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Cosmic Break Down


"Right! Where shall we be off to next?"

And with that The Doctor flipped a large lever on the control panel of the TARDIS and with a mechanical groaning the ship was off into the time vortex.

"Fall of the Roman Empire? Ooo, or something more modern? Septarian 5, home of the great and powerful hivemind king, though not technically a hivemind... Well, partially, Well, not really at all, Well..."

The Doctor continued to ramble on as he dashed about the controls of his time machine, frantically flipping switches and pressing buttons. Rose could only look on in wonder at the wonderful impossible man before her. It seemed like ages ago since he first grabbed her hand in that cellar and told her to run. He was a different man, back then. Different face, different clothes, different speech...but still the same wonderful and impossible man underneath.

"Or!" The Doctor exclaimed. "The future!" Swinging his leg up and over the console he kicks a large switch with his Converse clad foot and the TARDIS jostles into a different direction.

Rose held on tightly to the railings around the main console, brushing her blonde hair out of her face. "Doctor?"

"Did I ever tell you about the Gargantua planet?" The Doctor continued fiddling about having not heard his companion. "Brilliant planet, best little shops in the universe!"


The Doctor turned to Rose with that same dumb quizzical face he wore whenever she broke his concentration. A face that seemed to have forgotten who he was even talking to in the first place.

"Should we be shaking this much?" Rose asked, still holding tightly onto the rail. The Doctor turned his eyes to the console and looked it up and down.

"Oh yeah." He said with his trademark overconfidence. "This is totally normal."

At that same moment the lights cut out.

The Doctor and Rose stood in dark silence.


"Yep! Don't worry! Everything is under control!"

With a loud mechanical groan the TARDIS violently jostled from side to side throwing The Doctor and Rose to the ground. The two travelers bounces around the main console room as the TARDIS struggled. The Doctor grabbed hold of the mounted chair and held his hand out for Rose who was being violent drug around by the momentum of the ship. Just as Rose grabbed his hand the time machine came to a sudden halt which threw the two against each other in the middle of the control room floor.

The Doctor looked up and around, waiting for any sign of further movement. "It seems she's stopped." He said finally. "What could have," The Doctor went to stand and investigate but found himself being held too tightly. "Rose, it's okay."

The young Earth girl didn't say anything but continued to clutch The Doctor, her Doctor. The Doctor laid down and put his arm around her. "There...see. We're fine now, well, probably for now anyway." The Doctor gave her his big toothy grin and she chuckled despite herself. "There we are, are you alright?" Rose nodded. "Right then, Allons-y." The Doctor stood and looked over the controls.

Rose took a moment to collect herself. Yes, the TARDIS malfunction had frightened her and she was shaken by the violent stop. But that was not what distracted her. She and the Doctor had never embraced like that before, it was a side to him she had never really seen. This strange alien Time Lord, so different from her yet from just looking you could never tell.

His skinny frame, his big brown eyes, and truly fantastic hair that stuck up and out like it could take an eye out. It seemed impossible to believe that he was truly over 900 years old, so he says anyway. He could easily pass for her same age, no one would question them together.

"I can't tell what could have happened." The Doctor returned to his rambling and fiddling. "Just going along and bang, it's like she's just stopped for no reason." The Doctor ran his hands through his hair and took a step back. He looked down and realized that Rose had wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Rose?" He turned around in her arms to face her. "Are you alright?"

Rose kept her face buried in his chest. He ran his hand through her hair and held her. She couldn't stand it anymore, with one swift action and with all the courage she could muster she threw herself into him and kissed her wonderful impossible Doctor.

The Doctor stood in shock for a moment before pushing her off. "Rose, no, we can't."

Rose tried to move her lips toward his again. "Why can't we?"

"Because, because," The Doctor fumbled for words as he tried to keep the 20 year old English blonde from accomplishing her mission. "I'm not a human, I'm so much older than you."

"I don't care, Doctor..." Rose pressed herself against him, taking in his warmth and feeling his body against hers. "You're my Doctor."

"I'm a Time Lord, Rose. It can't work, there's no future here."

"We're in a time machine, Doctor." She took The Doctor's face in her hands. "We've got all the time we'd ever need." She pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately as she ran her hands down his back and over his shoulders, gently nibbling at his lower lip.

