tagGroup SexCooking Up a Storm Ch. 3

Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 3


The early signs were clear. Sunday was going to be a real scorcher- the kind of tropical day that bred wild, late-afternoon storms.

By the time Bree had served breakfast, Andy and the boys had given up all thought of playing a round at the nearby golf course. It's going to be too bloody hot, they agreed. Not that Bill and Turk were fit to argue. They were right up to laying about the spa until their hangovers had passed.

Debbie welcomed the decision enthusiastically. "So I get all of you for the day!" she said. "That could be interesting."

"Well 'til mid afternoon at least," informed Andy. But if a storm blows up, we're out of here before the road closes."

"That'll be more than enough time for me to earn a bonus," promised Debbie.

Though working alone in the kitchen, Bree felt part of the group she had been hired to cook for. Less than a day ago, she had slunk from the spa, desperate to hide her nakedness from the men. Now it was as if they had lit the fire of her sexuality. And fucking Debbie and Andy had done nothing to extinguish it. Instead, she found herself wondering what it would be like to be their slut- to beg them to use her until cum covered her face and oozed out of her holes. It didn't really matter whether it happened today. She would leave this place with a new world open to her, and the resolve to go get it.

Back in her room to tidy up things, Bree checked the messages on her mobile phone.

She listened to the two unanswered calls, both from last night.

"Hi kid, it's Charlie. Just rang to check how things are going. Hope you're making those guys behave themselves. See you tomorrow. Owe you one."

Yeah, right Charlie, she thought. I've fucked Debbie and Andy so far- just two to go.

She deleted his call, and listened to the second message.

"Hi honey. It's me. There's a cyclone up here, so we're on the way home. Should be there about lunch time tomorrow. See 'ya."

"Fuck!" Bree said out loud. Adam wasn't due for another three days. She thought about ringing back, and realized he would still be traveling in the middle of nowhere, without mobile phone reception. She decided all she could do was ring him when he got home at lunch time.

Bree was packing her clothes into her car when Andy came up to her.

"You're not alright," he said knowingly. "I'm sorry if it's about this morning."

"It probably should be, but it's not," she replied. "I'll just have to get away as soon as you guys leave, so I'm getting packed early."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Would it help if we leave straight after lunch?"

"I don't want to be the cause of that. You've paid good money, so go get your money's worth."

"Are you going to join us?"

"Well, it's too hot to stay out here!"

Returning inside, they found the others already in the spa. Not surprisingly, their clothes were strewn on the floor. A plate of finger food, and large jug of iced juice, had been prepared.

"I decided to help you out," Debbie called. "In case I need a hand too."

Bree laughed at the suggestion. She liked Debbie; liked how comfortable she was with her sexuality and the way she went about her business.

"Are you two getting in here? Or do we have to watch you melt?" Turk enquired.

"You're on!" said Andy, stripping off his clothes. He turned to Bee.

"Coming in?"

Bree nodded.

The cool bubbling water quickly washed away the last of her doubts. She felt it was right to be here. Bree was still in her shirt and shorts, now thoroughly wet through. The material clung to her largish breasts, doing nothing to hide them. She suspected her dark bush was visible through her wet shorts, and cared enough about teasing them to stay below the turbulent water.

Debbie came over to her and whispered, "What's up with the clothes?"

"It's just me being me," Bree responded.

"Well I like the other you better," said Debbie. "So if she turns up, would you tell her I want to suck her pussy in front of these guys until she begs for mercy!"

"I'll keep it in mind."

Debbie wheeled away when she spotted Turk and Bill sitting on the edge of the spa, their legs dangling in the water. She moved between them, and pushed them onto their backs. Her hands drifted to their limp cocks and began stroking. Andy moved behind her, cock in hand, and she leaned over a little, spreading her legs as he rubbed his cock between them. The cocks in Debbie's hands grew quickly, and Bree found herself thinking 'not bad for guys who are still hung-over'. With their erections grew impatience, and they signaled for Debbie to get out of the spa. She reached behind her, and planted a deep kiss into Andy's mouth, before lifting herself out of the water.

