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Cravings of a She-Wolf


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!


As Shakira's private car pulled up outside the local nightspot, I looked out at the darkened street in the lovely, warm evening, people going about their plans for a great night of drinking, dancing and sex. And then I looked back over at Shakira herself, the gorgeous Colombian singer sat next to me on the plush black leather seat, looking out the window with a smile, evidently enjoying the idea of a night out when it wasn't a PR event. As the car stopped I opened the door and stepped out of the car, feeling the warm, dry air of the bustling city envelop me, taking a breath of it as it overwhelmed the cold, crisp air-conditioned air of the car. Closing the door, I walked round to her side, glancing at the still abundant traffic despite the late hour, marvelling how the modern city just never stopped, its pulse constant and strong. I opened her door, stepping aside to wave her from the comfortable car.

"Thanks," she said with a smile, looking up at me as she carefully exited the car, careful to keep her reasonably short, loose black skirt down over her gorgeous thighs so as not to give the photographers that were inevitably present a view up it. I was Shakira's bodyguard, one of them at least, but a senior member of her security team and the longest serving, and on top of that she was a good friend, as in several years working together we'd built up quite a good, close relationship in our close quarters and so much time spent together. That wasn't hard when she was such an amiable and pleasant person to be with, and it made the job a pleasure to do as she travelled around the world. And it was never a bad thing to be friends with the hottest thing to come out of Colombia.

"Always a pleasure," I replied with a smile, carefully ushering her from the car and closing the door, tapping on the window to signal the driver to pull away, which I swiftly did, his duty performed. With the car gone, Shakira's arm slid through my own, a friendly, normal thing she did, and I escorted her towards the front door of the club as flashbulbs went all around us from the photographers getting snaps of her for their celebrity rags. She paused to quickly chat with fans and sign autographs, making some dedicated fans entire years as she signed their photo or arm, depending how crazy they were, but none of them were dangerous obsessed types, long since noted by me as I scanned the crowd of people outside the club wanting their moment with her. With the autographs signed, Shakira once again lightly took my arm and we entered the expensive club, the kind of place that sells fifty thousand dollar cocktails with diamond rings in, being greeted by very polite staff who suggested a VIP area.

"So how's it feel to have a night out of your own, well sort of," I said with a smile, meaning me, since I was a link to her everyday, superstar life.

"It feels great," she said with a wide smile, a genuine one, not the everyday one she wore for the cameras, "just so rarely get any days off when we're touring to explore any of the incredible and vibrant places we go, feels so good to actually do it, get out and taste the essence of a place," she gushed, evidently quite thrilled to get a night out.

"Can't get better company though it seems," I teased, smiling as we walked towards the VIP area.

"Don't be silly, you're not just some hired goon to look after me, I'd happily have a night out with you over people," she said with a smile, turning back to walk ahead into the luxurious VIP area, leaving me to stare after her, checking out the lovely slender pinch of her waist, the flare of her hips and her gorgeous bum, so round and firm, part of her incredibly toned, flexible body. I couldn't help but gaze at her lustfully for a moment, her gorgeous body and fine ass. I'd always wanted a crack at her, what man wouldn't, but I assumed her out of bounds, firstly because she was my employer and it was my job to look after her, and secondly because she had a long term boyfriend and was pretty sure she'd have little interest in just another security guard, even if they had become firm friends.

"Come on," she said, snapping me from my thoughts, at which I quickly followed her into the VIP area and headed to the booth she'd picked out and sliding onto the long seat beside her, where they immediately ordered some drinks, Shakira opting for their unique cocktails as I opted for whiskey with a bit of ice, just enjoying the smooth blended flavours. It was a bit quiet to begin with, but it quickly filled up with the rich and famous, the VIP area bustling, a few people pausing to meet Shakira but generally leaving them be. As the night wore on they drank more, their conversations, which were quite deep about their lives, their families and their life on tour, how they missed being at home but relished it all at the same time and so on. Eventually, though neither of them knew how or ever questioned it, the conversation turned to sex.

"It's been a while," Shakira said, quite pointfully shortly after their topic had turned that way, looking up into my eyes.

