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Coming Out Of Retirement


A great set of tits will get my attention every time.

I was sitting in my living room on the couch, reading a book, when I heard the doorbell.

I wasn't expecting company, but what the hell, I was bored. I answered the door.

The first thing I saw was a brunette wearing a low cut dress, displaying impressive cleavage.

To my credit, I managed to look up at her face after the first ogle.

Then I noticed the dude standing behind her.

"May I help you?" I asked politely.

"Hi, we're with Stan Diamond productions." Said the man. The girl handed me a business card. "Come on in." I said.

I led the visitors to the living room. "What can I do for your company," I asked the man.

As eye catching as the girl was, the man was the one who needed watching. So I kept my attention on him.

"We are going to be shooting a film here in town, and we need a house for a set for a day or


"What kind of movie will you be shooting?" I asked. "Well," said the man. The girl broke in then. "We're making an adult movie."

"Porn film huh?" I said. "Gimme a moment."

I picked up the phone and called a buddy of mine out in Los Angeles. He is a producer/director of quality adult films, and he knew the industry inside out.

Paul told me that Stan Diamond productions was legit.

Small, but made decent quality films.

I thanked him and was about to hang up when Paul asked if I was dealing with a skinny, weasel of a guy and an extremely stacked brunette. I told him they were right there now.

"Keep your prick in your pants and your mind on the deal, or they'll end up renting your house for nothing." Paul said.

He wanted to talk to weasel boy. So I handed him the phone.

After a few moments, Weasel boy handed the phone to Titzilla.

She listened, then handed me the phone. "See ya when you get out here." Paul said. Then we hung up.

Weasel boy looked a little more subdued.

"Here's the deal." I told him. "Any damage gets fixed at your expense. Any modifications to the breaker box, I approve in advance. And clean up you guys pay for."

Weasel boy looked at the girl for advice.

That told me volumes about who really held the reins of the outfit.

"The upside, is that I don't charge you for the use of the house." I added.

The brunette's eyes lit up when I mentioned that.

"The main condition is that I stay here and watch the making of the movie. I have been on enough sets to know how to keep quiet and out of the way."

The girl nodded at Weasel boy. He turned to me. "Agreed."

"Fine, have a contract drawn up and here for me to read and sign by tonight." I told them.

The girl turned and looked at me speculatively at the door. "I know you from someplace." she said. "Likely." I replied. "I was making porn flicks back when you were still in grade school."

Her eyes narrowed. "I'll bring the contracts over myself about 7 tonight. OK?" "Fine by me." I said.

Once they had left, I called a lawyer friend of mine and invited him over for supper.

Dan came over about 5. We discussed the potential contracts over supper.

I had been using Dan as my lawyer for several years, and he was a regular at my topless club.

Titzilla showed up at 7 sharp, dressed in about 4 ounces of nothing much.

I introduced her to Dan.

"Dan, this is the lady from Stan Diamond Productions. She appeared to be the real boss when her and the weasel showed up today, although she let him to all the talking."

The girl looked less than pleased to find that I had company. "You know, I never did get your name today." I said.

Then she looked really pissed, like I should have recognized her on sight. "Hi Dan." She said. "My name is Crystal Meadows."

Dan shook his head. "If we are going to do business, then your stage name will not do. Real names only."

She looked like she wanted to spit nails. "Susan Brankowski." she gritted.

“I don't blame you for preferring Crystal Meadows." I said, earning me a glare.

"Are those the contracts?" Dan asked, gesturing at the papers Crystal was carrying.

She handed them over to him reluctantly.

Dan moved over to sit on the easy chair to read the contracts.

Presently he took out a pen and crossed out several lines, then jotted notes and tucked them into the papers. Dan stood up and handed the papers back to Crystal, who was still standing there gnawing on her lower lip.

"These are the changes that have to be made before the contracts will be signed. And you should be ashamed for even trying to bring them over. Have the new contracts sent to my office in the morning and I'll review them. If they are acceptable, they will be signed."

Crystal hung her head. "I'll be right back."

She went out to her car and came back with a different set of contracts. Dan reviewed them and okayed them for signing. I laid them on the table and signed, "Jack Panera". My legal name at the time.

I gave my copy to Dan for safekeeping.