As soon as she was out, Bill rose to his feet, his cock jutting out in front as he swept her up, and carried to the nearby table. Turk joined in, arranging Debbie so her legs hung over one edge, and her head was close to another. Bill slipped between her legs, and she lifted them high and wide, pulling open her bald snatch in front of him. The invitation was too good to refuse, and he clamped his mouth over it hungrily. She started to tell him how good it felt, how she loved his tongue in her groove, but a hand grabbed her head and turned it to the side, where Turk's fat cock was waiting. She let him slip it into her mouth, then put her hand onto his arse, and urged him to face fuck her. Turk did, slowly driving it in until it bent against the back of her mouth, before drawing it back; in again, bend, out again, in again...establishing a rhythm that threatened to drain his balls until the expert's hand on his arse interrupted it, leaving his cock against the entrance to her throat. He felt her head move a little. Now the hand on his arse was pulling him forward, and he felt an overwhelming sensation as the resistance gave way, and his cock head slid into her throat.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed, as his cock spasmed, and leaked a little. Not yet! Not yet! It was the first time he had been deep-throated, really deep-throated, and he did his best to switch off, wanting to experience more before coming in that talented mouth. He drew back hard, and she understood, giving him some time before the hand on his arse took over again, coaching his moves until he became the master, stroking so deep into her throat his tightening balls slapped into her face. Until the burning started, and he couldn't stop it; the first cum shooting into her mouth before she pulled his cock full length into her throat, and eagerly took the rest of the fierce spurts straight down her throat.

No sooner had the fat cock stopped jerking, Debbie pulled her mouth off it, and smiled as she wiped away the string of gag and cum that had trailed out. Now her attention turned to Bill's mouth on her gaping pussy, and to the cock he was slowly stroking. She told him she wanted his cock in her pussy, and he knew she meant it; not like some of the other girls they had brought here. He lifted his hard cock to her opening, and grabbed her legs, throwing them over his shoulders before slamming his cock into her.

"Fuck, yes!" she screamed. She loved being taken that way; loved starting each new fuck wet and ready so that even the biggest cocks like Andy's slammed straight into her to the hilt. Not that Bill was in that league-few were- but it was more than adequate, and it was in her cunt right now.

Bree and Andy watched on from the spa. She wondered if he was going to make a move. Instead, he poured two drinks and settled in beside her, his cock visibly at half mast.

"She's got them all worked up," he said.

"And you too!" Bree countered.

"I might be getting on, but I'm not dead yet," came the response. "Looks like Turk might take a while to recover though."

"Yeah- well I think I can remember someone else who lasted about ten seconds in her throat!"

"After you worked me over with that hot arse of your's."

"So it's my fault. Well here's your chance. I'm sure Deb's up to another blow job."

"But I wouldn't want to leave you here on your own. Unless you want to join in too."

"Oh, I'll be fine." Bree said, before shouting "Turk, will you keep me company for a while?"

"Never thought you'd ask," Turk replied.

Now the action on the table quickened.

Bill was working furiously, slamming into Debbie's cunt so hard the table rocked. She responded in kind, begging him for more, her legs now bent so far back it seemed any moment Bill would end up on the table with her. Andy joined in, offering his huge cock to Debbie's hungry mouth.

Bree felt Turk's hand on her arm.

"Do you want to get away from here for a while? I'm not much into watching when I can't join in."

"Taking a while to recover, are we?" Bree joked, playfully resting her head on his shoulder.

"That's nice," Turk said.

She decided to leave it there a little longer.

"Is your mind off them now?" Bree asked.

"Not yet."

Bree muzzled her lips into the side of his neck.

"What about now?"

"Uh- not entirely. But I think this will help!" Turk turned and kissed her. He felt her lips under his, barely believing she had not pulled away. He lifted his lips, and looked into her dark eyes- eyes that were saying 'it's OK if you want to kiss me again'- and he did, more passionately this time. Her mouth opened to the flick of his tongue, and she kissed him back; now pressing against him, her tits squashing against his bare chest.

Too quickly, it ended.

"What about now?"

"Definite improvement," he said.

"We're on the right track then," came the response. "So what else would help?"

"I think it would help if this was undone," he said, reaching for the knot tied in her shirt. She stood unmoved, almost defiantly as he worked the knot undone, and let the ends of the shirt fall. Bree laughed as he cursed animatedly when the shirt still covered her breasts.

"Hate to see a grown man suffer!" she teased, and spread her arms, allowing her breasts to bounce into view. "Is your mind off the others now?"

"Oh yeah!"

Bree was enjoying herself. She wondered if that was because she knew Turk was not about to impose his wish on her. As it was Adam would be home later, and they had been apart for quite a while, and that meant he would be-

"Moving in!"

