tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCourtney: The Golf Cart Girl Ch. 03

Courtney: The Golf Cart Girl Ch. 03


Many readers have asked for another installment of the Golf Cart Girl saga of young Courtney, a co-worker of mine years ago at a Southern New Jersey golf course. I worked in the cart barn, she was the beverage/snack girl riding the course and selling beverages. By accident I stumbled upon her ingenious way of earning a college scholarship, and used that knowledge to my own advantage. While it is not necessary to ready installments 1 and 2 before this one, it is recommended.


Over the years I've seen shows on television like "Bowling for Dollars" and heard radio programs like "Dialing for Dollars," but Courtney Connors bettered each of those shows with her version of "Blowing for Dollars."

Courtney was every man's dream. Just 19, she was young, seemingly innocent and extremely pretty. But as I had observed first hand, she was not the wholesome, innocent girl she pretended to be. Over the summer I had unexpectedly stumbled into the girl giving Mr. Gamble, a local real estate executive, a savory blow job in his shiny black Mercedes late one afternoon after a round of golf.

The girl, who tantalized visitors to the Stone Harbor Golf Club by day, driving around in short-shorts on her golf cart, smiling while handing out beverages and snacks for tips, was a vixen after work. I caught her in the compromising act with Mr. Gamble by accident, but it wasn't a one-time thing as I spied on her several times repeating the nasty act with him in the back employee and overflow parking lot at the club.

Then, over the next month, I saw her fellate Mr. Gamble's business partner, Mr. Mack, and fuck him as well...on a green no less. I also spied on her blowing two business associates of the real estate men as payment for what I found out later was for a lost golf bet.

Why? Well, as it turns out, the girl was blowing for dollars like a cheap, common whore. Well, maybe not a cheap whore, but an expensive call girl. The two men had set her up with a college fund and spending money in return for her nocturnal activities, paying the formerly innocent girl for her seductive services.

I knew, because not only had I seen the girl give a number of stellar blow jobs and on one occasion saw her fucking one of the men on a green, but I also had several digital photos of the activities. Photos, if in the wrong hands, would cause all kinds of problems and pain.

How it started I didn't know. But what I did know was Courtney Connors had a talented mouth, one that was very busy after work hours around the club.

So what's a virgin guy to do? What would you do?

Courtney was five feet four inches tall, with pretty blue eyes that she'd bat whenever she saw the opportunity to flirt. And that smile, that wide, pretty smile, brought a hard-on to me as I knew she used those lips to more than smile. I'd seen her use those pretty lips, which she loved to coat with a light red lipstick, to wrap around Mr. Gamble long, thin cock and Mr. Mack's thick meaty dick. I'd watched her suck Mr. Mack's cock after he'd fucked her, cleaning off his and her juices so, as Mr. Mack said, "My wife won't know I'd fucked someone." Oh, he used a condom on the girl, but that fact didn't stop her from sucking after fucking.

I knew all about those luscious lips, those kissable lips. I thought of them at night in bed when I'd jerk off, sometimes looking at the grainy photos and sometimes just sparked by my imagination. I wondered what those lips would feel like around my cock.

What was really odd is that her boyfriend hadn't bedded her, nor had she even had the slightest reputation of putting out for other guys she'd dated in the past in high school. This was a girl with not a speck of rumor about her reputation of being as pure as newly fallen snow. No, to everyone who knew her, Courtney was the picture of perfection in a girl.

Of course I knew better. I had first hand knowledge about what she had been doing.

I knew her dark side. I knew willingly sucked cock, older guys' cocks. She sucked them after rounds of golf, and as I learned she'd blow the real estate man who won the golf bet. The loser, well, he had to wait a week to attempt to get her as a prize.

My spying eyes learned a lot about Courtney, how she'd "earned" her scholarship to Villanova, how she'd snuck off with the real estate men at the snap of a finger. How her mouth was used to entice clients when necessary. Yet how she refused to put out a little for her boyfriend.

Since finding out Courtney was a slut I didn't try to treat her any different, but I guess I did. I know I made suggestive comments a couple times, which at first was taken by the girl as innocent flirting. But after a while she'd get terse with her responses to my borderline nasty comments. As the summer when on she would throw an insult or two into conversations with me.

It pissed me off, given how I knew she was a girl who needed kneepads, but every time I'd get mad at the girl she'd bump into me, smile, and I'd forget about her taunts and insults.

The blue-eyed, long-legged girl somehow managed to keep her affair(s) with the men secret. Nobody else at the club had an inkling, and neither did the men's wives, a fact I constantly remembered. Management would surely fire her, but what havoc would occur if they found out about their husband's nocturnal activities? It would be ugly, undoubtedly, especially if Mrs. Gamble found out. That woman was a class A bitch with a capital B.

