tagIncest/TabooCrossing the Line Again

Crossing the Line Again


Fucking your cousin. I know what you're thinking, but Lisa and I started innocently enough being 18 and late bloomers, so we just happened to start our sexual exploration with each other. It just happened and oddly it has worked out. No strings attached but we care about each other and sincerely care about each other's spouses. Being related has removed the jealousy or desire to take it any further or seriously.

Now we're thirty and quite a few times a year she'll whisper in my ear our private code that we've had for years.

"Where?" she'll ask.

"Just say when." I'll answer.

Then we arrange a place to, well...fuck. Lisa is beautiful. She still has long blond hair that she had when we were growing up. Her waist is narrow, her breasts are full and she has this toned stomach and deep blue eyes that draw in your soul. Oh, and she has little dimples when she smiles. She smiles with her whole face with her eyes brightening the whole room.

The daughter of another cousin is getting married and with family in town at our grandparents; Lisa and I told everyone we'd go do the grocery shopping. With everyone at grandma's house, including our spouses who were involved telling jokes to family, it gives us a chance to stop by uninterrupted at my house for a quick fuck which we haven't had in a while.

That's the nice thing about being cousins. Not only are there no strings, but no one thinks a thing about you running off somewhere together.

We park the car in the next block as an extra precaution and slip in the back door. Lisa wasted no time. She never does as her tongue finds mine as soon as the door closes behind us with her hands groping my chest and ass through my clothes.

"Oh, Alex. Do you realize how long it's been since I've felt your ass, kissed these lips?"

"What? Your husband doesn't have a fine ass?"

"Sure he does. He just isn't using it lately."

"Lisa, without sex?"

"He's been in and out of town a lot. Come take care of it for me." She says as she pulls me toward the bedroom my wife and I share. Although I have to admit, my wife hasn't been all that frisky lately either so I'm all ready to fuck my beautiful Lisa.

"We don't have long." I tell her as we enter the bedroom. It's quite large with a king sized bed in the middle and a bathroom at one end and a large closet at the other.

"Not to worry. How's this?" Lisa leans over the end of the bed with her back to me and her legs spread as far apart as the tight fitting black dress she is wearing will allow. Then with a grin and twinkle in her eye she looks over her shoulder at me and slowly begins lifting up her dress.

Slowly the hemline ascends her smooth thighs. As it glides, my dick hardens. Up and up, I watch mesmerized by the erotic image and curves it begins to reveal. First the line of her inner thighs that soon give way to the curvature of her tight, firmly packed ass. Soon both cheeks are in full view and she doesn't stop until I get a glimpse of the small of her back.

Now she is able to spread her legs wider free from the fabric. Leaning further she grabs the railing of the bed frame and tilting her ass upward I can now see the fine blonde hairs of a feminine mound lightly covering her pussy which looks like two petals of a fleshy rose peaking between her legs from behind.

"No panties?"

"Just for you Alex. Now fuck me, we don't have much time, remember?"

I have to dig my erection out of my pants and maneuver the zipper opening over its length to spring it free. Once out, I rub the tip along the curvature of her ass then up and down her cheeks. I notice Lisa is already rubbing her pussy softly.

The small of her back is always sexy and I am hypnotized by her full yet compact ass that rounds nicely before me. A small speck of fluid glistens from the tip of my dick which I massage onto the cheeks of her ass.

"Stop teasing. Fuck me, my love." She says.

With one hand I grasp her waist from behind and position myself squarely behind my kissing cousin. With the other hand I guide my dick between her lovely thighs and bend at the knees slightly to angle it under her ass toward its goal.

Lisa spreads wider and pulls one labia open with her hand to allow me access to her. From behind I can't see her pussy but suddenly I feel it and know I'm where we both want to be. Her moisture greets the head of my dick and slowly I allow the shaft to follow and warmth immediately envelopes it.

With a moan from Lisa and a sigh from my own lips, I slide it to its base fully impaling her on my dick. Grasping her slender hips with both hands I start fucking the first pussy my dick ever felt. In and out we fuck. My dick glides outward and her pussy seems to suck it back within.

Lisa tosses her head back, her hair drifting through the air and landing on her back. My hips thrust smoothly and my mind settles into a place where it's just me and my lovely cousin; safe away from worries, guilt and fear. No strings, just sex. No commitment, just...