"Miss Meadows, Thank you for your cooperation." Dan said with a bow. "Tell Mac down at the bar that you drink free tonight." I told him.

Dan waved his thanks and left.

I turned to Crystal. "Care for a drink?"

She gave me a weak smile. "Double Scotch if you've got it." "Ice?" I asked as I moved to the bar. "Neat." she replied.

She sat down on the couch, and I brought our drinks over. She drank half of hers in one gulp. "Thanks," she said.

"Not that I mind the view," I told her. "But I am a little insulted that you thought I was going to be that stupid."

"I know." She grimaced. "These things," she cupped her tits and jiggled them, "have been my ticket through doors for so long, I forget that there are other ways."

"No harm, no foul. This time. But never try it again with me or I'll spread the word among the industry what a crooked crew you run."

"OK, OK, I got the idea." She said. "How about another drink?"

"Sure," I said. "As long as you give me your car keys first. I won't have you driving drunk. You can sleep on the couch, or I'll call you a cab back to wherever you're staying."

Crystal fished her keys out of her tiny purse and tossed them to me. I renewed her drink.

Crystal and I talked about the adult film industry today, and I told her some stories about the good old days. Once she dropped her super-vixen pose, she turned out to be nice, funny, and smart.

We ended up with our feet on the coffee table, wisecracking as we watched Caddyshack on TV.

Around midnight, Crystal looked over at me. "Thanks. I haven't had just an ordinary, relaxed evening in a long time." "Glad to have you here. You're great company."

I got up and went to the linen closet. I brought back a pillow and a couple of blankets. Crystal watched bemused as I swung her legs up, laid her head on the pillows, and tucked the blanket around her. "Good night milady." I said.

Crystal smiled sleepily at me. "G'night."

Crystal woke up in the morning when she smelled the waffles I was making. She padded barefoot into the kitchen and asked where the bathroom was. I told her it was upstairs. Crystal came down 20 minutes later, her hair damp from a quick shower.

"Good morning." She said.

"Morning," I replied.

We sat and ate without a lot of excess chatter. "Pass the butter." And, "Pass the syrup." was pretty much the extent of our conversation until the food was gone. Crystal sat back and wiped her mouth.

"I haven't had a breakfast like that since I left home." She declared. "Glad to oblige." I said with a smile.

Crystal leaned forward and put her elbow on the table, cupping her chin in her hand as she gazed at me. "Why didn't you try to screw me last night?" she asked. "Because I was treating you like a friend, not a fuck toy." I replied.

"But I am a fuck toy. I came over here expecting to get laid."

"You're a nice girl who made a mistake about me I learned enough about you to want you as a friend. Anything else can come later.

Crystal sat back and crossed her arms. "Most guys can't seem to resist a chance to get their hands on my boobs. I know you're not bent. So why didn't you grab a handful or two when I freely offered you the chance?"

I laughed. "Well for one, I have self control. For another, you really didn't research me well at all."

"How so?" Crystal asked.

"Tell you what, call Weasel boy and have him take care of the details today, there isn't anything that you need to handle your own self is there?" I replied.

"Well no. Not really," Crystal said.

"Good," I said, "I want you to spend the day with me at my work." "Why?" asked a very puzzled Crystal.

"Because I want you to get to understand me better." I answered, "plus, I like spending time with you when you let your guard down and are just being yourself."

That got me a grin. "OK, where's the phone?" I pointed and she made her calls.

Back at the table Crystal sipped her coffee. "I'd better go change outfits." she said. "This dress isn't exactly office wear."

"You look fine." I said. "Come on, we'll take my car."

Crystal shrugged and set her cup down.

The drive to the club was quiet. Crystal stretched out her legs and wriggled her toes in the front seat of my Caddy. "Nice car." She said.

"As tiny as you are," I quipped, "You'd get lost in one of these." "I'm not tiny," Crystal protested, "I'm 5'1". 5'6" in heels." I just laughed, and after a moment, she joined in.

Mark, the bartender had already unlocked the door, waiting for the liquor delivery truck. I led Crystal inside. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she gave a low whistle. "Classy place." she said.

"I like it." I replied. I introduced her to Mark, then took her back to the office. I got on the intercom to Mark. "As everyone comes in today, tell them to come to the office for a moment. I have a few ideas I need to talk over with them."

"OK Boss." Mark sent back.