The Doctor scrambled for words. For some action. Anything that would bring reason back this situation. He looked down at Rose as she kissed him and found himself lost in her beauty. Her shining blonde hair, her small and simple human form that he had only now really recently began to appreciate. Her shape and the feel of her body against his grinding against him with such a primal desire, such a primal need unlike anything that he had ever been taught or trained for on his home or in his travels.

Rose panted as she ran her hands over his alien body and unbuttoning his suit jacket. "Doctor," She pleaded.

A thousand reasons for why he shouldn't do what he was about to do ran though his head. A thousand reasons for why it was wrong, for why he couldn't, why it would destroy them both in the long run. But one reason stuck out as to why he should.

"Rose," Was all he said as he dove in and kissed her back as passionately as he could. Centuries of loneliness and regret washed away as he pulled her into him and held her in his arms.

Rose gasped, taken by surprise at his sudden boldness. The two of them fell back onto the console of the TARDIS and Rose hurriedly tore his suit jacket and tie off and let them fall into a pile on the floor. Running her hands down and across the Time Lord's back she slipped her tongue into his mouth, which the Doctor greedily accepted. The Doctor's hands slid down to Roses hips and played lightly with the edges of her clothes, eliciting a giggle from the Earthling as she bit on the Doctor's lower lip. The Doctor finally slid his hands under the fabric of her t-shirt and ran his fingertips across her soft and warm flesh.

Crossing her arms in front of her, Rose grabbed the edges of her shirt, lifted it off, and tossed it across the control room. The Doctor looked down at the lovely woman before him, captivated by her alien beauty. Forcefully grabbing her hips he pulled her back to him, kissing her deeply and passionately. Rose then went to work on the Doctor's shirt, undoing the buttons one by one working her way down.

The Doctor loosened his tie and hurled it into the pile with their other clothes. Opening his shirt, Rose ran her nails down the Doctor's chest, feeling his twin heartbeat heavy and quick as she moved her hands down to the button of his pin stripe pants. The Doctor held Rose in his hands which glided across her soft body, up her sides and across her chest, taking her breasts in his hands he softly kneaded the warm flesh which made her groan in anticipation and pleasure. The button of his pants was popped open and Rose slid a daring hand down the front of his trousers.

The Doctor gasped as Rose worked her fingers around him. "How's that?" Rose asked with her large shining smile.

"It's...it's...well..." The Doctor fumbled for the words. "Been, a while, honestly."

"You remember how it's done?" Rose asked, leaning toward the Doctor, her breath hot against his neck. Rose kissed the doctor lightly across his neck, working her way across to his chest, planting small kisses as she held him firmly. She gently began working her fingers up and down his shaft, gently teasing his alien member.

"It's coming back to me." The Doctor gasped as he had to brace himself against the console of the TARDIS.

Rose smiled and kissed the Doctor once more before dropping down to her knees. Slowly she worked the zipper of his trousers down, freeing his aching cock from its confinement. "Oh, Doctor," She gasped upon the sight of it. "It has been a while, hasn't it?" She teased as she once again wrapped her fingers around him, sliding her hand up and down.

The Doctor could barely stand the pleasure, and Rose could tell. This alien god now a fumbling fool, she smiled broadly as she extended her tongue and quickly licked the head of his hard cock. The Doctor's whole body flinched in that one moment as he groaned again in agonized pleasure.

Rose wanted to continue teasing him, but could barely contain herself any longer. The man she had been longing for through time and space was now hers and she was hungry for him. In one swift action Rose took the Doctor's engorged member into her mouth, running circles with her tongue around its head. The Doctor gasped as she worked, slickening her hand with saliva she jerked the base of his cock while sucking deeply on the head and much of the shaft. Her other hand grabbed and teased her breast and nipple, her own desire overwhelming her. Releasing his cock from her mouth she gasped and continued stroking him.

"Doctor..." She gasped as she stroked his dick up and down quickly. "Doctor..."

The Doctor was worlds away, lost in a sea of pleasure he thought was long gone to him. He finally looked down at the blonde Earthling stroking his dick, her hands down the front of her blue jeans working on herself.

"Doctor, I need you..." She gasped as she stood up to face him. "I need you to fuck me, Doctor..." Rose was lost in the same sea of pleasure and desire.

Without speaking a word, The Doctor grabbed rose to him and kissed her. She squealed as The Doctor spun them both around and sat her up on the console of the TARDIS. She looked into his eyes and was taken back by what she saw. The gentle whimsy was gone, replaced with a look she had seen in him before a long time ago. This was the oncoming storm, the man that made the Daleks quake with fear. For whom there are no lines and nothing to stop him. And now he wanted her.

