tagMind ControlCrime: Bimbomania! Ch. 03

Crime: Bimbomania! Ch. 03


Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.


Michael greeted me with obvious relief.

"Oh! You're here! Great! Great! Where have you been? It's almost time to start! You look great! Where are the grips? Props! Get the props in place! Someone call Gary! The spotlight is too dull. Lights! We need lights, lights, lights! Glitter and pizzazz! This is big time, babies, and this is going to be the...best...show...ever!" The strain of show time was displayed on his face. Michael took his job as backstage manager very seriously.

I made a show of fanning myself. "Oh, wow, I'm hot. Feeling kinda faint, you know? Woozy. I think I need some water."

Michael's eyes widened and he shrieked. He twisted and shouted, "Water! Cold water for Erica right now! Get the smelling salts! Grab the crash cart!"

Then Chrissie said, "Knock it off, Michael. Can't you see she's teasing you?"

Michael paused for a second, looking at me. I nodded.

"She's right. I was just having some fun," I said.

Michael stalked away, muttering.

I turned to Chrissie. "Hmmpphh. Party pooper," I said.

Chrissie pitched her voice really high. "Hmmpphh. Party pooper!" Then she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," I said. Nothing like a little pre-show bickering to settle one's nerves.

Of course, I would have expected her to be in a better mood for Day Two. Chrissie was, after all, ahead of the rest of us by two letters. She had yet to experience any effects whatsoever, whereas Laura, Tonya and I had been through two levels of bimbification and two spins of the accessory wheel.

For my part, I wasn't going to give Chrissie the satisfaction of showing how royally pissed I was about my changes. My entire midsection had been bimbified, so my hips and ass were swelled and rounded, and my waist had been pinched in. My fingernails, toenails and lips were all the same shade of metallic hot pink, and my nipples were now pierced. The most embarrassing changes, however, were my hair, which was now permanently gathered into two long blonde pigtails that dangled from the top of my head all the way down to my waist, and my lips, which were now swelled and rewired into a super sensitive erogenous zone.

Tonya and Laura hadn't been much luckier. Tonya's hair was now big and platinum, and she looked like a bimbo stripper. Besides the bimboed midsection, she now sported a tongue piercing and bimbo red fingernails, toenails and lips. She had also received vagina bumps right next to her clit, and a simple ten-foot walk left her looking slightly dazed. Laura's red hair was long and straight, and her fingers, toes and lips matched it. She also had a bimbified midsection, and, although she didn't have vagina bumps like Tonya, she did have a pierced clit. Also, her nipples had been super sensitized, and the simple act of wearing a bra was giving Laura a dreamy look on her face. The three of us were turning into horny little bimbos, and Chrissie was going to run away with this thing if at least one of us didn't get it together soon.

We stood around without talking, with Laura, Tonya and I trying not to move too much. It was almost a relief when Michael rushed toward us, panting, "Five minutes! Five minutes! Biff is already out there, okay, sweeties? Five minutes! Big time, cuties! Best show ever!"

I put a hand to my forehead. "Oh! Woozy..."

Michael looked panic-stricken.

I grinned. "Kidding," I said.

Michael stalked away, muttering under his breath. The others gave me disapproving looks.

Soon we heard the music cue up, and then Biff was talking. "Good evening, and welcome back to Bimbomania! Our latest playoff matches members of the "Night at the Museum" gang against each other, and so far it's been an entertaining contest! Christine has been large and in charge with it, but she's not so far ahead that she can afford to relax. Nosireebob! Particularly since Day 2 is when we turn...up...the...heat! So, let's bring our girls back out for another day of bimbifying goodness. Girls, come on down!"

The tuxedoed beefcakes once more formed an honor guard of sorts as we entered the stage. We had each been given individual outfits to wear, and, although all the outfits consisted of a miniskirt, knotted halter-top and high heels, each exhibited an individual theme. Laura was introduced first, and she made her demure way out dressed in an adorable schoolgirl outfit, her perfect red hair swaying in step with her hips. Tonya was next, her mass of blonde hair flowing down her back. She was dressed in the glittery sequins of a stripper. I was introduced next, and I walked onstage with my long dangling pigtails bobbing in time with my cheerleader skirt. Chrissie was last. Her black hair wasn't as extreme as the rest of ours, but she was still looking adorably hot in her Sailor Moon anime outfit.

