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Conservative Wife Loses Control


I was a bit upset with my husband this evening since he was suppose to cook a fabulous steak dinner and now our plans had faded as he called to let me know the plumbing job he was doing for a friend was going to take awhile... most of the evening.

I had been reading on Literotica through the afternoon and this call was especially disappointing to me because I knew he would be tired and really not in the mood after all that work. Literotica is one of my favorite sites and certainly gets me in the mood after reading a few stories!

I sat down and daydreamed about an evening other than tonight. One where there were no kids, no stress, no deadlines. An evening where I would come home from class and...

As I entered the house most of the lights were turned off and I could see a few lit candles. I could hear White Snake on the stereo as I reached for a note on the table. It said, " take off your clothes and place them on the bench. Bring the bag (don't look in it yet) to the living room and set it on the sofa. Read the note inside." This certainly got my attention and a big smile came across my face as I teasingly removed every item of clothing only imagining what he had planned. I walked into the living room and sat on the sofa as I read the note on top of the bag. It read, "First I want you to spray one squirt of this perfume on your neck. I want you to tie your hair up with this black scrunchee and put this outfit on." The outfit was a black teddy with a snap crotch and black thigh high stockings. The note went on to say after I was dressed to put on the black heels in the bottom of the bag and proceed to the bedroom.

I took my time as I put my hair up. I went into the bathroom quickly so I could use the mirror and I was impressed with my husband's taste! "Very sexy", I thought! I felt a bit dramatic but after I was satisfied with the primping and luring scent of the perfume, I proceeded downstairs to the bedroom.

I opened the door to notice the lights off. Just as I reached for the light switch I heard him whisper not to turn on the light and to walk towards the bed. There was an air of mystery to his words. He was sitting on the edge of the bed legs apart and pulled me close to him once I was within reach. I giggled a bit out of anticipation as I felt his hands wonder all over my ass and thighs. I ran my hands through his hair firmly as the warmth of his hands started to heat my body. He softly kissed my stomach, then my thighs and back up to my stomach. It had been a couple days since we had made love and I was more than ready. He asked me to kneel down and give him a blowjob.

I realized his clothes were already off which only enticed me further. I wrapped one hand around his shaft and lifted slightly as I went straight for his balls with my tongue. I licked underneath and on the sides bringing his balls into my mouth one at a time. I moved upwards with my tongue all around the sides until I reached the head of his cock and slowly ran my tongue all around the rim. Hungry now, I took him into my mouth all at once and then closed my lips around him. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth enjoying every inch of him. Moving up and down with my mouth was starting to get me hot, even wet. The light was turned on. Looking at him questionably I realized he didn't turn it on, someone else did. He saw the look on my face and told me NOT to turn around, to just continue. My heart must have been audible to all present! Was my husband telling me to continue as someone was watching? We had never done anything like this before.

I was not sure how I felt about this but continued as he said. I started rubbing his cock with my hand as I continued to suck his large muscle. My sucking became a bit more urgent as I started teasing. It was starting to turn me on thinking about someone watching us, watching me. Suddenly, he asked me to stop and stand up. As I began to stand the other figure moved in behind me and grabbed my breasts from behind. I was shocked and looked to my husband for an explanation. His eyes told me that it was okay as he stood up. The stranger began rubbing my breasts with his hands until my nipples were completely at attention. I wasn't sure to resist or give in. My husband started sucking my nipples almost roughly as the other held me in place. He started kissing my neck as his hands moved downward. He unsnapped my teddy at the crotch with his teeth brushing against my pussy with his lips. His hands lifted the teddy up over me and my head. My husband reminded me not to turn around. I was feeling very exposed especially not knowing who was behind me.

My husband asked me to spread my legs apart. As I did, he knelt down in front of me and started licking my pussy. I threw my head back against the strangers chest as he continued to lick and tease. The stranger continued groping my breasts and kissing along my back. It almost seemed natural for all this activity to be taking place and quickly lost myself in the moment. My husband moved his tongue to my clit and started sucking roughly and probing me with his finger. I could feel the dampness between my legs increase greatly and could hear it as he continued his quest . The stranger sensed my legs starting to give and helped to keep me upright. I wasn't thinking about anything other than that tongue about to make me cum with the constant pressure and sucking. The moment I realized I was at the beginning of an orgasm my husband stopped! I begged him not to stop and he told me it wasn't time yet.

He pulled me to the bed asking me to close my eyes as I lay down. He told the stranger to let me give him head so he could watch. I wanted to open my eyes so badly but resisted. What would my husband think with another man's cock in my mouth? Could I actually go ahead with this? Mixed feelings flooded my head, then I felt his cock against my lips. The smell of pre-cum took over my thoughts as I wrapped my hand around his cock bringing it further into my mouth.

This was the first time I had touched anyone other than my husband since we had been married. As I began sucking and licking with my tongue my legs were spread as my husband kissed and caressed my inner thighs. I longed for him to bring me to orgasm with his tongue and began licking the cock in my mouth feverishly in anticipation. He was careful not to touch my clit with his tongue in an attempt to drive me over the edge and it was working! All I wanted was to cum. This thought and need grew within me like a fire exposed to oxygen. Instinctively I was inhaling the stranger's penis fully into my mouth and caressing it over and over with my tongue.

