven
A place only we have been
Let these tattered wings hold you and caress you
As you rest before your journey

This journey with no beginning and no end
Trying to make something from nothingness
Building a foundation on quicksand
Not knowing of it's wrong or right
Not really caring either way

Be still my love
This Angel means you no harm
Where once she lead you astray
With the sin of her flesh
Knowledge far from innocent
Now only comfort and understanding
Does she hold for the pain and anguish
That dominates your demise

Never mind the pain you may have caused
For not returning that which was flawed
Because comprehension runs deep
And my soul is trouble too

So come my troubled soul
Come whisper in my ear
All you don't want me to know
And with my fingertips on your lips
I will pardon your sins
I will set your soul free

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