tagErotic CouplingsComputer Stories Ch. 08

Computer Stories Ch. 08


Chapter 08

Swim team goes all the way

Author's note --

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else's writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven't read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is a component inside Jerry's computer that causes what he writes to happen in real life.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven't read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is the special component inside Jerry's computer.


Jerry Waters is slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him. . . . . . . .

The State swimming championship finals for Jerry's high school were only a month away. Things were really looking promising this year. It had been more than 15 years since the swim team had a shot at being in the finals and this seemed like the year it was going to happen.

Jerry had tried out a month and a half ago but apparently he wasn't what the aging coach was looking for. It was really disappointing for him. This could have been the one shining moment in his senior year to be recognized for something, and now that chance was gone.

Mr. James, the team coach had been the swimming coach for 40 years. His coaching style was 'old school'. Maybe that was why the team had not been to the state finals in 15 years. He just hadn't kept up with new training ideas. Some of the faculty had thought of replacing him but that would have been hard to do since he had tenure and didn't seem to willing to hand over the coaching job to someone else voluntarily. In a strange twist of fate, he would have to involuntarily hand over the position to someone else.

It was on a Tuesday evening. Mr. James had driven to the store for a few groceries and was returning home. A drunk driver blew the red light and broad-sided the car Mr. James was driving. If it hadn't been for the seatbelt and airbags, he would have been dead. As it was his injuries would have him laid-up for months, maybe just enough to put an end to his coaching career.

It was a real blow to the school. As much as they had wished he would 'move on', they'd never wish something like this on him. As much as his coaching techniques were out of date, he still had a passion for seeing the swim team win. From his hospital bed the next day, he insisted they find an immediate replacement to finish coaching the boys to the state finals. That was going to be a tough order to fill seeing as how it was a small town and there weren't many males qualified to fill the coach's shoes.

As Jerry shuffled the hallways between classes, he kept thinking how not only his chance to shine had been snuffed out, but the school's chance as well. That Friday, when he got home from school, he thought that maybe writing his fantasy version of winning the State Swimming Championships would boost his spirits.

Powering up his computer, the lights on the outside flickered and flashed, the hard drive whirred, and a unidentified component inside the computer case started to glow . . . .

* * * * *

"The schools only swimming coach just got into a crippling accident, just as the team was about to have a shot was winning the state championships. The faculty was about to give up on finding a suitable replacement when Lucy Phillips walked into the faculty office late Friday afternoon and offered to take on the responsibility of leading the team at a shot at the state championship.

In her younger days, Lucy had competed on the girls swim team in high school and regional finals. At 5'7", she had strong leg muscles and a supple body. At 36, she was still really good in the water. At 18, she was on the 'short list' of Olympic hopefuls when she unexpectedly got pregnant. She had thought over the idea of having the baby aborted but just couldn't bring herself to doing something like that.

He boyfriend John, was a little reluctant to step-up-to-the-plate, so to speak, and take on the responsibility of supporting Lucy and the baby. Eventually, he came around to the idea of doing-the-right-thing. Without a lot of fanfare, he proposed to her and she accepted.

Lucy and John decided to get married a month later. Unfortunately, that was not to be. John was thrown from his motorcycle when it hit a deer. His freedom-from-wearing-a-helmet view of operating a motorcycle cost him his life. Lucy was now on her own to raise a baby. This she did, to the exclusion of all else, including a social life and her own sexual needs. After a culmination of making sure he was prepared to face life on his own, she saw her son off to college just 6 months ago, leaving her to now live all to herself. Because she had raised her son to be very independent, he wasn't dependent on mom to get by. He did appreciate his mom's occasional 'Care' packages.

Without the need to constantly pamper her son, she needed something to keep herself busy. Hearing that her son's high school was in dire need of a swim coach, and that her past swimming experience might be useful, she figured she might be able to help out until a new coach could be found.

So it was, she found herself standing in the faculty lounge, inquiring about whom she should talk to in regard to the swimming coaching job. It took some convincing but she finally won out as the only suitable candidate. There were some questions about whether a woman would be a good fit for the position but these were overruled by some of the senior male faculty members. They felt her past swimming qualifications more than balanced the fact she was female, coaching an all male team. Maybe it was her qualifications, or maybe it was the way Lucy's dark brown doe eyes looked at them. Whatever the reason, she was told to start on Monday.

That weekend, she poured over all the swimming publications and Internet articles she could get her hands on. She also dug up some books on motivation because from what she'd heard, half the team's problem for under achievement was lack of motivation. She was determined to live up to everything she had promised to the faculty. By late Sunday night she came up with a radical plan to give the swim team the best chance to win.

The varsity swim team was made up entirely of seniors. On Monday, at the after school swimming practice, she had all the suited-up boys sit down on the bench. It was time for an unorthodox pep talk.

For starters, she had two of the boys round up the spectators in the bleachers and usher them out the pool area doors. The doors were then locked from the inside. Once the pool area was cleared of any non-team members, Lucy started setting forth her idea of the training program that would take place over the next month. The approach she was going to take was a no-nonsense one and she had very high expectations of the boys.