I picked up my remote and turned on the 3 big TV's on the far wall. Then I used the remote to flip between security camera views of the 3 stages, the dressing room, and the rest of the club.

Crystal pulled a chair around the desk and sat next to me. I handed her the remote and told her to have fun for a bit.

I breezed through a little paperwork, and went out to sign for the liquor delivery. I had Mark stow the booze, then went back to the office.

"I could see you the whole time!" Crystal said excitedly. She showed off her new proficiency by following Mark around with the cameras. She only made a couple of slips, but corrected almost instantly. "I'm impressed." I told her, and she looked at me proudly.

Mark buzzed me on the intercom, "Boss, A couple of the girls showed up. You want them now, or wait until the others get here?"

"Probably better wait until at least 3/4 of the crew get here. While you're at it, call as many of the girls in for a meeting this morning. Tell the ones who have the day off that I'll pay them $20 just for coming down, but that this is important."

"OK bossman." Mark replied cheerfully.

I flipped the security monitors to the dressing rooms. Maria and Hayley were there already, changing into their working costumes. I flipped the intercom to buzz the dressing room. Hayley answered the buzz, while Maria waved at the camera. "What's up Chief?" Hayley asked.

"I need you two to keep the weekend free. There will be a party here after hours on Saturday night, and I want you both there."

"As dancers?" Maria wanted to know.

"As guests." I said. Both girls eagerly agreed. They had been to my parties before and liked them. A lot.

Crystal played with the remote, and asked questions until the rest of the crew was there by 10AM. I got on the intercom and set it for general announcement. "Everyone to the main room now please."

I stood up and offered Crystal my arm. She took it with a smile, and I led her out into the main room of the bar. I seated her on a stool at the bar and told Mark to get her whatever

she wanted. Then he handed me the wireless microphone and I got up on the main stage.

"Usually, a fully dressed man on stage would be cause for the bouncers to have fun." I joked.

"But today, I have an announcement. We have a special guest here today, Crystal Meadows!"

Mark took his cue to turn a spotlight on Crystal where she sat at the bar. The lights were

controlled from a small panel behind the bar, so he was easily able to zero in on Crystal.

"Crystal is representing Stan Diamond Productions, an adult film company. They will be shooting

at my house for a day or so, so I might not be here during that time. If you have any questions about the adult film industry, you can drop by the office and ask

Crystal. She will be here for most of the day as my guest. So be friendly and polite, and show

her around the club and answer her questions too."

I paused for the hubbub to die down. "There will be an after hours party here Saturday night. You are all invited. I will pay reasonable sitter fees for those of you with kids. No more

than 1 guest for each of you unless you clear it with me or Donna first." I jumped down from

the stage and went over to the bar. Donna, the house mother came up and shook Crystal's hand.

"Too bad you aren't a dancer." She told Crystal. "You'd have them howling like hound dogs."

Crystal grinned and said, "I might be persuaded, just for a couple of sets, but only if you answer a few questions for me."

Donna took Crystal's hand and tugged her toward the dressing room. "Come on back here where we can hear ourselves think," she said, "And I'll answer any questions you ask."

The two girls, the tall bottle blonde and the short brunette sashayed off, whispering and having a fine old time.

The rest of the day went pretty good. Crystal answered a lot of questions and made friends with a lot of the dancers. She got on stage twice in the early evening, and was still giddy as I took her back to my place to get her car.

Crystal gave me a hug and a kiss and said she'd be back as soon as she could.

I went back to the club and finished out the night.

When I got home, Crystal's car was in the driveway, and Crystal was snoozing in the front seat. I woke her up and invited her inside.

We sat on the couch and just relaxed.

Crystal turned her head toward me and said, "Now I know why boobs weren't your trigger. Hell, you see more tits in a day than I do."

"Yup." Was all I had the energy to say.

Crystal scooted over and laid her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and we propped our feet up on the coffee table again. "This is nice," she said in a sleepy voice. Then she gave a gentle snore. I just closed my eyes and went to sleep. It had been a long, long day.

I woke up in the morning laying on the couch with Crystal laying on top of me. She had her elbows bracing her up and she was staring at me nose to nose. I looked into her brown eyes and lifted my head a bit and kissed her. She pushed herself up so she was braced on her outstretched arms. "About time you woke up." She said.