My husband hot from the scene in front of him, started sucking ferociously on my clit, which brought me to an instant orgasm. I didn't stop sucking on the stranger as his cock muffled my excited moans. My body thrust in unison with the spasms from the magnificent orgasm I was experiencing. He then shot his full wet load into my mouth only adding to the excitement. I tried to swallow it all but just couldn't as it came so fast and hard, some seeping out the side of my mouth. I took my finger and guided it back to my lips, sucking it off my finger. Shyly, I asked if I could open my eyes? My husband said, "yes, please do."

I looked up and to my surprise it wasn't someone I really knew. I had scene him at his work before, but it wasn't someone he normally hung out with. More of a surprise was that he was black. I had always wondered what it would be like with a black man, you always hear tales of how well hung they are. He wasn't extraordinarily large, but was not lacking in any sense. I never thought this would excite me so much but it did, I could tell it turned on my husband as well. His massive hard-on deceived him.

My husband asked me to get on my hands and knees on the bed, so I did. Only wearing thigh high stockings and heels, I climbed onto all fours and turned around to see what would happen next. "Damian" used his hands to pull me a bit closer to him, I looked at my husband to see his reaction. Nothing but lust was in his eyes and I am not sure if I ever saw that look before. If the thought of screwing a complete stranger didn't turn me on enough, that look sure did! I was ready to take on the world. I felt his penis at the lips of my pussy easing his way in.

I couldn't stand the wait and pushed back onto him as hard as I could which released a moan from both he and I. I couldn't stand to see my hubby's raging hard-on left unattended so motioned for him to come closer. Damian was about the same size as my husband but a bit wider and it took a few strokes to get used to. As soon as my husband entered my mouth I almost came right there! The sensation of a cock in my pussy and mouth was highly erotic. I could hear Damian's balls slapping against my flesh as I sucked my husband's cock like never before. I had never been so wet in all my life. I couldn't get enough of him as I took it all into my mouth touching the back of my throat. I arched my back so my husband could get a good look of Damian's thick black cock pounding my pussy.

That was just enough view that he immediately came into my mouth. He shot straight down my throat, no need to swallow. I continued sucking a bit softer but still quickly as I was being pumped quite wickedly from behind. I continued sucking him off until Damian tensed and with a yell pulled out cumming all over my back. I moaned at the warmth on my back but wishing he hadn't pulled out. I was longing to feel the shots of burning cum in my pussy. He grabbed the towel by the bed and wiped it off my back as I finished up with my husband's cock.

Hubby couldn't take it any longer, it was now his turn. The look he gave me was lustful and wanting. I don't know what was more exciting about tonight, the actions taking place or the look in my husband's eyes of complete desire. At first he laid me down with my head hanging slightly off the bed. He motioned for Damian to plant his thick cock in front of my mouth.

As I began taking him in with my tongue my husband slammed his cock into my pussy pounding away without an introduction. He moved my legs up toward my chest as he went deeper and deeper. Damian's cock was inhaled deeper and deeper into my mouth as my moaning was a constant now and uncontrollable. His cock in my mouth seemed a need and not a desire now. I could barely breathe from over excitement and grabbed his balls with my hands while I licked and sucked as if it was the last time I would ever see a cock. My desires were all a blur, all I could feel was the heat of both cocks. I was way past the point of no return and didn't want to return! All I wanted were these two cocks and I didn't care how I got it. Animal instinct took over and I was not a loving wife any longer, not tonight; now I was a sex-craved maniac who wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard and long!

My husband announced he was cumming and I screamed for him not to pull out. I could feel his load surround my walls and the heat and intensity caused me to orgasm as well. I did not remove Damian from my mouth but continued to suck and grind as my orgasm took on a life of it's own. I could feel my whole body spasm as my husband pulled out. He started to rub his hand up and down his cock with the cum when Damian started to rock with anticipation of cumming. I could feel through every vein the cum welling up about to blow. Damian said he wanted to cum on my face so I waited till I could feel the load release and pulled him out of my mouth. The spray seemed to never end but set my face on fire as it covered me. That was enough to bring my husband to another raging hard on. He wiped off my face and it was obvious by the permanent hardness both men where still wanting more.

Damian sat on the edge of the bed and asked me to bring my ass over to him. I straddled on top facing him as he sucked on my nipples. I lowered myself onto him as he rocked me back and forth. I immediately felt my husband kissing my neck and pulling himself closer. He grabbed the bottle of lube and I knew without a doubt what his plans were. I become scared and excited at the same time. It is wild enough to have sex with two different men, but to have both at the same time is beyond taboo. Would I be able to pull this off and accommodate both men? Sensations didn't allow for too much thought. I closed my eyes.

Damian stopped long enough for my husband to straddle us both and penetrate my ass. His cock moves in slowly as the lube allows him to gently glide in. Damian moans with every inch. Damian lays all the way down on the bed as I lean forward giving my husband more access. Once he is in I sit back up as he grabs my breasts with his hands from around me and starts pumping. I can barely breathe. As he pumps upward, I move my pussy forward onto Damian in a rhythm that continues to quicken. I learn that night what a multi-orgasmic experience is like as I am having orgasm after orgasm not knowing that was possible. My husband is banging away and the look in his eye I will never forget. Seeing him in the mirror, I was not his wife any longer, not at that moment. I knew that he could never want me more than he does right at that moment. I can see him throw back his head as he loudly moans cumming deep into my ass.

Damian and Myself cum together as all three of us are feeling multiple spasms. We collapse on top of Damian in complete exhaustion. Damian smiles and says, "You have one hell of a wife!"

My husband just kisses me and says, "I know, I think I will keep her!"

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