We were now gathered on stage. Various signs could be seen throughout the audience in support of one contestant or another. One sign stated, "LAURA = HOT HOT HOT!" Another sign said, "Tonya...blondes have more fun!" One half-wit held a sign that said, "Nice pigtails, Erica! Your IQ is HAIR today but gone tomorrow!" I obviously had an adoring public.

We listened to Biff drone on endlessly, but, finally, we got down to the business of the day...the next event.

"Alright, cuties," said Biff. "It's time! The next event is known by our regular viewers as the 'No Blow'." Biff paused as the crowd burst into applause.

While Biff waited for quiet, a girl wearing a sexy nurse's outfit walked over and stood next to him. Her crisp white uniform was tight and short, and her cleavage bulged through the V-neck. She was holding a pink injection gun and a cloth pack that appeared to hold four injection cartridges.

"This is Nurse Suzi," said Biff. "She had to change her name because the doctors got nervous working around anyone named 'Sue!' Right? Right?" Biff did a quick little soft-shoe as a drum rimshot sounded over the speakers. The audience groaned appreciatively.

Biff finished his dance step and smiled. "Well, enough of this frivolity. We've got some girls to bimbo! Now, ladies, here's what you'll be dealing with. Nurse Suzi is injecting you each with a secret hormone specifically created by those hardworking scientists at Blonde Concepts and linked to your individual chromosomal makeup. This hormone is concentrated to work specifically with your taste buds and in synch with your swallowing instinct as well."

Suzi stepped up to Tonya and selected a cartridge. She popped the cartridge into the pink injection gun and moved Tonya's mass of blonde hair from the back of her neck. Then she pressed the business end of the injector against the base of Tonya's neck and pressed. Tonya jumped, a surprised look on her face, as a sudden 'pfft' of hair was heard. Suzi smiled and replaced the cartridge as she moved on to Laura.

"Now, this won't cause you any trouble by itself, although your food may taste a little, ah, strange for the next day or two. Nope, the true challenge comes in a different package."

As Biff talked, the stage began to whirr and rotate once more, sliding smoothly into place. Behind Biff, a long transparent container came into view, fully the length across the back of the stage. The container was designed of completely see-through plastic. It was approximately eight feet high and about eight feet wide as well, and it had to be around one hundred feet long, although it was 'S' shaped, so as to be able to fit on stage. It was, for all intents and purposes, a transparent hallway. Inside the transparent hallway, at regular intervals, sat four of the beefcakes. Each beefcake was shirtless, although wearing the black tuxedo pants. They looked delicious. The four muscled men were receiving injections from women who were dressed in a similar manner to Suzi.

"Those hunks are receiving pheromone shots," continued Biff. "Those pheromones are geared to activate the hormones migrating to your mouth glands. The closer you get to those pheromones, the stronger the effect they have on you."

I felt Suzi's hand on my shoulder and sudden pressure against the back of my neck. I gasped and jumped as the hormones were air-injected into me.

"Oh!" I said, pigtails bouncing.

Biff flashed a grin, then continued. "The bottom line is this, ladies. The pheromones and hormones are specially designed by those clever fellows from Blonde Concepts, and the closer you get to the gentlemen, the more you are going to want to swallow their semen. You four are going to start at the beginning of the plastic hallway and walk through. You'll pass each gentleman as you do so, and, trust me, you'll feel the effects. Each gentleman has a stronger concentration of pheromones than the one before, so it'll get harder and harder to simply walk by. Once your lips have touched one of the gentleman's penises, then you have lost and will receive a letter and a trip to the accessory wheel! If you manage to make it through without stopping to dally, then you receive a pass for the round. As you can see, it is actually possible to have multiple winners this time!"

I began to feel the tingle of panic as I realized the nature of this event. My lips were super sensitive! This wasn't fair!

The sound of a ringing cell phone interrupted my panic attack. For the first time, I realized that Biff was carrying a sleek, colorful cell phone on his belt. The phone had a blinking red light that was flashing to the beat of the phone's ring. Biff made a show of answering the phone.

"Biff Brewster," he said.

Everyone watched breathlessly as Biff listened, then nodded. Finally, he turned and looked at me.

"This is Mister Big. He is the ultimate authority on Bimbomania!" said Biff. The audience gave an awed clap.

