tagMind ControlCrime: Night at the Museum Ch. 04

Crime: Night at the Museum Ch. 04


Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

This story takes place in the fictional town of Chrystal Heights. This is not significant in any way other than I hope to continue creating stories involving this town.

The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

Synopsis: A museum heist has unexpected results.

Part 4- The Conclusion

We were sitting around the living room, waiting for the phone to ring.

Alright, Chrissie, Tonya and Laura were sitting. I was standing, leaning on the back of the sofa. That bitch Chrissie had been so mad at me for screwing up the phone call from the mysterious stranger that when she did me with the glass cock earlier today, she slipped it in my ass just as we came. So the glass dildo was stuck in my ass for now.

Tonya sat on the couch, her hands on her swelled belly. She was so visibly pregnant now that she couldn't deny it any longer. Her breasts were swollen and obviously milk-laden. This was obvious for two reasons. One, she was topless. Two, Laura's lips were wrapped around Tonya's engorged right nipple in the obvious act of nursing.

We had realized that Laura had regressed mentally to infancy, but we hadn't considered the significance of that until she happened to lean against Tonya in the shower. Once Laura had realized that Tonya's boobs were full of milk, it was impossible to keep her away. Tonya had finally given in and let Laura drink her fill, just to keep her quiet. Laura had proved to have quite a capacity for milk, however.

Chrissie and I looked at everything in the living room except for Tonya and Laura. Seeing the cool and sophisticated Laura reduced to this was a disconcerting reminder of the trouble we were in. Hopefully the mysterious stranger would call back soon.

When the phone suddenly rang, we all jumped about a foot in the air. Well, Chrissie, Tonya and I did, anyway. Tonya's boob slipped out of Laura's mouth with an audible *pop* followed by a curse from Tonya. Apparently Tonya's nipples were quite sensitive.

I landed and tried to grab the handset, but Chrissie was closer. She snatched the phone and gave me a glare, then put the handset to her ear and said, "Hello?"

The phone rang again. I smirked and said, "It works better if you push the 'on' button."

Chrissie gave me a dirty look, but pushed the button this time.

Chrissie was listening intently and not paying any attention to me, so I casually waddled around the sofa and stood in front of her. All I was wearing was a t-shirt, so I was bare from the waist down. With the glass dildo stuck in my ass, I didn't really have a choice.

Chrissie said, "Yes...we have the crystal. Now, what do we do about these damn glass pieces?"

I casually turned until my ass was facing Chrissie. Intent as she was on the call, she didn't realize what I was doing until it was too late.

Chrissie said, "Fine. We can do that. We...mmmmmmppppphhhhh...!"

Chrissie's sudden muffled gibberish was due to the fact that I had suddenly pressed my ass backward, the glass dildo protruding from my ass scoring a bulls-eye into her mouth. The dildo pinned her head to the back of the sofa, and she couldn't move without risking being choked. I reached behind me and plucked the phone from her hand. Her squeaks became shrill as her hands slapped stingingly but ineffectively on my bare ass. I wriggled my hips as I said sweetly into the phone, "This is Erica. I'm sorry...Chrissie is a little busy now. So, what's the deal?"

Once again I heard the deep baritone voice from the night before. This time, however, he sounded disgusted. "I don't have time for games, girl. As I told the other one, you will meet me tonight in front of the museum at midnight. Bring the crystal, girl, or there will be no deal." And then the line was dead.

The bastard certainly enjoyed making dramatic gestures. Grrrrrrr.

I began to stroke my ass back towards Chrissie as I thought about the call. Tonya was so used to seeing Chrissie and me fuck each other openly in awkward ways by now that she didn't even glance at us. And Laura was oblivious to everything except sucking Tonya's lactating boobs. My thoughts quickly became disjointed as Chrissie's now tightly wrapped lips began to work the glass dildo. I shuddered as my belly muscles twitched and jumped, and soon I didn't even have to move my hips anymore...Chrissie's mouth was sliding up and down the glass dildo fervently. She was embarrassed, no doubt, and she was probably pissed, but once that glass cock was in her mouth, she couldn't resist it any more than I could. A minute later I was moaning like a slut in heat, and Chrissie was squealing around the dildo as we exploded simultaneously.

