Crew Teammates


"Katie," she whispered, stammering. "You're drunk. I..."

"Ssshh, Annie. Kiss me." Katie leaned in again and placing her hand on the side of Annie's face, she kissed her again. Annie's mouth responded. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

Annie couldn't deny it. "Of course..."

"Then let me kiss you." Katie's lips were on Annie's again. This time she kissed Annie a little more firmly. The two friends' arms enveloped each other. Annie felt Katie's body press against hers. She closed her eyes as Katie's tongue pushed its way between her lips and into her mouth, touching the tip of her own tongue. Annie moved her hand up the back of Katie's dress and felt the bare skin of her back beneath her neck that the fabric of her dress didn't cover. The touch of Annie's fingers to her skin sent a chill through Katie's body and she moaned softly into Annie's mouth. She pushed her own hands up the back of Annie's tee shirt and caressed her back, pulling Annie closer. Katie kicked off her black heels and climbed up on the couch.

Annie broke away. "Katie," she began. "Not here, Kelly could come back."

Katie grinned. "Your bedroom?" She got up off the couch and sauntered towards Annie's bedroom, pausing to stop halfway there, turn and smile at Annie who was still on the couch. "Come on Annie, join me," she giggled, the alcohol still clearly having not worn off.

Annie looked at her friend; the conflicting emotions had abandoned her. "You're so awful Katie," she said jokingly as she stood. "You come back to my place drunk and expect to sleep with me," she teased, slowly walking towards Katie.

"I told you, I'm not drunk," Katie said with a grin. "I'm just feeling playful tonight." As Annie approached her friend they kissed again. This time Katie placed her hands on Annie's cheeks, pulling her face to her. Annie wrapped her arms around Katie's midriff and playfully clenched her rear through her dress. As they kissed, Annie drew Katie towards her bedroom. Once inside she shut the door behind her. The two women smiled at each other.

"What would Kelly say," Katie asked with a grin.

"She'll never know. She's out probably getting in bed with some guy right now."

"She's missing out," said Katie as she began to kiss Annie again, this time a little more passionately. She backed Annie up against the closed door, kissing her deeply, pressing her body against Annie's. Annie loved the feeling of being trapped between her new lover and the door. The firmness of the door contrasted with the softness of Katie's form pressed against her breasts, abdomen and hips. Annie ran her hands up and down Katie's back and through her auburn hair, then down to her rear. She clenched Katie's firm butt, pressing her hips to hers. She felt the familiar pleasure begin to spread outward from her thighs and raised one leg off the floor in eagerness, her body begging Katie to press herself against her mound.

"Mmmm, Katie," she moaned. Katie responded by pushing her thigh between Annie's legs and pressing it against her body. Annie gave a gasp of pleasure. As Katie kissed her, Annie reached behind Katie's back and unzipped the back of her dress.

"Mmmm, what are you doing there?" Katie asked playfully. "Are you trying to get me out of this dress?"

"It's a nice dress," Annie said between kisses. "But I'm in my pajamas. I feel under-dressed." Katie smiled and stepped back. She reached up under her dress and, grasping the waist of her black pantyhose, rolled them slowly down her firm, athletic legs. As Katie took her pantyhose off, Annie breathed deeply, watching her friend.

Annie's mind was buzzing with passion. All sorts of thought passed through her head. I can't believe Katie's doing this, she thought. Is she into girls too? Is she just into me? Is she just sexed-up because of her evening out and the drinking? Whether we stop now or go all the way it will be just as hard or easy to explain to each other the next day, she realized. But what about me?, she wondered. Am I into Katie or do I just miss being with someone? Am I simply horny? It was all so conflicting. Katie had been drinking, probably too much. She was letting her hormones rule her actions. Should I give in to her? Shouldn't I resist?

Katie cut her thought process short as she tossed her pantyhose aside. "Help me with this dress," she said. Annie's desire overrode any of the conflicts in her mind.

She stepped forward and, placing her hands on Katie's shoulders, gently guided the straps of her dress off. Katie pulled her arms out from under the straps and let the dress fall down to her waist. She pushed it the rest of the way down, over her wide hips and thighs until it pooled at her feet. She stood in front of her friend in matching black panties and bra.

"I thought I might be taking this off tonight. I never imagined it might be for you," Katie said softly, the realization of what they were doing hitting her.