Biff continued. "Mister Big is aware of your plight, Erica. And he is offering a deal of sorts.

A deal?

"Mister Big said you may have your lips numbed for the next event if you agree to have your eyebrows shaped and neuromuscularly repositioned into a higher arch."

The crowd began to buzz while I mulled over the offer. My lips were already tingling and, although I had full control of myself, I wasn't happy about trying to walk through that long hallway with my lips feeling like a hotbed of temptation. However, my eyebrows would be enhanced, making me look like a perpetually surprised ditz. A rock and a hard place. Dammit.

"Well, Erica?" said Biff.

I clenched my teeth. I couldn't afford another letter. "Alright, Biff. I'll take the deal."

The crowd applauded as he spoke dramatically into the phone. "Mister Big...Erica will take the deal!" He slid the phone back into place and put his arm around me, then turned to face the camera. "Erica is having her eyebrows enhanced so that she can numb her lips! Will this strategy help her win the event? We'll see the results of the enhancement and begin the next event when we come back!" Then the camera turned off and Biff deflated.

Two tuxedoed beefcakes quickly escorted me backstage. Once again I found myself sitting across from Roadkill, the ex-biker techie who had earlier done my hair and nails.

"Hello again," he said.

"Grrrrrrr. Hello again," I said.

"Open up," he said.

I opened my mouth and he laid strips of thin metal mesh along my top and bottom lips. The adhesive on the strips held them in place.

"Press your lips together. Good...you'll feel current running through the strips, and it will feel weird, but it can't hurt you. While that's happening, I'm setting the neuro-strips on your eyebrows for restructuring. This won't hurt either, but it's going to feel buzzy up there while it's happening."

I felt Roadkill pressing something against my eyebrows. Then his fingers were gone, but I could still feel the strips. Then I gasped as I felt current running through both sets of strips. Roadkill was watching a monitor that appeared to have my eyebrows showing onscreen, and he was using the mouse to change the shapes on the screen. As he did so, I felt an increase in the sensations in my eyebrows. It was making me feel light-headed, and I began breathing deeper to avoid feeling nauseous.

I was really starting to feel dizzy, but all at once, it stopped. Roadkill removed the strips, and, judging by the way the strip removal didn't cause me to explode into orgasm, I deduced that my lips were indeed not the super sensitive sources of embarrassment they had been earlier. For now, anyway. I nodded in satisfaction. "Thank you, Roadkill. Much better."

The muscular Roadkill chuckled. "Don't thank me yet, babe," he said, handing me a mirror.

I swore. I had known they were going to adjust my eyebrows, but my eyebrows were so arched and rounded now that the effect even caused my eyes to be opened just slightly wider than normal. I looked stunned. Grrrrrrrr!

I was escorted back onstage, and the camera came back to life. Chrissie had to step just outside the pan range of the camera, as she couldn't stop laughing at my perpetually surprised look. I really wanted to hurt her.

Biff put his arm around my shoulders and showed me off to the home viewers. "Welcome back, Erica! Our techs certainly did excellent work!" The crowd applauded.

Biff finally released me and I stomped my way behind Laura.

"Alright, girls, it's time to get ready," said Biff. "Let's make our way over to the hallway entrance."

We walked to the entrance of the transparent hallway. The hallway was actually a sealed rectangular cube, apparently with its own air supply. It was designed to keep the air in, presumably so the "pheromones" or whatever the hell Biff called them couldn't escape. I mentally shrugged. It sounded more like a head game than anything else. There was probably some gas or something in there that would make us dazed or giggly, and the viewers and Biff could get off thinking we were getting horny. Whatever. I had taken care of any risk I had when I had agreed to let them numb my lips, so I wasn't actually worried about this one. A small part of me actually wished it was true in the sense that watching Chrissie get helplessly horny and start giving a guy a blowjob on national television would have been absolutely the best thing ever.

They herded the four of us into the first section of the hallway, then closed the door behind us. Since the door, like the walls, was transparent, they could still see us, of course, and we could see them. As we watched, they locked the door. The only way out of this cubed hallway was the door on the other end. All we had to do was walk there past the four supposedly hopped-up-on-pheromones guys.