Eventually my heart rate returned to normal. I stepped forward and was gratified to feel the dildo sliding out of my ass as I did so. I turned and looked at Chrissie. Her cheeks were red and her black hair was a mess. I glanced at her lips, which now formed a perfect "O" around the glass dildo protruding from her mouth, and nodded in satisfaction. I gave her plumped out cheek a pat. "Enjoy, you little back-stabbing bitch."

Tonya shifted uncomfortably. In a moment of pregnancy-induced pique, Tonya had blurted out that they had indeed been planning to double-cross me the night we broke into the museum. That little admission had never been discussed, but none of us had forgotten it. Of course, they thought I had tried to double-cross them as well. I hadn't, but they would never believe that. The whole mess was a hovering, shiftless mass of Unfinished Business. Still, it could wait until this mess with the glass pieces was done.


At five minutes to midnight, we were all waiting at the meeting spot, which was a dark alley across the street from the museum. Laura needed constant supervision, Tonya was so pregnant that we couldn't be sure she wasn't going to give birth tonight, and Chrissie and I didn't trust each other to handle the job alone, so all of us ended up present. It was just as well, actually. If the mysterious stranger really did have a fix, we'd all want to use it as soon as possible. Also, there was the safety in numbers aspect to consider.

Our frayed nerves were obvious. Laura was restless because she was bored, and she was starting to gurgle and paw at Tonya's swelled breasts. Tonya was agitated and trying find a comfortable standing position. We had already decided that as soon as we made the exchange, Tonya was going to the emergency room. Chrissie was agitated as well, but for a different reason. After leaving it stuck inside my pussy earlier this evening, I had passed it back to her shortly before we left. She presently had the glass dildo firmly encased in her pussy, and the only way she could go out in public right now was in a wide, very loose skirt. It still looked like she was carrying an impressive erection, however. Her face was pure thunderclouds. Sweet.

My watch soon said midnight, and there was still no sign of our mysterious stranger. Chrissie scowled at me.

"If your stupid fucking game scared him off, you are so dead," she said.

"Kiss my ass," I said, but in a very sweet way.

Chrissie rolled her eyes. "No, thank you. I don't want fleas."

"Pffffft. You mean fleas don't want you," I said.

"Oh, wow, that was good, Erica. Maybe one day you can give big girl insults."

"I don't waste my big girl insults on you," I said. "Mocking you is fun, but there's no challenge."

"Oh, screw you, bitch," she said.

"Bite me, wench," I said.



A deep baritone suddenly interrupted our witty repertoire. "Do you ladies understand the meaning of a *secret* meeting? It involves not announcing your location with trivial bickering."

We turned at the words. I recognized the voice as belonging to the mysterious caller.

A tall, muscular black man with a shaved head stood before us. His skin was very dark and he wore black clothing as well, so when he stood in the shadows, he was nearly invisible. He glanced at each of us in turn, then shook his head.

"So this is the crack team that managed to steal the crystal," he said finally.

"Hey, we're the best," I said. Behind me, I could hear Tonya trying to explain to Laura that this wasn't a good time for her to suck her boobs. Chrissie was standing behind me, trying to hide her glass erection.

The man raised his eyebrows. Finally, he said, "Whatever you say, girl. You have the crystal?"

I nodded. "Yes, we do. What do we do to fix our problems with the glass pieces?"

The man appeared unfazed. "The crystal first, girl. Then you'll get your answers."

I clenched my teeth, but we both knew who had the advantage. "Fine."

Chrissie stepped from behind me and handed a cloth bag to the man. She gave me a sideways look as she did so. If we got screwed, it was going to be bad between us.

The man peeked inside the bag, then closed it quickly, obviously satisfied. He spoke again in that deep baritone. "Very well, then, girl. When you took those glass artifacts, they were sitting next to a large wooden statue. Proximity to that statue is the key, girl. Reunite the pieces with the statue, and your problems should disappear." He glanced at Tonya's swollen belly. "I suggest you do it quickly, however, or that one will have a permanent souvenir."

I rubbed my temples with stiff fingers. The statue. We were idiots. Of course it was the statue. We had left it behind because it was too big to conveniently carry, but it was actually the centerpiece.


