tagIncest/TabooCousins Alone Ch. 02

Cousins Alone Ch. 02


Chapter Two - Pier Conversation

My mind was an entire mess now, but then I realized what I was watching through the vent. Hannah was no longer in her blue dress, but now in a skimpy little bra and thong panties. I reasoned that since I had already enjoyed myself of her, that it wouldn't hurt anything to take a peek at the real thing.

She was walking around her room moving different clothes to different places as if she was getting ready to change outfits. What an ass she had, as it winked at me with every step she took. Then, I hit overload. My cock got hard again and I couldn't help but reach down and pump it as I watched. Jackpot! She pulled her bra off revealing her beautiful little bosoms to me with those cute, light brown nipples. She also had small freckles here and there on that built body, which turned me on more.

I began pumping faster. Bingo! Off came her thong, revealing to me a clean-shaven crotch, which glistened in the light, and the folds of a pink, tight pussy. I was almost ready to cum again. She looked over her body as if she was thinking of something, but then began to put on a t-shirt and tight blue sweat pants. Whoa! My cousin wasn't wearing any undergarments.

I decided I was going to shoot another load again, so I began pumping away. As I began focusing more on my hard-on and less on the vent, I didn't realize that she had left her room. All of a sudden, I heard a knock on the door. "Jason", my cousin's voice called sweetly, "dinner should be ready soon."

Feeling somewhat violated, I had to put my almost bursting hard-on away fast. I managed to somehow call out, "Yeah, I'll be right there." I quickly wiped myself off with my already dirty t-shirt, sprayed some body spray on so that my juices couldn't be smelled, and threw on some clean clothes. After composing myself, I left my room after what seemed an eternity. I slowly walked into the living room where everyone was watching TV as my uncle cooked. Still a bit unsure, I looked at everyone as if watching for signs that they knew what I had been up to.

After convincing myself I had gotten away with it (except for the possibility of my cousin), I went and sat on the empty couch. Hannah was laying on the floor stomach down in her t-shirt and tight sweat pants, which featured the curves of her great, panty-less ass. My mom and aunt were each in their own recliner. The couch I sat on was positioned directly behind my cousin, so I had a great view and never really knew what was on TV. The next few hours were uneventful except for the great dinner.

Afterwards, I went back to my room and fired up Ron's game station so I could get my mind off of my cousin. After a few hours of playing some violent games, I had finally gotten my mind clear enough where I could only think of how guilty I felt. My eyes had gotten tired of staring into the screen, so I turned off the system and looked out the window. It was a warm, clear night with beautiful stars in the sky, which were also in the mural below on the water's reflection.

Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. It was Hannah asking me if I would like to join her in fishing on the pier. I immediately said yes not realizing that I would be alone with my steaming hot cousin, who might have seen me masturbating, out of view of any parents.

Out the room I came to view Hannah still in her tight sweats. We walked past the living room where the adults were resting off their full bellies, told them we'd be fishing, grabbed some poles from the garage, and we were on our way, out the back door.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" I asked her as we went over the top of the hill in the back yard. After you went over the hill, you could see nothing but the pier and the lake. It's a beautiful site, especially at night.

"Yes, it is. I love the stars", she responded. We arrived at the pier, walked out to the end and I flipped on a light that went out over the water. Only a little light shown where we were standing.

We rigged our poles, baited our hooks, and cast out our lines without any words. After just sitting for ten minutes or so, Hannah finally spoke, "So tell me some more about yourself. I haven't seen you in a while. I want to know everything." Hannah was always friendly with me, and I had always tried to be but no matter what I tried, I was always a man of few words. I didn't have much of a response for her. I was never good with those kinds of questions.

"Well, I'm going to go to college in the fall, like you. I'm gonna go to Corpus Christi University down on the beach", was all I could come up with.

Hannah laughed and said, "I already know that, silly. I meant for you to tell me about your personal life. What do you like to do with free time? Do you have a job? Do you have a girlfriend? That kinda stuff."

Somehow, I was able to loosen up all of a sudden. Maybe I felt comfortable talking with her since she was family and I had kind of grown up with her. "No, I don't have a job, well, except my music. I play small coffee shops and stuff sometimes", I told her, then continued, "And no, I've never had a girlfriend. You know how quiet I can be sometimes."

"Never?" she asked curiously, "That's not good. A guy like you should have had some kind of thing in high school." I could only smile at her positive-ness.

"So what about you?" I asked, "Have you had a boyfriend?"

She looked down at her feet as if she didn't want to answer, but reluctantly looked back up and told me, "Yeah, I did a while back, but he was such a jerk. We only lasted about a month."

"Well that sucks", I added, "but at least you had something." We both laughed. As I watched my cousin's body language and the fire in her eyes, it seemed to me that she was holding back something; like she was holding off on a question she wanted to know the answer to very badly.

This body language made me very anxious and I felt like I was being watched. The guilt was building up, and I eventually couldn't stand her shifting anymore. I had to know what was on her mind. Could it be something about what she might have seen earlier, or was it something different? I had to know now, so I asked her softly, "What's on your mind?"

She quickly fired back with an "Oh, nothing" answer.

"Don't tell me that", I responded, "I know you have something on your mind. Go ahead and say it, I promise you won't upset me." I knew I was being very bold by saying she wouldn't, but I had to know.

"I-I-was just wondering", she said with a shy tone, looking down at her feet, "if you were still a virgin." I was surprised to be hearing this from my cousin, but it didn't upset me in the least. I laughed with a cutesy grin and told her that I still was. Then I asked her if she was, and she said yes.