We could see the first guy sitting in a chair one section over, maybe twenty or thirty feet from us. The funny thing was, it seemed like we could smell him from where we were, but in a good way. In fact, that scent was actually making my mouth water. The others wriggled a little bit, and I had a feeling the scent was having a similar effect on them. We all breathed in a little deeper, and suddenly nipples were springing up and thighs were being pressed together.

Holy shit, this guy smelled good. We all took a tentative step forward, and our hips were already beginning to wriggle. I could feel my tongue sliding over my numb lips. I could actually picture this guy's cock in my mouth, and gawd, that was exactly what I needed.

And that was when the beefcake stood and ripped his Velcro pants off in a single move. His glorious cock stood at attention for the world's and ours' viewing pleasure.

My reverie was snapped by Tonya's outcry. Tonya dashed toward the beefcake, and that had the effect of opening the floodgates. As one, we all ran for the suddenly frightened beefcake. His eyes widened and he backed up, then turned to run for the far door, but it was too late. The wave of bimbified women swept over him, and he was buried in an avalanche of wet, slurping mouths. The beefcake was no longer visible under the licking, slurping, fighting women writhing on top of him, each trying to slide their mouths over his thick member.

Because of her head start, Tonya had reached the naked beefcake before the rest of us, and that gave her the advantage. Tonya had her lips wrapped firmly around the man's thick shaft, and she held his hips so tightly that it was impossible to dislodge her. The rest of us had a moment of panic so intense that it appeared we would physically attack Tonya. Then it occurred to us nearly simultaneously that there was another man not far away...and he had a penis.

Laura was in the best initial position and was a step ahead of Chrissie and I. Despite our high heels, we sprinted down the plastic hallway toward the second beefcake. The second beefcake had seen his compatriot disappear under the pile of women and had started down the hallway to help his colleague, but now he back-pedaled quickly as he realized we were racing in his direction. He turned to run, but he stumbled over his feet momentarily, and that was all we needed. Laura grabbed the back of his pants, which, being held together with Velcro, came off in her hands, leaving him naked. That slowed him enough that we were able to catch him from behind and tackle him to the ground. He tried to crawl away on his hands and knees, but our combined weight stopped him. We rolled him to his back, but it was Laura who managed to slide her mouth over his cock. Her head began to bob up and down as she sucked his member desperately.

Chrissie and I shrieked in frustration, realizing that this semen-wielding cock was unavailable as well. We were preparing to push Laura away when we became suddenly aware of the heady scent indicating that two more lovely penises had arrived. The last two beefcakes, apparently realizing what was happening, had arrived to help control the situation. This was fine with Chrissie and I.

I dropped to my knees in front of the man on the left while Chrissie ripped the pants off the guy on the right. I reached out and pulled the waistband of the pants in front of me and I was rewarded with the static sound of Velcro parting. I caught my breath as the cock in front of me hardened inches from my warm, wet mouth. Next to me, Chrissie's black hair was already bobbing back and forth.

I shuddered as I slid my mouth over the head of that cock, and I wrapped my lips tightly around that shaft. Everything else was simply background noise as the taste of that cock filled my mouth. My mouth was wet and tight, and I slid my lips up and down that shaft. My breathing was ragged as I felt his cock hardening even more in my mouth, and suddenly I saw flashes of color as hot cum began to fill my mouth. My eyes widened and I squealed around his cock as I orgasmed, a series of hot, shuddering, twitching climaxes that wracked my body as my belly filled with hot cum. Even with my belly full, however, I couldn't stop, and my vision blurred as I felt myself pulled away from that hot, luscious cock.


Twenty minutes later we were back on stage, although we were much more subdued at this point. We looked at the ground, our cheeks still flushed from our exertions. Well, mostly from our exertions. Biff was explaining to the audience why we had gone berserk.

"Well, that certainly was a sight to see! It seems the tech that performed the calculations for the injections accidentally shifted a decimal point in the wrong direction, and as a result, our girls received far more hormones than they were supposed to, along with the gentlemen receiving far too many pheromones. The effect on our girls was simply spectacular, though, wouldn't you say? Unfortunately, it was far more than their poor little addled minds could handle, and, therefore, we have no winners for this round. Christine shall receive her first round of Bimbomania bimbification, and the other girls will receive their third! And then...the accessory wheel! Paul, why don't you tell the girls what they can expect?"

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