tagIncest/TabooCross Country Ch. 06

Cross Country Ch. 06


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* * *

Anne sprawled in the office chair, her slim legs propped up on the counter with ankles crossed, and a novel in one hand. It was a new release novel called Tuscan Rose by Belinda Alexandra and Anne was enjoying it immensely. The boredom of spending her evenings on call for a very small group of guests was almost overwhelming at times, but she couldn't dispute the fact that her work in the family business provided ample time to indulge in her favourite past time -- reading.

Anne was struggling to concentrate this evening though. Her mind kept wandering to the young trio who had checked in earlier that day, in particular the handsome, dark haired Sebastian. Anne smiled to herself as she remembered his distracted air over breakfast. She hoped it had been because of her. She knew she was attractive enough, and she had been particularly friendly with the young man that morning. She had maintained steady eye contact while talking with him, hoping to get a hint from him as to whether he liked what he saw. She thought he did, but he was definitely a shy one.

Eventually concentrating enough paid off and Anne was engrossed in her novel for the next couple of hours, with the occasional break to fetch a Diet Coke from the fridge in the office, or to visit the ladies.

At 11.00pm, Anne's phone beeped an alarm and she rose, carefully marking her page and placing the book on the counter. She locked the door, and flicked the switch to turn off the red MOTEL sign out the front. As she reached to pick up her book and head off to bed, the phone rang, startling her in the silence of the tiny office.

Anne glanced at the clock again. It was 11.03pm. After a few moments she decided to answer it anyway. Her goal was to run the motel for her parents eventually, and she had a strong customer service ethic when it came to looking after the guest's needs.

"Good evening, Reception?" Anne said as she answered the telephone.

"Hi Anne, it's Sebastian from room 32."

"Hi Sebastian!" Anne couldn't keep the grin from her voice and her cheeks flushed slightly. He had a smooth, rich voice which seemed to reach through the telephone lines and caress her cheek.

"I'm sorry to call so late, but I was wondering if there were any spare pillows? We're one short in here."

"Not a problem at all Sebastian." Anne answered without hesitation. "I'll bring a spare one over straight away."

"Thanks." Sebastian's voice made her shiver once more.

"See you soon."

Anne giggled to herself as she hung up the phone. An excuse to see him again was just what she needed before bed tonight. She wondered what sort of pyjamas he wore. It was a pity he was there with his sisters, but as much as she had fantasised about a guest before, she had never dared to initiate anything with one before. She doubted she would have relented now anyway, even if he were in there alone.

Fetching a couple of spare pillows from the locked cupboard between the rooms, Anne walked to the door of room 32 and knocked firmly three times. The door opened almost immediately and he stood there smiling down at her. Her heart gave a flutter, but she smiled back at him brightly and proffered the spare pillow.

"Here you go." She said, her eyes glancing down at his fit body and her lips curved in a warm smile as she met his eyes again. He wore boxer shorts only and his chest was perfectly toned without being heavily muscled. Her heart gave a jolt at the sight of him.

"Thanks Anne." Sebastian answered, grinning back at her. His eyes glittered with warm emotion. Anne coughed and blinked, astonished at her reaction to his deep green eyes.

"Uhh, well." She began, but Sebastian interrupted.

"Could you come in for a moment? I was hoping you could show me how to use the alarm clock. I can't figure it out!" Sebastian laughed.

"Sure." Anne's smile broadened as he stepped aside to let her pass and he closed the door behind him. He followed her to the bed and she picked up the clock to demonstrate the controls. Her heart was still fluttering and she felt very warm with him being in such close proximity to her.

Just as Anne was demonstrating how to set the alarm, the bathroom door opened and Anne gave a jump. She had forgotten about his sisters. She gave another start as the younger sister, a miniature doll of a girl with short dark hair and an astounding body, strolled out of the steamy bathroom stark naked.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" Anne gasped, her face heating up with a blush that set her cheeks aflame. The sister, Sasha she thought, reacted as if nothing had happened and simply smiled at her.

"It's ok. You guys carry on what you're doing." Sasha sat on the bed across from Anne and Sebastian and then sprawled out on her back, still completely nude.