Well, we had the information, and it had cost us any chance at a profit for the job, but at last we knew what we had to do to get rid of these damn glass pieces. There was an immediate discussion of our options. Then Chrissie and Tonya left me with Laura as they walked several feet away and whispered together. I saw Tonya glance at me reflexively for a moment, then quickly return her attention to Chrissie. She nodded agreement to whatever Chrissie was saying.

I puzzled over this, but they returned moments later, apparently having arrived at an agreement.

"Alright," said Chrissie. "Let's do it now."

I looked at her suspiciously. "You needed a private conversation to decide that?" I said.

Chrissie gave me an ice-cold glare. "If you must know, Miss Nosey, we were trying to decide if we trust you enough to go in with us. I personally think you should stay out here with Laura, but Tonya is right...Laura may need to be near the pieces when they get replaced. So you can go in with us."

I sputtered. "I'm 'allowed' to go with you?!?"

Tonya cut in then. "Look, let's not start again, alright? We're all going. Let's get it over with."

I nodded, glad that at least Tonya was showing good sense, despite her condition. It was time to get this over with.

We got inside the museum with little difficulty. Surprisingly easy, in fact, considering that the museum had suffered a major break-in recently. I was uncomfortable with this, but tension with Chrissie was too high for me to voice my misgivings.

We crept along a maintenance hall until we reached the area that housed the statue. It wouldn't be long now. I waved them back and peeked around the corner to make sure everything was clear. Seeing no one, I waved them forward, keeping my eyes on the room.

And that's when my world turned inside out.

Every muscle in my body suddenly locked and I couldn't breathe. I jerked and spasmed uncontrollably before finally collapsing to the ground, still twitching. I was having trouble thinking, but it finally registered that Chrissie had used her stun gun on me. She must have hidden it inside the voluminous skirt she had been forced to wear because of the glass dildo stuck in her pussy.

Chrissie looked down at me, smirking unbearably. "Bitch," she said. "I warned you that you'd get yours." I could only look up at her numbly, my mouth open.

Tonya walked over and helped Chrissie roll me onto my belly. Then the two of them pulled me onto my knees, my cheek on the floor, ass high in the air. Chrissie pulled my sweat pants over my hips and down to my knees. Then she slid my sweats under my knees and gathered them at my ankles. I still couldn't move as my bare ass was left elevated.

I didn't understand what was going on until I felt Chrissie snuggling up against my backside, and finally I flashed onto what her plan was. Trap me in place with the glass dildo stuck in my ass, then grab the statue and be in complete control after that. She'd be able to stick the glass dildo inside me anytime she wanted. Sure, sooner or later it would get stuck back inside her, but she'd have the statue and would be able to remove it at will. I'd be at her complete mercy.

Despite my incapacitated state, my body responded to the nearness of the glass dildo. My nipples were hard and I was already embarrassingly wet. Chrissie slid the dildo inside my shaved pussy and stroked back and forth several times. My belly muscles twitched and jumped with each stroke. Then the wonderful sensations were gone, replaced a moment later with pressure at my rear opening. I willed my ass to stay closed, but my tight back passage betrayed me by relaxing and allowing that glass dildo full entry. I heard Chrissie gasp. Then she gripped my hips and began to stroke slowly into my ass.

At this point, Chrissie and I were locked together by pleasure. There wasn't anything for Tonya to do, so she stood up and took a step back, although she was still in my line of sight. Tonya had a strange look on her face, almost distressed. Both hands went to her belly.

"Chrissie," said Tonya. "I need the glass pieces. Now."

Chrissie continued to stroke into my ass. "In a few minutes, Tonya," she said.

"Chrissie, I need them now!" Tonya said. "My water just broke!"

I could feel Chrissie's sudden anxiousness. She couldn't stop her hips from stroking that glass cock into my ass, however. Her hips and my ass were bonded through the smooth glass phallus sliding back and forth in my tight back passage. My heat was growing, but not quickly enough...the stun gun had scrambled my senses and my twitching muscles weren't stable enough yet to achieve orgasm.

Chrissie gasped, "Oh, shit. They're in my bag...down the hall...get them-"

And that's when the alarm went off.

Tonya jumped and spun around as a shrill bell sounded. Then she shouted, "Laura, no!"

Laura waddled down the hall towards us, holding a painting in her hands. I realized belatedly that Chrissie and Tonya had concentrated so hard in subduing me that they had forgotten about Laura. And Laura had just announced our presence to every cop in Chrystal Heights.