Debbie's voice brought Bree back from her thoughts, in time to see Bill laying a thin mattress on the floor in front of the spa. Bree knew this had to be Debbie's idea.

"Now, on your back!" Debbie ordered, and Bill went to comply.

"Not you - Andy."

Andy lay down, his feet facing the spa. For Bree, it was strange knowing that the huge cock she was now staring at had been buried in her arse earlier in the day.

The view soon changed as Debbie straddled him, easily working the monster into her wet bald cunt. Then she crouched over, and Bree realized Debbie's arse was being offered to Bill. He took up the offer eagerly, probably too much so, and Debbie screamed at him to take it easy- to work his cock in slowly. Bill obliged, and soon had his sizable cock buried in her. Debbie punched the floor with her hands as the two cocks worked her over, one driving in as the other withdrew, minute after minute, until her juices flowed freely. Bree found herself focusing on the sounds of the cocks slapping and sloshing their way into the twin holes, remotely becoming aware Turk had moved behind her. His hands casually shifted to her hips, and she left them there awhile, wondering where they would move next. Upwards was good, she decided- and he made the right move, brushing her open shirt apart and sliding his hands onto her heaving breasts.

"They're beautiful; you're beautiful!" he said into her ear. She knew that he meant it, and thanked him by putting her hands on his, holding them to her hard nipples. She loved that, like her, he wanted this moment to last; that he didn't charge on to further liberties, despite the impatience his cock was now starting to display.

"Why don't you join in here!" Debbie called out.

For what seemed like forever, neither of them moved. Eventually Turk spoke.

"Bree, can I ask you if you have done anything like that before?"

"What a question to ask a lady?" Bree laughed.

"Oops!" Turk replied. "I meant have you-"

"No dp," Bree replied. "And you?"

"Guilty as charged."

"So what's keeping you back now?"

"I like the present company."

"And if we both joined in?"

"Right now I want to keep the present company to myself."

"Smart answer," Bree said, playfully reaching behind and grabbing his erect cock.

Turk almost jumped at her touch. He expected her to release it immediately, and enjoyed that she didn't.

"Nice cock," Bree said.

"Nice tits," Turk replied. "Perhaps they should meet."

Bree turned to face Turk, and slowly peeled off the shirt.

"Is this what you were thinking?" she enquired. Turk dropped to his knees in the water, his head now at her waist. He slid his tongue into her navel, before muzzling at the hint of soft down that disappeared into the top of her shorts. At water level, he stopped, then worked his way up, past the navel, licking under each heavy breast before moving onto her nipples.

Bree reached down, and pulled one of her breasts to her mouth, just reaching the nipple; sharing it with Turk's mouth until their tongues met and they wanted something else. Turk slipped his tongue in and out of Bree's mouth and she understood and sucked it, as if it was the cock she was holding.

"Show me what you want," Bree said into his mouth.

Turk sat her on the steps of the spa, and stood in front, pressing his cock between her tits. Knowingly, Bree squeezed them together as he began to fuck the valley between them. She decided to go further, and occasionally bent down to tease the fat head with her mouth, drawing a deep gasp from Turk each time her lips touched his cock. Now Turk began to push higher, offering more of his cock to that beautiful mouth, and found it willing; the lips pursed so that each upstroke broke its way into the warm mouth.

Way too soon he felt his orgasm approaching, and warned Bree, "You're going to make me come if you keep that up."

"Let's go join the others," Bree said. "But I want you to save that hot cum for me."

Bree took him by the cock, and led him out of the water. Debbie had shifted position, to now be laying face up on Bil, his cock still in her arse. Andy was in her pussy, crouched awkwardly above them. For a moment Bree was uncertain what to do. Sensing Bree's hesitation, Debbie took over.

"Hold up, guys. The star of the show has arrived." Bill and Andy slid their wet cocks out of her. Almost covertly, the four guests surrounded Bree.

Debbie began to direct the action. "Bree wants to show us her gorgeous hairy pussy."

Bree did want that, and seductively untied the draw string on her shorts. Then she decided to please and tease them, grabbing her breasts and playing with them. Bill could wait no longer, and reached out to tug at her shorts. They caught on her hips, and she wiggled naughtily until they broke free and her pussy came into view. She stepped out of the them, and turned full circle, modeling her nakedness for all of them.

"Fuckin' awesome," someone said.

