Cosmic Fate Ch. 05-08


Karen sat in her comfortable chair and thought to herself: "One day I will control them all. I will be their queen and goddess. Her hand had found its way under her blouse and she gently rubbed the soft skin on her supple breast. Her nipple had hardened as soon as she permitted Pam to lick her perfect pussy. She then allowed herself to pinch and pull on the rubbery nub sending waves of pure pleasure through her body.

The thoughts that Karen had were not of just sex, but instead centered on the acquisition and use of power. She had grown to equate sexual gratification and the gathering of power as one in the same. Her favorite image came to mind. It was of her sitting on a golden throne wearing an exquisite gown. Jill stood behind her daughter wearing a nearly transparent robe while holding a diamond encrusted crown above Karen's head. Her tall handsome brother dressed in Spartan style armor stood beside her, as her guardian and protector. Hundreds of her fellow advanced humans were bowing to her, and in the distance the masses were on their knees praying to their true god.

It was this image that brought Karen to orgasm. And it was that orgasm that was treacherous for Pam. The first time Pam went down on her boss she lingered as Karen's body spasmed. Pam's head was trapped between Karen's powerful thighs. The force was so great that she passed out. Since then Pam had learned to back away as Karen's first tremor quaked through her flesh.

As Karen's ecstasy and thoughts of power diminished her thoughts returned to the problems created by radiation. But it was getting late and she was expected to be home on time.

Chapter 8

The Porter family enjoyed a delicious meal that evening. The discussion continued on about Zeta9 and Jill told her children to be on guard against any activity that could compromise the mission.

The sexual tension that existed in this family was just beneath the surface, but all three kept their secrets well. While Chris was in his room changing his clothes Karen tried to use her mind control on her mom. She sent her an image of them deep kissing. But all she got from Jill was a nice kiss on her cheek and a little slap on the rear.

"Nice try kiddo, but that won't work on mom."

Karen tried to act innocent: "What was that for mom?"

"Just don't try that trick on me. First off, it won't work on me, and secondly, you can't really want me to stick my tongue down your throat. Do you now?"

"I'm sorry mom. But how did you know it was me? Nobody else ever seems to know if I stick an image in their head."

"You inherited that gene from me sweetie. But you are already more proficient at it that I have ever been. Be very careful on how you use that power. Some will fear it and may wish you altered or killed to eliminate the risk you pose to them."

The two women hugged and then Jill surprised her daughter by kissing her with an open mouth. Their tongues touched for a few wonderful seconds. "You see, you didn't need to try and make me do it."

Karen looked at her mom and said: "I love you so much."

"I love you too sweetie. I'm going to bed early tonight. Will you tell your brother when you see him I want everybody up a little earlier tomorrow morning. We need to decide about applying for the mission."

"Okay mom, I'll tell him. Good night."

Jill went to her bedroom suite. It had its own bathroom and she showered before setting her plan into action.

"Server, Parallax on."

The server hologram appeared and asked: "Do you wish doors locked and sound dampeners engaged?"

"No, do not lock doors and disengage all sound dampeners. Special program delta, zeta, gamma, 999.

The server went into its verification routine: "Requesting counterparty. Please stand by."

After a few more seconds: "Special program delta, zeta, gamma, 999 accepted. Counterparty engaged. Please lie down and become relaxed. The program will begin in 60 seconds."

Jillian Porter was taking a calculated risk that Chris would be curious if she had hooked up with Eric. The original message had set the date up for tonight, so she was about to make it happen. She hoped that he would stop by her room and listen for a second or two. Eric and Jill were on a special program. It was LI mode but it had a twist.

Chris had heard his mom's shower shut off. He figured it would take her about ten minutes to dry off and get ready for either sleep or her date with Mr. Rolph. He had planned to be walking by her door at that exact time. He wanted to hear his mom give her computer a Parallax command before she engaged the sound dampeners. He just hoped that Karen wouldn't see him snooping around his mom's door.

Chris inched his door open with manual control and gazed down the dark hallway which connected the three bedrooms. The coast was clear and he decided it was safe for him to go to his mom's door and listen. He could hardly believe what he was hearing from behind the door.

"Oh Eric, you're so naughty. Do you want to watch me touch myself?"

Instantly Chris' cock swelled to full length forming a huge bulge in his uni. He could hardly believe it. His mom was clearly on her Parallax date with Mr. Rolph, but she had failed to engage her sound dampeners.

From behind the door: "Can you see my juicy pussy? Do you want me to slide a finger in so you can get a taste?"

Suddenly and without any warning: "What the hell are you doing Chris?"

Christopher had been caught by his sister. His ear was laid flat against the door and his cock was stretching the limits of his garment.

"You are such a sicko. My god, you have a hard-on, don't you."

He looked at his sister and said: "I was walking by and I heard talking. I think mom is using Parallax and she forgot to engage her sound dampeners."

Karen looked at him with skepticism: "That's impossible Chris; even if you forgot to tell the server to engage the sound dampening system it would have asked you if you wanted it. She would have had to intentionally answered that she wanted it not engaged."

"Well listen for yourself. I think she is with Mr. Rolph."