"What's that?" Lisa tilts her head to one side. Her soft moans suddenly silenced by her words.

"What's what?"

Then I hear it as well....voices. My first thought was a burglar but I heard nothing break. It must be someone with a key. My erection quickly vanishes and I stuff my glistening wet dick into my pants. Lisa stands upright and her dress flutters back down.

There is giggling then silence, more giggling then silence. Lisa and I look at each other and realize without saying a word that it has to be someone we know and can risk explaining why we are here alone with the car parked a block away or we can hide.

We choose the latter.

The bedroom has a nice large closet. We duck inside. If we're caught, we're caught. But the room is dimly lit and the closet is pitch black so we can see through the little slats in the door safely if someone comes and goes real quick without being seen. That's our hope at least.

The giggling gets louder and though we can see the dimly lit room clearly through the closet slits we see no one. Then we hear it. A wet sound. Smacking maybe. Then the giggles return and two figures enter the bedroom. They embrace and kiss next to the bed and the sound of two tongues and lips passionately pressing onto each other echo throughout the room.

Lisa and I peer through the tiny closet slats that make up the door. Then we both see it at the same time. It's Lisa's husband, Joe and Susan, my wife.

There was a brief moment that I wanted to rush out of the closet but thought better of it and squeezed Lisa's hand to make sure she didn't get the same urge. She squeezed back reassuringly that she was staying put as well.

I've never been a voyeur but I felt like I was watching a porn video that I wasn't supposed to see. Joe ran his hands up and down my wife's body as he laid her on the bed. They kicked off their shoes and slowly starting peeling off each other's clothes between frantic kisses and strokes of their hands.

They were naked in seconds. My wife is a brunette but shorter hair than Lisa with just as toned a body. She has slightly larger breasts than Lisa and slender legs. Susan lay on her back on our bed and wrapped those legs around Joe as they kissed. She ran her hands over his chest which was just as toned as mine. It appeared he worked out as much as I did.

He brushed her hair with his hand, caressed her shoulder and palmed her breast. His kisses showered her body as he started at her neck, stopping briefly to suckle each breast, which I knew so well then kissed his way down her stomach. Soon his head disappeared between Susan's legs and she cast her head back in pleasure as he lapped away at her juices.

Lisa squeezed my hand again. The sounds of sex echoed softly within our hiding place. I couldn't tell if Lisa was upset or not but she remained quiet as we watched. Joe licked my wife's pussy, his rock hard dick slightly larger than mine, bobbed between his legs as he knelt on the bed below her.

Susan was clearly enjoying it. He ate her for what seemed a long time until Susan started panting and arching her back. She was about to cum.

Suddenly I realized I had been unconsciously rubbing my own throbbing erection within my pants. I sensed Lisa moving slightly next to me and with my eyes now adjusted to the darkness of the closet, could tell she had reached inside the top of her low cut dress and was kneading her breast gently. My mind raced as my heart pounded. We were actually being turned on by our spouses making love just feet from us.

Without warning, Susan grasped Joe's head the hair. He was still licking feverishly at her pussy when she tugged at his dark curly locks for him to mount her.

"Fuck me, Joe. Fuck me now." She commanded.

With her breathless plea, Joe licked her pussy one last time then slid up her body and between her spread legs. Their tongues entwined immediately and in one deft thrust he plunged his dick into Susan's twitching pussy in one swift motion. Susan accepted his dick fully as it disappeared within her. They then began to fuck like nothing I had seen before. He sweated, she panted. In and out he pumped, her hips rising to meet each thrust.

I felt like my own dick would explode. I wanted to see what Lisa was doing next to me but I couldn't take my eyes off my wife and Lisa's husband. I felt for her in the dark and found her hand. She gave a gentle squeeze to let me know she was ok. But I still didn't know for sure what she was thinking although with her breast rubbing I imagined she was getting turned on as well.

I took her hand and guided it in the dark to the bulge of my dick straining against the fabric of my pants. Lisa felt the shaft up and down, testing its hardness. She now knew that the sight before us, though awkward, was oddly stimulating me. Lisa then surprised me. She then took my hand and guided it between her own legs.