Bree dropped to her knees in front of the only cock she was still to taste. The move surprised Bill, given his cock was still wet from Debbie's arse. Unfazed, Bree sucked it noisily, before moving on to Andy. If anything, his cock seemed even larger than she recalled, and Bree gave up trying to get the giant head past her teeth. Instead she began to lick the taste of Debbie off its length, then under his balls, before returning to the head. She took its shaft in her hands, and pumped double-handed, enjoying its sheer size and the prospect of fucking it later. Again she moved on, her mouth finding Debbie's bald cunt. She had never done this before, but soon had Debbie grinding against her, so hard it seemed she wanted to smother her newfound friend. Bree tried to pull back, but Debbie had her by the hair, and pulled her back into the wetness.

Finally, she was free to turn to Turk. Bree lifted a little, and put her hands on his butt, before oh-so-sexily dragged her tongue along his stomach, She felt his fat cock jerk against her throat, and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, as he shut out the urge to come all over her. Bree's emotions too were running out of control; telling her she needed cock- lots of cock.

Yielding to her runaway desires, Bree lay full length on the mattress. The three men were towards the front of her, and she purposefully lifted and opened her legs to them, knowing from the sticky secretions on her cunt hairs that it was already gaping. She slide her hand down there, exposing her aroused clit to them. All of the men now had their cocks in their hands, and Bree wondered who would be first to fuck her. Without warning, the view disappeared as Debbie crawled over her, leaving her cunt inches above Bree's interested mouth as she closed her lips around Bree's enlarged clit.

"Yes!" squealed Bree, as the electricity shot through her. In no time, she was moaning incoherently, bucking her hips up at Debbie's mouth. Bree arched up, her tongue searching for the elusive hole above her, and found it; sending the message she wanted it closer. Debbie understood it was time to end the tease, and did so; finding with surprise that Bree's mouth was soon exploring her arsehole.

A cock appeared above Bree, and she hungrily pulled it into her mouth. She felt her legs being lifted and held back, and forgot the cock in her mouth to concentrate on the sensation of a huge cock -Andy's cock- breaking its way into her pussy. She doubted she had ever been more ready for a cock, yet it seemed to tear at her walls, so much so Andy took it slowly, easing out and in until finally it filled her completely. Then he waited awhile, until her relief turned to impatience and she wanted him to pound her with his giant cock, and told him so. This he did with gusto, and Bree found it hard to manage the cock in her mouth. She drew it out of her mouth, and fed it easily into Debbie's pussy. For minute after minute the girls were fucked senseless, occasionally interrupting to pull a cock clear, and suck it clean before allowing it to continue.

Suddenly, Bill drove his cock hard into Debbie's snatch, and kept it there, pouring his semen into her depths. Bree licked lustily at the underside of his shaft, and he pulled it from Debbie, feeding its cum covered head into Bree's hungry mouth. She grabbed his arse and pulled him to her, indulging herself by cramming all of his sticky cock in her mouth. She loved to do this- loved having cocks grow or shrink in her mouth, and would have done so again if not for the huge cock in her cunt and the mouth at her clit and her own orgasm that now burst over her and flooded those that caused it.

The furious orgasm left her wanting more. Andy had still not come - no surprises there, Bree thought- and resumed fucking her at a slower pace. Bill's cock was replaced by Turk's. Bree sucked at it urgently, then led it to Debbie's arse. Debbie felt it, and worked with Turk until it was fully encased. The new arrangement allowed Bree to attack Debbie's pussy, which had begun to leak Bill's semen. Bree loved to do this too - had never found cum repulsive - although some did taste better than others. In no time, she closed in on another orgasm, but was beaten to it by Debbie, who thrashed so hard it seemed certain her arse would damage Turk's cock beyond repair. Can't have that before I get my turn, Bree decided, and set about rearranging things. Her orgasm over, Debbie acceded to Bree's wishes, and climbed off her. Bree ordered Andy onto the mattress, and climbed back onto the huge member. It slipped easily into her saturated pussy before she beckoned Turk over, and did her best to swallow his cock. She got more into her mouth than ever before- and put it down to the abundant juices that she was savouring. She tried to take even more, feeling the desire to gag at precisely the time Turk pushed hard; and swallowed involuntarily, taking the fat head into her throat. In panic, she coughed it out, and gasped for air. Still, she now knew it could happen for her- and soon tried again, sucking in the breath through her nostrils as the cock again filled her throat until her face was pressed hard up against his pubic hair. Elation filled her. She was deep-throating Turk's cock. A new dimension to her sex life had been born.

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