"Mr. Eric Rolph?"

"Yeah, my friend's dad."

"I don't believe it; move over perv. I don't want that thing touching me." She pointed to her brother's swollen manhood.

"Suck my fingers Eric. Don't they taste good with my sweet slick juice covering them?"

Karen's eyes opened wide: "Wow!!!"

"I told you she was having sex. Maybe her server has a bug. It might have failed to engage her privacy controls."

It was as if a light had just been turned on for Karen: "If that's true Chris, then her door wouldn't be locked either. Server, open door J1."

The kids watched as their mother's bedroom door slid into its pocket. The room had almost normal lighting and they could hear their mother moaning in sexual satisfaction.

Karen looked at Chris and said: "You know that she wouldn't ever know if we walked in and watched. Once you are under the direct control of Parallax you don't know anything else. Only if her server detected an emergency like a fire would it wake her up."

"I know that sis. Remember that I'm also a user."

"Well do you want to go in?"

Chris smiled at his sister: "Now who is the perv?"

"Come on let's go in and watch. I want to see mom cum. I wouldn't even care if you wanted to jerk off while you're in there Chris."

"You have to be kidding."

Karen took Chris by the hand and led her brother into their mother's room. They maneuvered down a short hallway before the bedroom opened up. There was Jill, fully reclined on her bed. She was wearing black thigh high stockings and a pair of shinny black leather stiletto pumps. The rest of her sexy body was nude. Her succulent breasts moved up and down with her rapid breathing. Her hands were both down between her legs. One hand held her pussy lips open while the other stroked up and down her wet slit.

Jill looked forward as if Eric was watching her and asked: "Are you enjoying the view?"

Karen couldn't take her eyes off of her mom's body. But she needed to be sure she was really under the influence of the system. Karen even suspected that her mom's question might have been directed to her. So she asked: "Mom, are you asking me and Chris if we like the view?"

Jill paid no attention to her daughter's question. It appeared that she was under the full effect of Parallax. It was common knowledge that a person could not easily fake a Parallax induced trance. But Karen wanted to be sure. She positioned her hand about 30 centimeters in front of her mother's face. Without any warning, she rapidly moved her hand directly toward Jill's open eyes, stopping a mere two centimeters from contact. Jill never even blinked. Karen knew that a normal reaction would be to flinch. It's a reflex reaction, and could only be resisted with mental preparation and training. Karen was now convinced that her mom's mind was under the control of the system.

Jill also had realized that her plan would only work if she was under the influence of Parallax. She had not counted on her daughter joining in, but this was a very pleasant surprise. She knew what was going on because her partner was telling her everything through his linkage into her thoughts. Eric had one of his technicians escort Jill home after their meeting. The tech placed several monitoring devices in Jill's bedroom. The monitors were connected to the Parallax super computing core and fed a stream of data to Eric's brain. He in essence could see everything. He saw Jill's children position themselves next to their naked mother.

"Jill darling, your plan has exceeded all expectations. Karen and Chris are both watching you. Now ask me to lick your pussy. Say it out load darling. I will tell you everything that happens."

"Oh, eat my pussy Eric."

Chris had to reposition his cock. It had been aimed down his leg, but it had become increasingly uncomfortable for him. He turned his back to his sister and reached his hand into the zippered front opening which allowed men to urinate while standing. It was very difficult to adjust himself once he was fully erect, but Chris finally got it repositioned so it was up pressed up against his belly and pointed upwards.

Karen had watched her brother and asked: "Feeling better now?"

Chris smiled and nodded.

The kids watched and listened to their mother's growing ecstasy. Jill's vocalizations were hard to resist: "Oh that's so good....lick it right there. Now slide your finger in me while you lick my clit....that's so good."

Karen looked at Chris and said: "Do you want to lick her pussy?"

Christopher would have already had his head buried between his mother's legs if it had not been for Karen standing there. He was nervous about answering his sister's leading question. "Do you think I should sis?"

Chris had cleverly shifted the decision to Karen: "She will never know you did it, so if you want to, this is your chance bro."

Christopher realized that Karen hadn't told him to do it, but she was certainly encouraging him. But he wanted more: "Do you want to watch me do it?"

Karen needed her brother to go first, before she would be willing to go down her mom's juicy cunt, so she gave him the green light he needed: "Yes I want to watch you eat her Chris. Lick her sweet pussy and finger her hole."

The genetically enhanced young man needed no further encouragement. He spread his mom's legs out wide. Then he kneeled before the altar, which was formed by his mom's nearly perfect body. His tongue lapped at her sweet nectar which flowed plentifully from her well of life. He felt her warmth and pressed his tongue deep into the very spot of his own birth.

Eric spoke directly to his lover's subconscious: "You did it Jill. Chris is going down on your pussy darling. Say how good it feels and tell me to take off my pants."

"Eric, oh Eric....yes. That feels so good. Take off your pants lover. Rub your big hard cock up against my slit."

Chris looked to his sister: "What should I do?"

"Do what she is asking or your actions won't match what her brain is expecting."