Mrs. Gamble treated everyone on the club staff like dirt, and had actually cost two employees their jobs when she complained about something or another they did. She would boss people around as if she were management, not a customer. Oh, the customer might be always right, but that didn't mean she could act like a playground bully.

Over the last several months I had a couple run-ins with her, as she once chastised me for riding a cart too fast back to the cart barn while on another she dressed me down for not showing her proper "respect" in front of a friend. That brought a tongue-lashing and reprimand from my boss, one, when the woman was out of ear shot, was rescinded. No, the bitchy Mrs. Gamble had no friends around the club.

At least that's what I thought.

Who says lightening doesn't strike twice at the same place? I can tell you first hand it does, as on one Wednesday night after ladies day at the club was clearing out I saw a freshly showered and made-up Mrs. Gamble sneaking away from the women's locker room toward the pro shop. I say sneaking, because she left the women's locker room and looked all over as if to ensure she was not being watched.

That look said something was up, and from my seat in the cart barn I happened to see her wearing a cute little white tennis outfit. Her hair was perfect, and her long, tanned legs were astounding for an 18-year-old let along a 40ish woman. The top accentuated her breasts and the short white skirt was, well, wonderful to look at as it flared about as she walked. The outfit, though, struck me as odd because she had played golf during the day and the tennis courts were closed.

Watching as she quickly strode toward the pro shop, I had to wonder what was up. The head pro had sent the assistants home a half hour before and the place was empty. Dusk was nearing, but I could track her walking toward the shop. Maybe she had forgotten something on the course, but that normally meant heading to the lost and found at the cart barn. I snuck around the side and watched as she neared the pro shop, only to bypass the front door.

That door had a "closed" sign in sight, but Mrs. Gamble didn't mind. She went around the side and disappeared from sight. I had to find out what was going on, because there was nothing behind the pro shop other than the ninth green. The parking lots were in the opposite direction, and no other club facilities were over there.

Like an undercover operative in the movies I snuck toward the shop, taking a circuitous route in an effort to stay well away from the woman.

I arrived near the back of the pro shop and didn't see any trace of the woman. I thought that was a shame, because she looked very cute for a 40-something woman. I stood behind the ninth green and looked to and fro to no avail, she had disappeared. Giving up my quest, I started back toward the cart barn but was startled to a stop when I passed the pro shop. I could swear I heard voices inside, something I thought impossible as the shop had closed an hour before.

Carefully I walked closer to the shop, deciding the side window would be the safest spot to spy inside.

Lightning, it seems, can strike twice. Inside the pro shop I saw Mrs. Gamble in a lover's embrace with the head pro. The two were swapping spit, with Mrs. Gamble holding both of her arms around his neck while his hands were fondling the woman's ass over her short tennis skirt.

The pro mentioned something about her outfit being "so damned hot" before locking lips again with the married woman.

The two made out like teenagers over the next several minutes before I heard Mrs. Gamble almost beg the man to bang her. "Oh Roger, I need you, I need you now," said the breathless woman.

They broke their embrace and I saw the man unzip his pants. He reached inside and pulled out a long, hard cock as the woman merely stared at him as if she was in a trance. I could swear she licked her luscious lips.

"Suck it Mrs. Gamble," was all he said.

I thought she'd smack him. Heck, even I knew Mrs. Gamble didn't give blow jobs. I had overheard her husband telling Mr. Mack that his wife wouldn't suck cock if her life depended on it. That's why he loved having Courtney suck his cock, it was something his wife refused to do. When I listened to Mr. Gamble revelation about his wife I figured that made his trysts with Courtney okay, as the young girl was merely doing something his wife would not.

So when I watched what Mrs. Gamble did next I was shocked.

The older woman gracefully lowered herself to her knees in front of the golf pro and did exactly as he commanded; she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock.

I watched as the woman slowly sucked the man's meat into her mouth, taking several inches deep before her head rebounded back. She repeated the action several times, gradually increasing her speed and suction. I could almost feel the hot lips on my own cock it was so close.

The erotic encounter continued as the man made several grunts as he began rocking in and out of her mouth. He placed his hands on her head and guided her up, down and around his monster cock. He had to have seven or eight inches of man meat, and the woman did her best to take as much as possible into her mouth.

Once, when it got too deep, she backed off and gagged, but then man showed little mercy, rubbing his cock on her face while she coughed from the assault. Soon she was back at it, sucking cock like a pro. It was so erotic seeing the woman's cheeks bulge out as she swirled her tongue around the man meat.

The man soon pushed the married woman off his cock and helped her to her feet. Spinning her around he guided her several steps to his desk, pushing her face down onto the waist high desk.