Annie had seen her friend in this state of undress often enough in the locker room, but she'd never been this excited about it before. "I'm glad it's me," she said.

"Now you're overdressed," Katie said smiling. "Get those clothes off."

Annie paused as she grasped the bottom of her tee shirt. This is silly, she thought. Katie's seen me with my shirt off many times. I shouldn't be self-conscious about my body. Annie pulled her tee shirt over her head slowly but then held it in front of her, a poor attempt at modesty.

Katie stepped toward her. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Annie looked away and then back at her friend. Katie, reading Annie's mind, responded, "You have a beautiful body Annie, I love it." She took Annie's tee shirt from her hands and dropped it on the floor, exposing Annie's generous bosom. Katie wrapped her arms around Annie's waist, holding her close, feeling the warmth of her bare skin on hers. "I want you Annie. And I want your body," she said with a playful smile on her face.

Annie smiled at her friend. "Thank you Katie." As they kissed, Katie slid her hands down the back of Annie's flannel pajama bottoms and caressed her soft bum. Annie gratefully accepted her lips on hers and gave into Katie's caresses.

"Let's get these off," Katie said as she pushed the flannel pants down Annie's legs. Annie stepped out of them, her pale blue panties the only object hiding her nakedness from Katie. The couple's bodies came together again in a passionate embrace. The women's fingers and tongues explored the bodies their eyes had only been able to see prior to this night. As Annie's lips and tongue tickled Katie's ear and neck, Katie's hands caressed Annie's breasts and petite, pink nipples. Their touches elicited gasps and moans as they ground their hips together.

Annie, in a fit of lust, pulled Katie's bra straps off her shoulders, yanking her bra down. She pressed her hands to Katie's small mounds. Katie breathed deeply in response to Annie's touch and passion and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Annie soft fingers slid her hand down Katie's flat stomach and between her thighs, pressing her them through the material of Katie's black panties. "Mmmm," Katie moaned in response her eyes telling Annie she wanted to be touched. She guided Annie backwards to the bed as they continued to kiss. They lay on the bed side by side, their tongues intertwined, hands pressing their bodies together, thighs grinding against their mounds.

Katie broke the kiss and, grasping the waist of Annie's panties, pulled them down her thighs, calves and over her feet. Annie turned over onto her back as Katie knelt over her, her mouth moving down her chest to Annie's breasts. Her tongue made circles around Annie's right nipple and her lips encircled her areola as her hand squeezed the other large, soft breast. Annie moaned in response, her chest rising to Katie's mouth. As she gently nibbled on Annie's nipple, Katie ran her right hand down between her friend's legs and over her hairy mound finding her wet with desire. She slowly slid a finger into Annie's wetness as Annie reacted with a quiver and groan of pleasure.

Katie looked up at Annie's face and smiled. "That feels wonderful," she said encouragingly.

"I want to kiss you there," said Katie.

"I'd love that."

Katie slid down the bed, kissing her way down the soft curves of Annie's stomach. Annie assisted her by spreading her thighs. Katie inhaled the scent of Annie's sex as she tenderly kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs. Katie, tasting a woman for the first time, tentatively touched her tongue to Annie's sex as Annie's pubic hair tickled her cheeks. She drew her tongue up Annie's lips and then back down, taking her time, savoring the experience and the new scents and tastes. She pushed her tongue between her teammate's folds, feeling the soft wetness of her pussy. Annie breathed deeply and put her hands on Katie's head guiding her up.

Katie, sensing Annie's need, brought her tongue to her clit, circling it with moderate pressure. Annie moaned and pressed Katie's head against her mound, her desire increasing. Katie clenched Annie's thick, soft thighs with her hands and began to flick and lick her friend's clit in earnest.

"Oh yeah Katie, that's it," Annie gasped. "Just like that."

Katie, encouraged by the pleasure she was bringing, vigorously attacked Annie's clit. Soon enough, Annie felt herself approaching orgasm. "Oh yes, yes, oh" she moaned.

Katie responded by sliding her hands beneath Annie's ass and the bed sheets and lifted her hips to her mouth. She clenched Annie's soft ass with her fingers and, as Annie's orgasm arrived, she pressed her mouth and tongue to Annie's mound. Annie's hips bucked and shook with pleasure. "Oh yes, yes, yes, yes," she gasped as her body twisted on the bed.