The Doctor grabbed the top of her jeans and pulled them down forcefully, leaving her naked on the console of the time machine. Kissing and biting at her neck he took her breasts in his hand and pinched and played with her erect nipples. She gasped in pleasure and raked her nails down his back, breathing hot and heavily against his ear. "Please...Doctor..." She begged.

Sliding one hand down her chest the Doctor reached her womanhood and allowed one finger to glide up her slit, feeling her wetness. She quivered with his touch and bit onto his shoulder to keep herself from screaming. The Doctor grimaced under the pain and allowed his middle finger to gently slide into her. Rose gasped as the Time Lord's fingers penetrated into her again, sliding in and out of her slowly and gently. She ran her hands up and down his body, overcome with the pleasure and anticipation.

Removing his fingers from her dripping wet pussy, he positioned himself in front of her. "Rose," He said softly.

"Doctor," She gasped.

In a moment that happened swiftly yet seemed like an age to the two travelers of time the Doctor pushed his thick cock into her welcoming body. He grunted as she screamed and dug her nails into his shoulders. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his back and pushed him in further, groaning and gasping as he worked himself in inch by inch.

He slowly slid himself back out and slowly back in, increasing the force of his thrusts as he went. Faster now he worked her, shaking the controls of the TARDIS and making her pants more desperate and aching. She reached up and grasped the main pillar of the console for support as she tightened her legs around the Time Lord.

The Doctor now thrust himself deep inside of her faster and faster, seemingly deeper each and every time. He grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her onto him harder as she groaned and screamed his name.

"Yes! Yes! Doctor, fuck me!" Was all she could manage before the first wave of her climax took hold of her. She screamed in pleasure as her eyes rolled back and as the Doctor continued to fuck her like a man possessed by some mad need. He growled in his passion as he lifted her up off the console and into his arms, working himself into her again and again. Waves of pleasure rolled over Rose, lost in a sea of orgasms that The Doctor provided one right after the other again and again.

"Rose..." He grunted, feeling his own climax approaching.

Rose ran her hands down his face. "Cum for me, Doctor," She panted. "Cum in me..."

The Doctor let out a groaning gasp as he released centuries of longing and pain into a fierce wave of pleasure. Again and again his body jerked in orgasm as he fired his alien seed deep inside of her. Rose hit the apex of her climax, shaking her entire being as her body convulsed all at once and relaxed.

The two travelers relaxed and breathed heavily as they held one another. The Doctor sat Rose back down on the console and slowly slid himself out of her. She stood up from the controls and embraced him, pressing her warm flesh against his. The two looked to each other, deep into each others eyes and kissed with a passion neither knew they could achieve.

"Doctor...I..." Rose began before he placed a finger against her lips.

"Does it need saying?" He said softly as he kissed her again.

Their kiss was broken by the heavy churning of the TARDIS, wheezing back to life from its state of slumber.

"Oi, seems its back on..." Rose smiled. "Just in time, it seems." She placed a small peck on his lips and hugged him tightly.

The Doctor looked over her shoulder at the controls of the TARDIS quizzically, and back down at Rose. His yes darted back to the machine with doubt before dismissing his thought. Not like the TARDIS itself somehow planned this, somehow wanted for the two of them to come together and have this time alone for themselves. That'd be just silly, he thought.

The two began to collect themselves again, finding their clothes and getting dressed. "Doctor," Rose began as she pulled her shirt over her head. "About...how that ended..."

The Doctor straightened his tie and looked over the control console. "Hmm?" He asked while thinking about a thousand things at once.

"Well, I'm not going to get pregnant with some alien Time Lord baby am I?" She asked with a half concerned smile.

The Doctor's attention focused like a laser beam onto her. "No...well..." He thought for a moment. "No, couldn't be. Different species, not compatible." He began to ramble some techno-jargon before Rose embraced him.

"We seemed pretty compatible." She smiled as she kissed him again. "Now, where should we go next?"

The Doctor looked into her eyes, lost for a time that seemed like ages even to the immortal Time Lord. "Hmm? Yes! Right, where shall we be off to!?" The Doctor flipped a large switch on the controls on the TARDIS hurtled through the void onto their next adventure.

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