tagIncest/TabooConvincing Megan Ch. 03

Convincing Megan Ch. 03

byThe Duchess Diara©

It was nearly a week since Rob and Megan had gone for their drive. They hadn’t spent any time together alone, except for a couple of minutes on Tuesday. Rob had seized the opportunity to ask Megan to go to dinner with him on Friday night, and Megan had accepted.

So now it was Friday afternoon, and Megan and Katie were both at a friend’s house, helping Megan get ready.

Katie had pumped Megan for all the information regarding her and Rob, and was thrilled at the thought of Megan dating her uncle. Megan knew her mother wouldn’t approve of Rob, even though he was one of the good guys; he was simply too old for a girl who was still in school (even if that girl was 18, and only had a few weeks to go before finals).

So to cover her absence, Megan had told her mother she was staying at Katie’s. As this was usually the case on a weekend anyway, Megan’s mother didn’t think anything was amiss. Katie and Megan had enlisted the help of a mutual friend, Jessie, and were now at Jessie’s house, helping Megan get ready.

Megan had just had a shower, and sat in a short silk robe on a chair in the middle of Jessie’s bedroom, letting Katie style her hair. Jessie was sitting on her bed watching, with Megan’s clothes laid out beside her. After hair came make-up, before Megan was ready to put on her clothes. Megan didn’t wear a lot of makeup, so Jessie, somewhat of an expert, applied it for her. After that was done, Megan stood up and dropped the robe. She was naked underneath, and Jessie enviously eyed Megan’s curves, especially her full, pert breasts.

“Gee you’re stacked, aren’t you? I wish I looked like that!” Jessie said. “I feel like a boy beside you!” Jessie was still flat-chested, and despaired of ever having something that resembled breasts.

“Wait until you see what she’s wearing!” Katie teased.

After hearing that Megan and Rob were going on a date, Katie had dragged Megan to the shops. They’d found the perfect dress, held up by two tiny straps, fitted over the bust, curving down her waist before flaring over Megan’s hips, ending just above the knees. It was in red, and with Megan’s coloring, made her look like a sensual siren. It was not the dress Katie was referring to, however; Katie had also dragged Megan to a second shop…

Grabbing the shopping bag, Katie pulled out a scrap of black lace and handed it to Megan to put on. It was a lacy black thong, and next came a matching bustier. Megan put it on, and Jessie clapped.

“Oh honey, you are hot!” she exclaimed. Megan started to turn towards the mirror, but Katie stopped her, handing her the stockings, and telling her to put those on before she looked.

Megan complied, gently sliding on the lacy-topped stockings and clipping them onto the thin ribbons of the bustier. Turning and looking at herself in the mirror, she almost gasped. This is me? She thought, amazed. She knew she was quite pretty, but the reflection standing before her was gorgeous!

Jessie had done something with her face. Although it appeared she didn’t have much makeup on, her eyes seemed larger and more exotic. Her lips seemed full and naturally red, and her skin was flawless.

Her hair cascaded down her back in a waterfall of midnight curls, soft and silky.

And her body….!

Clad in the sexy lingerie, Megan’s breasts were held in delicate lace cups, so delicate they appeared to be just for decoration, but giving her breasts a little more cleavage. Her small waist, covered by black lace, and her hips curved invitingly below. The thigh-high stockings gave a glimpse of bare, tanned flesh, and the triangular piece of lace of the thong seemed to point the way to pleasure.

Katie brought her back to the present by handing her the dress. Slipping it on, Megan got her to zip her up, then Megan put on her heels and twirled for another look.

She looked good….really good, and the lingerie and dress made her feel so sensual. Satisfied, Megan looked at the clock. Just in time; Rob would be picking her up soon. Grabbing her handbag, she made sure she had everything she needed.

* * * * * * *

Rob was stunned when he saw Megan. He’d always considered her attractive, but tonight she was even more gorgeous than usual. When she slid into the car seat, he caught a glimpse of the lace of her stockings, and his cock hardened instantly. He couldn’t wait to see what was under that dress, he thought as they drove to the restaurant he’d booked.

For Megan, the night was wonderful. Rob took her to a very elegant restaurant, and they enjoyed a quality meal together, followed by dancing in the adjoining area, accompanied by the restaurant’s piano player.