Anne couldn't believe her eyes. Her gaze flickered between Sasha's nude form and Sebastian's calm gaze as he watched Anne's reaction. What the hell was going on here, she wondered, embarrassment flooding into her. That's his sister!

"Um, I better get going." Anne said, turning suddenly for the door. She heard Sebastian say something to her, but her heartbeat pounded in her ears and she couldn't make out what he had said. A moment later, she was outside in the warm night air, breathing deeply and trying to fathom what had just happened inside that room. Since when do sisters parade around stark naked in front of their brothers? And where was Nicole, the older sister? Anne looked around at the silent car parks surrounding the motel's rooms. Nothing moved in the still summer air and the town itself was rather quiet, as was normal for this time of night.

A door closed gently behind her and Anne whirled in surprise. Sebastian walked a few steps toward her and reached for her hand. She let him take it in his.

"What's wrong Anne?" Sebastian asked, his face the perfect picture of confusion.

"Uhhhhh." Anne answered, as eloquently as she could. What the hell?!

"Was it Sasha?" He asked, still calmly meeting her eyes.

"Yes it was Sasha!" Anne erupted, and then snapped her mouth closed, breathing heavily. "She's your sister, and she was just naked... just... "

Sebastian's eyes didn't look away, and his concerned frown didn't change in the slightest.

"I'm sorry," Anne told him, sighing. "I wasn't expecting... that."

"Her being naked?" Sebastian asked, quite innocently.


"It's not a big deal." Sebastian told her. He seemed completely unperturbed about the situation and Anne began to wonder if there was something a little more... secretive going on. "You probably figured we're twins, right?"

Anne blinked in surprise. Oh course! How could she not have seen that? "No, but I can see it now." She said, trying not to notice his smooth chest gleaming in the moonlight.

"Well, we're just open around each other, that's all." Sebastian smiled at her as if that explanation were all that was needed. Anne continued to stare at him, still struggling with the attraction she had felt when she first saw him in the restaurant. He blushed slightly and his gaze shifted to her body before jerking back up to her face. He grinned at her and she couldn't help grinning back.

"Anne, I..." Sebastian began.

"Sebastian, I..." Anne stopped, unsure exactly what she had been going to say.

They both jumped as the door to room 32 opened and Sasha stepped out, clad in a t- shirt and a small pair of shorts. Anne looked down, unable to meet the young woman's eyes.

"I'm going out for a walk." Sasha said as she swayed past them both, her eyes twinkling. "Thought you might like some privacy to chat without your sister around."

"Uhh, thanks." Sebastian said, smiling back at her.

Anne watched as Sebastian's twin sister walked across the car park and over the small bridge toward the main street of town. Turning back to him, she opened her mouth to ask him what Sasha had meant but he shushed her and, taking her wrist in one strong but gentle hand, he drew her into the motel room.

* * *

Sasha strolled through the warm evening, admiring the quaint town as she passed through. The large trees overhanging the main street gave the town a peaceful feeling and she hummed to herself as she walked.

Sasha was sure that Sebastian would be making a move on Anne soon, and she hoped that Anne was willing. Sasha found the young woman extremely attractive and she definitely wanted to partake in whatever activities might arise between her brother and Anne, but she wasn't confident that anything would.

Sebastian had been very hesitant to take part in the seduction when Sasha suggested it. On further questioning, it became clear that his reluctance stemmed from a sense of betrayal to herself and Nicky. Nicky had been adamantly opposed to taking part, but she finally admitted that she would be keen to watch. That admission had been the deciding factor for Sebastian. Yes, he found Anne very attractive, but he wasn't very experienced and he didn't want to hurt his sisters.

Sasha felt her heart swell at the memory of her brother's declaration of love earlier that evening. He had bared his soul to them both, explaining how deeply he loved them and how he didn't need or want other women when he had them. Nicky had tears in her eyes by the time Sebastian stopped speaking, and admitted that she felt the same way to some degree but also that she liked the idea of watching him and Sasha with someone else. Sasha thought her older sister was perhaps a little too stitched up, and she wondered how long it would have taken for her to lose her virginity if it hadn't been for her brother and sister.

Nicky was back in the motel room, probably peeking through a crack in the door of the wardrobe at whatever was happening. Sasha's pulse quickened and she turned around, strolling back toward the motel. Surely if anything was going to happen, it would have started by now.