"I...really?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me, unable to hold back from trying to find out about Shakira's activities between the sheets.

"...Yeah, been on tour for months, my boyfriend's back home, not had any for a while bar, well nevermind," she said, looking back down to her drink.

"Bar what?" I asked.

"Bar...my toys," she said quietly, glancing about to make sure nobody was listening, though of course they were all wrapped up in their own little world.

"Oh right, not quite the same though huh?" I asked with a slight smile.

"No, not the same. Good sure, they get me through, wouldn't like to be here on tour without my vibrating friend, but it's not the same as proper sex," she said with a smile.

"I'm sure," I said with a smile, loving that Shakira would divulge this to me, both of them quite drunk though.

"What about you though? When's the last time you got laid?" she asked boldly, sitting back nonchalantly in her seat and draining the last of her sizeable cocktail.

"I dunno, before the tour began, months, just like you, only I don't have a friend in my bag to help me along," I said with a laugh.

"You have your hand though," she teased with a smile, leaning forward again.

"True," I said with a laugh, loving the light hearted way they could chat.

"But seriously, none on the tour? I would've thought you'd get out there and find some little groupie or someone to hook up with?" she asked, looking quizzically at me.

"Nope, no-one. We're not usually in one place long enough to have the free time to get any action, I'm always looking out for you aren't I?" I said with a smile.

"Ah I guess so, anyone waiting at home though? Should've asked if that was why you hadn't..." she said, not finishing.

"No no, I'm single, don't think I'd want a job like this if I had a family waiting at home.

"Yeah it's tough, I don't have children but my boyfriend, parents and friends, all back home, makes it tough to be on the road all the time," Shakira said.

"But it makes it so much better when you get home right?" I said, smiling as I drained my own glass.

"Well...yeah he's happy to see me and all, doesn't take long to get to it," she said, not sounding hugely enthusiastic about it all.

"But...?" I asked, just waiting for her to say what she evidently had on her mind.

"Well he's a pretty decent size and everything, he's good as well, just...he's not adventurous, never wants to do anything new," she said, sighing as she looked up to me.

"No? What kinda new stuff?" I asked, wanting to know just what Shakira wanted to be getting up to in private.

"Well, positions, we only do like two of them, and anything a bit playful like role-play, bondage, you know even light stuff with handcuffs," Shakira elaborated, not the least bit concerned now to tell me this stuff.

"Oh so you want to get a little kinky, and he won't do it?" I asked, trying not to sound too excited or eager and put her off.

"Not really that kinky, just playful levels, letting me be in charge now and then," she said, looking a little shy about it.

"Well, it's kinda kinky, wanna put me in his place do you, be the dominatrix?" I said with a laugh, breaking the tension lest it ruin things. She gave a laugh, a heartfelt, real laugh, a sign of their real friendship.

"No no, I know he's not up for that, even if I have...dabbled with that in the past," she said with a smile, "I just want a little fun."

"Oh been there have you, dominating people with your thigh-high PVC boots?" I said with a smile.

"...Actually, I was under the boot," she said, looking into my eyes.

"...Master...or mistress?" I asked, feeling my heart beat faster, knowing I was pushing it a bit to even ask.

"...Mistress," she said, looking into my eyes, and I thought I saw a slight smile curve the edges of her glossy lips. I didn't speak, just taking in the thought.

"The main thing that really gets to me though, I just can't really understand," she said, breaking the moment, and somehow making it clear it wasn't to be discussed.

"What's that?" I asked, still thinking of Shakira getting kinky with her mistress.

"He won't do anal," she blurted out, looking me straight in the eye, as if worrying she needed acceptance. It was almost enough to make me choke on my whisky, managing to swallow calmly and put the glass down.

"You like anal?" I asked, hoping my voice didn't sound like it was excited like a teenager.

"Yeah, I really do like it, love it even. It's something I tried when I was young and foolish," she said with a laugh, "but I just loved it, it just had something, and with my ass, well, the boys..." she trailed off, not needing to finish, since it was clear that any guy finding out that a hot girl like her with the stunning ass she had would be just euphoric to get to pound on it.