The pro proceeded to lift the tennis skirt up and over the woman's ass. He then slowly lowered her white panties down her thighs and off one of her legs. While on his knees he reached over and spread open the woman's ass, and he nestled his face down, licking pussy to ass while the woman moaned.

"Oh my god, oh my god, don't stop," said the woman to the man who definitely didn't.

You couldn't have pried the man off her furry nest with a crowbar. He ate a gourmet meal while the woman wiggled from his sensuous touch. She sort of rocked back at him while he continued his tongue-lashing of her moist slit.

"Ohhh, you have to do it!" insisted the woman. "Fuck me!"

The golf pro listened. He rose, rubbed his cock along her pussy and then pulled back. He reached over to a desk a grabbed a condom pack, fumbling at first then quickly pulling it out and rolling it down his rock hard cock. Once again he rubbed the now sheathed dick along her pussy before slowly inserting his rock hard dick into her soaking wet hole. Firmly implanted in her cunt the man gripped her ass with his hands then began slowly fucking the married woman.

Watching the coupling couple was so erotic I had to pull out my dick. I looked around to ensure the coast was clear and stroked myself at the same speed the golf pro was fucking the woman.

The tucking continued, a little more furiously, as I tugged on my cock. After a bit the man leaned over and moved his hand to the woman's tits, so now he was holding her extra close as he sort of pulled on her mounds while banging her pussy from behind. The actions brought moans from the woman's lips, and she begged him to fuck her hard.

The two rocked and humped like newlyweds. They were struggling to keep at least some semblance of quiet, but the groans and moans and sweet nothings that escaped their mouths cleanly made their way to my ears.

The man pushed hard into the woman as she held on for dear life. In and out he went, savagely ravishing her hole while milking her tits.

"Oh, fuck me," groaned the woman. "I'm gonna cum."

The revelation forced the man to fuck her harder and faster, and I marveled how they didn't tumble to the ground although papers did fly off the desk to the floor.


I assumed the woman was cumming from her groans, and that brought the spunk shooting high against the pro shop wall from my pulsating cock. I watched as they continued to fuck, slower now, as the woman came down from her cock induced high.

Then the man surprised me. He pulled out of the woman's pussy and helped her turn around.

"Suck it," he commanded.

The woman who wouldn't suck her husband once didn't hesitate. She pulled the dirty condom off and then sucked the golf pro's cock. This time the dick has the nasty taste of condom and she wriggled her nose at the smell. That didn't deter her one iota, as she attacked the cock with her mouth. She grabbed it at the base, aimed it at her face, and then lowered her head to his cock.

This time it was she who was on a mission, and she rapidly sucked the man's cock. I thought he was going to fall over, but he grabbed the side of the desk as the woman assaulted his joy stick. He rocked in her mouth as his dick jumped. I couldn't have been a minute but soon his rocking stopped and his head bent back as he shot his hot cum into the wanton woman's sucking mouth.

I swear I saw her cheeks bulge out as the man shot what must have been a copious load of baby batter into her wet and willing mouth. Mrs. Gamble kept the cock in her mouth as she jerked his cock while continuing to cock, first draining his balls of any leftover residue and later cleaning the cock off completely.

Coming down from his erotic high the man snickered down at the fellatrix. He smiled as she milked his spent dick. "That was wonderful, Mrs. Gamble! Simply wonderful. All week long I was thinking about your mouth and pussy."

I couldn't believe he didn't call her by her first name, but now nothing surprised me. They made small talk, made themselves presentable, and as quickly as it started it was over. The surprise continued when he said he'd see her again in a week, "same time, same place." Figuring I had better get out before being discovered, I snuck away from the pro shop and back to the friendly confines of the cart barn.

Reflecting on what I had seen, I have to admit my mind was totally jumbled. First there was young Courtney the cocksucker, now Mrs. Gamble. Two women who love down and dirty, illicit, mind-blowing sex. That night I tossed and turned, wondering what, if anything, I should do about my newly found knowledge. The rendezvous was clearly not a spur of the moment, one-time affair. They had gone from A to Z in a matter of minutes, so they obviously had been together before.

I wanted to tell Mr. Gamble of my newfound knowledge, but then realized that might open a can of worms. Heck, the Mrs. was only doing exactly what the Mr. was having done to him. Thinking about it, the twosome deserved each other.

If I ratted out Mrs. Gamble, there was a chance the head pro would get fired or worse. That mean he'd be pissed off, and maybe Courtney would rat out Mr. Gamble. What an ugly scene that would be!

Still, thinking of Courtney and Mrs. Gamble, I had to laugh at how two prim and proper ladies still found a way to act like common sluts right before the eyes of the husband and father. Yes, the head pro was Courtney's dad.

What an amazing coincidence.

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