Sasha could feel the moisture building between her legs in anticipation of what she would soon be walking into. Even if Anne was gone, there was still Sebastian and Nicky to look forward to. Her nipples hardened and Sasha gently pinched them as her paced picked up slightly. Oh god, she couldn't get enough!

As she approached the door to their room, a faint sound reached her ears through the thin walls. It had definitely been a moan of pleasure. She grinned as she inserted the room key into the lock and quietly let herself into the room. As she peeked around the wall from the short entryway toward the bed, she heard another noise, this one almost right beside her. Turning her head, Sasha could just see Nicky's eyes as they peered out of the slightly opened wardrobe door. She grinned in delight and peeked again.

Sebastian lay on the bed, his back to Sasha, with his arms around Anne. He was nuzzling and kissing her neck and ears as his hands moved slowly down her body. Anne was growling quietly with pleasure as Sebastian's hands touched her and his lips caressed her neck. Sasha slowly peeled her shirt off and pushed her shorts down, stepping carefully out of them. She stood naked in the entryway and watched her brother, idling caressing the damp folds between her slim thighs. Her breath was ragged already, but she kept silent as she waited for the right moment to announce her presence.

She didn't have to wait long. She watched avidly as Anne sat up to unbutton her blouse and unhook the lacey white bra beneath. Sebastian's hands were caressing the young woman's smooth, toned back and sides as she removed her clothing. As Anne laid back, she whispered something to Sebastian and lifted her hips into the air. Sebastian scooted down the bed and hurriedly pulled her pants down over her hips, drawing her underwear down with them.

Breath rasped in Sasha's throat and she choked the sound down before she could give herself away. Anne's body was amazing! She had full breasts and was perfectly slim and curvy elsewhere. Not a single feature of her young body fell short of perfection. Her mound was covered in a light blonde fuzz and her legs looked simply edible. Sasha suppressed the impulse to move into the room. It was difficult though. Sasha adored her brother, but she had to admit that the beauty of a woman's body was just as appealing as a man, and Anne's body was something special indeed.

As soon as she was naked, Anne pounced, pushing Sebastian back onto the bed and yanking his boxer shorts down to expose his throbbing erection in all its glory. Anne seized the shaft in one hand and lowered her head to softly lick the glistening purple head with her tongue before sliding her lips down to capture the crown between them. Sebastian moaned loudly at the sensations and his hips bucked, but Anne seemed intent on controlling this part of their encounter. She backed away gently and whispered just loud enough for Sasha to hear.

"Uh uh. Be patient." Sasha could hear the playful grin in the girl's voice and her own fingers began to move faster, circling her hooded clit as she watched, consumed with lust.

Anne lowered her head until her nose nestled into the hair at the base of Sebastian's cock, then began to glide her lips slowly along the entire length. Sebastian jerked and moaned, sounding as if he would cum any moment now, but the display went on for long minutes before he finally pushed Anne back gently and sat up.

"I don't want to cum yet." He gasped, before pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply, their tongues entwining.

Sasha watched as they changed positions, desperate for an opportunity to make her entrance, but afraid to do so at the same time. Sebastian eased Anne onto her back and slid down her body to return the favour. She squealed as his lips made contact with her inner thighs and groaned as he continued to kiss and suck on those gorgeous legs. Sebastian was teasing her mercilessly, avoiding the girl's juicy centre and nibbling a path down her sleek leg.

Sasha suddenly noticed that her brother's eyes were meeting her own as he kissed his way back up Anne's leg. He grinned slightly as he noticed her busy hand, then beckoned to her. Sasha slowly moved into the open and heard a tiny gasp from the wardrobe behind her as she approached the bed tentatively. Anne's head was thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned and begged quietly for Sebastian to touch her.

As Sasha stopped beside the pair, he did as she asked. His lips closed softly over Anne's lightly furred lips and he sucked them into his mouth as her breath exploded out of her. Anne's back arched more and more as Sebastian's tongue danced across her tender sex and Sasha eased onto the bed beside her brother as he shifted positions to keep his mouth in contact with Anne. Silently gesturing, Sebastian gave one long, slow lick up the length of Anne's glistening pussy and then moved back to make room for his sister. Without hesitation, Sasha lowered her head and repeated the action, her tongue delving deeply into the other girl's hot sex and up to her exposed clit.