For one, the training program would be a secret to everyone but the swim team, not only to keep the team focused, but also to keep the other teams guessing as to what new training program she was using to get the boys to the state championship.

Point by point, she laid out specifics on what the team and each boy needed to work on. At first, these high expectations were something the boys expected. It was the bombshell she dropped on them next that really got their attention.

The pool's heaters were going to be turned off. The cooler water would motivate them to swim faster to stay warm, doing their distance in as short a time as possible. Her next words were the ones that got some really embarrassed looks from the boys.

Lucy pointed out a study that showed that a person could swim faster and train harder the less he had on to impede the water flowing over their body. To that end, she came up with the idea that the boys were going to be wearing shorter hair, shaving what chest hair they had, AND practicing without swimming trunks on at all.

This last pronouncement almost had all the boys' jaws hit the floor. That probably wouldn't have been too big a deal for a male coach, but a female one was another mater. Some of the guys were a little skittish about the idea but a couple of others, who were proud of what they were packing, thought it would be interesting to participate in some condoned exhibitionism to this hot female coach, showing off the 'assets' that had their girlfriends swooning.

Lucy made it clear there would be no playtime over the next month and she expected a lot of hard work out of each one of the boys. To make up for the short time frame she had to work with, the new coaching rules would start immediately, as she motioned for the guys to start taking off their trunks.

While the more 'confident' guys quickly took off their trunks and threw them on the bench, the holdouts weren't quite so ready to go along with it. Lucy had anticipated this turn of events and was prepared. Her response was to take off her shoes, her top, and her skirt. What remained was a skimpy bikini that got an immediate, and clearly visible reaction.

The enticement for all the boys to participate with the others in practicing in the nude, was that if they won the state championship, the day afterwards there would be a pool party where one lucky boy would get to untie the strings to her bikini top and bottoms and pull them off, leaving her bared to all the boys. She would then join them in the water for some goofing off time.

That offer to strip for them was all it took and the holdouts soon stripped off their trunks and threw them on the bench with all the others. Lining the boys up, Lucy walked up and down the line, like a drill sergeant inspecting the troops. Lucy could tell right away which of the boys were the most confident. The ones with the cocks that were starting to stiffen were the ones with the most self-confidence. The ones whose cock was still limp were the ones that would need some self-esteem boosting and she would need to assign some special workouts to boost their confidence.

Once her visual assessment was done, she assigned specific swimming strokes to practice on, and how many laps to complete in the time remaining. Soon the water was churning with naked male bodies. As Lucy paced the pool deck, observing each boy, she began to fantasize about those youthful cocks that seemed to be waiving at her. What kept going through her head was whether her decision to have the boys practice in the nude was for the benefit of the team or her own voyeurism.

This afternoon's practice was more an informal assessment of the team's abilities. Tomorrow she would be taking specific performance measurements for each boy. At the end of the practice, she lined them up again and stressed they not divulge what went on during practice. If they did, it would ruin her, and the boys' possibility for a state championship. Everyone promised to keep the secret. With that, she released the boys to go shower and dress.

Over the next few weeks, the boys worked hard during practice while Lucy observed with her clipboard and stopwatch. Occasionally, she would motion one or more of the boys out of the pool so she could impart some individual coaching counseling. As the boys stood next to her, she occasionally found one of her hands at her side, taking an 'accidental' brush against the cock that was hanging so close. She had not had intimate relations with a man in such a long time, and hr need so great, she almost forgot that her primary mission was to lead these boys to victory."

* * * * *

Jerry's fingers were flying across the keyboard, the lights on the face of computer flickered as what he typed was stored on the hard drive. Inside the case, a bright red glow emanated from an unidentified component. Jerry so strongly wanted his school to win the championships, the thoughts he was entering into his computer, were ones he somehow wished would come true.

* * * * *

"As Lucy watched over the boys in hr bikini and monitored the boys' progress, she could tell they were making a lot of progress. They were so into her training regime, they not only shaved the hair on their heads, but they also shaved ALL the hair from between their legs to reduce drag. This was even more erotic to Lucy. She had to concentrate really hard on her task.

Charting their progress, she could tell they were making a lot of progress. From her stopwatch timings, she reasoned that the progress would not be enough to win the championship. Clearly, Lucy needed to provide some additional motivation to the boys.

Midway during practice, she had everyone out of the pool and sit on the bench. She then commenced to offer them praise for all the hard work they had put in so far. At the same time, she laid out the fact that she didn't think they would be able to improve enough by next week when the championships commenced unless they worked harder. She had decided that more incentive was needed to work harder. The additional incentive was just as unorthodox as her original training regime. She told the boys that if they were to win their individual meets, not only would she strip for them at the 'after party', she would also kiss the head of their cocks.

