tagIncest/TabooCousin Lynne Ch. 01

Cousin Lynne Ch. 01


My first thought was, "She's prettier than ever." My cousin Lynne, who at 20 was two years older than me, was visiting. A few years before, her mother had divorced Lynne's abusive father and moved to Florida; but while they still lived near us, her mother often sent Lynne to stay with us when her husband was drinking and beating her up. Lynne and I grew quite close. She was always vivacious, a cute girl who became a lovely woman. Dark- haired and dark- eyed, with creamy white skin, she was built along classic lines: large breasts, slim waist, ample hips.

We greeted each other with hugs and kisses when she got off the plane. She would stay with us for at least a month while she started a new job. We settled her into the guest bedroom, across the hall from mine, and sat on her bed and talked. My teen male hormones were aroused just by looking at her as she sprawled, her skirt riding up her thighs. Her breasts seemed barely contained by her bra.

As the days passed, I grew even more attracted to Lynne. She worked and I was in school during the day, but we often went to her room or mine in the evenings. Lynne was also one of those people who liked to touch you when she talked; fingertips grazing your arm, grabbing your hand in hers. We always hugged and kissed, and it wasn't my imagination that she pressed close to me then, and she must have felt my instant erections. I often masturbated thinking of her.

We shared a bathroom, and Lynee was often careless about covering up. One memorable day I opened the bathroom door just as she stepped from the shower, and I stood there, stunned, looking at her breasts with the big erect nipples and large areolae, and the dark bush of her pubic hair. She just laughed and took her time getting a towel.

One Sunday my parents were gone and Lynne and I slept late. As I lay in bed day-dreaming, she knocked on my door and came in. She had on a shorty nightgown that was almost transparent, so I could see her breasts and the dark shadow between her legs. She asked if we could talk, and sat on my bed. It was chilly, and soon she crawled under the covers with me. By then my hard-on was almost painful. The talk drifted to sex, and she asked me if I had slept with any of my girlfriends yet. I got bold and told her no, but I had done a lot of heavy petting and mutual masturbation. "I did it once," she said, "and it was not very good. He was rough, and it hurt when he broke my hymen. Besides, he came almost immediately and left me hanging. I had more fun when we just felt each other up."

"Yeah," I said stupidly, and the conversation stopped.

Lynne looked at me and kissed my cheek, throwing an arm around me. "I've always loved you so much," she said softly, "do you feel the same about me?"

"God yes," I said, "you're just about my favorite person in the world."

"Would you like to touch me?"

I gulped and nodded. She took my hand and put it on her soft breast. I could feel her nipple stiffen. She told me to cup it and rub it, and then sighed and said it felt so good. I got very daring, and pushed her nightgown over her shoulder, exposing one glorious tit. She asked me to kiss it, and soon I was licking and sucking her large nipple. She began to squirm.

"Oh Mike," she breathed, "that makes me wet." And she reached over and began tracing the outline of my stiff cock. I almost came on the spot. When she reached inside my pyjamas and held my throbbing prick, it was all I could do not to squirt. I put my hand on her belly and rubbed, going lower and lower until I reached the edge of her panties. Her legs opened, and I stroked her pussy. Her face was flushed, and she sat up and pulled off her gown and then her panties, lying in my bed in all her lush nakedness. It was a teen age boy's waking wet dream.

She kissed me and then took my hand and put it between her legs. I could feel the moisture, and I rubbed up and down her slick pussy lips before hesitantly sliding a finger in her. She kissed me harder, her tongue fucking my mouth, and took my cock and began jacking me. I rubbed her pussy faster and felt her clit grow hard. Her hips bucked against my hand.

I could feel the cream starting up my shaft and I told her I was cumming.

"Good, my precious cousin, good. Cum all over me, I want you cum on my tummy and my boobs. I'm going to cum, too."

I shot a load on her, more than I had ever produced. Lynne moaned and stiffened, and then her hips gyrated, she said, "Fuck, oh fuck yes," and soaked my hand with her juices. Then she scooped up some of my jism off her stomach and licked it off her fingers.

"Mmmm, tastes good," she said, "why don't you taste me?"

I put my fingers to my mouth and sucked, tasting for the first time that wonderful, pungent, woman-cum.

We held each other, talking quietly, Lynne telling me what more she wanted to do with me, like sucking my cock. We heard the front door open as my parents returned, and she leaped out of bed, grabbed her clothes, and scooted into the bathroom.

My mother called up that they were home, and asked what we had been doing.

"Nothing," I said.

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