Anne's taste exploded onto Sasha's tastebuds and she barely held back a gasp at the vastly different taste of Anne's vagina. While Nicky's scent was very mild and her juices were pure liquid ecstacy, Anne's scent was strong, musky and incredibly arousing. Creamy fluid oozed thickly from her entrance as Sasha's tongue delved deep between her lips, coating Sasha's tongue in a much richer taste than the juices of herself or her sibling.

Sasha felt a tremor between her legs as her own fluids dripped steadily onto the bed, but she was intent on remaining where she was for the moment, unwilling to move away from the amazing aroma and taste, and desperate to make the girl orgasm. Anne wasn't far off either. Her legs shook in ripples under Sebastian's palm as he stroked her thighs and watched his twin sister devour the young woman. Anne's hips lifted higher and higher as Sasha's tongue drew the orgasm closer and closer to the surface.
Sasha shifted her arm, glancing up at the expression of pure lust on her brother's face as he watched her, then carefully inserted two fingers deep into Anne's tight, hot cunt. Her lips closed around the young woman's clit and she sucked hard, her tongue continuing to stroke the tiny bud as she did so.

Anne screamed in pure ecstasy as rippling waves coursed through her body and her pussy clamped down on the fingers inside her. The flow of juices increased slightly, forced out by the spasming muscles of her vaginal walls and Sasha swallowed while simultaneously burying her face into the slippery folds, exhalting in the young woman's drawn out climax.

The moment of truth arrived as Anne's hips lowered back down to the bed and Sasha withdrew her fingers from the girl's depths. Anne's eyes opened and she smiled down at the twins dreamily, her body still twitching. A moment later, Anne's eyes widened in shock as she realised who had just eaten her out so thorough, and she quickly drew away, closing her legs and crossing her arms across her full breasts. Her eyes flickered between Sasha and her brother, seemingly unable to comprehend what had happened. Sebastian held her knee firmly with one hand, his eyes intent on hers.

"Relax Anne. It's okay." His voice was soothing, calm, in control. Sasha wasn't sure what to do, so she sat there and watched Anne's face, unsure what was to happen next.

"Oh my god." Anne whispered, her eyes focussed on Sasha's own. "She's your sister Sebastian!" She made no move to leave.

"Yes, and we're in love with each other." Sebastian said, matter of factly. "We also both happen to enjoy making love to a beautiful woman."

Anne's gaze moved to his, and then back again. Sasha realised that Anne was looking at her small breasts and hairless mound. Her nipples hardened under the scrutiny and, glancing down, Sasha saw that her nether lips were engorged and glistening wetly with the desire she felt for the woman before her.

"Is it okay?" Sebastian asked, moving slowly toward Anne on the bed. Anne hesitated and then nodded slowly, biting her lower lip but with her eyes still focussed on Sasha's naked form. She shifted her gaze back to Sebastian quickly enough though when he drew her legs apart and eased himself forward, the head of his engorged cock brushing against Anne's pale pubic hair. Anne slowly began to relax and she slid down the bed again as Sebastian stroked his hard length along her wet slit, her face melting into a tremuluous smile of anticipation.

Sasha shifted across the bed to make room for them, kneeling beside Anne as Sebastian's cock slid slowly into her depths. Anne gasped and her eyes opened wide as her tight entrance was stretched by the thick flesh of Sebastian's cock.

Sasha smiled down at Anne as their eyes met. She took the young woman's hand in her own and placed it on her small breast. Anne squeezed softly, alternately watching Sebastian's handsome face as he fucked her with long, gentle strokes, and then Sasha's as she fondled her breasts and pinched the hard nipples.

Soon though, Sasha caught Anne's hand in her own and guided it between her legs, unable to stand the build up any more. She needed, desperately, to be touched! Anne's fingers touched her tentatively, instantly becoming slick as Sasha's fluids leaked out of her. Sebastian's tempo was increasing, his rigid cock gliding in and out of Anne's depths and Anne's eyes closed completely as she inserted a lone finger into Sasha's hot tunnel. Sasha moaned loudly as Anne began to tense again, her finger sliding deeper inside Sasha and her knuckles grinding against Sasha's aching clit.

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