Now I felt anxious again, because now I wanted to know what brought that question up, so I asked after a little laugh, "So what brought that on?"

"Want me to tell you the truth?" she asked me.

"Of course", I answered.

"Well", she continued, "I was hoping you would be able to tell me what it's like, but you're in the same boat as me." After a pause, she added with a more open tone, "Hey! You want to have a discussion about it?"

I began feeling somewhat turned on by this talk and tried to avoid it, but couldn't resist, so I told her, "I do feel a little uncomfortable talking about this with my cousin, but if you want to, sure."

"Oh, don't be silly", she assured me, "I'm the last person that would tell anyone about this conversation." Starting to feel the first phase of a boner, I looked out at the lake and tried to think of fish instead of her. There was a rush of blood sending a warming sensation through my body.

"So how do we do this?" I asked her after giving up all hope of resistance.

"I guess we can just take turns asking questions", she said, "like I ask you about guy stuff, and you ask me about chick stuff."

"Fair enough", I stated, "who goes first?"

"I will", she quickly and anxiously stated, then asked, "How often do you like to masturbate?" I was quickly aroused by this question so I shifted slightly so she wouldn't notice.

Embarrassed, I told her, "At least once a day. That's just average, though. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less."

I saw her eyebrows arch high above her eyes in surprise, and then she said, "Wow! Do all guys do it that much?" I laughed and told her that some do it much more than that, which is true.

Trying to get off my own habits, I fired back, "My turn. How often do you masturbate?"

She had a shy look on her face and said, "At least twice a week. My friends told me that's a lot for a girl but I can't help it. I get really horny sometimes." The fire in her eyes seemed to get brighter.

"When you orgasm", she asked, "how long does it usually last? Like how long does it, flow out and how far will it, fly?"

"It all depends on how horny I am, how long it's been since I last did it, and how turned on I am by whoever I'm thinking about", I said, then continued, "I don't want to get too technical, but in my own studies, I find that the longer it's been since I did it last, the further it flies. Also, if I just did it within about an eight-hour period, it usually just flows out instead of shooting, but that's just me. Might be different for another guy."

"Wow! That's a lot of information", she said with a frisky tone.

Then I asked, "What about you? What does it take for you to have a lot of stuff come out of you?"

"It drives me crazy when my g-spot is rubbed just right", she told me, "and when I shove all of my toy into it. I somehow fit all of it in." Now I was rock hard again, and the questions kept flowing from each of us, the next more embarrassing than the one before it.

We got to a point where I felt tense up to the throat, but she stopped questioning me as if to absorb all of the information I'd given her. Then, with that fie in her eyes again, she looked back up with a sexy grin and asked me, "When you were masturbating this afternoon, who were you thinking about?"

Oh shit! I was trapped like a rat now. She had seen me, and now she was asking me the question, which I dreaded hearing more than knowing I was seen. I looked around as if I expected to see a camera recording this, because if I told her that it was her I was thinking about, she'd have proof and I'd be banished from my own family. So, I played the only logical card for the situation, which was deny that I was masturbating.

"Me?" I acted offended, "I wasn't masturbating today. If I was going to do it here, I'd do it in the shower."

"Don't give me that bullshit", she exclaimed, "I was watching everything through the vent from the time I left your room to the time you smothered the mirror! Now tell me, who was it that turned you on so much?" After I held my mouth shut like I was a hostage she stood up and walked over to me, got on her knees next to my armrest and began rubbing my left arm, "Tell me who made you shoot three feet today." I shook my head side to side.

"Aww, why don't you want to tell me who it was?" she kept rubbing.

"I just don't want to", I answered nervously, "You don't know her anyway."

With a cute little laugh she said, "I think I do. Jason, tell me the truth." Her hand was now cupping my raging hard on and balls. "Was it me? Do I turn you on that much? You can tell me, I won't bite, or not hard." I was still somehow able to put up a last effort of resistance shook my head no again.

She then rolled her t-shirt up where it just covered her nipples, revealing her golden, freckled skin and the bottoms of her soft, round breasts, then said, "I know it was me Jason. I know I turned you on. Just admit it." Her hand change from cupping my crotch to unzipping my shorts.

I couldn't resist any longer. This was it; I was either dead to my family or in a really hot sexual situation. It gathered all my strength in courage and put it all in my head and neck muscles to shake my head yes.

I admitted it, and I was now expecting her to go running over the hill to rat me out, but instead, I watched her pull her shirt off of her fabulous body, showing her light brown nipples and slight tan lines. She grabbed my cock through the open hole in my shorts and began to pump it even with my boxers still on. She waddled over on her knees to get in front of me as she kept pumping. Then, she unbuttoned my boxers and pulled my member out. She looked at it, then looked at me with an intriguing look upon her face and said, "Wow! It's bigger than my dildo!"

She began to pump it with one hand and put her mouth over the tip of it. Her warm, moist saliva made me almost fall backwards out of my chair from pleasure. Then, just as she was about to stick it in farther, we heard my aunt's voice hollering from the house, "Jason! Hannah! Come tell us all goodnight."

"Fuck!" I screamed silently. I quickly stood up and zipped my shorts up while Hannah scrambled for her shirt.

We quickly packed up all of our fishing stuff and she said, "We'll have to finish this up later." We then took off up the hill, towards the house.


What will happen next? Will Hannah make Jason wait forever, or will it just be a short while until they can teach each other to make love. Find out in CHAPTER THREE - MOONLIT SHACK.

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