Lifting her dress slightly she placed my hand over her mound. It was wet; soaking wet in fact and far wetter than when I pulled my dick from it just minutes earlier. Lisa was more than turned on or stimulated. The sight of our spouses fucking had her in heat.

Susan started calling Joe's name. Over and over she panted and pleaded. The scene was surreal seeing our spouses fuck like animals.

"Oh, Joe. Fuck. Oh, yes...Joe fuck me. Damn your dick is hard. Oh, fuck me Joe."

"I want your pussy Susan. I want you." Joe responded.

"I love your dick. Give me all of your dick, Joe."

"Susan you feel so good. Shit, Susan. Oh damn your pussy is so good. I've not had it in so long."

"Fuck me like you did last time Joe. Fuck me like you fucked Lisa."

There it was. I glanced at Lisa and we both immediately knew. The last time we saw each other was a couple of months ago. The family was on vacation. Susan and I had a bedroom at the beach house next to Lisa and Joe's room. I told Lisa in private that Susan and I heard them fucking one night. We didn't say anything openly so as not to embarrass them but naturally I told Lisa.

So who knows how long Joe and Susan had been seeing each other. But at least we knew this wasn't the first time. The memory was gone as quickly as he had emerged when the moans of our spouses grew louder and louder.

Joe started making long purposeful strokes. His thrusts into my wife grew longer and determined. The gyration of his hips took on an inhuman motion which was intensely erotic. Susan lifted her ass to meet each stroke impaling her pussy on his shaft over and over. I could see her juices glisten off his dick; her pussy enveloping it like a sleeve.

"I'm going to cum Susan. I'm going to cum." He moaned.

"Cum in me baby. Cum in my pussy."

"I'm cumming Susan. Shit I'm cumming inside you."

Joe emitted a guttural sound. His hips flexed violently forward. Susan arched her back and her mouth opened and breathless words barely escaped.

"Joe. Oh, Joe. I'm...I'm cumming...I'm....."

I guess you're supposed to be repulsed by your spouse fucking someone else. But the sight of them pleasuring each other and losing themselves in the act was surreal at worst; maybe even beautiful. I suppose the fact that Lisa and I were not only doing the same but were cousins on top of that, kind of tempered any anger we might have felt for our spouses.

As we watched them recover I wondered just a bit why Lisa & I had been fucking each other all these years. Was it the novelty? Habit?

Susan and I really had great sex but it got...oh boring I guess; but she sure didn't look boring with Joe. And Joe's dick, well Lisa had a fairly hung stud there. She said he didn't know how to use it with her and didn't fuck her enough. Maybe it was because he was fucking Susan more.

Whatever the reasons, our spouses were sweating in each other's arms. They caressed each other a bit before Susan jumped up and scrambled to the bathroom. Joe followed. Lisa poked me in the arm and pointed to the door indicating for us to slip out.

I shook my head no. I didn't want to take the chance and it was a good thing too. They both came back in the bedroom just as quickly as they left and began to pull their clothes back on in between quick kisses and touches.

Susan straightened the bed and looked around the room as if checking to see if everything looked ok. I held my breath fearing she would check the closet but she disappeared down the hall to the sounds of giggles once again. Their conversation was small talk and nothing revealing other than they had to hurry back because Lisa and I would return soon.

Lisa and I slowly crept out of the closet when we heard the door close and a car crank up outside to leave. Lisa ran her fingers through her hair.

"Joe and Susan?" she said.

"Your husband. My wife." I said.

"They're fucking. How long have..."

"Now Lisa. I know we're both in shock..."

"Shock? Damn right , I'm shocked."

"Lisa. It's not like we've got room to talk."

Lisa sat down on the bed in silence. She ran her fingers through her hair again. She was so beautiful and we had been through many difficult times together but I wondered how we'd handle this as it was the worst. Or at least right now it was terribly confusing at best.

I looked at my watch.

"I guess we need to get back." I said.

Lisa just nodded.

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

"We've got time. They won't expect us back for a little while more." She said.

"No, not that. I mean, what do you want to do about Susan and Joe?"

Lisa looked up at me. She then looked at my groin as she sat on the edge of the bed. Her hand reaches out and she feels for my erection which I was losing fast.

"Fuck me."

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