tagIncest/TabooConfronting Mother Ch. 2

Confronting Mother Ch. 2


The bell rang. It was the first day back from winter break and Kelly Thompson was late for school. As she darted through the deserted hallways, she couldn't believe what had happened during the break. Kelly had become her mom's lover and more importantly discovered that she lusts after girls. Kelly walked insider her homeroom and sat next to her best friend, Monica. The class full of seniors was acting wildly as people laughed and talked about their winter break experiences.

Monica spoke, "Kelly, I haven't see you the last couple of days. What's up? I thought you would want to hang out with your best friend before break ended. What was so important that you couldn't go out?"

What was so important? For the last couple of days Kelly had been making love to her mom. It was either hang out with a good friend or have your pussy eaten by an experience cunt sucker.

"My mom wanted to spend some time with me while she had the chance."

That seemed to satisfy Monica. The rest of the day went along pretty smoothly. She could hardly concentrate on the lectures because she was thinking of when she would be home and when she could be in her mom's arms once again.

Monica and Kelly walked home together. Kelly wondered how could she keep this secret from Monica. She has been her best friend for years and no secret was unsaid between the two. Kelly couldn't tell Monica outright that she and her mom had become lovers. Kelly thought she would have to go slow and reveal that she was bisexual or maybe even a lesbian. She would have to get her opinion on lesbianism to know if she would freak.

It was too late to bring up the subject as they were at Kelly's house. Monica wanted her to hang out at her house down the street. Kelly made up some excuse about chores. Monica seems annoyed as she walked away in her white blouse and plaid skirt. Kelly turned her head and watched her best friends ass bounce up and down the street.

Kelly's mom would be home in an hour. Her panties were already getting wet in anticipation of her mothers long tongue. She was getting real hot and decided to go to her room and pleasure herself. In her room was a bed, desk, TV, computer and all the other normal things a 18 year old girl would have. Kelly looked at the wall and all the posters of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. She knew she would have to add a feminine perspective to her wall soon.

Kelly slowly stripped for herself in her full length mirror. She marveled at how sexy she was becoming. She touched her breasts. Her fingers circled her nipples as her thoughts raced back to the night she saw her mom kiss Tori. How she found her mom's diary and read of the passionate sex her mom and her lover had. She also remembered fucking herself with her mom's dildo while looking at a naked picture of the two lesbians fucking.

While thinking of these things she began to finger herself. Pretending her mom was the one fingering her cunt as she was last night. Oh, how she couldn't wait for her mom to come home so she could kiss those sweet full lips. Kelly had always loved her mom and always was close to her, but now she was her lover and Kelly began to feel as if she was in love with her 36 year old mother.

Kelly couldn't wait for her mom to come home, so she entered her mom's room or she thought, their room. She pulled the underwear drawer open and immediately smelt the crotch of her mom's white satin panties. Her pussy lips were drooling by the time she shoved the dildo inside. She opened the diary and pulled out the picture of Tori licking my mom's fantastic tits. Kelly was ferociously pumping her teenage cunt with this dildo. Moments later a rush of excitement overcame her as she explode with erotic delight. She screamed as her orgasm flowed through her body, "Oh mom, oh mommy! I love you, yessss, suck my titties mommy, oh yesssss, my cunt is waiting for you, hmmmmm mommy!"

Kelly's orgasm was as intense as if her mom's face was between her legs eating her pink pussy. She laid naked on her back with the didlo still inside her. She was still breathing heavy and covered with lust filled sweat. She finally got up and licked the juices from the dildo and placed it back in the drawer. As she put back the Polaroid, she decided to read the entries of the past week.

Kelly's mom, Cathy, described the night when she admitted to her daughter that she was a lesbian after being confronted. She described the tingling between her legs when Kelly admitted to lusting after her. She described in detail of the hot sex they shared that night. She admitted to her diary that she knew that fucking your own daughter was wrong, but she couldn't help but get turned on by her little girl. Cathy wrote that her daughter gave her the best night of sex in her life and just seeing her sexy teen body made her cream her pants. She then mentioned Tori. She wrote that while she lusted after her daughter, she was in love with Tori. She wrote that this affair must stop. Cathy continued to write that while turning down Kelly's pouty lips and young body would be difficult, it had to be done. It was just wrong.

Kelly couldn't believe what she just read. Her mom was going to end their new relationship for some slut at the office. Tears trickled down her face. Kelly took her clothes and decided to take a shower. In the shower, she cried and cried. What was wrong with her? She knew deep inside that her mom was right, but she wanted to be her mom's lover so bad.

Kelly composed her self and was out in the living room when her mom came through the door. Cathy smiled as she moved next to her on the couch. She then leaned over and gave her daughter a hot kiss with a lot of tongue.

"How was your day sweetie?"