Eventually, Annie relaxed and her hands released Katie' head. Katie looked up at her friend's face and smiled; Annie's juices covering her lower face. "Oh wow Katie, that was good," Annie said. Katie moved up next to Annie. "It's like you had years of experience," said Annie giggling and holding Katie tightly. They kissed. Annie could taste herself on Katie's mouth. She pulled Katie to her, "It's been a while since I had that, thank you."

"Are you ready for me to return the favor?" asked Annie. "There's really nothing like a girl kissing you down there."

"I can't wait."

Katie lay flat on her back her arms and legs straight as if she was lying on an operating table. Sensing Katie's tension Annie said, "I want you to relax." Katie closed her eyes and gave into her friend. Annie gently tickled Katie's neck with her tongue eliciting a smile from her. Annie moved lower and flicked Katie's large, dark nipples, gently sucking on one and then the other. Katie moaned and ran her hands over the smooth skin of Annie's back. Annie took as much of one of Katie's small tits into her mouth as she could and sucked. Another moan came from Katie, the verbal encouragement prompting Annie to gently bite one of Katie's nipples. Katie squealed in pleasure as her hands dug into Annie's back, her desire growing.

Annie slid lower and slowly pulled Katie's panties down her long, finely molded legs. Once they were off, she pushed Katie's athletic thighs wide. Annie paused, taking in the view of her friend lying on her bed. Katie's legs were spread wide, her pussy open to Annie's gaze, the curly, dark hair of her mound beckoning to Annie's mouth. After reveling in the sight for the moment, Annie began to slowly kiss Katie's inner thighs, lightly running her tongue closer to her wetness. Katie's hips quivered on the bed as the expectation of what was to come next overwhelmed her. "You're teasing me," she giggled.

Annie responded by lightly running her tongue over Katie's pussy and up to her clit. Her tongue circled it and then flicked it. Katie gasped and moaned. She lapped at Katie's wet, full lips. "Oh God, Annie," Katie moaned between deep breaths.

Annie buried her face in Katie's pussy, licking and rubbing her clit with her tongue. Katie squirmed with pleasure and reached up and grasped the posts of the bed above her head. Annie used her fingers to pry back the folds of skin around Katie's clit, exposing her hard nub to her tongue. Katie groaned loudly in response, wiggling beneath her; her curly pubic hairs ground into Annie's face.

As Katie's orgasm built, her hands grasped the bedposts tightly and her strong thighs clenched Annie's head. "Oh mhhmmm God, yes, yes, fuck, yessss, Annie, fuck me, yes," Katie moaned as her body shook. She felt her orgasm begin to subside but Annie refused to stop licking her clit. And then it built again. She released her hold on the bedposts and brought them down to Annie's head trying to pull her off, but Annie ignored her and continued to lick her.

Katie felt another orgasm coming and gave in to it despite her sensitive clit. Her body spasmed again and again, her hips lifting off the bed and grinding into Annie's face. "Oh, oh, oh, God yessss, yes, yes." Again, her orgasm subsided and she pried Annie's face from her mound. "Oh no more, no more."

Annie obliged and moved up Katie's body to lie on top of her. Katie's arms and legs wrapped around her friend's warm body as she laughed with pleasure. "Oh my God, that was amazing," she cooed. "I never knew it could be that good. I needed that."

Annie just smiled, enjoying the moment and the feeling of just giving in to it all. I needed it too, she thought. After a while, she said, "I thought you never sleep with someone on the first date," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"I think we blew way past the first date thing," responded Katie. "So why not throw the rules out for this one night."

The two teammates lay together like that for several minutes, caressing each other's bodies and gently kissing each other. Once Katie's body had completely relaxed, she said, "We probably should keep this to ourselves."

"That's probably a good idea. I can't imagine what the rest of our team would say," Annie responded.

"And it would give Jim all sorts of dirty fantasies. He doesn't need any more reasons to ogle us."

The women fell asleep in each other's arms completely satisfied. As the sun rose early the next morning, the sound of the suite's door opening barely registered in their minds. Kelly entered the dorm suite. On the way to her bedroom she took note of the pair of black heels on the floor by the couch. They don't look like Annie's, she thought as she continued on to her room pondering the meaning of their presence on her floor.

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