It was one of those things where she almost regretted saying it as soon as the promise left her mouth. This incentive seemed to be what it took to spur them on. With each passing day, the boys shaved a few seconds off their time with each passing day. By the time of the championship meet, Lucy was confident the boys had a good chance to win.

On the day of the championships, Lucy was on pins and needles as each of the heats started. Lucy was completely ecstatic as the boys started racking up win after win. All she could think about at the time was the pure elation of winning. The thought of what she had promised in the preceding weeks was not on her mind at the moment.

When all the heats had ended and the results confirmed, the judges announced her school's swim team had made a clean sweep. They had won every event.

It wasn't until all the jubilation had died down that she started to think about tomorrow's swim party and what she had promised. Before the boys left the meet, Lucy reminded them to me at the swim party the next day.

That night, Lucy paced the floor, thinking over the last month and a half. She had seen these boys work really hard to go above and beyond to win. She had also exerted a lot of self control of her own sexual desires while seeing all those naked male bodies, with fantasies of stroking so many cocks and having them inside her.

Upon arriving at the pool, she found all the boys waiting for her. They were all standing around, wearing their trunks. Gathering them together, she spent a few minutes congratulating them on their wins. With a slight pause, she also acknowledged she would fulfill her part of the bargain.

With them all looking on, she pulled off her shoes, then her sweater top, and finally her skirt. What was left was the skimpy string bikini the boys had seen her in at every practice. As part of the bargain, the boy who got the honors to remove her bikini top and bottoms would be the one who had the greatest lead over his opponent. That honor fell to Chris.

Stepping forward, Chris came face to face with Lucy, paused for a few seconds, he then started pulling on the strings that held her top and bottoms on. The top was the first to come off, revealing a perfect set of 36C firm breasts, topped with nice, full nipples. The bottoms were next to go. There was a round of cheers, not only for the fact that she was the one who was now naked for them but that she had shaved her pussy bare as a sign of solidarity for the same thing the boys had done in eliminating all the hair between their legs. To fulfill the next part of her bargain, a chair was brought out for one boy at t time to sit in while Lucy kissed his cock head.

The height of the chair was such that it was slightly below her waist level. That meant that she had to bend over a little in order for her mouth to reach to the seated boy's cock. Since Chris was the one to strip her naked, he also claimed the right to be the first one to have his cock head kissed. Pulling down his trunks, he climbed into the chair and motioned for her to approach.

As Lucy slowly bent down, Chris' cock slowly waived in front of her, occasionally pulsing with anticipation. As her lips met the tip of his cock head, Chris felt a slight electric jolt of pleasure course through his cock. Even though Lucy's part of the bargain was to just kiss the head of each boy's cock, she found her lips opening up to take the entire cock head into her mouth. Chris followed her lead and gently guided her mouth lower and lower over the length of his shaft.

Lucy's soft lips, and hot mouth felt like heaven as it engulfed inch after inch of his cock. For Lucy, it felt wonderful to again be providing pleasure to a man. Soon, her head was taking long slow strokes, up and down his cock, her tongue working the head when it was almost out of her mouth.

Lucy was so engrossed in sucking Chris' cock, it was a few moments before she realized there was a finger probing her pussy. When she did notice, she widened her legs even further, to give the boy easy access to her moistening cunt. As the finger probed more and more, a soft moan emanated around Chris' cock.

When the fingers stopped their probing, Lucy felt a sense of disappointment. Her pussy was feeling so good and now she was without. This didn't last long, as the fingers were replaced with a hot, stiff cock that began probing for a way into her moist pussy. Reaching a hand under her, Lucy guided the probing cock into her waiting pussy that was in desperate need. Although, her cunt was well lubricated, it was fairly tight form not having been used for so long. Soon it was slowly sawing in and out of her hot box. Lucy's soft purring around Chris' cock began again. Although Chris would have like it to last a lot longer, his balls couldn't wait. Lucy soon found her mouth filling with hot, sticky cum and she did the best she could at drinking it all down.

When Chris had softened, his hands pulled her head up off his limp cock. Getting up from the chair, the seat was quickly occupied again by another boy, who guided her head back down to his throbbing member for her to begin sucking it as well.

Lucy had barely gotten into a good rhythm when she felt the cock in her cunt unload its contents into her slick channel. This process was repeated over and over again, until Lucy had sucked every single guy to orgasm and drank all their cum. Her cunt was dripping copious amounts of white, sticky fluid. Along the way, she experienced 2-3 of her own orgasms, giving the cock that was in her at the time, a rippling grip it had never experienced before.

Having finished the last boy, Lucy dropped to her knees and sat down on the towel-covered floor, leaning up against a bench for support. Her need satiated, she needed some time to recover.

He rest was short lived, as numerous hands grabbed her arms and legs, and carried her body over to the water's edge. With only a couple of wobbly swings, she found herself hitting the water, quickly followed by the all the members of the swim team. They played around in the water for another hour or two before all were completely exhausted.

The winners celebration wrapped up soon after, as the worn out, but smiling group got in their cars and went their separate ways."

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