"Wow, didn't think girls were into that," I said, thinking of squeezing my hard cock into her ass.

"Most aren't, but I am, and my boyfriend won't do it," she said with a pout, sitting back, a little grumpy as she considered it.

"That sucks, I can understand other things maybe not some peoples taste, but I dunno why..." I trailed off, not quite sure what she wanted to hear.

"Yeah well he doesn't, and so even when we do have sex I'm always a little bit unsatisfied," she said with a sigh, giving a quick wave of her hand to get served, quickly ordered them a refill.

"Well you have some toys I assume?" I said, realising how much the alcohol was getting to me to casually say that, and her since she didn't care now and just told me.

"I do, plenty, but they just aren't the same," she said, smiling dazzlingly as she received their fresh drinks.

"I guess, but if he won't do it, then I guess it's all you have," I said, offering her sympathy about it all, and thinking how I'd do her ass good and hard, wondering how her boyfriend passed it up. There was a pause when they sipped their drinks.

"It's been so long since I got fucked in the ass," Shakira said with a sigh, resting her chin on her hands.

"Or fucked at all for that matter," she said, before I'd had a chance to respond.

"That's life touring, in the same boat there," I said, raising a glass to engage her in a toast.

"Yeah," she said glumly, lifting her glass.

"Except I don't want to be fucked in the ass," I said with a laugh, Shakira laughing, lifting her mood again as she toasted and drank healthily from the cocktail. They finished their drinks quite quickly, both nicely drunk now, chatting and laughing about various things, though the topic of sex seemed right there between them now, and I couldn't deny I was seeing Shakira in a new light now, and feeling a bit horny, wanting her more than I ever had now I'd heard the details of her sex life. After that drink they decided they'd had enough and left, paying the tab off and heading out of the club, opting to walk, both wanting the fresh, cool night air after their drinking, staggering just a little as they walked, Shakira far more though, her petite frame unable to cope with the alcohol quite so well.

"I wish I could go back to my hotel and have sex now, I love drunken sex," Shakira mumbled, holding onto my arm, saying it almost to nobody in particular.

"That'd certainly be something I wouldn't turn down," I said, knowing how sex could top off a night out just perfectly.

"But I guess so, just have to wait, for months, but I need it so much already," she complained, giving a deep sigh as they walked, her heels clicking on the pavement.

"Maybe, but it'll be worth it," I said, turning them into an alleyway, a cut-through back to their hotel that saved around twenty minutes walking, which was a big deal when we were drunk.

"Just wish I could have it now," she sighed wistfully, walking slightly ahead of me down the alley where it turned a slight corner as I paused for a moment. I'd always wanted a crack at Shakira, even if she was technically out of bounds, but right now I didn't care. I was horny and a bit drunk so unable to rationally stop myself, and it was pretty evident that right now she was more than up for it. I pounced and grabbed her tightly, making her give a gasp as I just firmly groped her, squeezing her humble chest, another sliding to her tummy and hip to pull her back against me as I started to kiss and nibble at her soft neck, knowing deep in my mind if this went wrong I was totally fucked. However, Shakira just gave a throaty groan, pushing back into my hardon, feeling it pressed against her stunning ass through her thin black skirt.

I knew she was up for it as she gave a little wiggle, jostling my hard cock between her bountiful booty, teasing me when I was already very horny, making me grab her tighter a moment and then just throw caution to the wind and go for it. I almost threw the sexy Colombian star down over a bin, thinking of nothing but fucking her now, my hand at her hip grasping her little black skirt and pulling it swiftly up over her back as I stepped away from her a little, revealing her gorgeous ass, full and firm as she bent over the bin, looking absolutely mouth watering in a pair of lace and satin black and white French knickers. I took just a moment to absorb the image, Shakira bent over the bin, skirt over her back, sexy underwear, stunning arse, her smooth, toned thighs leading into a pair of brown leather knee high boots. My hands immediately found the waistband of her knickers, my fingers slipping into it, feeling the wonderfully soft smoothness of her skin as I pulled them down, letting them fall past her knees over her boots as she spread her legs a little more, both of us breathing heavily as I took in the wonderful sight of her pussy peeking between her thighs.