For Rob, the meal was torture. He was sitting across the table from the most beautiful woman in the room, and he hadn’t missed the envious glances from the other men there. Dancing with Megan, he could feel her body against his as they danced to a slow number, the silky material of her dress sliding under his hand, her firm body moving sensuously against his. Through the entire date, Rob was in a desperate state of arousal, watching the tip of Megan’s tongue dart out as she took a sip of her drink, the swell of her breasts as she moved, and the hollows at the base of her neck where he’d like to nibble….

At last the meal was over, and Rob took Megan back to a room he’d booked in a 5-star motel.

When they arrived, Megan was touched by the effort Rob had gone to. There were red roses, lit candles, and a bottle of champagne was chilling in an ice bucket. They enjoyed a glass together, standing on their private balcony, looking down over the city lights. Megan shivered in the cool night air, and Rob held her close, in the warm circle of his arms. Finishing her drink, Megan put the glass on the table and turned to Rob with a smile on her lips. He kissed her, gently at first, then deeper as she responded. He ran his hands down the curve of her back, feeling the bustier beneath the silky material of her dress, and then smooth skin sliding underneath as his hands curved down to cup her buttocks. He pressed her closer, and Megan could feel his arousal, hard against her.

Taking Megan by the hand, Rob led her back inside. He stopped to close the doors behind him, then came up behind her, and gave in to the urge he’d had all night, to kiss and nibble at the base of her neck. Megan gasped and closed her eyes, tilting her head back to allow him greater access. His hands slid from her hips up over her waist to her breasts, and he softly massaged them, while kissing his way up her neck to a spot Rob had discovered was extremely sensitive on Megan; her earlobe. She moaned, and he could now feel her nipples through the bustier and dress. He rubbed his fingers over the hard nubs, and rolled one between his thumb and forefinger. Megan arched, pressing her breast harder into his hands.

Rob stopped what he was doing and turned Megan around in his arms to face him, slowly unzipping her dress as she watched him. The silky dress slid to the floor, and Megan stood there, in black lingerie, with a smile. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Rob positioned her so she was standing between his legs, and just looked at her for a moment. His dick was so hard it was pushing against his black dress pants he wore, and all he wanted to do was throw this sexy woman down on the bed and savagely take her. But he knew he had to go slowly, this first time, so that she enjoyed it and got pleasure too. There would be time to teach her all about the different ways of sex, the fire-flash of heat that took your body by storm. But this first time, Rob wanted it to be a slow burn, so that no step was missed. He reached out and tenderly ran his hands over her hips, and down her long tanned legs to where the black lace of her stockings sat, across to the inside of her thigh and back up to her hips, up her waist and over her breasts, before sliding back down to her hips. He did this again and again, each time letting his thumbs skirt closer to the vee covered by black lace. On each trip, he could feel her nipples jutting out more and more, and soon Megan reached out and put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as she felt a tingling begin between her legs. His thumbs were now brushing over the lacy triangle, and Megan could feel herself getting damp.

Rob paused and got Megan to lie down on the bed. Once she was settled back comfortably, he knelt at her feet. Taking one foot in his hands, he ran them up her leg, feeling her long leg through the soft stocking. When he reached the top, he unhooked the ribbon and rolled the stocking down slowly, before repeating the process with the other one. Now touching her bare skin, Rob ran his hand up her leg once again, and began kissing it, making his way up her leg to her inner thigh. He kissed the juncture at the top on the inside of her leg, so close that Megan could feel his breath through the lace of her thong. She moaned and shifted, unconsciously opening herself more for him. He bypassed the thong, however, continuing to trail kisses up her body, until he was supporting himself on his hands over her. He swirled his tongue over the lace covering her nipples, then gently bit one, lightly rolling it between his teeth. Megan arched, offering her breast to his mouth, and he sucked and nibbled as he played with her other breast with one hand. Freeing her nipple with his hand, he moved over to assault the bare bud with his tongue, flicking and suckling while he shifted his weight to free the other nipple.

Megan could feel his erection, pushing against her, making her even wetter between her legs. When Rob took her bare nipple in his mouth, she gasped at the arrow of pleasure that went from her breast to her pussy, and arched against him. When she did so, she could feel his cock, rubbing against the lips of her pussy through the layers of clothing between them, and she ached for release.