Despite the shrill noise echoing through the museum, our heat continued to grow, but not fast enough. Tonya looked distressed, trying to figure out which way to go, but suddenly her eyes widened and she gripped her belly with both hands. She took two steps, then dropped to her knees.

Tonya started breathing rapidly. "It's...it's happening...ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh.....!"

I was starting to get some movement back, but it was far too late. Cops were suddenly everywhere. Some of them had their guns half-drawn, but most hadn't even bothered. Chrystal Heights' finest were taking in the sight of Tonya beginning to give birth on the museum floor while Chrissie helplessly fucked me in the ass. On any other night, the sight of an attractive redhead walking around in a diaper with her thumb in her mouth might have been considered strange, but not so much tonight. If it was physically possible to die from embarrassment, I would have done so on the spot, but in the end, mine and Chrissie's screams of heated release matched Tonya's screams of labor pain.

Our subsequent arrest was no less bereft of humiliation. Tonya, of course, was whisked off to the hospital, but Chrissie and I had to endure the looks and snickers from the cops. They wouldn't let us move from the position despite our requests, and I'm sure more than one cell phone camera captured our enforced pose. They finally let Chrissie up, but the dildo was stuck in my ass, and I had to endure their seemingly endless laughter. I had to stay on all fours with the glass dildo protruding from my bare ass until the museum curator finally showed and confirmed that I needed to be moved next to the statue for the dildo to be removed. Laura looked relieved as she regained her adult thought processes, but she was not happy about being arrested while wearing a diaper.


Our trial was delayed for two weeks to give Tonya time to recover. Chrissie, Laura and I were in different cells, but I heard through the grapevine that Tonya had given birth to a baby girl.

Tonya was deemed fit enough for trial, and we were in court the following day. The court had assigned us all the same public defender, and we were to be tried as a group, rather than individually. I personally felt good about our chances, inasmuch as the only real charge they had us on was trespassing. We hadn't been trying to steal anything, just return it. Steven, our attorney, wasn't as confident, however.

"The judge you've been assigned to isn't like other judges," he said. "He's...different. If they assigned you to his docket, there's a reason for it. Your case isn't as cut-and-dried as you've tried to make me believe," he said.

Chrissie said, "But we really did find the pieces, just like we said. We were on our way to the orphanage to deliver some presents, but we stopped to help those nuns with their flat tire. After the nuns left, we walked to a nearby field to pick some flowers for patients in the leukemia ward, and that's where we found those glass pieces. Being good citizens, we tried to return them to the museum, and that's when all that stuff happened."

Steven nodded. "Yes, that 'stuff,'" he said. "You and Erica are Internet stars now, you know."

Chrissie looked away, mumbling under her breath.

"Anyway," said Steven, "you have Judge Hanover. He does things differently from what you'd be used to. Say as little as possible, and whatever you do, don't get him mad."

I said, "Judge Hanover...the one they call, 'The Rack'?"

Steven nodded.

"I heard about him in jail," I said. "They said he almost never assigns jail time."

Steven rolled his eyes. "Yes, that's true. Usually those he sentences would have preferred jail, however."

I wanted to ask more, but then the bailiff appeared in front of the court. "All rise!" he said.

We all stood as "The Rack" made his way to his bench. Judge Hanover didn't look as fearsome as Steven had made him sound. I had expected him to be taller, maybe.

Judge Hanover settled in and looked over his paperwork as we all sat back down. Finally he harrumphed and looked up.

"First case, bailiff."

The bailiff nodded, then looked at his clipboard. "The people of Chrystal Heights vs. Alicia Duvall."

An attractive blonde woman stood up.

The judge perused his paperwork. "It states here that you struck the owner of a car wash repeatedly because you blamed him for your car getting a flat tire on the premises."

The woman nodded. "That's right, your Honor. It's his car wash, and he refused to buy a new tire for my car."

The judge turned his cold stare to the woman. "It states that he offered to change the tire for you and to pay for it to be patched, even though there is a sign that states the car wash is not responsible for damage of this type. This wasn't good enough?"

The woman looked outraged. "No, that wasn't good enough. I had a flat tire and it was his fault! He owes me a new tire!"

"Several witnesses state that you attacked him despite his repeated attempts at courtesy," said the judge.

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