"Do it, fuck me," she breathed, her hand fumbling back for my jeans, dropping back with her other one to hold onto the edge of the bin as I reached down to undo them, rapidly mastering the buckle, button and zip that was preventing my rock hard cock from getting at the luscious Shakira. I quickly released my erection, grasping it firmly to push it down towards her inviting pussy as my spare hand slid onto her stunning ass, giving it a good squeeze as I moved in, sliding it up to hold her hip as I expertly aimed my cock at her hot, slippery entrance. I took just a moment to achieve a final position and then pushed powerfully into her, feeling a slight resistance and then her suddenly give way and welcome me in, the hot, tight walls of her velvet smooth pussy hugging and clenching around me. She definitely hadn't had it for a while, she was so tight, her muscles snug round my cock as I drove in, both of us giving deep, soulful groans at the feel of the penetration after so long without it. I buried around half of my cock in her before her pussy clamped down tight to stop me, needing a moment to adjust and let me in, but I just didn't want to make love to her, I needed to fuck her, good and hard.

Shakira gave a grunt as my other hand smacked her across her arse, feeling the wonderful firmness of her round ass before I grabbed hold of her hips, pulling back just a fraction and then driving forward, getting another inch or so before her vagina tightened up and stopped me, but this time I was intent on getting balls deep.

"...Fuck," Shakira growled through gritted teeth as I grabbed her curvy hips tightly and just forced my rock hard member into her, pushing through her immensely tight pussy, the feel of it sliding past my cock just incredible as I pressed myself right to the hilt inside the gorgeous singer, pulling her wonderful ass back into my hips. I relished the feel of her warm, firm rear pressed to me for a second and then took a tight grip on her hips again and pulled back, feeling her vagina pulling tightly at me as I slid back till just my head was inside her and then buried myself into her once more, pushing a long grown from her, feeling her shiver with pleasure. My hands slid to her waist, feeling the wonderful curve of her midsection as I abruptly pulled back and then pumped into her deeply, slamming her against the bin and making her grunt in a mix of surprise and sensation, and then give a long, ascending squeal as I suddenly started pounding on her as hard and fast as possible, my hips a blur as I suddenly gave her the hardest fucking she'd probably ever had.

"Oh fuck meee!" she whined in a strained fashion as I pounded on her, my hips slapping her incredible ass as it jiggled from me fucking her so hard, pounding deep and hard, feeling her pussy squeezing at me, Shakira dangerously close to an orgasm already, having gone so long without a real cock and a good fucking. She held the bin tightly as I slammed into her, squeezing her ass hard as I slowed and suddenly pulled out, making her gasp at the sudden void inside her, but before she could ask why I pressed the bulbous head of my cock to her tight asshole. My cock was slick from her absolutely dripping pussy and I knew she wanted it, and with her hot ass and the way she'd been talking about it, I had to have it. I pressed hard, feeling her involuntarily block me a moment and then her stretching, seeing her tense up, time seeming to freeze for a moment as I felt her tight ring opening up, holding me back, and then time cascaded forward again as there was a sudden jolt and my hard cock was in her ass, feeling her squeeze down tightly behind my head as she gave a cry.

I didn't wait at all, grabbing her hips once more and pushing in, all the way till my balls were against her soaked pussy, feeling her try to pull away but pushing back at the same time, growling in both pleasure and pain, since it hurt a bit since it was so sudden and she hadn't done it for a while, but still felt so good. She gave a deep grunt as I pulled back, feeling how wonderfully hot and tight she was as I immediately built up a rhythm, getting to work fucking Shakira in her gorgeous ass. I started to pump her quickly, going as deep and hard as I possibly could into her, her gorgeous ass slapping back hard against my hips as I fucked her, holding tightly onto her hips. Shakira clutched the bin tightly, grunting and moaning in pleasure as I pounded on her ass, the pain only heightening her arousal now, pushing back to meet me as she grit her teeth and groaning uncontrollably as she enjoyed a good, hard ass fucking.

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