I couldn't think of anything witty to say so soon after waking up. So I tickled her ribs. Crystal shrieked laughter and squirmed around atop me in a most delightful manner. "Stop it you idiot!" She managed to gasp out. "I haven't been to the bathroom yet!"

I tickled her a few more seconds, then let her up. She sat up, straddling my hips and grinned down at me. She twitched her hips as she felt my morning hard on through the fabric of my pants. "You're gonna pay for that tickle attack." she said.

Then she hoisted herself up and off me. "I'm going to shower." she said. I watched her walk off. She was wearing jeans and a man”s shirt with the tails tied up to bare her midriff. A nice sight for early morning viewing.

I got up and used the downstairs bathroom. Then made breakfast. Crystal came down wrapped in one of my robes. "I hope you don't mind." she said, tugging on the belt of the robe. "Not at all." I said. "You sit and eat while I shower, and I'll be back down in a bit."

Crystal just nodded, she already had a mouthful of eggs and bacon.

I came downstairs feeling much refreshed and wide awake.

Crystal was in the downstairs bathroom brushing her teeth.

She came out and pressed herself against me in a nice firm hug. "Thanks." She said. "For what?" I asked.

"For being a friend," she replied.

Crystal and I went into the living room and sat on the couch. We propped our feet up and turned on the TV to check the weather and the news.

"Want some coffee?" I said as I sat up straight.

"Sure honey." Crystal said absently. Then she froze, she turned her head slowly and looked up at me like she was afraid she had screwed up.

I looked back at her. "Tickle." was all I said.

Crystal relaxed and leaned back. I got us both coffee and brought it back to the couch. Crystal had removed her robe and was sitting nude. "I told you that you were going to pay for the tickle attack." She said calmly. I set the coffee down on the bar and came back toward the couch. Suddenly Crystal dropped her feet to the floor and launched herself at me

"Banzai!" she cried.

She hit me like a 110 pound tornado, the robe I was wearing went flying, and then I was on the floor with Crystal atop me, tickling my ribs.

I'm very ticklish.

I bucked and wriggled under her, but she rode me like a bronco buster.

I finally managed to get my arms up to get my fingers at her ribs, whereupon it was her turn to wriggle and squirm.

At some point during all this activity, I got an erection, and now I was deep inside her. Crystal sat up straight when I quit tickling her and looked very surprised. She looked down at where our bodies were joined and grinned. "Well I'll be damned." She said.

I folded my arms behind my head. "Have fun." I said.

Crystal leaned forward, planting her hands on the carpet beside my head and bracing herself on her stiffened arms, he hair fell forward around my face as she bent her head for a kiss. "I intend to you damned tease," she mock growled.

Crystal started rocking her hips up and down on my prick. I reached up to run my hands along her sides, then around to cup the sides of her huge tits. I stroked her nipples with my thumbs and felt them stiffen and grow pebbly under my touch. Crystal started breathing raggedly when I started to play with her tits. She arched her back as I lifted her breasts to my lips. I kissed and licked her nipples, all the while, stroking the sensitive sides and bottoms of her tits. Crystal's pussy clamped down on my shaft and pulsated as she came hard. Her elbows shook then she collapsed to lay full length on top of me.

I lay there for a minute, enjoying the way her vaginal walls rhythmically squeezed my cock as her orgasm slowed down. Then I rolled us over so that I was on top. Crystal smiled and lifted her knees to clamp them along my ribs just under my arms. I started thrusting slowly at first. Then faster and deeper, varying the depth and speed of my strokes. I raised myself up a little and bent my head down. Crystal obligingly lifted her breasts to my eager mouth. She started climaxing as soon as I flicked my tongue over her nipple and swirled it around the aureola.

When I came, I pressed myself deep inside her, my cock head tight against her cervix as I blasted the mouth of her womb with my semen. I held myself pressed inside her as my cock spurted and twitched. At last, I let myself down onto my elbows. Most of my weight off her except for her tits pressing against my chest. Our breathing slowly synchronized as we calmed down. I started to get up, but Crystal wrapped her arms around my back. "Not yet." She pleaded. "Don't pull out yet."

I stayed in her until my cock softened and slipped out naturally.

I finally rolled off her and lay on my back, relaxing. Crystal rolled over on her side, laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled close. "That was just what I needed." she said.

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