Chris backed up and then quickly removed his uni. Any woman seeing his body would be in awe. The muscles in his torso rippled and his very large cock pointed forward with a slightly upward angle. A crystal clear drop of precum dripped from his masculine organ.

Karen had never seen her brother's naked body when he was hard from sexual stimulation. The mere sight of his massive hard-on caused her nipples to both instantly harden. "Wow Chris, you really have a sweet package."

"Thanks sis, what should I do now?"

"Can you control your orgasms Chris?"

"Yeah, I have pretty good control."

"Then mount her silly. But don't penetrate her until she asks for it and then don't you dare cum inside her. Okay?"

"Are you sure about this Karen, I mean its one thing to lick her, but another thing for me to pile drive my cock into her pussy."

Karen didn't respond verbally, she used her mind control skills and sent a powerful image of Chris fucking his mother. With the visual image she also sent an intense feeling of pleasure and acceptance.

Without another word being spoken Chris positioned himself between his mom's sexy thighs. Her labia glistened with wetness and warmth. He positioned his cockhead on her slit and slid it up and down without attempting full penetration.

Eric told Jill what Chris was doing. He had her moan and finally he had her beg for his cock.

"Give it to me now lover. I need you inside me. Please fuck me."

Chris positioned himself so that his engorged cock was at his mom's forbidden gate. One hard push and the bulbous cockhead disappeared into his mom's slick tunnel. He was inside her. Karen watched as her baby brother plowed their mother's furrow with his deep strokes. "Fuck her Chris, fuck her hard."

Jill moaned and encouraged her lover to go harder and deeper.

After a few minutes Karen started to undress herself and touch her own breasts. That was simply more than a teenage boy was equipped to handle. He was fucking his gorgeous mom while watching his incredibly sexy sister strip and touch herself. Suddenly he realized that he was nearing orgasm.

"Karen, I'm not going to last. I think I'm about to cum. What should I do?"

Eric of course heard this and told Jill to say that she wanted him to cum on her tits: "Eric, come on my tits lover. Spray them with your white hot cum."

Karen didn't have time to answer her brother. She watched as he pulled his swollen member out and pointed it at his mom's succulent tits. Shot after shot of his potent cum sprayed out and onto his mother's silky soft skin. The sheer volume was incredible.

Chris was shaking from his exertion as he backed off. Karen was now completely naked and looking at her brother's cum which was pooling on her mom's torso.

Jill's words broke the momentary silence: "That was so hot, but now I need to cum lover. Suck my clitty and make me cum."

Chris looked at his sister: "Your turn."

This was what Karen truly wanted. She believed that her mother was the most beautiful woman she had ever known. And Karen was a truly bisexual person. She loved the human form in either sexual configuration. But she didn't want to take advantage of this very unusual circumstance. Karen knew that her mother could receive her attempts at mind control, but that she was immune to the control part of the process. She wondered if she could use this power as a subconscious means of communication.

"Its me mommy. Is it okay if I do this for you?"

Jill held out her arms and said: "Do it sweetie."

Karen's mental message had been received. Sweetie was a pet name that her mom had used for her when they were alone. Nobody else knew it but the two of them.

The gifted mother spread her legs and welcomed her daughter's attention. Karen was experienced at satisfying a girl's sexual needs. She gently touched her mother's sensitive clitoris with one hand while tracing the exterior ring muscles of her anus with her other hand. The combination of touches sent waves of pleasure through Jill's body. Eric told her everything that Karen did and Parallax compounded the intensity of her touches.

A few quick soft spanks to her mom's clit were followed by taking the pink bud into her mouth. Karen sucked the nub softly and glided two fingers inside her. She slowly increased the pressure on her mom's clit and at the same time increased the pace of the finger fucking. Her sucking continued to intensify when she heard her brother say: "Karen, look at the time remaining indicator. You have only four minutes left until she wakes up."

Chris' warning didn't seem to have any effect on Karen. She continued to suck and spank her mom's clit while pumping her hole with a slight increase in urgency.

Karen sent her mom another message: "Need to hurry. I love you."

Almost instantly Jill's moans intensified: "I'm almost there. Suck it hard sweetie."

Chris also had a sudden realization. There was now three minutes left and his cum was all over his mom's body. And his and Karen's clothes were scattered about the room. He thought he was fucked for sure. "Hurry up Karen; I need to clean her up before we get out of here."

Karen winked at her brother. She reached up with her hands and dabbed her fingers into a pool of her brothers sticky cum. Her mouth never left her mom's extruded clit as she pinched each nipple with her cum covered fingers.


Jill's body arched upwards as her orgasm cascaded over the brink. She had moved beyond the point of no return with her own children. Her climax was more powerful than even her immense imagination could have conceived.

"Karen, we have 48 seconds left. Get up now." Chris used his clothes to try and wipe his sperm off his mom's body. Karen said: "Use mine, its cotton and it will absorb it."

Karen handed her brother her top. He wiped off as much as he could. They were both scrambling to get out. Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One.......

Chris ordered the door closed.

They were both naked and Karen looked at Chris and said: "Quick duck into my room before mom comes out."

As Karen's door slid closed she looked around and realized something was amiss. "Fuck, I forgot my panties."

To be continued...

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