Kelly mumbled that it was average at best.

"Well, I'm going to go out tonight and I'll see you when I see you." Cathy said this as if the last week of eating her daughter's pussy meant nothing.

"Who are you going out with, mom?"

"Some friends"

"Are you going out with Tori?"

Cathy was silent. Of course she was going out with Tori. She sensed her daughter didn't want her too.

"You are, aren't you? Mom, how could you? I thought Tori was out of the picture."

"I never said she was out of the picture. Honey, the last week has been real confusing for the both of us. I'm still with Tori. I'm sorry if that hurts you."

"What about us? Am I just your little slut when Tori doesn't feel like putting out?"

Cathy couldn't answer. Maybe that is all Kelly was to her. A hot little piece of ass for when Tori wasn't around.

"Kelly, you are more than that to me, but what we did was wrong. A mom can't be having sex with her daughter. As much as I want to, honey I can't."

Kelly began to cry. She knew it was wrong. She knew her mom was right. Cathy cradled Kelly in her arms as she cried. Oh how she wanted to kiss her daughters neck and finger her perky tits. Cathy restrained herself and tried to be a mother who didn't have a sexual attraction towards her daughter.

Cathy got up from her daughter and retreated to her bedroom. Kelly was drying her eyes when the door bell rang. She got up and looked through the window and saw Tori.

Tori was wearing a nice floral dress. Her body was slender and her breasts were quite noticeable. Kelly opened the door.

"Oh, hi Kelly. Is your mom ready?"

Kelly heard her mom yell out that she'd be a minute. Tori and Kelly sat on the couch and smiled at each other. There was an uncomfortable silence. Tori then spoke, "Your mom says that she told you about us."

"Yeah, but did she tell you about us?", Kelly knew once the words left her mouth that she made a huge mistake.

Cathy walked into the room as her daughter said this.

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you ask mom? Mom, I think you need to tell your little slut friend about us."

Cathy was shocked. What could she say? All she could do was hang her head in shame.

"Cathy," demanded Tori, "what is this all about?"

"I'll tell you. For the past couple of days, mom and I have been making love."

Tori's mouth opened wide in amazement. She then got angry and slapped Kelly across the face.

"Maybe if you would learn how to eat a pussy, she wouldn't be coming to me."

Tori then lunged at Kelly. The both tumbled to the floor and hit and pulled each others hair. Kelly's fingernails dug into Tori's face. The two girls were scratching and yanking on each others clothes. The strap on Tori's dress was ripped exposing her round tits. Tori began to take control of this physical duel. She was on top of Kelly. Tori was screaming obsceneties at the young teen. Then, Kelly spit in her attackers face and grabbed a fistful of hair. Both women rolled around the carpet trading blows to each others bodies. Finally Tori regained control. With one hand she held down Kelly's arms above the girls head. With the other hand she undid Kelly's skirt and began to finger her pussy. She looked straight into Kelly's eyes and said, "I'll show you something about eating pussy."

The two girls began to kiss passionately. Kelly was all hot and horny with this beautiful woman on top of her. Tori broke their kiss and slowly moved down towards Kelly's womanhood. There she gently stroked her tongue inside the teen's wet snatch. Tori was fantastic. Her tongue and her fingers caressed her clit. Kelly began to moan.

"Oh, Tori, yessss, oh, suck my twat, oh!"

Tori was lost in a fog of lust. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Just minutes ago, this girl just revealed that she was fucking her mother, Tori's lover. Tori got incensed and began fighting with the little slut. Next thing she knew, she was getting turned on by fighting with this girl. Instead of anger, she felt lust. Kelly was beautiful. Just like her mom. She had to have her.

Tori continued to have her. Her expert tongue was loving the taste of this hot teenage girl. Kelly began to cum. With every stroke of Tori's tongue on her clit, the more violent the orgasm she had. After cumming, the two women kissed. Kelly could taste herself in Tori's mouth. The thought of this sent her pussy twitching. Tori lifted her lips off Kelly's and said,

"What do you think of my pussy eating now?"

Kelly just smiled and plunged her tongue deep inside Tori's mouth and began to make her way down to Tori's cunt. She kissed her way down Tori's breasts and past her flat tummy. Kelly's head was between Tori's shaved pussy and she began to flick her tongue against her wet pussy lips. Kelly's face suddenly sprouted a grin. She just realized that she was eating the pussy of her mom's lover. The same pussy her mom licks. Kelly looked up from Tori's hot snatch and expected to see her mom on the couch fingering herself while watching her hot daughter eat the pussy of her lover. Kelly's mom was no where to be found. Both girls were so into fucking and sucking each other that they never noticed that Cathy had left. Both naked, they got up and looked out the window saw Cathy drive off. Tori looked at Kelly and the two were back at each others bodies.

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