Running her hands down his back to his buttocks, she pulled him against her so that she could feel even more of him. The friction from his stiff cock increased, and she squirmed in desire. Rob groaned at the feel of her pulling him in against her. He couldn’t wait to feel that velvety heaven around him, and he pulled back and began undressing himself.

Soon he was naked in front of her, and she hesitated as she remembered how big he was. After feeling his fingers, and how tight that had been, she wasn’t sure his cock would fit.

But there was no time for hesitation, as Rob got back on the bed and began removing the bustier. Once that was done, he positioned himself back over her, and began to suck on her breasts again. Soon Megan had forgotten her fears about his size, and abandoned herself to the pleasure she was experiencing. This time Rob varied the placement of his kisses, roaming all over her body, kissing her neck down to her hips, using his hands to further inflame her senses. Slipping one hand between them, he lightly rubbed her lips between her moist thong. He could feel the wetness within, and he was rewarded by Megan unconsciously spreading her legs for his touch. Sitting back on his heels, Rob hooked his fingers in the bands of the thong and pulled it down. Now they were both naked, and when Rob again placed himself over her, leaning on his hands on either side of her, Megan could feel his massive cock jutting against her. A little alarmed, Megan began to protest, but Rob silenced her with kisses until she relaxed again.

Once more kissing and massaging her nipples, Rob soon had Megan writhing underneath him in pleasure, instinctively moving her hips against him. Teasing one nipple between his teeth, Rob slipped one hand between them, and delicately ran his finger down the cleft. His finger was soon slippery with her lubrication, and he pushed gently in between her lips, feeling her clit harden with his touch. Megan whimpered, and raised her hips. Sliding his finger down, Rob gently pushed it inside her, feeling the tightness of her muscles around him. His cock throbbed at the thought of how tight it was going to feel, and he pushed his finger in further, until he came across her hymen. Not going any further, he continued to work his finger in and out, using his thumb on her clit at the same time, until Megan was moaning in pleasure, wanting more.

Withdrawing his finger, Rob grabbed his pulsing cock, and guided it so that he could rub his head between her wet pussy lips. Soon he was slippery, his head coated with her juice, and he positioned himself at her entrance. Pushing in slightly, he realized that Megan’s pussy was going to be tighter than any he’d felt before. Stopping there, he began to rub her clit with his finger, until Megan was again unconsciously opening herself for him. Continuing to touch her clit, Rob again began pushing inside. Soon his head was inside, and Megan already felt stretched, and as he continued deeper and deeper with each tiny movement, she couldn’t resist looking down to where their bodies joined. His huge cock, its glans hidden, seemed to impale her, her lips straining to encompass his sheer size. But although it felt huge, it wasn’t hurting, and the finger on her clit was sending tingles through her body. Then, as he moved further, it began to feel good, and Megan ached for more. She ran her hands down his buttocks, and again pulled him closer. She felt him slide deeper, and continued to grab his ass.

Just then Rob felt an obstruction; her virginity, something he was gong to have to go through. He paused, and intensified his touch on her clit, taking her nipple back into his mouth and sucking on that until he could feel Megan was about to come. When he could feel the orgasm pulsing through her body, Rob thrust deeply, breaking through her hymen and burying himself in her.

For Megan, the pain had been a shock, but the feeling of her orgasm ripping through her body had lessened it greatly. Now, she could feel Rob, motionless inside her, filling her up. She ran her hands over his ass, and encouraged him to move by pulling him to her. He felt himself, squeezed tightly inside her pussy, and began to move slowly. He withdrew slightly, making Megan whimper in protest, but when he thrust back in, her breath caught, and her nails dug slightly into his ass cheeks. Soon he had increased the speed of his thrusts, and was pounding into her, and she was holding on tightly, unable to resist the intense sensations.

Soon Rob could feel the walls of her pussy tightening around him, and Megan cried out as her orgasm ripped through her. The feeling of her already tight pussy pressing all around him was too much, and Rob grabbed her ass and pounded into her as hard as her could, before burying himself to the hilt, feeling his balls tighten and his cum spurting out in a hot wave.

They lay there together, peacefully in the afterglow of passion, with Megan lying in Rob’s arms. As they relaxed, Rob told Megan of his plans to move there. After all, he had a reason now….

Please let me know what you thought of this story. All feedback, good or bad, is appreciated!

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